Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Patent Pending in Car Accident

Fellow Long Islanders Patent Pending have just reported they were involved in a car accident from New York on their way to a gig in Colorado. Thankfully, everyone in the band is fine and no one got hurt, however their trailer took a beating. Here is a video/news package that the band created to document what happend. For more info head over to

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Police Patroling!

It has been confirmed THE POLICE will reunite at this years GRAMMY AWARDS....the awards take place Feb. 11 on CBS! For More Info on The Police reunion...see my post from earlier this month entitled "The Police..Back on Patrol?"

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Mood Radio!

This is the coolest thing I have ever come across since the birth of the internet..... its called Musicovery, its internet radio (no commercials) that fits your mood. You feel happy you click on this mood ring type controller and it delievers happy modern music and sounds from all over the world. You can modify it and make it your own as well. Check this out!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Get Back

With the return of Rage Against the Machine, The Police, Genesis, Dispatch and Billy Corgan putting the Smashing Pumpkins back together, it gets me thinking of bands that I wish would also bury the hatchet and get back together. Here are a list of ten bands (in no particular order), that I would most certainly welcome a reunion of sorts, of course all of these reunions are feasible, due to the fact that all of members are still alive and well (ex, as much as I would love to see The Beatles, The Ramones or The Clash it will obviously never happen with deceased band members). Moving is my list (as always in short and long form):

-At the Drive-In
-Bear Vs. Shark
-Stone Temple Pilots
-The Verve

Now in Long Form:

At the Drive-In
The San Antonio art rock outfit that took to the scene in the late 90's reinvented what we know as "college alternative." Much like REM did in the 80's these guys came and conquered and created a sound so unique and intense it landed them the opening slot of RATM final tour. With the release of three full lengths and a number of E.P.'s ATDI left there mark are still making fans want more.
Where are they now: See November Post "2006-The Albums Honorable Mentions"

Bear vs Shark
The only act to come out of Michigan since the MC5 and Iggy and the Stooges, to have the most chaotic live set in the states history. They played WQAQ's Spring Concert in April 2004 and rocked so hard the clocks on the venue walls shook off and hit the floor. With the release of two albums, 2004's Right Now You Are In The Best Of Hands...And If Something Isn't Quite Right Your Doctor Will Let You Know In A Hurry and 2005's Terrorhawk, the band parted ways in December of 05 after years of on the road and making ears bleed.
Where are they now: ???

Stone Temple Pilots
Undoubtedly one of my favorite bands growing up and one of the best live acts I have ever seen. Fronted by the flamboyant and unfortunate Scott Wieland and backed by the Deleo Brothers and Drummer Eric Krietz, STP was a band that will always hold a special place in the world of rock music. With Wieland and his many battles of drug addiction to famous feuds the band called in quits in 2002, ending their career with the disappointing 2001 release Shang-Ri-La-De-Da.
Where are they Now: Scott Wieland is enduring much success and acclaim again fronting Velvet Revolver with ex GNR members. As far as the brothers Deleo they teamed up with former Filter singer Richard Patrick and formed Army of Anyone. Drummer Eric Krietz lives in LA and owns a studio and produces "The Henry Rollins Show," on IFC.

Both bands fronted by a friend of WQAQ and all around nicest guy you will ever meet, Jonah Matranga. Far was the band that brought Matranga much success in the late 90's/early 00's that caught the attention of Incubus, Linkin Park and System of a Down and garnered opening slots for those acts. Far split in 2002 so Matranga could pursue a solo career. Gratitude was the studio creation from Atlantic records in 2004 that was supposed to be Matrangas comeback to radio, unfortunately the band fell on def ears and split.
Where are they Now: Jonah still writes, produces and creates in his home in San Fransisco.

The Verve
The most respected one hit wonder in music history. The Verve known for "Bittersweet Symphony," helped pave the way for acts like Coldplay, James Blunt and even in many ways Blur to be British acts that could write music from the heart. The Verve to many, like myself, were more than a one hit wonder, tracks like "So Sister," "The Drugs Don't Work," and "Lucky Man," proved these guys could write great music. The band split in 2000 after failing to repeat the success of "Bittersweet Symphony."
Where are they Now: Singer Richard Ashcroft is holding his own as a solo artist and bassist Siomon Tong has joined forces with Damion Alburn and is the bassist for The Gorrilaz and The Good, The Band and The Queen.

