Friday, August 31, 2012

The Heavy on Letterman

Watch The Heavy perform their latest single, "What Makes a Good Man" and everyone's favorite tune, including Letterman's, "How Do You Like Me Now?" on The Late Show.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Quick News

Various reports are indicating that Coldplay will take all of 2013 off and then go into the studio in 2014 to record their new record and then tour through 2015.

Deftones will release their seventh record, Koi No Yokan on November 17th.

A new documentary about The Rolling Stones called, Crossfire Hurricane (A lyric taken from "Jumpin' Jack Flash") will be released this November. The film will chronicle the band from the release of their brilliant, Exile on Main Street album to present day.

Elbow front man Guy Garvey is set to launch a vinyl-only record label. The singer told BBC, "We don't want disposable songs - we want a 20 minute record. Young bands that are perhaps self-financing and have to make money through touring can release three EPs rather than one album. That's three times as much excuse to tour, so it's working commercially." Garvey is setting up the label with the owner of Fiction records, who is home to Elbow, Jim Chancellor.

Lupe Fiasco released the tracklisting to his new record, Food & Liquor 2: The Great American Rap Album Part 1, which arrives this fall. Take a look:
1. Ayesha Says (Intro)
2. Strange Fruition (Feat. Casey Benjamin)
3. ITAL (Roses)
4. Around My Way (Freedom Ain t Free)
5. Audubon Ballroom
6. B*tch Bad
7. Lamborghini Angels
8. Put Em Up
9. Heart Donor (Feat. Poo Bear)
10. How Dare You (Feat. Bilal)
11. Battle Scars (with Guy Sebastian)
12. Brave Heart (Feat. Poo Bear)
13. Form Follows Function
14. Cold War (Feat. Jane $$$)
15. Unforgivable Youth (Feat. Jason Evigian)
16. Hood Now (Outro)
17. Things We Must Do For Others

Twist in Pussy Riot Case

The saga for Russian punks, Pussy Riot, is not getting easier. In a bizarre twist, CNN reports that the words "Free Pussy Riot," were written on a wall near a murder scene and now linking the band to the crime. The image above is what was found at the crime scene, lawyers for the band condemn the murders, say the band backed peaceful protest. CNN reported:

Moscow (CNN) -- Police in Russia are investigating the murder of two women found under a slogan backing the female punk rock band Pussy Riot, apparently written in the victims' blood, officials said Thursday.

The words "Free Pussy Riot" were scrawled in English on the apartment wall above the bodies of a 76-year-old woman and her 38-year-old daughter, investigators in Russia's Republic of Tatarstan said in a statement.

The two women, who shared a home, are thought to have died of numerous stab wounds between August 24 and 26 in the city of Kazan, the Tatarstan investigative committee said.

Their bodies were found Wednesday.

An investigation has been launched to uncover the circumstances of the crime, as well as those responsible and their motive, the statement said.

The murder inquiry comes two weeks after a court in Moscow sentenced three members of Pussy Riot to two years' imprisonment, a conviction and verdict that prompted international condemnation.

The three women were found guilty of hooliganism for performing a song critical of President Vladimir Putin in one of the Russian Orthodox Church's most important cathedrals.

Representatives of the jailed band members rejected the supposed link between Pussy Riot and the double murder in Kazan.

"I just found out about the incident in Kazan. Either it's a terrible provocation...Or psychiatry," Violetta Volkova, a lawyer for Pussy Riot, tweeted.

Those responsible "need to be found and punished," she said. - [CNN]

UPDATE: In another twist to the twist, a man has confessed to writing "Free Pussy Riot" and the murders according to the New York Daily News. The News reported:

"MOSCOW — Investigators say police have detained a man who has confessed to killing two women in a central Russian city, and then tried to mislead investigations by scrawling a message at the murder scene demanding freedom for jailed  
members of the Pussy Riot band.

The man — a 38-year-old university professor named Igor Danilevsky — was detained Thursday in Kazan, Russia’s Investigative Committee said on Friday. It said Danilevsky wrote “Free Pussy Riot” on a wall in the victims’ blood because he wanted the deaths of the 38-year-old woman he dated and her mother, 76, to appear as if they were a “ritual killing.”
The Committee said Danilevsky had convinced the woman to take out a loan to repay his debts, and promised to marry her. Police had found the knife used to stab the women to death and disfigure their faces and bodies, it said.

