Thursday, June 30, 2011

Quick News

After they wrap up their massive 360 Tour, U2 are looking to sell the giant claw they are performing under and sell it as a permenint structure and venue for people to use. The band has three "claw" stadiums they have been using and will sell them to be erected in three parts of the world.

As we have been mentioning, British buzz band BROTHER were forced to change their name to VIVA BROTHER after a Australian Celtic band of the same name were suing the band for the rights to use it.

Pulp front man Jarvis Cocker is an amazing lyracist, no doubt about it. Just listen to any song from Pulp or his solo material and you will understand that if his lyrics were to be published they would make a great book of poetry and short stories. Alas, Faber and Faber will release Mother, Brother, Lover: Selected Lyrics - the selected works of Jarvis Cocker this October.

Mastodon are set to release their latest record, The Hunter, this fall. It will be the follow up to 2009's brilliant Crack the Skye, a record in which we pinged as the "League of Their Own" album of that year.

The Drums have been hinting they will have a new release out soon. They posted a cryptic video of them in the studio with the word "Portamento" appearing multiple times in the video. We looked up the word, it is a noun that means carrying or carriage. Who knows, it could be the title of the record. Take a look at the video HERE.

The Rapture are set to release their latest record in what seems like forever. The band's latest, In the Grace of Your Love will be out in September. Take a look at the cover below:

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Live Review - Cake @ Ed Sullivan Theater

For a band like Cake, managing to make a name and series of hits for yourself in the 90's and sustaining your success for nearly three decades has been no easy task. The California band, which turned 20 this year have been the gems of college campuses, a cult legion of dedicated fans and amusing to critics. Yet, as they have managed all of these accolades through the years, their biggest achievement has come earlier this year when they released their sixth album, Showroom of Compassion on their own and having it debut number one on the Billboard charts. It was the band's first number one record and they did it on their own. "We want to thank all of you who still buy actual music and making us a number one band, we were scared as hell releasing this on our own," singer John McCrea said half-way during the band's Live on Letterman set.

The band dropped by the famed Ed Sullivan theater for an intimate and exciting performance for the fantastic Live on Letterman web series. For fans it was a great way to see the band they have come to love through the years. For the band it was a moment and performance they would treasure, because it was not a famous publicist or label that got them on that famous stage, it was their hard work and dedication. Performing a majority of Showroom of Compassion during the band's near hour long set, was a thrill to some fans and got the casual listener curious. McCrea would constantly tease the audience, "ok! One more new song!" after already playing a chunk of their latest material, Cake just kept serving fresh music before going out for a mini greatest hits set. As McCrea would deliver his dry and dark humor over the mic and armed with his vibraslap instrument he jumped into the audience and really got everyone going. With the songs "Never There," "Short Shirt, Long Jacket" and their biggest single "The Distance," Cake were in fine form and left the crowd wanting seconds.

Wilco Cover & Track Listing

Wilco have release the cover and track listing to their forthcoming release, The Whole Love. The Chicago bands next record will be released on September 27, take a look at the cover above and the track listing below:

1 Art of Almost
2 I Might
3 Sunloathe
4 Dawned on Me
5 Black Moon
6 Born Alone
7 Open Mind
8 Capitol City
9 Standing O
10 Rising Red Lung
11 Whole Love
12 One Sunday Morning (Song for Jane Smiley's Boyfriend)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Live Review - The Kooks @ Bowery Ballroom

The Kooks Return to Bowery Ballroom
By Leah Marchesano

Approaching the Bowery Ballroom last night couldn't have been more exciting. At only 7pm there was a line around the corner of the venue. Everyone was waiting to see the return of The Kooks. Having been 3 years since their last NYC show, we were more than ready. To say that I am a fan of the Brighton band would be an understatement. I have been at every NYC Kooks show, from their very first to their most recent. I had the opportunity of riding around a double decker tour bus with them for a day and got guest listed for their show at The Stone Pony. I was the young age of 16 for my first Kooks show and having just turned 21 not only are things a little bit different in my life, things were very different with The Kooks. Luke Pritchard and Hugh Harris being the only original members, The Kooks now welcome Pete Denton on Bass and Chris Prendergast on drums. It's been 3 years since their second album, Konk, and they are now starting promotion for their upcoming album, Junk of the Heart.

Standing in the crowd couldn't have been more captivating. You could feel sparks flying throughout the room, sure it was my eighth Kook show but I won't deny that it felt just as thrilling as the first time.

As the lights dimmed, the crowd erupted into howls and chants, we were all giving a very loud and very loving NYC welcome to our beloved Brits. They started off fast with 'Always Where I Need To Be', it worked the crowd up into a frenzy. The rest of the night was filled with a mixture of old favorites such as 'Sofa Song', 'Seaside', 'Shine On' and 'Eddie's Gun'. New songs were also introduced, 'Eskimo Kiss' and 'Junk of the Heart' being two of them. Luke Pritchard is one of the most energetic frontmen you will ever have the pleasure of watching. He comes into the crowd, he sings to you, not at you. You can't help but dance and sing at the top of your lungs while the lights shine out and the stars in your eyes seem that much brighter.

It seemed that just as soon as it started, it was over. You walk on the sticky floor, shaking hands of your new found concert buddies with whom you somehow made a camaraderie with and then you walk out into the warm air of the night. Walking around the Bowery I found myself grinning from ear to ear. The Kooks are back and it feels like they never left.

*Leah Marchesano is a corresponding writer for Officially A Yuppie. Her other work includes covering The Twees, Klaxons for this site.


