Monday, September 22, 2014

Beck on Conan

To kick off "George Harrison Week" on Conan, Beck performed Harrison's solo single, "Wah-Wah" on Monday's show. Take a look!

Pink Floyd New Album Details

As it was announced earlier this year, the first Pink Floyd record in 20 years will be released this November. The surviving members of the iconic band released the cover art to the forthcoming The Endless River, above, and the tracklisting, below. 

Band leader David Gimour said in a press release about the record, "The Endless River has as its starting point the music that came from the 1993 Division Bell sessions. We listened to over 20 hours of the three of us playing together and selected the music we wanted to work on for the new album. Over the last year we've added new parts, re-recorded others and generally harnessed studio technology to make a 21st century Pink Floyd album. With Rick gone, and with him the chance of ever doing it again, it feels right that these revisited and reworked tracks should be made available as part of our repertoire."

The record is a tribute to keyboarding Rick Wright, who died in 2008.

'Things Left Unsaid'
'It's What We Do'
'Ebb And Flow'
'The Lost Art of Conversation'
'On Noodle Street'
'Night Light'
'Allons-y (1)'
'Allons-y (2)'
'Talkin' Hawkin''
'Eyes To Pearls'
'Louder Than Words'


Take a look at September's 27-song playlist and hear it on Spotify!

Hozier Debut Album Details

Our August Rising Artist, who we recently did an interview with -- Hozier, has finally announced details of his self-titled debut album. The record is arriving next month and was co-produced by Hozier and Rob Kirwin. Take a look at the cover, above, and the tracklisting, below:

1.Take Me to Church
2.Angel of Small Death and the Codeine Scene
3.Jackie and Wilson
4.Someone New
5.To Be Alone
6.From Eden
7.In a Week
9.Work Song
10.Like Real People Do
11.It Will Come Back
12.Foreigner’s God
13.Cherry Wine

Friday, September 19, 2014

Live Review: The Replacements @ Forest Hills Tennis Stadium

It was the stadium that once housed The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Frank Sinatra. It was the backdrop for a Hitchcock film. After years of closure from the entertainment industry, last summer the iconic Forest Hills Tennis Stadium in Queens reopened with Mumford & Sons as their first live concert in the venue for the first time in years. This summer, it looked as if the tradition would continue with acts like Lil' Wayne and Drake, Modest Mouse and Brand New performing, and for it's closing program, they saved the best for last -- The Replacements with special guests The Hold Steady and Deer Tick.

For the first time in over 20 years, The Replacements returned to New York City. "Sup Queens!" bassist Tommy Stinson said to the audience as they strutted out on stage to thunderous applause. The Minneapolis band grabbed their gear and jumped right into "Favorite Thing" and "Takin' A Ride." The audience, which was divided among men in their middle ages and 30-somethings all turned into teenagers again seeing their heroes, a band that has meant so much to their youth, life, and musical taste, back on stage again. An event they never thought they would see again after 1991 when the band played their finals shows. After a long hiatus, The Replacements returned last year to raise money for former guitarist Slim Dunlap, who had suffered a severe stroke, and they performed at Riot Fest and did a few small shows before hitting the festival circuit this year and a small tour of arenas and stadiums. Now, headlining New York City on a Friday night during the final official weekend of summer, it is enough to get anyone excited, but for these fans it meant something so much more. Sure, it is not The Replacements that were hear in the early 90's, the only founding members are Tommy Stinson and singer / guitarist Paul Westerberg, they are now backed by drummer Josh Freese and guitarist Dave Minehan. For the 90-minutes the band was on stage, it was as if they never went on a long hiatus. They sounded perfect and looked as if they were having the time of their lives. Westerberg lead the audience in anthems like "Bastards of Young," "Take Me Down to the Hospital," "Valentine," "Androgynous," and even a Jackson 5 cover of "I Want You Back." With smiles on their faces and even Macaulay Culkin watching from the wings, The Replacements looked like this is going to be a permanent move for them. "You guys are our best audience yet! You are doing a better job at singing the words than I am," Westerberg said at one point. Yet, the crowds biggest reaction would come for "Left of the Dial" and "Alex Chilton." Closing the night with "Unsatisfied," The Replacements left their mark on New York City, just as they did over 20 years prior.

Opening the show were Replacement fans and formidable bands, Deer Tick and The Hold Steady. While Deer Tick went on very early, around 6:30, they played to a near-empty arena, but sounded fantastic. With their short, 30-minute set, Deer Tick warmed-up whoever was in the stadium for what was to come.