Three members of the band were sentenced to two years in prison earlier this month for a February “punk prayer” in Moscow’s main cathedral entreating the Virgin Mary to save Russia from Vladimir Putin, who at the time was on the verge of winning a third term as Russian president.

The trial, widely seen as Kremlin-orchestrated, caused an international furor, with celebrities such as Paul McCartney urging Russian authorities to free the band.

The jailed band members’ attorney had called the two women’s murder “either a horrendous provocation or a psychopathic” case.

Kremlin-friendly media and Orthodox Church clerics had seized upon the alleged link between the murder and the band to lambast the artists and their supporters, and compared them to mass murderer Charles Manson, whose followers used the blood of victims to write on the walls of their houses.

Some Russian publications ran headlines claiming Pussy Riot supporters “committed” or “inspired” the double homicide. The coverage was full of the mostly negative terms used by Kremlin-friendly television networks and media in their coverage of the protesters’ trial." [New York Daily News]

The Chevin on Letterman

You may remember the band Your Vegas, well, they have been long broken up and some of the members of the band formed The Chevin. They made their TV debut Wednesday night on Letterman, take a look!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


To celebrate the reissue and anniversary of his awesome debut, I Get Wet, Andrew W.K and his team of party starters performed "It's Time to Party" on Conan! Take a look!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Quick News

According to a tweet from Sir Mick Jagger, The Rolling Stones were recording in France last week. Pushing speculation that a new tour and record are imminent.

A$AP Rocky's proper debut, LongLiveA$AP, has been pushed back a month and will now arrive on Halloween.

The remaining members of Baroness who were hospitalized following a devastating bus crash in England have now been released. The band have understandably cancelled all remained 2012 tour dates.

The D.O.T. the band formed by The Streets Mike Skinner and former Music front man, Rob Harvey have released details about their debut record which they began working on in 2011. The album, And That, will be released on October 22. Take a look at the tracklisting below:
'And A Hero'
'You Never Asked' (featuring Clare Maguire and Danny Brown)
'Goes Off'
'Weapon Of Choice'
'Shut Up And Keep Talking'
'Like You Used To'
'What You Livin' For'
'Right Side Of Madness'
'Strong Skunk'
'Colours That Don't Exist'
'Where Did I Go'

Converge Cover & Tracklisting

Metalcore titans, Converge will release their new album, All We Love We Leave Behind on October 9.  Take a look at the cover above and the tracklisting below:

01 Aimless Arrow
02 Trespasses
03 Tender Abuse
04 Sadness Comes Home
05 Empty on the Inside
06 Sparrow's Fall
07 Glacial Pace
08 No Light Escapes (bonus)
09 Vicious Muse
10 Veins and Vails
11 Coral Blue
12 Shame in the Way
13 On My Shield (bonus)
14 Precipice
15 All We Love We Leave Behind
16 Runaway (bonus)
17 Predatory Glow

Pussy Riot Update!

As we have mentioned the story of Pussy Riot and the verdict that landed them in jail for two years. The last two weeks, so much information has come out about the three incarcerated members looking to appeal and the outpouring of support from people around the world.

Since the members of the Russian punk band were given their sentence, Russian police and authorities have been other members of the band, which could consist of up to 10 other people. According to reports from The Guardian two members of the band have fled Russia successfully.

While there seems to be a witch hunt going on in Russia, those three women in jail are looking to appeal their conviction. The women's lawyers filed for appeal on Monday and should take up to 10 days to hear if they will be allowed to appeal.

In the meantime, Bjork is selling Pussy Riot shirts (those photographed above), with all proceeds going to the bands legal fund. To purchase a shirt and support these brave women, click HERE.

The Man with the Iron Fists Soundtrack Info

On November 2, Wu-Tang Clan leader RZA will make his directorial debut in the Quentin Tarantino produced, The Man with the Iron Fists, which stars Russell Crowe, RZA himself and Lucy Liu. The script was written by RZA and longtime Tarantino collaborator, Eli Roth. With the much anticipated kung-fu film arriving this fall, also comes its soundtrack. Take a look at the badass cover above and the tracklisting below which features everyone from The Black Keys to members of the Wu-Tang camp, Kanye, Flatbush Zombies and more.