Booming Brooklyn band A Million Years are currently all the rage in New York City and are prepping for a massive East Coast tour. To celebrate the band's success and tour, you can download their latest single "No Distance." Grab the track for FREE HERE

We will be featuring an interview with the band in just a few weeks, stay tuned. For more info on A Million Years go to their site - A Million Years Dot Net.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Live Review - Pajama Club @ Bowery Ballroom

The last time Neil Finn played Bowery Ballroom it was to two sold out audiences with his band Crowded House. After a year, Finn returned with his wife Sharon and his new band and project - Pajama Club. Pajama Club, who are set to release their debut album in September are in the US for their debut tour and just a handful of shows in, they arrived to New York City. The band which is much more than the husband and wife duo also include keyboardist, programmer and guitarist Sean Donnelly and drummer Alana Skyring. While the room was filled out nicely, it was far from sold out but die hard fans of Finn, and I mean that when I say it, some people in the crowd flew up for the weekend from Florida, Georgia and Texas - they along with the New Yorkers were curious to hear what their hero was going to do with this new band as not much about them are known....until now.
Pajama Club take Neil Finn's extraordinary songwriting skills and mix it with pop-rock, ambient, electronica and sometimes dancehall. It has a very 80's club feel to what they are doing but also a very traditional radio friendly approach to each song. For the hour and twenty minutes Finn and his band were on stage, it was something new and organic to the fans in front of them, but they looked very into it and they were. What has to be said is that Finn and Donnelly would engage the crowd in hilarious on stage banter but that is what Finn is known for, the great moments that sprout in between songs. It was traditional Finn in the sense of how much fun he was having and how much he loves making music, no matter with who, but it was very unconventional for the sheer fact that everything was new to the audience so they could not shoot their traditional paper airplanes on stage and make requests. For a debut, Finn would even joke "New York City, Bowery Ballroom, headlining! Wow and this is our sixth gig!," realizing why everyone was in the room and making light of it. However, that is not to say he did not want to have the rest of Pajama Club enjoy the spotlight as he would trade off vocal duties with his wife, Donnelly would play guitar while Neil at points would play drums and Alana would play floor tom-toms. It was a musical adventure for everyone involved and it would all come full circle as Liam and Elroy Finn would join mom and dad on stage for the final number. As Neil Finn would wave to the crowd at the end, he looked so relaxed, not even caring if the night was a success or not, for him at this point in his career to have his kids old enough to play with him and his loving wife by his side, that is all he needs.

Glastonbury Video Recap!

In the 41st edition of Glastonbury, the mud came down, the band's came on in and the music was for the masses. Broadcast across BBC and the beauty of the internet, we felt as if we were right there. Here are some highlights from the headliners - U2, Coldplay & Beyonce to the surprise acts of Radiohead and Pulp, the fan favorites of Two Door Cinema Club, Mumford and Sons, Primal Scream, Chemical Brothers, Jimmy Cliff, Hurts, Queens of the Stone Age. Here is a video recap.

Live Pix - Fitz & The Tantrums in Central Park

In the blistering sun, they still looked dapper as hell. Fitz and the Tantrums rocked Central Park and the Yuppie along with RICH D SMOOV were on hand to capture the event. Take a look at RICH D SMOOV's photo's below and the Yuppie's review HERE.

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Live Pix - Dinosaur Jr / Henry Rollins / Fucked Up / OFF!

Last week at Terminal 5, seminal band Dinosaur Jr. brought their caravan of music to perform their record, BUG in full at Terminal 5. Along with guests Henry Rollins, Fucked Up and OFF! Take a look at pictures from RICH D SMOOV below:

Dinosaur Jr.

Henry Rollins interviewing Dino. Jr
Fucked Up

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Live Pix - Talib Kweli in Brooklyn

Talib Kweli was alive and kicking in Red Hook Park in Brooklyn last week and correspondent RICH D SMOOV was right there to capture the action. Take a look:

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Live Pix - Flying Lotus @ Bowery Ballroom

Our correspondent RICH D SMOOV was dancing his feet off at Bowery Ballroom for Flying Lotus and his special guests, which included Thundercat on bass (pictured below). Take a look at Lotus in action.

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Sunday, June 26, 2011

EXCLUSIVE! Doll & The Kicks INTV!

Surf inspired music and England do not necessarily go together, yet bands from across the pond are being ambitious and not only doing it, but doing it well - The Heartbreaks, Male Bonding and Doll and the Kicks. Doll and the Kicks are a four piece band that have gained much attention since Morrissey proclaimed them to be one of his favorite new bands and with that boost of praise, the sky has been the limit for the seaside band. In an exclusive interview we spoke with charismatic singer Hannah Scalon about what her band has achieved, where they are going and how this all happened. Take a look at our interview with Hannah below:

You recorded your debut in 2008, is a follow up in the works?

Of course. We have about 40 songs that we haven't recorded yet and we're constantly writing but the main problem is getting enough cash together to record a decent follow up ... and this time it has to be a step up from the last one. It's hard gernering the interest of top producers when you are an unsigned band with little cash flow.

After 5 years of being in a band and still being unsigned, is it a bit daunting that none of the majors have paid any attention to you or could you care less?

Yes and no. There is a ridiculous notion within the industry that if a band has been together for more than three years and they have yet to sign a deal that they should be automatically binned. The problem with this is that bands are not given the time to really blossom and actually become great... some of the best bands in the world (The Beatles being one) were together for 4 or 5 years before anyone really paid them any attention and it took that time for them to develop. So yes in a way it's very frustrating but i don't think had we been picked up early on that our songwriting would have progressed as it had. Hardship breeds creativity.

Your hometown of Brighton is unlike many English towns because it is known for its beaches. Being by the sea, where you inspired by the atmosphere around you?

Well none of us are from Brighton originally but we met at college and yes Brighton is a hot bed of talent and it is inspiring to be surrounded by creative people. Being by the sea is just a bonus!

There seems to be various styles of music that come from Brighton – with garage rock from The Kooks, disco pop from The Pipettes, jazz from The Mummers and pop-rock from you. Do you think that is a good indication of creativity from that city?

Aha ... I think I said something about this in my last answer. Yes, Brighton is known for being a very arty town and as such it attracts more artists. It's self perpetuating and I think it always will be. It's close enough to the capital to mean that you can get there easily enough if you need to but it has a wonderful laid back way of life. Nothing is rushed.

The following you have developed in Europe over the years I something to be admired since you are not signed to a major. Do you think its vigorous touring or the internet that has helped get your fan base? Or both?

Definitely both. The internet plays a huge part in breaking bands...even more so than national press these days. It just take the right blog to mention you and then its like a landslide. Touring is important because it keeps peoples interest when you don't necessarily have a label for releasing an album and getting airplay and TV.

You formed in 2005 then played Glastonbury two years later, what was that experience like?

One of the most fun things we ever did. Although the weather was so miserable it was one of the muddiest years ever.....a sea of mud. I think i was probably a little too drunk by the time we got onstage but it was the last day of Glasto so who can blame me!

You have gone through various bass player changes over the years, has that effected your style and sound?

The best thing we ever did was decide that no one else was good enough for the four of us and move Olivier onto bass. It really opened up the sound and made everything much cleaner and neater. Much simpler. Much better. In music almost always the simplest things sound the best.

