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Anya Marina is a traveler, a singer, a songwriter and woman who, like many of us, is searching for more out of life. Releasing her third record, Felony Flats, earlier this year, Marina opens up more about her life adventures, hopes and desires and the life she leads. The singer, who is now based in Portland, Oregon, the songstress manages to find inspiration all around her. We had the opportunity to speak to Anya Marina about her new album, coming up as a songwriter and her nomadic lifestyle. Take a look at our interview with Marina below.

You spent a large part of your life moving around from Michigan to California and now Portland, has shifting around the country inspired your work?

I really didn't move very much. Though I was born in Michigan, I spent most of my childhood and young adulthood in one place--Northern California--moving to LA and San Diego after college to work in radio. Now that I am a touring musician, I think I have become more peripatetic, nomadic, and more apt to pick up and move or try living in a new city for long stretches. The road sort of does that to you--makes you more adept at change, more flexible, less high-maintenance, more of a boy scout.

You have dabbled into everything from musical theater to comedy and you have been making a career out of playing indie rock. Is it something about the genre that allows you to have your greatest platform?

Performing onstage allows me to synthesize all of those creative pursuits, yes. I don't know how I ended up being a songwriter and a singer--it certainly wasn't in my plan. I always wanted to be an actress or a cast member on SNL when I was a kid, but as I grew and accumulated bits of this and that and formulated my identity, the songs and the poems and the melodies just began to form, and that became the chief pursuit. Without an audience or feedback from outside, however, I wouldn't have decided to do it full time. It just happened to be the thing that really took on a life and force of its own. My hobby of playing coffee shops with a handful of songs turned into garnering a real following which turned into recording an album which turned into a career.  Years later, here I am with 3 albums, an EP, some singles, and my livelihood in music. It's wild, but it's where I'm supposed to be.

You were also a DJ at one point, what were some of your favorite records and artists to spin?

I always got excited playing Nirvana's Aneurysm at top volume alone in the studio on my first few months in radio doing overnights. That was exciting. It was always fun getting to play bands I thought deserved more of a spotlight on commercial radio--bands I was personally a fan of like Spoon, Liz Phair, LCD Soundsystem or local bands when I hosted the local show on FM94/9 in San Diego (Swim Party, Hot Snackes, Beehive & The Barracudas, Louis XIV, Jason Mraz, Tristan Prettyman, Greg Laswell, Steve Poltz).

From the multiple areas and backgrounds that you come from, are there any that you would like to revisit?

I'd like to spend more time in Russia. I'd like to get more in touch with my Russian Jewish roots and go to Israel. I'd love to visit my cousins in England and Buenos Aires, and I'd love to go to Ireland. My grandmother to whom I relate very much--a full-time musician her entire life--was Irish, funny, quick, hard-working, and gracious. I'd love to go to Ireland and explore that side of my family's history.

Your new album, Felony Flats, hears you taking a different tone in your music. What was the main inspiration for the new album?

I was heavily inspired by Portland, Oregon where I went to write for a few weeks. I fell so in love with the city, the weather, the pace, and the people, that I stayed and made a home there. All of the songs from the album were written during that time of moving away from Los Angeles and moving to Portland, so there are a lot of themes of transition, breakups, darkness, mystery, romance, and growing up. Portland is a unique city--its slogan is keep Portland weird--and I liked how it made its way into the album.

What does the title of the record, Felony Flats signify?

Felony Flats is a casual term for a certain area of Portland. I heard someone use the term, referring to a part of town which I had at the time assumed was a less affluent part of town. It struck me as a funny--almost cute--name for a "bad" part of town. I liked the alliteration of the title and thought it would make a good album title. The title track "Felony Flats" talks about having to face the dark parts in all of us in order to move forward.

"you can't begin / until you can face / what's at your back
what's at your back? Felony Flats"

Three albums in, do you find yourself at a loss for words in terms of things to talk about?

Surprisingly, no. I am lucky to be a fairly curious person, so I'm always keeping my ear to the ground about what others are doing or feeling, so even if I'm unable to mine my own life for stories, I can rely on those of others.

Your songs are very autobiographical and very introspective. When you are performing these songs in front of a room full of strangers, do you find yourself revisiting these situations in your mind? Is it hard to revisit some of them?

Sure, I do. It helps to be able to transmit the feelings to the audience if you can revisit the frame of mind you were in when you wrote the thing. But no, it's not hard. It feels cathartic in some way, and I'm always hoping to get even deeper into that old feeling when I'm singing the song.

Your songs have been heard on nearly every major TV show from Grey’s Anatomy to United States of Tara to Real World to Gossip Girl, The Vampire Diaries, and Supernatural. Do you still get excited hearing your music used in such a fashion?

 The best--and maybe the rarest--thing to come out of your song being used in a movie or a TV show is when both things (the song and the visual image / show / movie) become better because of the influence of the other thing. For instance, when Grey's Anatomy used so much of Miss Halfway in the season finale it made the song more poignant, and the song, similarly, made the show more so. When that happens, it's really a bonus.

 Your touring schedule for the last few years seems to have had you all over the place. Between that and recording, do you find time for yourself?