01 The Black Keys and RZA: "The Baddest Man Alive"
02 Ghostface Killah, M.O.P, and Pharoahe Monch: "Black Out"
03 Kanye West: "White Dress"
04 The Revelations: "I Forgot to Be Your Lover" [ft. Tre Williams]
05 Talib Kweli and RES: "Get Your Way (Sex as a Weapon)"
06 Raekwon, Ghostface Killah, and Kool G. Rap: "Rivers of Blood"
07 Method Man, Freddie Gibbs, and StreetLife: "Built for This"
08 24 Carat Black: "Poverty's Paradise"
09 Killa Sin: "The Archer"
10 RZA and Flatbush Zombies: "Just Blowin' in the Wind"
12 Corrine Bailey Rae: "Chains"
13 Pusha T and Raekwon: "Tick Tock"
14 Frances Yip: "Green is the Mountain"
15 The Wu-Tang Clan: "Six Directions of Boxing"
16 Mabel John: "Your Good Thing Is About to End"

Silversun Pickups on Conan

Silversun Pickups performed their track, "The Pit," on Conan Monday night. Take a look!

Monday, August 27, 2012


In episode 10 of OFFICIALLY A PODCAST, Bill Reese hosts Salvatore Bono's interview with Anthony Green of Circa Survive. Ahead of the bands total DIY new record, Violent Waves, Green spoke about the bands beginnings, leaving a major label deal, making Violent Waves on their own and fatherhood. Take a listen!

Sunday, August 26, 2012


Part underground sensation, part enigma, but Inglewood, California's Blu is all talent. One of the rawest emcees to arrive on the scene in years, Blu brings hip-hop back to its glory days of the 1990's. Unlike many today who discuss money and girls and living large, he is giving a verbal document of the project, giving inspiration and hope in his lyrics and how to make something from nothing. After years of making his name known in the California rap scene making mixtape after mixtape, Blu eventually linked up with producer Exile and created one of the most furious teams in the business today. Before they release their brilliant second record today, Give Me My Flowers While I Can Smell Them, Blu granted us a rare interview and spoke to us about his work, working with Exile and what hip-hop has become. Take a look at our interview with Blu below.

You have created such a buzz in the underground hip-hop scene, do you feel the genre needs a shock to the system?
They know Blu, they know what I'm capable of at this point, its either you want it or you don't, but I will deliver. Again and again and again.

How did you adopt the name Blu?

From the basketball courts, I only wore sky blue so they called me Blu.

You and Exile have been two people that have really started turning things around for hip-hop and the underground. How did you both link up?

Aloe Blacc was our connecting piece, he brought us together when Exile first started working on the Dirty Science album.

Last summer you were both part of the Rock the Bells festival, what was that experience like?

It was an honor to be part of such an extravagant event.

You really started gaining attention, like many these days, with your mixtapes. You were giving them away, why did you choose to give them away for free?

My G, I didn't even make those tapes, I never heard them either, but they surely helped inform people a bit on where we come from.

Many rappers like yourself, Odd Future, Asap Rocky, Action Bronson have been giving mixtapes away for free to gain attention. Is this the best way to get attention?

I feel like I started that shit, actually, maybe the second person, Radiohead then me. I wouldn't say its the best way to get attention, but a free sign doesn't hurt.

You are constantly releasing albums on your own and have developed such a huge portfolio of material in such a short amount of time. You never seem to be at a loss for words on what to say. What is your lyrical muse?

Life my man, it never stops, and neither should the music.

You released NoYork! for free after being dropped by Warner Bros. What happened that they let you go?

We were too out there. the president who signed us, Tom Whalley, got fired. My A&R who worked, "Electric Circus" and "Things Fall Apart", Naim Ali, got fired. Then some Russian dude bought the company, and never looked at anyone's deal but Rick Ross', so I just left, if it wasn't for the Def Jam staff that Lyor put in there, I would have been gone!

Aside from rapping and music, is there anything else you would like to dabble in?

Acting and writing films.

Since hip-hop is so collaborative, who would you love to work with?

Prince Paul!

What is next for Blu?

It better be Prince Paul, fuck it, thats my new single, "Prince Paul"!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Quick News

Wu Block - the hip-hop supergroup featuring members of Wu-Tang Clan and D-Block announced that their anticipated debut will arrive October 9.

Superstar DJ Calvin Harris confirmed that his new album will feature many big names for vocal tracks. Some of the names mentioned for 18 Months are Florence Welch, Dizzie Rascal, Ellie Goulding, Tinie Tempah, Nicky Romero, Kelis, Ne-Yo, Dillon Francis, Ayah and Example.

Canadian hard rockers Protest The Hero have confirmed they are starting to work on their new record, they hope to have it out next year.