With many comparisons to No Doubt and Paramour is it a pain in the ass to keep being compared to those acts when really, you do not sound much like them. Do you think it is because it is a female fronting a group of males that those comparisons are made?

Of course it is. It's not just in bands though, female musicians in general always just get compared to all other females because all female music is the same right? Wrong.

Are you influenced by those bands? Who are your major influences?

I used to love No Doubt when I was a little girl so yes I think they most definitely had a major influence on me. I also love Siouxsie Sou, Kate Bush, Annie Lennox and many more but then the boys all have other influences so the band as a whole is probably a mixture of all of those combined.

Like many great Brit bands, your style seems to be just as important as your sound. Do you feel this way? Is it important to have a good style to yourselves as musicians?

Absolutely. People dress themselves a certain way because they want to project an image of themselves to the outside world, they want to show a bit of themselves to people just like creating a song. And music and image together can be a very powerful thing. Plus i am a clothes obsessive. I love fashion because it's fun.

All of your hard work had you opening for Morrissey in 2009, what was it like touring with him?

It was surprising, educating, amazing and brilliant.

Morrissey has come out and called you the “best British singer in years,” how do you respond to such high praise?

Well, how to take a compliment is something most people struggle with but it's obviously an amazing thing for anyone to say about you and from him it's extra special. I feel honored. A voice is something that you are born with and you don't earn it so in way it's difficult to take credit especially when i don't treat it very well at all, i smoke and drink and do things I shouldn't so I feel very lucky to have it at all really.

Where do Doll and the Kicks see themselves in a year?

With another album release under our belt and some major backing of some sort.

Live Review - Fitz & The Tantrums @ Central Park

The forecast called for rain but the heaven's decided to be kind to the hundreds of day trippers descending onto Rumsey Playfield in Central Park for a day of great music. By the late afternoon as premier DJ Rich Medina was getting the audience in a groove for a free concert that included newcomers King, soul legend Lee Fields and the hottest band in America right now - Fitz and the Tantrums. It was Fields who was the headliner, and a damn good one too, but it was Fitz who stole the show and had a packed crowd dancing and moving in the blistering evening sun.
Fitz and the Tantrums have been a band we picked to break out in 2011 and so far they are doing a great job at making us look very good! The band is currently very much in demand thanks in part to the massive success of their single and video "Moneygrabber," we have covered the band before in the winter nights of January as they packed Bowery Ballroom and moved the floor like a 1940's swing club and yesterday they had the audience up the lawn. It has been a marathon weekend for the band as they played Pittsburg Friday, Central Park Saturday then hung out in Brooklyn to DJ then off to Atlantic City as they play for the Dave Matthews Band Caravan, but this has been the life of Fitz and the Tantrums for the last two years. Pounding the pavement but it is paying off in big ways. A neo-soul band with swing and Motown elements that have the ability to make, even the world's worst dancer (yours truly) get into the action. The stage chemistry between singers Michael Fitz and Noelle Scaggs is amazing sexual tension that leads to each song being a "he said, she said" trial of heartbreak and doomed romance. These are the elements to the band's words but the band's music is another story. The four piece Tantrums band is one hell of a stage band and a tight group of musicians that will leave you stunned by the gigs end. The band and the crowd could not beat the heat, so they turned it up and with sweat for strangers pouring all over each other, no one seemed to mind because the band was just as dirty and just as entertained by the crowd as they crowd were entertained by the band. With highlights that included fantastic covers of The Raconteurs "Steady as She Goes" and Eurythmics "Sweet Dreams" - there was something for everyone while Fitz added his own flair. For a free show, everyone got their monies worth and the band may have just played their biggest crowd in New York to date.

Quick News

U2 are set to reissue one of their greatest albums and one of the greatest albums ever made - Achtung Baby. For the records 20th anniversary, Achtung Baby along with it's little brother record, Zooropa will be released as box sets and reissued the way Joshua Tree and Unforgettable Fire were in the past.

Speaking of U2, they headlined Glastonbury for the first time this weekend, however the talk of the festival is Radiohead's surprise gig on Friday and Pulp's surprise gig on Saturday which drew 30,000 spectators to see Jarvis Cocker reunite with his former band and play the festival for the first time since 1998.

Though she was diagnosed in 2008, she is speaking out for the first time now, Missy Elliot is fighting Graves disease. Graves disease is a hormonal imbalance to the thyroid and Missy has been treating it since being diagnosed. We wish Missy a full recovery!

Kings of Leon front man Caleb Followill hints at possible King's solo albums in the near future. Followill told England's Daily Telegraph that “When you get in sometimes you just throw it all away and say ‘Alright, well let’s make this music together’ and the things that you love that you’ve been working on, sometimes you have to put it on the back burner and you just know that one day it will be heard, but it might not be Kings of Leon that’ll be putting it out. It might be some up-and-coming singer or it might be us individually doing a project. You never know.”

Madonna's music career is now going to get the comic book treatment. A graphic novel of the pop diva will hit stores later this summer.

After being forced to cancel the remainder of her US tour, Adele has been on strict doctor's orders to not speak nor sing for the next month due to acute laryngitis. We wish Adele a full recovery and rescheduled US dates shall be announced soon.

FINALLY! After years of talk and speculation, Trent Reznor's Year Zero TV Series based off Nine Inch Nail's 2007 record of the same name finally have a writer. HBO has greenlit the series for a while now and Fight Club screen writer Jim Uhlis is on board to write the series according to Hollywood Reporter.

Santigold has been rather quiet these days while she has been recording the follow-up to her brilliant 2008 self-titled debut. She is currently working with members of TV on the Radio, Yeah Yeah Yeah's, Bird and the Bee for her new record. She tells Billboard "I wanted it to feel dynamic and powerful. I still have the songs that sound very electronic and clubby, but I have a couple ballads on this one-- my own type of ballads, where they just sound big, like the way some old Kate Bush or Peter Gabriel songs were... On this one song, we did a whole section that has a bottle used as the percussion, so there's layers upon layers of Greg Kurstin playing a bottle and literally filling it with different layers of water, and stacking each note. Mixed with a marimba and taiko drums!"

After working with Conan O'Brien last year, Jack White is working with another late night comic to release music via his Third Man Records label - Mr. Stephen Colbert. White, Colbert and the strange and mysterious band The Black Belles have recorded the song "Charlene II (I'm Over You." The single will be out this summer on 7".


