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Our June playlist is here, so take a listen to our 26-song random musical musings for the month.

Recommended Reading: Frank Turner 'Road Beneath My Feet'

Frank Turner is constantly busy. The singer / songwriter always seems to be on the road and when he is not on touring, he is writing and recording music so he can go tour. Yet, in 2015, he managed to squeeze in a book about his life and career.

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Turner, who used to front the hardcore band Million Dead, opens the book with the end of the British band and how he had to figure out what he was going to do when they wrapped up their 2005 tour. After getting home, he started making music on his own and would become more successful as a solo artist singing punk and folk tunes than he did screaming his face off in the hardcore band. The Road Beneath My Feet chronicles his life couch surfing to playing to no one at gigs to headlining some of England's biggest arenas and then the world's biggest stage when he performed as part of Danny Boyle's 2012 Olympic opening ceremony in London.

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Turner chronicles the drug fueled parties he attended to the shoulders he has rubbed against to sleeping on floors and trying to not get ripped off doing what he loves -- making music. If you are thinking about being in a band or want to go be a solo artist, this is the text book.

Great Soundtracks: 'Rushmore'

In 1999, Wes Anderson's second film took audiences and critics by storm. Rushmore was the story a privileged teen filled with angst trying to get what he wants -- attention from a woman. While the film was a success and launched the careers of Anderson and star Jason Schwartzman to the main stream, the movie's soundtrack also reignited the interest of the leader of Devo -- Mark Mothersbaugh. 

The soundtrack was originally intended to just have Kinks songs on it but when Anderson and the studio allegedly couldn't secure the rights to all of the songs, Mothersbaugh, who worked with the director on his debut, Bottle Rocket, stepped in. Mothersbaugh composed the score and produced the soundtrack which featured The Kinks, John Lennon, Cat Stevens, Unit 4 +2, Faces, The Who, and Zoot Sims. The music compliments the quirkiness of the film and also helps you relive some scenes.

Portugal. The Man Sing with PS22 Chorus

Portugal. The Man have been in and out of New York City in recent weeks promoting their new album, Woodstock. One of the stops they made was to Staten Island to visit the famed PS22 chorus where they sang their single, "Feel it Still" with them. Take a look!

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Quick News

Liam Gallagher has revealed the cover to his debut, As You Were, on social media. Take a look at it, above. According to his website, the album will be out in October.

Next month, Eric B. and Rakim will reunite and perform together for the first time in over 20 years. The iconic duo will perform at the Apollo Theater.

Speaking to TMZ, Havoc opened up about the passing of Prodigy of Mobb Deep. The rapper's partner passed away at 42 suddenly in Las Vegas earlier in the week. He was driving with his kids in the car when he got the news. "The road manager was just crying like I never heard before and I just had to hang up the phone," Havoc said. "I'm on a highway, I can't pull over, I can't do nothing. I could have crashed with my kids in the car. I'm still just fucked up."

In August, Guided By Voices will release their 24th album, How Do You Spell Heaven. Take a look at the tracklisting, below:

1. The Birthday Democrats
2. King 007
3. Boy W
4. Steppenwolf Mausoleum
5. Cretinous Number Ones
6. They Fall Silent
7. Diver Dan
8. How To Murder A Man (In 3 Acts)
9. Pearly Gates Smoke Machine
10. Tenth Century
11. How Do You Spell Heaven
12. Paper Cutz
13. Low Flying Perfection
14. Nothing Gets You Real
15. Just To Show You

Ariel Pink will release his new album, Dedicated to Bobby Jameson, in September. Take a look at the cover, below.

Mac DeMarco on 'Conan'

Watch Mac DeMarco perform "On the Level" on Conan.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Jeff Tweedy Returns to 'Meyers'

Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy returned to Late Night with Seth Meyers Tuesday to perform another track from his main band. Take a look as he plays "I'm Always in Love."

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Live Review: Portugal. The Man at Rough Trade

Just days after releasing their new album, Woodstock, their eighth, Portugal. The Man performed a last-minute in-store performance at Rough Trade in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

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The Portland, Oregon via Wasilla, Alaska band were just in the city two weeks ago for two sold-out shows at the 3,000-plus Terminal 5, yet on Tuesday, just under 300 fans got in for the intimate performance featuring their new touring line-up.

Opening with "Purple Yellow Red Blue," the fans, who many waited in the blistering sun all day for the 45-minute show, screamed the words back to the band. Singer John Baldwin Gourley, dressed like Bernie from Weekend at Bernies, we are kidding but he could have passed, didn't speak much to the crowd and let his bassist and co-founding member Zach Carothers do all the talking in between tracks.

In a set that featured many of their previous hits like "So American," "Modern Jesus," "Evil Friends," clearly got the most applause but they worked in new tracks like "Feel It Still" and "So Young," into their starkly lit set.

Listen to Our 2009 Interview with Portugal. The Man

To see this band through the years evolve in their style and sound as well as in popularity, these smaller in-store appearances are more than just reliving the old days of this band, who are still as hungry as ever, but a moment to savor something that could never happen again.

Live Pix: Defenders of the Old Festival

The Defenders of The Old Festival took over Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn Saturday and featured a slew of bands like Nasty Savage, Mindless Sinner, Nekromantheon, Night Demon, and more. 

Take a look at RICH D SMOOV's pix.