Long Island rapper Roc Marciano has announced the tracklisting to his forthcoming record, Reloaded, which will be out in November. Take a look:
1. Tek To A Mack
2. Flash Gordon [Produced by Alchemist]
3. Not Told feat. Knowledge Pirate and Ka
4. Pistolier [Produced by Alchemist]
5. Thugs Prayer Pt. 2
6. 76
7. We Ill
8. Deeper
9. Death Parade
10. 20 Guns
11. Peru
12. Thread Count [Produced Q-Tip]
13. Nine Spray feat. Ka [Produced by Ray West]
14.Emeralds [Produced The Arch Druids]
15. The Man

Also releasing the tracklisting to their new record is Coheed & Cambria. Their new album, The Aftermath:Ascension will be out in October.1. The Hollow
2. Key Entity Extraction I: Domino The Destitute
3. The Afterman
4. Mothers Of Men
5. Goodnight, Fair Lady
6. Key Entity Extraction II: Hollywood The Cracked
7. Key Entity Extraction III: Vic The Butcher
8. Key Entity Extraction IV: Evagria The Faithful
9. Subtraction

Lupe Fiasco unveiled the cover art to his latest album, Food & Liquor 2: The Great American Rap Album Pt. 1. Take a look:

Friday, August 24, 2012


Two Door Cinema Club will release their much anticipated, Jacknife Lee produced new record, Beacon, on September 4. Until the album arrives you can stream it with us!

Thursday, August 23, 2012


After reuniting this past June, post-hardcore legends Quicksand played Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday night and performed "Fazer" and "Omission." Take a look!

Policia on Kimmel!

Watch Policia perform "Dark Star" on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Bloc PartyFour
They are back! After years apart and rumors of a break-up, solo records, side projects and many other bands later, England’s jubilant favorites return with a record that hears the full history of this band in one disc. Bloc Party’s brilliant and near perfect 2005 debut, Silent Alarm, was a post-punk revival that had everyone around the world rejoicing that guitar music is back on the radio. For their 2007 release, A Weekend in the City heard them experiment with more electronics and turned some fans off, by the time of their 2009 EDM ready, Intimacy, the love of Bloc Party, for some, was all but lost. Now, Four is a return to form that mixes all three stages of the British band onto one record. Bloc Party fans of new and old will have something to love about this. Here is to the next chapter.

Blu & ExileGive Me My Flowers While I Can Smell Them
The untouchable underground emcee / production duo Blu and Exile return with their second collaboration together and prove why these two together is a match made in hip-hop heaven. Give Me My Flowers While I Can Smell Them is a record that flex’s more of Blu’s lyrical muscle and Exile’s production. It is a record that was recorded in 2009, released in 2011 as a bootleg and now a high quality version has been released to please everyone that has anticipated this album. Bringing back old school hooks and 90’s lyrical charm, this record is one for all fans of good rap.

Cooly GPlayin’ Me
Hyperdub’s starlet releases her new LP and displays raw talent, raw emotion and heavy beats. On the production end of things, Cooly G has everything going for her, synths that will make the mind explore deep territories, static beats and massive sub bass, while all of this is happening around her songs, the vocals are a bit low but that is the whole point, it is mysterious music brought directly from England’s underground.

Plan BIll Manners
Plan B returns with his sophomore release and the soundtrack to his critically acclaimed film of the same name. Ill Manners is a exploration in British street culture and while the rapper / crooner now shows himself off as a Renaissance Man, Plan B shows off why he is one of the biggest stars back home.

The DarknessHot Cakes
You cannot take The Darkness seriously and when you don’t that is when they impress the most. Hot Cakes is the return of Britain’s beloved cock-rock throwback band that simply want to have fun and really, at the end of the day, what is wrong with that?!

Passion PitGossamer
Passion Pit return with better quality and better production for their latest effort. Gossamer hears the band bringing more fun-in-the-sun dance parties to your beaches and surfside clubs and will have you moving and shaking for the duration of the album.

JEFF the Brotherhood - Hypnotic Nights
The garage rock duo from Be Your Own Pet bring another garage rock duo on board to produce their latest. With production from Dan Auerbach from The Black Keys, Nashville's thrashing Brotherhood shine in all the dirty ways on their latest.

The Future of Left The Plot Against Common Sense
The Welsh band return and bring forth with then an apocalyptic sound that mixes Muse and Pendulum but also has their own brilliant twist on modern electro-rock.

The Alchemist Russian Roulette
The trippy producer and DJ returns with an eclectic group of friends that range from Danny Brown to Action Bronson to Guilty Simpson and more for his latest record. Russian Roulette hears the producer dabble into new musical territory, this record will not appeal to the masses but those with an open mind and curious ears should give it a listen.