Loud, electric and ear pounding. Formed in the early 90's by former Nine Inch Nails members Richard Patrick and Geno Lenardo, they busted on in 1994 with the critically acclaimed debut Shortbus, which featured the track "Hey Man, Nice Shot." Filter would then go on hiatus for almost five years before returning with the success of 1999's Title of Record, which brought the band to new heights and acclaim. After 2002's The Amalgamut, Filter decided to go back on hiatus and pursue other option and with time are willing to get back together.
Where are they Now: Patrick sings for Army of Anyone with former STP members.

"WHAHOO!!" remember that Fraze and song from 1997, yes, the opening lines to the track "Song 2," off of the British exports self titled sophomore disc. This would be the shape of nothing to come from the band. Like many British acts, they began experimenting with noise and ambiance and really began perfecting the art form. But before you knew if, front man and music genius Damion Alburn left to form The Gorillaz, which is proving to be his most successful venture to date.
Where are the Now: Alburn has created a new side project for himself, The Good, The Bad and The Queen.

From the fall out of Temple of the Dog came the most vicious band out of the Seattle scene in the early 90's. Featuring the thundering vocals of Chris Cornell and the heavy drumming of Matt Cameron. Soundgarden whaled onto the radio and MTV and even had critics comparing them to Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath. The band toured and created music for almost a decade before splitting up to pursue other options.
Where are they Now: Cornell is currently recording the follow up to his 1999 solo disc Euphoria Morning and sings in the band Audioslave, which features Tom, Tim and Brad from RATM. Matt Cameron is banging the skins for Pearl Jam and other members are producing for other artists.

Fronted by the charismatic and good looking lead singer Gavin Rossdale, and backed by the great guitar work of Nigal Pulsford, Bush became the answer to a post grunge world and helped usher in "alternative." The band never received much critical acclaim, but I always loved what they had put out. Gavin appealed to many people and proved he was just more than a pretty face. With the release of four records the band broke up in 2002 after the release of their final and most controversial effort Golden State.
Where are they Now: Gavin of course is now better known as Mr. Gwen Stefani, but as also formed a new band with the former members of Helmet, Orange 9mm and Rival Schools called Institue and also is working on solo material. Rossdale is also pursuing a career in acting. Nigal Pulsford is now creating classical music, and drummer Robin Goodrich joined the group Elyss.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Rage Live

For the sake of one of the greatest bands of all time reuniting. Here is a live peformance of the track "Vietnow" from the 1999 Tibetan Freedom Concert. It takes you back to how amazing these guys were together.

Rage to Reunite

Seminal 90's band, Rage Against the Machine is reuniting for a special one off concert at this years Coachella Festival is Death Valley, California. Rage, the band that has been created for creating rap-rock (and the only act to be good at it), stormed onto the scene in the early 90's with their self titled debut and marched their way to the minds and fists of everyone angry with the system. The band saw much success in 1996 with their Grammy winning sophomore record Evil Empire. By the end of the century however, the machine after four albums winded down and the band broke up. Since the break-up guitarist Tom Morello, Bassist Tim Commorford, and Drummer Brad Wilk joined forces with Chris Cornell of Soundgarden and formed Audioslave. Lead singer and emcee Zach De La Rocha has been living his life these days as Boo Radily. Since the fall of Rage, he retreated to New Orleans to work on a solo record that was being produced by Trent Reznor. This record seems to be the Chinese Democracy of De La Rocha's career because nothing much has come of it. The most anyone has herd or seen or Zach was a guest vocal appearance Roni Size/Represents 2002 album In The Mode and on the Fahrenheit 911 soundtrack. This is a welcomed reunion of at a time the only band that mattered. Rage much like punk acts before them; MC5, The Clash, The Avengers took charge of issues and politics when no one was saying anything. Combining the attitude of punk and fusing it with the sound of furry of a modern Led Zeppelin and the soul and funk of Afrika Bambatta Rage was a no holds barred act that took no prisoners. If there was ever a time we needed them back with our current State of the Union, it is now. A Special thanks to the organizers of Coachella for this gift. The festival runs April 27-29 and tickets go on Sale Saturday at noon.

A full Coachella line-up will be posted soon.....

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Joseph Arthur-Live on Letterman

One of my favorite artists from last year, Joseph Arthur performs the single "Slide Away" on "The Late Show with David Letterman," from a Fall 2006 taping. Enjoy!