It's officially summer!! Take a look at June's Playlist to bring you to the beach and those late night hangouts.

- The Heartbreaks - "Jealous, Don't You Know"
- Blind Melon - "Toes Across the Floor"
- The Specials - "Friday Nights, Saturday Mornings"
- Beady Eye - "Kill for a Dream"
- Belle Stars - "Iko Iko"
- Jimmy Cliff - "I Can See Clearly Now"
- Lee Fields - "Ladies"
- Bruce Spingsteen - "I'm on Fire"
- Lykke Li - "Get Some"
- Oh Land - "Son of a Gun"
- Jay - Z feat. Mr. Hudson - "Young Forever"
- The Cars - "All I Want is You"
- Incubus - "Adolescence"
- Atari Teenage Riot - "Blood in my Eyes"
- Does It Offend You, Yeah?! - "John Hurt"
- Lupe Fiasco - "Letting Go"
- Ellie Goulding - "Guns and Horses"
- Elbow - "High Ideals"
- James Blake - "I Mind"
- TV on the Radio - "Caffeinated Consciousness"
- Death From Above 1979 - "Romantic Rights"
- Lee "Scratch" Perry - "Kiss Me Neck"
- The Clash - "Lost in the Supermarket"
- Naked and Famous - "All of This"

Friday, June 24, 2011

Live Review - Beady Eye @ Webster Hall

June 22 holds a special significance in Liam Gallagher's musical history, in 2005 he and his brother Noel with their band Oasis for the first time ever, sold out Madison Square Garden. A concert and event that would be the opening moments to their stellar 2007 documentary Lord, Don't Slow Me Down. Six years after that concert, Liam Gallagher returns to a New York stage for his first official trip with his new band, Beady Eye and play two of the cities most beloved venues - Ed Sullivan Theater and Webster Hall. The Ed Sullivan performance was for a taping of Live On Letterman, making it the band's first official - yet - unofficial New York gig. The following night at Webster Hall is a far cry from the massive size of the Garden but for hardcore fans of Liam and Co., it is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see their hero in an intimate gathering. With a sold out audience filled with Manchester City jersey's (Liam's favorite soccer, I mean football, team) it felt as if a bomb of intensity would explode at any second as the band were gearing up to play. The Letterman gig the night before seemed to set the bar and live up to the hype as to what the ex-members of Oasis were doing and showed New York and the rest of North America they were ready for them. Webster Hall would be how New York would show Beady Eye they were ready for them.

Coming on stage to a tremendous applause, that bomb of intensity detonated before the first note was even played. "Hello New York, we are Beady Eye, this is Four Letter Word" a very serious looking Liam Gallagher would say into the mic before cranking into the first song. The band looked very relaxed and poised as they bombastically plugged away. Going straight into the bold song "Beatles and Stones" and then "Millionaire," Beady Eye were showing no mercy as they kept the momentum going. For the fans, this was a dream come true, to see the music icon in a tiny place such as this, sure there were fans with Oasis shirts on but it didn't matter no one was blurting out "play Wonderwall" or other songs from their massive catalogue, they respected the fact that this is a new band. The beauty of Beady Eye is that they are the perfect microcosm of British rock and roll, its inspired by Beatles, Stones, 60's psychedelica, 80's Madchester scene, Creation Records, Stone Roses, 90's Britpop, they are a history lesson of everything great about Brit rock. As the heat in the venue would increase, you would see the band sweat through their clothes under the massive lights and what was resonating from the audience but for them and the spectators it was well worth it. Liam loves New York and would profess that all night, with a 16 song setlist that included the encore of "Wigwam" and World of Twist cover "Sons of the Stage," for just over an hour Beady Eye gave their all to the city that never sleeps. A night and gig the fans will appreciate for years to come. In due time the band will return, it was never said but it is known, Beady Eye are on the path to something very good and their demand will only get higher. As they separate themselves from the former guys in Oasis, they come into their own. After witnessing them two nights in a row, it is proof they stand on their own.

My Morning Jacket on Conan!

My Morning Jacket armed with a choir and brass section invaded Conan to perform the epic "Holding on to Black Metal," take a look!


Arctic MonkeysSuck it and See
The band that has been praised for bringing British Rock and Roll back received mixed reviews in recent years especially after their 2009 stoner rock / Josh Homme produced bonanza – Humbug. Now, the Monkeys are back and much moremature, if not better than ever. The band return with their best album and a strongcontender for album of the year, Suck it and See is an amalgamation of everything the band has done through the years. From moments of thrash rock to Britpop to stoner rock to jangling guitars and clever lyrics, Alex Turner and the boys have crafted a perfect rock and roll album. With a bare record of artwork, they allow the music to speak for itself and it speaks very strongly. In manyways, Humbug needed to happen in order for the band to learn and growand now they have reached their most exciting climax. Let’s hope they sustain it.

August Burns RedLeveler *
So many metal bands talk about how their new stuff returns to their roots, sounds heavier but more melodic, blah blah blah. They all say the same crap and rarely deliver. However, August Burns Red's fourth full-length, Leveler, actually does. In spades. The boys combine the vocals and intensity from Messengers with the smart, progressive, epic melodies of Constellations. At the same time, they push themselves forward asmusicians on Leveler, both in technicality and songwriting. The album features immersive and sweeping soundscapes but simultaneously, songs like "Internal Cannon" have not one, not two, but THREE different hooks to reach out, grab you by the throat, and never let go. For a band that already wrote what most acts would consider a career defining work in Constellations, Leveler shows the desire to not settle or play it safe but to keep growing, evolving, and exploring. August Burns Red does something so few bands ever achieve--establish their sound and yet not make the same album over and over. As of this writing, Leveler is the clear pick for Heavy Album of the Year. A+

Frank TurnerEngland, Keep my Bones
England’s new voice of the people and folk – punk returns with an album that is sure to have people talking and listening. Frank Turner is no stranger to music, the former Million Dead front man has been making a successful solo run for years and serves up his most articulate and strongest effort to date. England, Keep my Bones finds the singer discussing everything from politics, religion, music and his hometown and his love for his country and his fear of letting everything great about Britain fall by the waste side. A must listen for the open minded and a must listen for those that love a good sing a long and story.