The Orb Featuring Lee “Scratch” Perry The Observer in the Star House
Electronic music mixed with reggae and roots rock, how come no one has thought of this before? Leave it up to two pioneers and legends in their own respective genres to come together to create one of the most fascinating, smart and different records of the years.

The Antlers Undersea E.P.
The Brooklyn indie band return with an E.P filled with dark, stark and moody harmonies and melodies and enough imagery that will make you feel like you are drowning.

Julia Price Stories Between The Avenues E.P.
The debut E.P. from one of discoveries, when we found her she was Julia Ilowiecki, arrives and brings forth passionate lyrics, romantic fun and enough catchy tunes that you will be stuck in your head all day.

Aesop RockSkelethon
The latest release and sixth album from the indie emcee hears him delivering much of the same passion and anger that has fueled his career. What makes Skelethon stand out more than Rock’s previous work is his ability to blur genre’s with the help of Moldy Peaches' Kimya Dawson, Allyson Baker of Dirty Ghosts, and Rob Sonic.

Rick Ross God Forgives, I Don’t
Big Meach returns with his latest studio album and a handful of guests from Andre 3000, Jay-Z, Nas and members of his Maybach Music Group but while it’s an album mainly of collaborations, Ross does not do much, nor does he have to in order to do it alone.

YeasayerFragrant World
The Brooklyn electro-bounce pop rockers return with a brand new record and while it is still fun to listen to and bob your head along to, it does not stray from the bands typical formula. Three albums in, Yeasayer know what works and maybe after spending most of 2011 touring with Weezer, a band that seriously does not deviate from what works for them, they may have adopted that.

Milo Greene
The debut album from L.A.’s buzz folk band hears them serve up similar sounds of their colleagues Grouplove, Givers, Mumford and Sons, The Lumineers and The Temper Trap. While the band are on the rise, they need to separate themselves musically from so many right now making the same style.

Aerial Pinks Haunted Graffiti HouseMature Themes
Aerial Pink returns with his Haunted Graffiti House and like their debut, all we can say is “What the fuck?”

Quick News

...and You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead will release their new album, Lost Songs on October 23.

Soundgarden have confirmed the title to their long awaited and much anticipated new record. The album will be called King Animal and will be released in November.

Noel Gallagher will release his first solo DVD, the film, International Magic Live At The O2, will be released in October. The DVD will be a double disc package that features Noel live at London's o2 arena from February of this year as well as his NME Godlike Genius performance, a performance at Toronto's The Mod Club and various music videos.

The Beatles are releasing Magical Mystery Tour for the first time on DVD and Blu-Ray in October.

Kings of Leon bassist Jared Followill and Mona singer / guitarist Nick Brown have formed a new band and side project to their respective bands called Smoke and Jackal. The duo plan on issuing an EP this fall. Take a listen to the bands first single below:

The Walkmen on Letterman

 Watch The Walkmen perform "Heartbreaker" on Letterman!

A$AP ROCKY on Fallon

Watch A$AP ROCKY rip it up on Fallon!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


 As we bring August down in the remaining two weeks, take a look and listen to our 26 track playlist on Spotify!


 Today would have been Joe Strummer's 60th birthday and as we remember the man, the myth, the legend, and brilliant Clash frontman, we were pointed to this video of the reunited Desaparecidos (Bright Eyes Conner Obersts first band) covering The Clash's "Spanish Bombs." Take a look!

Quick News

Taking to their Facebook page on Monday, the lads in Baroness posted the above photo and an update on how they are doing after their horrific bus accident in England last week. They wrote, "Thank you to all of you who have been sending the tidal wave of positivity our way. We are uplifted by its sheer magnitude, and power. Every single one of you is making our days and nights easier and our recovery quicker. Thank you all so much, we are truly lucky to have such incredible people on our side. A sincere and heartfelt thank you from each of us to each of you." The picture shows guitarist-vocalist John Baizley, drummer Allen Blickle and bassist Matt Maggioni recovering in a British hospital., guitarist Pete Adams has already returned to America.

Queens of the Stone Age took to Facebook also to mention that they are restarting sessions for their forthcoming sixth record. The record is rumored to be released in 2013 and will be the bands first new album since 2007's Era Vulgaris. 

Ringo Deathstarr will release their new album, Muave next month. This is the quick follow-up to last year's debut, Colour Trip. 