Underrated Classic- Radiohead "The Bends"

This will be a new feature to the blog, each month I will hand select a record that I think is an underrated or overlooked classic from some of today's biggest artists. This is not to say that what is already classic from these musicians is not not worthy, because it most certainly is, but this is just some insight on deeper discs and cuts one may have overlooked.

In order to start this section off, this month we will look at Radiohead's sophomore disc 1995's The Bends.

The album unlike what the English greats are known for, Kid A, Hail to the Thief and Ok Computer, is a moody acoustic rock record that is the perfect segue on what is to come from the musical geniuses. The record kicks off with "Planet Telex" a gripping and captivating track that sets the tone and mood on what is to come. The album is a full on decrescendo closing with a slower tune, the magnificent, romantic and intense "Street Spirit (Fade Out)." The claim to fame to the record where the singles "High and Dry," and "Fake Plastic Trees," yet the best tracks are the cuts many outside of the bands fan base are unfamiliar with "My Iron Lung," and "Bullet Proof...I Wish I Was." These tracks prove that Radiohead is a rock band, unlike what many people want to label them as, indie, electro, ambient. They still stay true to their rock roots and those tracks solidify that idea. The album celebrating its 12th anniversary this year, is a true underrated classic, if you have not already get a copy of The Bends and see what you have been missing all these years.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Wish I Was Here...

Oasis guitarist, principle songwriter and sometimes front man Noel Gallagher joined Coldplay for a special version of the Oasis tune "Live Forever." Two of some of my favorite British bands of all time on one stage, really wish I was at this show.

Tickets already Dispatched

According to this morning, Tickets for the July 14 Dispatch Reunion concert are already SOLD OUT. Much to no surprise, the only thing surprising is it was only a Myspace Internet ticket Pre-Sale. Rumor has it a second show will be added July 13, hopefully this one opens up to the rest of us non Myspace users.

Monday, January 8, 2007

Dispatch to Dispatch

The most downloaded unknown band in the history of the Internet, Boston's very own Dispatch will be reuniting for one more show. Back in the summer of 2004 I had two options the day Dispatch would play their final show together. One option was to go up to Boston and see them, or go to Giants Stadium, and watch Italy's A.C. Milan play England's Manchester United from three rows behind the goal. I went with option B, the soccer game, full knowing for some reason this would not be the last time to see Dispatch. That fall I had booked Pete Francis to play at Quinnipiac, for a QAQ sponsored concert to promote his solo work and "the last Dispatch" DVD. Pete was great to work with and hundreds of fans flocked to the show. The success of the band is not too shabby considering they have only been played on college radio, the net and live shows. They have never been on MTV, never on a major tour, nor signed to a record label, but have had the support of OAR, Dave Matthews Band and Rusted Root and Napster founder Shawn Fanning, in fact, when Fanning testified in front of Congress in 2000, Dispatch sat behind him. Their last show in 2004 drew in close to 11,000 people from around the world, the city of Boston had no idea how this happened. People from Italy, Portugal, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia trekked to Bean town to see the unknown band play together. Now back for the first time in three years, Dispatch will reunite at the Worlds most Famous Area, New York's own Madison Square Garden for a show to raise awareness for the atrocities in Zimbabwe. The show is slated to take place July 14, start making arragments because I would not be surprised if the show sells out in record minutes.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductees

Today this years inductees to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame were announced. Those making the cut were pioneers of art rock R.E.M., Patti Smith (took them long enough pick her), Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, 1960s girl group the Ronettes and dysfunctional Van Halen. I am really happy to see R.E.M. get in this year, they are undoubtedly one of the best live acts I have ever seen. Unfortunately their new material is less than up-to-par, however in the early 80's they created a sound so orginal it would influence an influx of bands to come. You can hear the genius of R.E.M. is some of today's acts like The Shins, Pavement, Arcade Fire and Coldplay. With the other inductees to each their own, finally Patti Smith is making her way into the Hall of Fame. However, the only disappointment I have with the inductees is Van Halen, who I have no idea how they can revive an award without a singer, remember at the ceremony, the bands have to perform, who will fill in Diamond Dave, Van Hagger or the young and terrible Gary Sharon's shoes? To see Van Halen take the prestigious award over a certain punk band that got overlooked and has been overlooked Iggy Pop and the Stooges. Iggy and the Stooges were overlooked again this year and I cant seem to justify it. What Iggy and the Stooges and done for the punk movement in the early 1970's is unmatched. They were one of the first U.S. punk bands to produce a sound so unmatched and unrendered, especially from where they come from, the Midwest is a true statement all in its own. I feel for you Iggy, but then again as an ageing punk, maybe joining the establishment is the best thing for you and what you set out on your course in music.

