Saturday, March 28, 2015

VINTAGE CLIP! Prodigy at 1997 MTV VMA's

In 1997, the second British invasion was at it's height in America. Oasis, Blur, The Verve, and the Spice Girls were all over the news and airwaves. Yet, it was Prodigy that was turning heads like the British punks of the late 70's did when they first arrived in the States. Before the band release their new album, The Day is My Enemy, next week, watch them perform their classic "Breathe" in this VINTAGE CLIP from the 1997 MTV VMA's. Also, fun note, they were introduced by their then-boss Madonna who signed them to her Maverick record label and released their blockbuster, The Fat of the Land.

Quick News

Dr. Dre sat down with L.A. radio DJ Big Boy about the upcoming NWA biopic, Straight Outta Compton movie arriving this summer. The producer, rapper, and mogul explained that it was Ice Cube that sold him on the idea of the film, but Dre was still nervous about the project. He said, "I was just nervous about putting a blemish on our legacy. The story had to be told right. And it's incredible, man. I'm really excited about it. We had our ups and downs with the filming process, but now the edit is almost done. We're working on music and what have you, and I think everybody's going to appreciate it, especially everybody from Los Angeles. We really wanted to get across, one of the things, was how we feel about women because there's a big misconception, how much we respect our women." He then discussed how he is crafting the soundtrack of the film, but in typical Dr. Dre fashion, don't get too excited about it's release. He said, "I'm working on something right now. I don't want to put it out there just yet and say that I'm definitely gonna put it out. But I'm really feeling what I'm working on right now. This would be a record that's inspired by the movie."

Duran Duran have signed to Warner Bros. and will release their new album later this year. The iconic new wave band will have the record produced by Nile Rodgers, Mark Ronson and Mr Hudson. According to a press release the new album also includes guest appearances by former Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist John Frusciante, and Canadian Juno-Award winning newcomer Kiesza.

After a week of teasing, Jamie xx has announced that his debut album, In Colour, will arrive on June 1. Take a look at the cover below:

Friday, March 27, 2015

Gaslight Anthem's Brian Fallon Covers Oasis

Gaslight Anthem's Brian Fallon recently performed at radio station CFOX and did a fantastic cover of the Oasis classic "Don't Look Back in Anger." Take a look!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Quick News

Heartless Bastards will release their new album, Restless Ones, in June.

Electronica icons Leftfield have reunited and will release their third album, Alternative Light Source, in June.

Jamie xx announced that he will be releasing a solo album this year called In Colour. While there is still no release date, he did put out the tracklisting, take a look:
01 Gosh
02 Sleep Sound
03 Seesaw [ft. Romy]
04 Obvs
05 Just Saying
06 Stranger in a Room [ft. Oliver Sim]
07 Hold Tight
08 Loud Places [ft. Romy]
09 I Know There's Gonna Be (Good Times) [ft. Young Thug and Popcaan]
10 The Rest Is Noise
11 Girl

While Beastie Boys are no longer since the untimely death of Adam "MCA" Yauch in 2012, Adam "Ad-Rock" Horovitz spoke to NME about if he and Mike D. will ever work again. Ad-Rock said, "Adam started the band, so we couldn't do anything without him. At some point we'll do something."

As if the world needs more reason to realize Dave Grohl is the man. A dying Foo Fighters fan in Australia was just given VIP tickets and passes to see the band in L.A. later this year thanks to Grohl. Ken Powell, a huge Foo Fighters fan, was diagnosed with melanoma 14 years ago and in 2009, it was reported as being fatal. After Grohl heard the news of Powell, he sent him a photo saying "Hi Ken" and the passes to the gig. Powell is now raising money to get to L.A. for the show, you can read more about it and donate HERE.  