Eddie VedderUkulele Songs
The Pearl Jam front man goes alone for his first official solo outing and does wonders. Inspired by his love of Hawaii, surfing, Mother Nature and of course the simple pleasures a ukulele can bring, Eddie Vedder has made a record that will make you fall in love with music all over again. Ukulele’s seem to be a rising trend in music these days, Vedder does it wonders with an album so beautiful, it captures the spirit of the place that inspired it in a bottle as well as the spirit of summer and launches the essential beach going record. With some help from The Swell Season and Frames front man Glen Hansard and Cat Power’s Chan Marshall lend a few vocals, the album is breathtaking and a must listen.

My Morning Jacket Circuital
The jam monsters return with a new album of chomping guitars, thunderous rhythms and musical intensity. My Morning Jacket take their love of all things rock and blend it into a very focused record that not only stirs the listeners mind but paints a picture as it plays out. With the band becoming one of the premier live bands around, they have honed in their stage skills into a great rock and roll record.

The CarsMove Like This
For the first time in 25 years, The Cars original line-up are back. Just as good as they were when they first broke onto the scene, Rick Okesek and his band of merry men know how to write the perfect pop-rock tune and never lose touch. Move Like This is just what fans of the band have been waiting for and after all this time, they still got it.

Beyonce – 4
The biggest pop star on the planet returns and what a return it is. A record worthy of every person who is hearing it to move like they have never moved before, Beyonce fires on all cylinders and keeps her title as the Queen of Pop and goes for glory with 4. Taking samples from Major Lazer and inspiration from Fela Kuti to Prince to Florence and the Machine, Beyonce proves she is her best when she is just having fun. With a crew of talented producers from Diplo to Kanye West to writers from Diane Warren, Chad Hugo, Babyface, Odd Future’s Frank Ocean, she goes for the heart and the hips. From beautiful ballads like “Best Thing I Ever Had” to the hip-hop heavy “I Miss You” and the current smash “Girls Who Run the World,” 4 is all about her and for that we appreciate it.

The AntlersBurst Apart
The Brooklyn three piece return with theirfourth record and gun for commercial success. Burst Apart’s predecessor was the heavy and beautiful, Hospice, a concept record about losing a loved one to cancer, Burst Apart takes no stories but goes right for the same emotional impact. The Antlers know how to layer sound and make themselves sound as beautiful even when they are breaking your heart. A record worth giving your attention and time to.

Danger Mouse & Daniel LuppiRome
The great American producer teams up with the great Italian composer with some help from Jack White and Norah Jones and produce a beautiful soundtrack to a film that does not exist. Rome is the soundtrack to a fictional film created by Danger Mouse and Luppi as the basis of their music, Jack White and Norah Jones play the two leads / lovers in the film and music’s story line. Rome takes you to the eternal city and whisks you away on a Vespa and gives you the curiosity only Fellini could of the city he loved so much. For fans of any of these artists or classical music, this one is for you and to add to your collection.

Bon Iver Bon Iver
Kanye’s favorite lo-fi hero returns with a lush, yet minimal album, that will surly gain him more attention that it’s predecessor. It’s not really a self-titled record but more coordinates, as if he is a city and state, just like the song titles themselves. Justin Vernon’s second album is a dense combo of musical arrangements, studio secrets and lyrical passion that make him more of the wandering musician wearing his heart on his sleeve rather than the mountain man we all pinned him for. It has been an incredible ride for Vernon since For Emma, Forever Ago’s release in 2009 and he will surly not disappoint fans, in fact, only gain more with his latest output.

Sam Roberts BandCollider
Canada’s Sam Roberts Band return with a traditional rock and roll record that will please fans old and new. On the band’s fourth album, Collider, Sam Roberts Band take their Beatles and classic rock influence to a higher level of appreciation. For those looking for a new band with an old sound, Collider is the record and Sam Roberts is the band.

Blondie Panic of Girls
The punk/ glam / hip-hop Queen and King’s return and are in fine form. Panic of Girls, Blondie’s ninth record and first since 2003’s The Curse of Blondie find Debbie Harry and co. resurrecting their youth and fine form for a new generation that probably knows they just for their hits. For fans it will be a rekindling of what once was for new ears, go back to the older material.

Flogging Molly – Speed of Darkness
The Irish-American Celtic punks return for album number five and it sounds like all the other records they have released before. Nothing new or different from a band with friendly bar room singalongs and catchy hooks, it is just another day in the office for Flogging Molly. One to add to the collection for hardcore fans.

The WombatsThis Modern Glitch
Liverpool trio return with album number two but fall flat --- way flat. 2008’s debut from The Wombats - A Guide to Love, Loss and Desperation displayed a band with such promise and like their contemporaries, Arctic Monkeys were ready to take the music world by storm, even Paul McCartney at one point praised the band and wanted to work with them, now it looks like that dream maybe over. The band’s sophomore album, This Modern Glitch shows a band with such promise forcing themselves to be clever and catchy and bring us the same fun and flair they once did. The Wombats are a band far too talented for a mediocre and uninspiring record such as this. We only hope they bounce back.

*Denotes that review was written by The Rock(jock). The Rock(jock) is Kyle Andrukiewicz, Officially A Yuppie's Loud Rock guru.

Talib Kweli on Colbert Report!

Talib Kweli linked up with Stephen Colbert this week to discuss politics, racism and his work. He also stuck around to perform "Cold Rain," take a look!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Live Review - Beady Eye @ Ed Sullivan Theater

This was it, after much of publicity and a massive European club tour, Liam Gallagher and his new band Beady Eye arrived in North America and arrived back in his favorite city (outside of Manchester of course) for two highly anticipated gigs. After a taping on David Letterman earlier on June 22, the band stuck around Ed Sullivan Theater for a special Live on Letterman taping that would be the bands first official yet unofficial New York performance. For a 47 minute, loud, raucous rock and roll show, Beady Eye proved to the hardest audience they may ever play in front of, this is not Oasis, this is Beady Eye.