Odd Future members Hodgy Beats and Left Brain's side project, MellowHype released the cover of their new album, Numbers, due out in October. Take a look at the cover below:

Yeasayer on Fallon!

 Get ready to move and party - watch Yeasayer on Fallon!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Live Review - Diamond Rings @ Le Baron

It's Monday night in New York City, which means really nothing in the scheme of things as Chinatown hot spot, Le Baron played host to the cities most intimate and exclusive dance party. Canadian beat maker, singer and musician, John O'Regan or Diamond Rings as he is known worldwide took the bodies in the room at La Baron back in time to the 80's new wave era and forward in time with songs off his forthcoming record, Free Dimensional.

Playing New York City for the first time with a full band, the usual solo act had much more to offer with his sound that takes in inspiration from hip-hop, and classic artists like Erasure, New Order, Culture Club, Yaz, and Pet Shop Boys. While in the past we have seen Rings along, back in 2011 when in opened for Robyn at Radio City Music Hall, it was an obtuse performance simply because he was in such a massive place on stage with nothing but his drum machines, laptop, guitar and  keyboards. Now, with enough musicians to intensify and build on his sound, Diamond Rings was ready to get down. Playing a majority of songs off Free Dimensional, which is due in October, Rings had everyone dancing the night away like it was a Saturday and not a Monday. As his quick 30-minute show progressed, he seemed to be having the time of his life, jumping into the crowd, running up the stairs and into the balcony and dancing his ass off every second of the way, Diamond Rings showed off why after his new record is released, he will be one of the most talked about live performers around. He was having the time of his life, but as a performer playing his type of music you should be having that much fun or as his new single explains, "I'm Just Me."

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Recommended Reading - Mike Doughty "The Book of Drugs"

While most rock stars or musicians get candid about their life after their careers have reached their peak and they have been in and out of rehab more times than one could imagine, former Soul Coughing singer and acclaimed solo artist, Mike Doughty, released his memoir while still very active in the business. Doughty, who reached international acclaim in the 90's with Soul Coughing thanks to songs like "Super Bon-Bon," and "Circles," made more of a name for himself after the band split and he began working on his own and signing to Dave Matthews ATO records. Doughty, who still releases great music and packs every venue he plays in has become much more versatile as an active blogger, writer and now he can add author to his resume.

Releasing, The Book of Drugs, earlier this year, Doughty tells the dark tales of his drug using past and makes light of his situation, while the story and subject matter is very heavy, he also finds ways to find humor in what had happened. Recounting stories from the road, recording sessions and when he was just hanging out with friends, The Book of Drugs is one of the interesting memoirs to be released this year. We spoke with Doughty about his career, his interesting touring style, his story and book, take a look at our interview below.

You just released your live album, "The Question Jar Show" where it really captures not just your songs live but also the spirit of the shows. Your gigs are so unique, how much fun is it to perform each night in front of your fans?

Ridiculously fun. The Question Jar keeps the ball bouncing in unpredictable directions. I also get a kick out of watching my cello player, Andrew "Scrap" Livingston, bring his cognitive weirdness to the stage.

The concept of the tour was pretty amazing, just like the title suggests, fans would ask questions. How did the concept come up?

I do a lot of spieling at the shows, and I wanted something that'd be looser, dependent on serendipity. I wanted to be surprised, and delighted.

Your whole life you have always been on the go and always moved around. Because of your constant scene shift, is touring an easy thing for you?

I don't know that my childhood spent moving around--my dad was in the army--had much to do with seeking the touring life. Moving every few years is more stable than playing in a new city every night. I do very much enjoy touring, though, as it happens.

As asked in the live record, 'Would you rather play Twister with Dick Cheney or punch a kitten in the face?' So what is the answer?

Cheney. Ugh. But who could punch a kitten?

You have had a busy year with the tour, new record released and your book. Do you ever find time for yourself?

I thought that all was time for myself!

What does Mike Doughty do in his down time?

       I'm really always working on something, so in my downtime I rarely choose to be down. Hang out with friends. 12-step stuff--meetings, etc. Dinner with good people. Reading.

What made you want to write, "The Book of Drugs?"

I really just had a lot of good stories. There's nothing in there that I hadn't recounted to somebody over dinner or something.

Was it a liberating experience for you to discuss your "ugly, drug years?"

No, not really. Like I said, I've discussed this stuff with friends many times before now. It's strangely--and it can be liberating--to communicate with people who are in the book, now contacting me to give me their take on what happened. It seems like a lot of old threads are being untied at last.