Speaking to NME, Blur's Graham Coxon has said that the band's upcoming album, The Magic Whip, was a way to "make amends" with each other. Coxon said, "Damon and I have an increased respect for each other because of this record, and we're not ashamed to let each other know about that increased respect. But what we also have a lot of history, and our friendship – like any friendship between two people in a band together – has had to go through a lot. It’s been put to the test, and we’ve often let each other down. This record was a way of saying, ‘Sorry for being such a pain in the arse for the last 20 years.'"

Syrian singer Omar Souleyman will release his new album Bahdeni Nami in July. He collaborated with Four Tet and Modeselektor for his latest offering. Take a look at the cover below:

Ceremony will release their third album, The L-Shaped Man in May. Take a look at the cover below:

Action Bronson on Letterman

Watch Action Bronson make his late night TV debut on Letterman as he performed "Baby Blue" with Chance the Rapper.

Marina & The Diamonds on Meyers

Watch Marina & The Diamonds celebrate her new album, Froot, on Late Night with Seth Meyers.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Live Review: Action Bronson @ Terminal 5

It was lights, camera, Action Bronson as the Flushing, Queens, native played the first of two sold-out gigs inside Terminal 5. These were a special series of concerts for the rising rapper, they were hometown throwdown concerts in celebration of his major label debut, Mr. Wonderful, and that his Vice web series, Fuck, That's Delicious, was picked up for a second season.

Bronson, who released Mr. Wonderful the same as Tuesday's concert, is a different step from the mixtapes, EP's, and previous albums the rapper has released. Due to the different sound and vibe Mr. Wonderful has, the show seemed to echo that from start to finish.

Hear Our Essential Action Bronson Playlist on Spotify!

As people packed into the 3,000 person club, Bronson came out on stage around 9:30 as Alchemist spun behind him. Opening with "Brand New Car," the first cut from Mr. Wonderful, he took the audience into the album. Mr. Wonderful starts off like a typical Bronson record, but within the middle of the album it becomes a trippy, drug infused odyssey into the mind of a man who simply does not give a fuck, displayed on his out of tune singing on parts of the record. That being said, that is how Tuesday night's concert went. It looked like an Action Bronson show, it was billed as an Action Bronson show, but it didn't feel like one. It seems as if the man who came up from the underground is now on the top of Mount Sinai looking down and saying, "Kiss my ass, this is me now!"

Performing an album from start to finish is generally something artists do with their classic records, sometimes it will be done for a record release like in Bronson's case, but the fans generally get something more. As special guests Party Supplies, Big Body Bes, Meyhem Lauren popped on stage to do their verses to various songs across the record, much of the show saw Bronson pacing around the stage looking lost. He did his typical crowd surfing and jumped into the audience to walk around and perform, but even then didn't get very far, something he acknowledged saying, "I must be getting old." With much of the record featuring instrumentals, Bronson didn't do much to hold the crowds attention. Thanks to previous singles "Baby Blue," "Actin' Crazy," and "Easy Rider," most of the time the audience looked disengaged. In previous gigs he would crack jokes, throw goodies out into the crowd, even freestyle, but as the first night of his New York shows went, his largest headlining to date, he didn't seem to care.

As the sounds of a chopper motorcycle roared through the speakers of Terminal 5, Bronson, Party Supplies and Alchemist walked off stage. As the crowd chanted "Bron!Son! Bron! Son," he finally returned from the wings with everyone that came off with him and performed "Amadu Diablo," from his fantastic Blue Chips 2. While he was doing the low-key track, a fan stormed the stage and Bronson grabbed him and threw him right off and back into the crowd. As the song, which features a sample of Tracy Chapman's "Give Me On Reason" came to an end, so did the night. For 60 minutes, 13 songs were played and that was the big homecoming show fans got. Underwhelming in an understatement.

**Photos by RICH D SMOOV***

Quick News

Modest Mouse have confirmed that their next album, the follow-up to Strangers to Ourselves, will arrive next year and will feature Nirvana's Krist Novoselic.