Walking down the aisle of Ed Sullivan and onto the stage, the six members of Beady Eye (all of Oasis sans Noel, plus Jay Darlington and Jeff Wooton) strutted their way to thunderous applause. As the band took to their instruments, Liam took to his wife, Nicole Appleton and gave her a big kiss on the lips for good luck and hit the stage. "New York City, we are Beady Eye, this is 'Four Letter Word," dropping right into the James Bond-esque lead track off the band's debut, Different Gear, Still Speeding, Liam and the boys looked like they were ready to party. With the hook of the song going "Nothing Lasts Forever," Liam would blurt out "Ain't that the truth!" a clear jab at his former days with his brother in that other band they were in. Beady Eye looked relaxed and ready all night and into each song, performing on the stage of his hero's The Beatles once did I am sure gave Liam the thrill of his life. The band look like traditional British rock stars, most of them decked out in Liam's Pretty Green clothing label, they brought the bravado that has made them so massive over the world and the fact that they can still carry it out proves their longevity and their steps toward becoming not just icons but legends. This was their introduction to America, this was their introduction to a new phase of their lives and this most of all was their way of saying, we are not going anywhere without having to actually say it. I caught up with Liam after the gig and had to ask what it is like playing New York again, he said "it is great man, nothing like it, this city blows my mind every time." Then asked what it was like going from the big stages to the intimate gigs, he replied "its still very cool for me man, its all good, its all cool." I then caught up with guitarist Gem Archer and asked what it is like for him to be going to the clubs, he said "it is exciting, it is the first time I am doing it with Liam with this tour," after all Gem linked up with Oasis as they were still headlining arena's and massive festivals, he never saw the intimate gigs with the band, until now.

This was only night one of their debut to the city that never sleeps, night two is tonight, we will be there covering it and if it is any indication as to what this preview was, it is going to be a gig talked about for ages.

Watch the full LIVE ON LETTERMAN performance below:

Florence & The Machine on Colbert Report!

Playing her massive global hit, "Dog Days are Over," Florence & The Machine hit up Colbert Report this week. Take a look!


Eddie Vedder armed with no Pearl Jam and just a ukelele is in New York this week for two sold out shows at Beacon Theater, he made a quick stop by Letterman to perform "Without You," off his beautiful Ukelele Songs solo album.


Manchester electro buzz band The Whip have confirmed details for their much anticipated sophomore record. The band will release Wired Together on September 19. We interviewed The Whip last summer, take a look HERE.

The Strokes hope to begin working on the follow up to this years Angles as soon as possible. Bassist Nickoli Fraiture told Rolling Stone “If we could do it tomorrow, that’d be great. But yeah, as soon as possible I think.” The band hopes to have a new album out by next year.

Always one to push boundaries, Bjork will release her new album Biophilia as an iPad app and making the world's first "app album." Each song on the record will have it's own app with interactive features. Bjork will also release a physical version of Biophilia and is slated for a fall release.

For its 20th anniversary Nirvana's Nevermind will get a massive super deluxe reissue complete with 4 CD's and a DVD. The CD's will include the remastered masterpiece, B-sides and outtakes as well as unheard songs, a BBC live session and the DVD will feature the making of the record as well as concert footage. This deluxe edition comes out September 19.

Electro legends Erasure have confirmed their latest record, Tomorrow's World will be out this fall.

Chris Taylor of Grizzly Bear has unveiled his solo project, going under the name CANT, Taylor will release his solo debut Dreams Come True on September 13. Take a look at the track listing below:
01 Too Late, Too Far
02 Believe
03 The Edge
05 (brokencollar)
06 She's Found a Way Out
07 Answer
08 Dreams Come True
09 Rises Silent
10 Bericht

Brian Fallon of Gaslight Anthem has reveiled the cover of Elsie, the debut album from his side project Horrible Crowes with Gaslight touring member Ian Perkins. Take a look at the cover below:

Bon Iver on Colbert Report!

Bon Iver performs "Calgary" on Colbert Report, take a look!

Sunday, June 19, 2011


Everyone once in a while you need a band to come around and shake things up a bit, stir the system, piss people off - especially us music journalists. Band's like this make things interesting, they make things dangerous and let's face it, rock and roll needs some danger these days. I present to you a band that is no stranger to this site - BROTHER (UK). A raucous live band with an attitude that makes the Gallagher brothers seem humble. BROTHER (UK) are crafting their own genre with "Gritpop" a term they coined that takes the best of Britpop and combines it with gritty rock and roll. The band are all the buzz in England and are turning heads here in the US. As they ready their debut album, Famous First Words, which was produced by Smiths producer Stephen Street, they will be making appearances at every major festival across the pond this summer and living up the rock star life. In an exclusive interview with front man Lee Newell we discuss the band's buzz, Gritpop and recording. Take a look at our interview with Lee below:

You say you are “Gritpop,” explain to us what exactly that is?

It's whatever we want it to be really. We figured that if we were going to be labelled we'd like it to happen under our terms, so we coined the phrase gritpop. If you take it literally you could argue that it was gritty pop music. People can call us what they like, as long as they are listening. That's why we started the band after all...

There is so much hype around you back home, do you feel any pressure living up to the hype?

No not at all. When we first got together and started writing music, we knew that we wanted to hit the ground running. We wanted to be heard straight from the get go, because we believe in our music so much. The media are in desperate need of a band like us, so we embrace it. We seem to work at our best under pressure, so we will have to prove all the hype right when the album comes out!

In just a short year, the buzz has hit you real hard. How do you explain the massive following and attention so quickly?

It wasn't even a year! We put up our website on the 1st of August and by the 5th of October we signed to a major label. I can't really explain it all, nobody can. We shot a video of us playing guerrilla gigs around Slough and that seemed to get us a lot of attention. We didn't want to start the band by playing the same old boring venues straight away. It was an insight into our ethos. How we turn up, uninvited, whether we are welcome or not. It was a lot of fun and a lot of hard work. I think people can relate to that.

You hail from Slough, it isn’t exactly known for it’s music scene, was it hard being discovered and getting support there?

No not really. I think if you write great songs, really believe in it, and don't stop working for it, you will be discovered. Chris, our manager, has been a close friend for years. We sort of grew up together. He saw the potential in us from the very first demos we did. We kept ourselves locked in a rotten old barn in Slough for a year before we released any material. We would write and write and write. Josh was working nights on the railways, so he would have to finish practice then go straight to work. We had to make sure we had the best songs from the get go. Too many new bands are too eager for people to hear their music at the start. And 99.99% of the time its not very good. We didn't want to develop publicly. We like to keep our privacy.

With the plethora of great bands coming from the UK now, bands like Chapel Club, The Vaccines, Heartbreaks, Frankie and the Heartstrings and so on, how does Brother set themselves apart from the pact?