Just after 7, The Hold Steady stepped up to the plate and banged out "Constructive Summer" as fans rushed into the portals and into the stadium. Frontman Craig Finn looked as if he was a kid on Christmas morning singing his songs, saying, "I can't believe we are opening for my favorite band. We just did it last week in Minneapolis, where I grew up. Now, The Ramones are from right here in Forest Hills! When I was 13, I was in a tennis court and someone asked me who my favorite band was, 'I said The Ramones,' the guy said, 'If you like The Ramones, you should listen to The Replacements.' I took the guy's advice and bought whatever the most recent Replacements record was at the time, it was Hootenanny, I loved it. They then became my new favorite band. I just love how we are playing a tennis court in the home of The Ramones, opening for The Replacements. It all comes full circle!" It was a hit packed set that featured new songs "Spinners" and "I Hope This Whole Thing Didn't Frighten You," as well as Steady favorites, "Chips Ahoy!," "Stuck Between Stations," "Your Little Hoodrat Friend," "Stay Positive," "Sequestered In Memphis," and "You Can't Make Him Like You." With just 45-minutes on stage, The Hold Steady brought the fun, the joy, and the energy to what was to come. It was without a doubt, a glorious night to be an indie rock fan.

Quick News

Swedish House Mafia spin-off, Axwell /\ Igrosso have signed to DefJam recordings and will release their debut album next year.

Queen will release another posthumous Freddie Mercury record called Queen Forever in November. This album will feature Queen's collaborations with Michael Jackson.

Longtime David Bowie producer Tony Visconti told CNN that The Thin White Duke will be making a new album. He said, "There's gonna be another album, definitely... soon." No word on a release. Visconti was then asked if Bowie would tour behind this new album, he said, "I don't think he's gonna busk in the tube... on the Underground. As far as a concert is concerned I have no idea. He clearly didn't promote 'The Next Day' with a concert and whether he does for the next one I don't know and I couldn't predict that - it's up to him. It's whatever takes his fancy."

Sad news to report, Guided By Voices have broken up...again. The band, who reunited in 2011 and released a string of albums have called it quits again and have cancelled all upcoming functions.

Rumors are swirling that former Against Me! drummer Jay Weinberg has joined Slipknot. The Iowa metal ensemble has not confirmed this. When Spin magazine asked Against Me! front woman Laura Jane Grace about Weinberg, who left the band in 2012, Grace said, "I just woke up one morning and read on Twitter that he was leaving the band." Grace later then tweeted: "Dear Slipknot, good luck with that. #shitbag."

Speaking to Rolling Stone, Death From Above 1979 spoke about their break-up, new album, and reunion. When asked about why they got back together, bassist Sebastian Grainger said, "The basic reason this band got back together was because I was sick of the disdain I had for it. I was sick of, like, the animosity between Jesse and I. I couldn't live with it anymore; I found it exhausting to have someone in my life that I had problems with. I found it therapeutic to at least share an email. And then the band was still good. The coupon was still valid, it had not expired."

Conan Shows How To Remove U2's New Album From iCloud

Not thrilled U2's new album showed up on your iCloud? Conan's hilarious team show an extreme way of getting it off.

Tegan & Sara on Conan

Watch Tegan & Sara play "I Was A Fool" on Conan!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Live Pix: Portugal. The Man / Grouplove @ Rumsey Playfield


 Portugal. The Man

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Quick News

U2 will grace the cover of Time this week and inside the issue, Bono talks about the future of music saying, it will be "an audiovisual interactive format for music that can’t be pirated and will bring back album artwork in the most powerful way, where you can play with the lyrics and get behind the songs when you’re sitting on the subway with your iPad or on these big flat screens. You can see photography like you’ve never seen it before."He then went on to say that his plan / future of seeing how music will be delivered will be "so irresistibly exciting to music fans that it will tempt them again into buying music — whole albums as well as individual tracks."He claims that the new delivery format is about 18 months away from existing and is working with Apple on how to get it out.

Arcade Fire frontman Win Butler spoke to Canadian sports radio show, Melnick in the Morning about how he has no plans to retire. He said, "I never want to put out something that’s not great. This last tour we did is the best, it’s the best shows we’ve ever played, so I feel like we’re kind of right in our prime right now — so I’m not really thinking about retirement yet ’cause we’re kind of like firing on all cylinders at this point."

So, after years of waiting, Dr. Dre will not be calling his new album Detox at all. Then again, we have no idea if or when it will arrive. Aftermath producer and Dre affiliate Dawaun Parker said to Shots Fired, "I won’t say what the title is ’cause I haven’t seen that online or anything yet."

Gwar have added a female singer to the band, her name is Vulvatron. She made her debut with the iconic metal band this weekend at Riot Fest.

The Dismemberment Plan will release their 2001 album, Change for the first time ever on vinyl this November.