Jamie xx will release his solo debut, In Colour, later this year. The album will feature The xx's Romy Croft, Four Tet, and others. Meanwhile, The xx plan on releasing their third album this year as well.

Elvis Costello is releasing his memoir, Unfaithful Music & Disappearing Ink, in October.

Speaking to DIY, Ben Gibbard says that he and the rest of Death Cab for Cutie knew that Chris Walla's departure was coming. Gibbard said, "I think that, knowing this was something that was coming - for years, honestly - there’s a particular kind of relief that comes when you know that the outcome that you’ve expected on the horizon is finally here, and you can finally move on with your life. I’m certainly not overflowing with joy that Chris left the band,” he added, “but at the same time, just having - finally after all these years - the catharsis of somebody who’s had - in some ways - one foot out the door for years, finally leave the band, it comes with a particular sense of relief. I mean, honestly, I found it very bittersweet,” Gibbard continued. "But also, frankly very liberating. I think that when you’re making a record with a band and you’ve been doing it as long as we have, sometimes you do have to tiptoe around people and make sure you don’t hurt their feelings if you tell them that something’s not working. You know that you’re gonna be living with this person for the next year and a half, playing these songs. Particularly Chris and I’s relationship has been a complicated one over the years and I think that sometimes neither of us have said the thing we needed to say at the time because we were fearful of setting one another off."

Taking to Twitter Bloc Party bassist Gordon Moaks has confirmed he has left the band and is not working on their fifth album.

A$AP Rocky has confirmed that his new album will be called At.Long. Last.A$AP. No release date has been set.

Speaking to NME, Raekwon is calling out Wu-Tang Clan's management and saying that the hip-hop collective's last effort, A Better Tomorrow, was weak. He said, "That album felt kinda bored. And that’s not just my opinion. The music was just too soft. Too humble. I felt like the album could have been better. I voiced my opinion, like, 'Yo, let's give them some real shit!' The album was driven more to [producer and fellow founding member] RZA’s expectations. He was coming from one way, we was wanting to try something new. I ain't going on the road with Wu-Tang this year. Fans will think it’s beef in the group, but it’s all management. I didn't know shit about the tour. They just assume I’m good to be there and put it all together, but by then I got obligations, a fucking schedule. It’s frustrating, ‘cos I’d love to be there."

Speaking to Gigwise, producer Flood defended U2's delivery via Apple of their last album, Songs of Innocence. The iconic producer said, "I think what it did was raise whether music is valued in society right now, and I think that's something that still hasn't been answered correctly. It brought about the question of 'What are peoples' listening tastes?' And maybe the biggest question it raised was 'Are people allowed to have choice or is choice actually being eliminated?'"

For the first time ever, the Decline of Western Civilization triology will arrive on Blu-Ray this June. The films. which chronicle the underground punk, metal, and hardcore scene's of the 1980's have been hailed as some of the greatest documentaries of all time and shed serious light as what those scenes were like back in the day. The new box set comes with four discs and a 40 page book. Take a look at the cover below:

The Fall Announce 31st Album!

The Fall are an amazing band simply because the only original member of the group, Mark E. Smith, simply does not give a fuck and simply won't stop making music. 

That being said, the band will release their 31st! album, Sub-Lingual Tablet, in May. Take a look at the cover, above, and the tracklisting, below:

1. “Venice With The Girls”
2. “Black Root”
3. “Dedication Not Medication”
4. “First One Today”
5. “Junger Cloth”
6. “Stout Man”
7. “Auto Chip 2014-2016″
8. “Pledge”
9. “Snazzy”
10. “Fibre Book Troll”
11. “Quit iPhone”

Modest Mouse on James Corden

James Corden took over The Late Late Show earlier this week and is already making huge changes to the program. From his video skits to how he interviews his guests, not to mention the fully stocked bar he has on stage. But he is coming out big for his first week and had Modest Mouse as his very first musical guest. Take a look!