Well, I don't think any of those bands are particularly great. The Vaccines are probably the best of that bunch. They have something, and I believe that they are truthful in what they do. Chapel Club for instance I find incredibly insincere. The whole, tortured poet lead singer thing. It's not real. It's pseudo-intellectualism at its very finest and at it's most ugly. He spoke in the national paper how I was an idiot and my lyrics meant nothing. I suppose he was talking about Darling Buds Of May. On the surface the lyrics can come across as somewhat bare, but it is the ambiguity of the song that gives it it's life. It is what it is. I would rather use my imagination to conjure up a meaning to a song than be force fed faux poetry from someone that definitely used to watch Live & Kicking when he was a kid. What sets us apart? Well, where do we start? We are a real band, we don't hide behind any false pretence. We are like anybody else and we make that clear. We don't put on a media face when talking to people like yourself. Our music comes from organic origins and we had to work so hard our whole lives to get to this point.

There have been countless comparisons to Oasis with you sound, style and swagger. How do you respond to this?

Fickle comparisons are the norm, and so I'm fine with it. We don't sound like Oasis, I very rarely listen to Oasis, but I do think their first two albums were astonishing.

You worked with Stephen Street on your debut, how was it working with him? Has he taught you any new tricks?

It really is an honour to work with Stephen. He engineered The Smiths right from the start and actually produced Strangeways, which is my favourite album. He has an aura about him that makes you play really well. It's like we don't want to let him down. That's why the album has turned out so well. He doesn't necessarily have any tricks, he just gets the best takes out of you and makes fresh and interesting suggestions on arrangements.

How did you end up linking with Street? Were you fans of his work before working with him?

He actually heard us on the radio first. He got in contact with us and it felt like we were in parallel universe. Me and Sam said right from the start of the band that our dream producer would be Stephen Street. It's a dream come true.

How was the recording of your debut?

As I write this our label are here listening to it. It's all but finished. We're just going over the finer things now. They are over the moon with it. We still have a week left here so we're going to write some more and maybe go go-karting. We've been playing a lot of ping pong so we might get a championship going. Rock and roll etc.

What has been your favorite song to record so far?

It's a song called Still Here and I think it might be our next single. It's a feel good song. I get to play a weird guitar solo in it, which is always a laugh. It's an important song for us, and you will see why when it comes out.

How much fun are you having being a member of Brother?

An incredible amount. We get to play music all over the world. It's the hardest but most fun work anyone like me could hope for. We are loved and hated in equal measure which is how it should be. People have an opinion on us. Which is what we wanted.

Is making it in America a big deal for Brother? Do you think it is possible given that the musical territories are rather different?

Of course. I'm eager to play this music to everyone. America is a wonderful place, at times, and it's like a small galaxy in itself. We're very excited about going over and seeing what people think of us. I expect nothing less than utter devotion, love and praise. And a bottle in the face.

The Clash - 30 Years Since Bond's on Broadway

Between May 28 and June 13, 1981 The Clash, in their only American appearance that year invaded New York City and changed the way concerts were sold and promoted forever. Right in the center of Broadway at Bond’s Casino on 45th and Broadway was the place to be. While punk was booming downtown in the Bowery at CBGB’s, The Clash, arrived in America at an important crux in their career, they were too big to play the tiny downtown club and too small to headline an arena or stadium, they needed a medium size venue that would display their raw power and bravado. Capping out at 3,500 people, Bond’s would be it.

The Clash had just released their ambitious fourth album and second double album, Sandinista, the London band had already cemented their popularity with their brilliant sophomore album, London Calling. Unlike their contemporaries; The Ramones, The Sex Pistols, Buzzcocks, they were mixing various genres with their guitar driven punk. From reggae to ska to dub to rockabilly to dancehall, The Clash was at the cusp of breaking into the mainstream of commercial success much more than they already were due to their multi-genre appeal. They were about to go from “the only band that mattered” to the biggest band in the world.
Bond’s held the publicity of the gigs and some of the concerts would be recorded for CBS and broadcast on the radio. Unlike the shows of today, fans could not call into or log onto Ticketmaster, they were forced to wait in line outside the venue to be lucky enough to score tickets for a show let alone multiple ones. The promoters of the shows underestimated the band’s popularity and cult following under booking them and overselling each night and this being the band’s only American appearance, initially eight concerts were only scheduled from May 28-31 and June 1-3 and June 5. Ten thousand fans queued for tickets and the fiasco for waiting to get in spilled into the streets and drawing much more negative attention than initially wanted. With Fire Marshall’s closing down a few of the shows, nine more were added and a ticket fiasco would break out as the promoters of Bond’s tried to not grant tickets for the shows that were cancelled for the new dates and forced fans to pay double. With The Clash notorious for keeping prices low, they would condemn the greed of the promoters for charging fans twice, which was something unprecedented at the time.

It was only fitting that New York City would be the home of the band’s only American appearance as all of the members of the band; Joe Strummer, Mick Jones, Paul Simonon and Topper Headon all had a fascination with the Big Apple. It was Strummer especially who was wide eyed about the city as he would hang out in Harlem to find what was going on with urban music and culture and then check into the Lower East Side and see what was going on in the punk and art scene. Just as much as The Clash were fascinated with New York, New York was fascinated with The Clash. Director Martin Scorsese was filming King of Comedy, in Midtown as the band were readying their Bond’s gigs and being a fan of the band, asked the boys to make a brief cameo in the film. The band would even oblige fans as they waited in line for tickets and would perform guerilla sets on the Bond’s marquee. With opening acts that ranged from Bad Brains, The Sirens, Lee ‘Scratch” Perry, The Rockats, The Fall and most notorious – Grand Master Flash and the Furious Five, an act in which fans at the time booed as hip-hop was still in it’s infancy and the white kids in the audience could not understand what was happening, Joe Strummer would famously defend Grand Master Flash’s music to the crowd.