You are constantly writing and blogging, especially on pop culture. What was your favorite pop culture story to write about?

I feel like I've kind of been out of the pop culture circuit, actually. Does the Polish poet Zbigniew Herbert count as pop culture?

You and your publicist Andy seem to have an amazing friendship. Andy produced your live record and sends out your annual April Fool's press releases. One of the April Fool's releases that struck me was when you were running for New York Senate. Who comes up with these ideas?

Either Andy or myself. My favorite was MayanSpace, a MySpace particularly for ancient American civilizations.

So many 90's bands have reunited, bands like Archers of Loaf, Pulp, Refused, Atari Teenage Riot, Pavement and so on. Will Soul Coughing ever get back together?

I can't imagine a scenario in which there'd be anything positive in that. The band was an ugly, ugly scene, and those years were heartbreaking, demoralizing, and disappointing. I can't imagine a sum that would make it worth it. I can't imagine being interested in revisiting that relationship, or those songs.

 Do you ever miss playing with your former bandmates?

Never. I was tremendously frustrated by the way those songs ended up on the records. We could've been much, much better than that; I think that my bandmates' impulse to be spiteful, greatly outweighed their interest in playing those songs. There are very few songs that made it through that band in the shape I envisioned them. It's really a shame.

I'm so engaged in the records I'm making now, and the songs I'm making now. There's tremendous fulfillment, and happiness. I follow my fascinations, and make exactly the music I want to--and I'm lucky to have an audience that's here with me.

Great Soundtracks - Magnolia

As Paul Thomas Anderson readies his latest film, The Master, due in theaters next month, his 1999 film, Magnolia, still remains to be one of our favorites and a masterpiece in our eyes. While Magnolia captured our attention and keeps us going back for more, his three hour odyssey of connectivity was moved and pushed forward by a brilliant soundtrack that featured music from Aimee Mann, Jon Brion, Supertramp, and others.

While Mann has a majority of the songs featured in the film and on the soundtrack, including a brilliant cover of Harry Nilsson's "One," it was Brion's score that helps takes the music of the picture to a whole new place. For fans of Mann, this was her first record, or partial record, in four years and Brion, known for his session work, spent most of the 90's cutting his teeth as a producer and composure and thanks to P.T. Anderson, he found his chops. In an interesting twist, Brion had worked with Mann prior as a touring member of her former band, 'Til Tuesday in the late 80's, which in many ways brings together the motif of the film - connectivity and how we as people connect with each other. Yet, while the songs of Magnolia are striking on their own, but when coupled with the story on screen, especially the famous scene that has everyone in the cast singing Mann's "Wise Up," and "Save You," which would gain her an Oscar® nomination, the music becomes a cast member itself.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Quick News

An update has been given on Baroness following their horrific bus accident in England this week. A statement from the band said, "John Baizley has broken his left arm and left leg. Allen Blickle and Matt Maggioni each suffered fractured vertebrae. All three remain in the hospital as of this writing. Pete Adams has been treated and released from the hospital. Three of the five crew members who were on the bus have also been treated and released. One member is still undergoing testing. The driver of the bus remains in critical condition." We hope for a recovery for all.

After it was revealed this week that Republican U.S. Vice-Presidential candidate and Mitt Romney's running mate, Paul Ryan, mentioned that one of his favorite bands were Rage Against the Machine, RATM guitarist Tom Morello took to Rolling Stone to give Ryan a piece of his mind. Morello wrote in a Opt-ed, "Paul Ryan's love of Rage Against the Machine is amusing, because he is the embodiment of the machine that our music has been raging against for two decades. Charles Manson loved the Beatles but didn't understand them. Governor Chris Christie loves Bruce Springsteen but doesn't understand him. And Paul Ryan is clueless about his favorite band, Rage Against the Machine." Morello then said, "Don't mistake me, I clearly see that Ryan has a whole lotta "rage" in him: A rage against women, a rage against immigrants, a rage against workers, a rage against gays, a rage against the poor, a rage against the environment. Basically the only thing he's not raging against is the privileged elite he's groveling in front of for campaign contributions." For more on Morello's article, click HERE.

The Dillinger Escape Plan guitarist Jeff Tuttle has left the band. The band released a statement saying, "Jeff Tuttle has been a valuable member of The Dillinger Escape Plan since the beginning of the Ire Works cycle. He started his time with us in mid 2006 in a period of turmoil, and his positivity and team player mentality, his enthusiasm, and his fire onstage, will always be appreciated and will never be forgotten. That being said, for now, as you will read, his future with us is uncertain, but whatever the future holds for our relationship with him, we love him and wish him well and success as a brother who has gone into battle with us for six years, and we hope he enjoys and finds creative fulfillment in film school and his future endeavors."

