Monday, November 12, 2007

Quick News

Coldplay's Will Champion posted a nice little video of the band in the studio. Comprised of over 500 images from photobooth, its a nice and goofy look at the band. Check it out with other news at

As of November 5, Oasis entered Abby Road studios to start work on their 7th studio album! Also, check out the bands new documentary Lord, Don't Slow Me Down..its hilarious and interesting look into the band on the road.

UPDATE: Amy Winehouse's husband Blake has been arrested after London police raided the singers home. Blake was arrested and charged with witness tampering in an ongoing police investigation.

Sad news to report..The mother of Kanye West, Dr. Donda West passed away due to complications while having cosmetic surgery. Dr. West was Kanye's biggest inspiration and first love as herd in the song "Hey Mama," from Late Registration. My thoughts and prayers go out to Kanye and his family at this time. Dr. West was 58.