These 17 shows were a turning point in The Clash’s history. After the success and acclaim of those concerts, it proved the two minds fronting the band were at a cross roads with each other and fame. While Strummer wanted to play the intimate, sweaty, intense clubs it was Mick Jones who wanted to gun for glory and get into the arena’s and stadiums, which the band would do the next time they returned to the U.S. supporting The Who and playing places like Shea Stadium. As the band’s fame got bigger and by the time they would release Combat Rock in 1982, it saw the band rise on the charts with the singles “Should I Stay or Should I Go” and “Rock the Casbah.” The demand for the band was greater than ever and as they get caught up in the “rock star” lifestyle, drummer Topper Headon battled a heroin addiction that forced the band to fire him and Jones and Strummer were constantly at each other’s throats. Strummer would eventually fire everyone in the band in 1983 and would release Cut the Crap in 1985, what would be the final Clash album before he went solo and started an acting career. Mick Jones would start Big Audio Dynamite, the reggae / ska band that saw much commercial success in the 80’s with the single “Rush,” the band has recently reunited after 25 years and are currently touring, during his sabbatical with Big Audio Dynamite, Jones would find a groove in the band Carbon/Silicon. Paul Simonon would start the band Havana 3am and would be a bass guitarist for hire through the years as well as finding solace in painting, most recently he was apart of Damon Albarn’s The Good, The Bad and The Queen project as well as Gorillaz along with Mick Jones, which saw the two of them return to a Manhattan stage together for the first time since the Bond’s concerts.

The concerts would hold a high place in the spectator’s memories and in the history books of rock and roll and New York City. The performances that were broadcasted on CBS would eventually be released as the box set, The Clash on Broadway and some of the song’s appearing on The Clash’s 1999 live album, From Here to Eternity. Bond’s today is a resturant right in the heart of Broadway, you cannot walk past it without thinking and a sense of wonderment what had happened in front and inside those doors 30 years ago.

RIP Clarence Clemons

After complications from a stroke he endured last weekend, E Street Band saxophonist, Clarence Clemons aka The Big Man passed away last night at a Florida hospital, he was 69. Clemons first linked up with Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band in 1972 and has played on every Bruce record that featured the E Street band. His legacy and voice will be embedded in the memory of his sax solo's and will forever be known as the soul and the gospel of the E Street Band.

In a statement on his website, Springsteen said "Clarence lived a wonderful life. He carried within him a love of people that made them love him. He created a wondrous and extended family. He loved the saxophone, loved our fans and gave everything he had every night he stepped on stage." This is the second passing of an E Street Band member, pianist Danny Federici passed away in 2007.

Recently Clemons was featured on Lady Gaga's "Edge of Glory" on her latest, Born This Way.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Quick News

Just mere months after releasing their latest, Build a Rocket Boys!, Elbow are already laying down tracks and demos for a new record. Singer Guy Garvey told Daily Mirror that drummer "Rich went into the studio and recorded several different drum patterns for me," the singer told the Daily Mirror. I'll go away next week and try and write lyrics for them. We’ve never worked this way before, but we’ll see what happens." Elbow will be at next week's Glastonbury festival right before Coldplay take the stage Saturday night.

The Black Keys are currently in Nashville, the band's new base thanks to singer Dan Auerbach moving to the musical city and opening a studio. The band are recording with Attack and Release producer and friend, Danger Mouse and hope to have the album out early 2012.

It has been a long while since we last heard from Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, the indie band that blew up thanks to the blogosphere. The band will release their long awaited album, Hysterical in September.

A match made in Rock and Roll Hall of Fame heaven - Lou Reed is working with Metallica! A ten song album inspired by German expressionist playwright Frank Wedekind, the album currently has no release date. Speaking to Rolling Stone, singer James Hetfield says "I told Lou I want to be there when people hear it, I want to see their faces." The album came together in the last few months at Metallica's Bay Area base after the longtime heavy band linked up with Reed at the 2009 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 25th Anniversary Concerts at Madison Square Garden.

Janelle Monae is currently working on a follow up to last year's amazing, ArchAndroid album. Monae tells MTV Hive that "This album will have very strong concepts and bigger ideas and the music will just go forward to another level. My message is that I want to reach the people – the people who work each and every day," she said. "I want to create music that will be their choice of drug whenever they feel oppressed or depressed."

Libertine's Documentary Trailer!

The Libertine's 2010 reunion was captured on film as well as the history of the infamous Brit band. The film, There Are No Bystanders will be out later this year in the UK. Take a look at the trailer above.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Live Review - The Gift @ Bowery Ballroom

Portugal has been in the center of pop culture more for their soccer players rather than musicians. The names Figo, Cristiano Ronaldo, Jose Mourinho have all become synonymous for the beautiful country all due to the beautiful game. Yet, with a place as colorful and enthusiastic as Portugal, there needs to be a band and sound that compliment the country and no one has done and can do it better than The Gift. The Gift, who have been together since 1994 and just release their sixth record, Explode, returned to Bowery Ballroom and performed in New York City for the first time in five years.

On a short stop to North America (playing only two shows, Toronto and New York), The Gift lived up to the title of their latest record and exploded on site. Dressed in colorful attire, the seven members of the band came on stage with smiles on their faces and pride in their hearts and never took down their joy for a second. Singer Sonia Tavares looked like part gypsy punk, part traditional Porto garb and part flamboyant military leader as she strutted on stage and took over as if Bowery Ballroom was her house and we were her guests. Bowery Ballroom was jam packed with an audience of Portuguese and Mediterranean decent but it did not matter, most of the bands songs are in English and are as swelling as a rising ocean tide. Tavares, whose voice is a tenor with a massive vibrato flair to it compels the crowd, while her six band mates create vibrant psychedelic pop with a gypsy punk flair, in other words think Flaming Lips meets Gogol Bordello. Each song has an epic rise and sucks you in as if you were trapped in middle of the ocean during a monsoon and manages to restore you in such a beautiful way. They are all talented musicians and like their contemporaries, Arcade Fire, play multiple instruments at once and are constantly switching for each song. The highlights of the name came during the songs "Made for You," which left everyone in awe and the during the crowd pleasing "11.33" which was then followed up by a Depeche Mode cover of "Enjoy the Silence." It was a night and performance for those who have followed the band around and knew that it was worth the five year wait. Tavares would even joke about the band's rare Stateside appearance and said "Last time we were here, we played Mercury Lounge and saw a band called Vampire Weekend, they opened for us." The days of Vampire Weekend playing the 200 person Mercury Lounge are over and the days of The Gift playing there are done as well. For those that never saw the band before, The Gift were a true present.

Opening the night were New York natives, Xylos. Xylos have an incredible new wave sound to them and were the predecessor for The Gift. Fronted by the sultry and sexy Monika Heidemann who would gain the crowds attention with her Debbie Harry-esq front woman abilities. The band plowed through songs off their self-titled debut which was released back in April. With a box of light rods in front of the stage and catchy songs, Xylos had the crowd ready for action. In their hour long set they managed to walk away as if it was a co-headlining bill.