A Video You Cannot Refuse

This vintage promo spot for The Joshua Tree, shows legendary band, U2, at their most unserious during their most serious time as musicians. This is an obvious precursor as to what will come with the band for years to come, Bono dressing up as his alter-ego's "The Fly," and "Macphisto" for the ZOOTV tour and poking fun at themselves on the PopMart Tour years later. Enjoy Ire lands gift to the world as they attempt to act like your typical Guido (yes my worlds have collided). Bono does however, pose a striking similarity to DeNero's young Vito Corleone in Godfather part 2.

Thursday, January 4, 2007

The Police- Back on Patrol?

I have just found this article on Yahoo that I would like to share:

Police reunion rumors reaching fever pitch
By Jonathan Cohen
Rumors are swirling that the Police will reunite for 2007 dates in England and the United States, which would be the rock trio's first since disbanding in 1986.
Sources told the reports -- in the British press -- were legitimate, but they would not publicly comment until final details are nearer to completion.
This year marks the 30th anniversary of the release of "Roxanne," the single that broke the Police in the United States. In a statement issued last month, A&M Records said, "It is our intention to mark the anniversary by doing something special with the band's catalog of songs. Needless to say, everyone is hopeful the band will support our plans and while early discussions have taken place, nothing has been decided."
Sources say in addition to DVD releases, A&M is planning another multi-disc collection in the vein of 1993's "Message in a Box," which featured the band's complete studio recordings and a handful of rarities.
A Police reunion has been the concert industry's dream for two decades, as it is believed the band could play stadiums internationally should it choose to reunite. But besides an impromptu set at Sting's 1992 wedding to Trudie Styler, the Police's only other post-breakup performance was in celebration of its 2003 induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
And while Sting has repeatedly expressed reluctance at reuniting, drummer Stewart Copeland and guitarist Andy Summers have kept the flame alive. This summer, Summers told Billboard he was certain the group could have continued past its 1983 commercial peak with "Synchronicity."
"The more rational approach would have been, 'OK, Sting, go make a solo record, and let's get back together in two or three years,"' he said. "I'm certain we could have done that. Of course we could have. We were definitely not in a creative dry space. We could have easily carried on, and we could probably still be there. That wasn't to be our fate. It went in another way. I regret we never paid it off with a last tour."

My take: A Police reunion would probably be the ultimate of all reunions. As mentioned in the article, Andy Summers and Stuart Copeland were put on hold so that Sting could pursue more adventurous material as a solo artist. Copeland and Summers still probably think the band never broke up and are waiting on the main bass player himself. Sting left to pursue a solo career, a career that has obviously blossomed and has led him to experiment with everything from rock, electronica, adult contemporary and of course 15th Century Victorian classical. The man is a music genius, he has done everything he set out for as a solo artist, hell at his age he still practices the good old Karma-Sudra. So a reunion to the band that made his name in the industry is well worth it, in fact he does Police tracks during his live shows. It wasn't a bad break-up like the Beatles, no one passed away like in Led Zeppelin, he just left and they waited. Copeland and Summers have jammed Police tunes with everyone from Incubus (Who are probably just as excited to this rumor as I am) to countless others. What you need to remember is The Police were the first pop-punk band to make it big, if you only know them for their big hits (Roxanne, Message in a Bottle and of course the P.Diddy, or is it just Diddy now, sampled Every Breathe You Take), you are seriously missing out on some great music.

Here are some deep Key Tracks to listen to:
Born in the 50's
Synchronicity 1 and 2
Murder By Numbers
Walking on the Moon

A Wilhelm Scream Acoustic

Trevor, Guitarist and Principle songwriter for the New Bedford, Mass. thrash punk band A Wilhelm Scream does a fantastic, slower, acoustic version of their song "Me Vs. Morrissey in the Pretentious Cage Match," from their 2005 album Ruiner.