File Under - Very Cool - NASA have revealed that they use songs by The Beatles and The Doors to wake up their Mars Curiosity robot each morning. Songs from Anthrax, Frank Sinatra and the theme from Star Wars have also been used to command the robot.

The Killers have released the tracklisting for their forthcoming new album, Battle Born. Take a look at the tracklisting below, the record arrives in October.
“Flesh and Bone”
“The Way It Was”
“Here with Me”
“A Matter of Time”
“Deadlines and Commitments”
“Miss Atomic Bomb”
“The Rising Tide”
“Heart of a Girl”
“From Here on Out”
“Be Still”
“Battle Born”

2 Chainz on Fallon

Rapper 2 Chainz hit up Fallon on Friday. Take a look!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Pussy Riot Release New Song


Pussy Riot released their new single, "Putin Lights Up the Fires," just hours after three members of the band were sentenced to two years in jail for hooliganism driven by religious hatred," in a Russian court.

The Guardian edited a montage and video together over the new song, take a look at the video provided by The Guardian above.

The Flaming Lips on Colbert Report

The Flaming Lips were the final band to play Stephen Colbert's StePhest Colbchella '012: RocktAugustFest. Take a look at the Oklahoma art rockers in action playing "Ashes in the Air," "Do You Realize," and "Drug Chart."


Maria Alyokhina, 24, Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, 22, and Yekaterina Samutsevich, 29, of the Russian punk band Pussy Riot were found guilty of hooliganism that was motivated by religous hatred after the band performed a punk prayer and asked the Virgin Mary to get Russian PM Vladimir Putin out of office in a Moscow cathedral earlier this year.

Judge Marina Syrova said the women had "crudely undermined social order" during their action in February. Prosecutors are pushing for a three year jail sentence for the members of the band.

Last week, Alyokhina gave her testimony where she famously said, "I am not afraid of your poorly concealed fraud of a verdict in this so-called court because it can deprive me of my freedom. No one will take my inner freedom away."

UPDATE: Each member of the band has been sentenced to two years in jail.  

UPDATE 2: Amnesty is looking to send colorful ski masks to Putin in protest. For more info, click HERE.

For more on Pussy Riot and how to help, click HERE


Thursday, August 16, 2012


Austin City Limits 2013 will officially be two weekends, following the successful trend laid out by Coachella earlier this year.

Actress Zoe Saldana has been tapped to play legendary singer Nina Simone in a biopic. The film, Nina, will be released sometime next year.

A Fine Frenzy will release her new album, Pines, on October 16.

Soundgarden will release their first new album in 16 years in November. The bands comeback record is still untitled, but guitarist Kim Thayil said to Rolling Stone that the record is "a little weird."

JEFF the Brotherhood confirmed that their new album, Hypnotic Nights, will be out in October. The record was recoded and produced by another member of a garage rock duo - Black Keys singer / guitarist Dan Auerbach at his Nashville studio. The album will also feature a cover of Black Sabbath's "Changes." In an interesting twist - JEFF, Black Keys and Black Sabbath all played Lollapalooza together this year.

While the world waits to hear the verdict on Pussy Riot, which will be announced on Friday, Paul McCartney has written a letter of support and encouragement to the Russian punks. Sir Paul said, "I and many others like me who believe in free speech will do everything in our power to support you and the idea of artistic freedom." To learn more about Pussy Riot and add your voice in support of this band, please click HERE.

Guitarist Josh Hayward of The Horrors have confirmed that the band will begin recording their fourth album this fall after the festival season comes to a close.

UK hardcore outfit, Rolo Tomassi will release their new album, Astraea in November. Singer Eva Spence told NME, "I've never felt this focused and involved with my input into a release as I have with this one. I've had more direct and certain ideas with the way that the vocals fit in each song and the melodies I've worked with, and the lyrics are more centered around one theme." Take a look at the tracklisting below:
'Ex Luna Scientia'
'The Scales of Balance'
'Prelude II (Echolalia)'

Santigold on Colbert!

Watch Santigold perform "The Keeper's," "Go" and "Disparate Youth" off her latest, Master of My Make Believe on The Colbert Report's StePhest Colbchella '012: RocktAugustFest.