You steal moments to  yourself on tour but they are so few and far between. It's like that Louis CK joke where he talks about how little time parents get to themselves and how the trip from putting your kid in the seat on one side of the car to the driver's door is like a vacation! On tour there is very little time for yourself, so you just take it when you can, on a rare afternoon off or for a few minutes meditating in the morning.

Otherwise, Portland has become a little Shangri-la for me. I get recharged there and it's a 180 from touring life, which is what I need right now. I have a compost bin and a garden. I have access to anything my healthy, California-hippie raised heart could possibly desire at my fingertips: acupunturists, massage, naturopaths, gluten-free bakeries, farmers markets and co-ops. It's heaven for someone like me.

 What do you do in your downtime?

My ideal day would probably involve being on foot all day. I'd go have a gyrotonic session with my teacher Jessica Talisman (, meet Eux Autres singer Heather Larimer for coffee at Extracto in NE, have band practice in SE, walk to the co-op, get groceries, see a movie with my director friend Scott Coffey, and cook dinner at my house for friends.

What is the one thing you have to have on the road with you when you are traveling?

Since I'm often helping tour manage and I'm writing a lot these days (for Artist Direct and Huffington Post), I'd say I couldn't go anywhere without my MacBook, my iPhone, and my Square attachment (for credit card purchases at the merch booth).

Since I have a gluten-allergy and meals on the road are unpredictable, I try to keep always have gluten-free snacks or nuts on hand, too.

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Bobby Womack / Damon Albarn / Lana Del Rey on French TV

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Bobby Womack who is on a press tour supporting his new album, The Bravest Man in the Universe, stopped by French TV program, Le Grand Journal, and brought along collaborator and friend Damon Albarn and Lana Del Rey to perform "Dayglo Reflection." After the performance, watch the trio give an interview to the French journalist, the interview is in both English and in French.

Quick News

Great news for audiophiles, fans of nostalgia and the greatest band that ever was - The Beatles are coming to vinyl - again! The Fab Four will get the 180-gram vinyl treatment and their entire back catalogue will be remastered and released on November 13.

Speaking to Drowned in the Sound, Beady Eye guitarist and former Oasis bassist, Andy Bell, would welcome the reunion of the Gallagher brothers in the future. Bell said, "I'd love it to happen. I think that life's too short for it not to happen. But, in reality, do I see it happening? At this point, no I don't. The matter rests entirely with the two brothers. It probably should happen at some point but if they can't make it happen, no one should force them to."

Speaking for the first time about the death of Kurt Cobain and being mentioned in his suicide note, Neil Young wrote in his autobiography, Waging Heavy Peace, that when the Nirvana frontman mentioned him and his words, Young wrote, "When he died and left that note, it struck a deep chord inside of me. It fucked with me."

The title of Adele's forthcoming song for the latest James Bond adventure, Skyfall, will be called "Let the Sky Fall."

On the forthcoming Bad Brains album, Into the Future, the DC hardcore legends will pay tribute to one of their biggest fans and friends, the late Adam "MCA" Yauch of Beastie Boys. The record will feature a remix to the song, "Peace Be Unto Thee," as a tribute to Yauch who died of cancer in May.

Cody ChestnuTT released the cover to his new album, Landing On A Hundred, which arrives on October 30. Take a look at the cover below:

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Lupe Fiasco on Letterman

Watch Lupe Fiasco and Guy Sebastian perform "Battle Scars" on Letterman

The Chevin on Conan

Watch The Chevin perform "Champion" from their debut album on Conan!

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VINTAGE CLIP - Pearl Jam Debut's "Black"

 We have not had a Vintage Clip up in a while, and we apologize for this!

However, a clip has surfaced of Pearl Jam or Mookie Blaylock as they were known starting out in 1990, especially when they played their first gig at Seattle's Off Ramp Cafe. During the band's set they debuted "Black." Take a look at the songs first live performance.

Hot Chip on Kimmel!

Watch the always amazing Hot Chip perform "How Do You Do?" and "Don't Deny Your Heart" on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

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Quick Spins

Mumford and Sons Babel
The British acoustic folk group returns and packs a serious punch on their sophomore release and one of the most anticipated albums of the year. Musically, Mumford and Sons sound a bit redundant sticking to the same formula that worked for their stellar debut, Sigh No More, however, what sticks out and makes the record shine as bright as it does are Marcus Mumford’s lyrics. Marcus goes into dark and deep places within himself and pours it out into sing-along pop songs and striking ballads that make Babel rise and meet all expectations.

When Frank Carter announced his departure from Gallows in 2010, the reaction was as if Johnny Rotten would have announced his departure from Sex Pistols in the 70’s. Carter leaving took everyone by surprise and in many ways, saw the end of the British hardcore titans. Many felt that such a presence and personality could never be replaced, then when the band announced that former AlexisonFire frontman Wade MacNeil was fronting the band, it would never amount to it being as special or as brutal as Carter. How could someone so American front a band so British? Well, on Gallows debut with MacNeil on vocals, any doubts were tossed out the window as the band have constructed one of their most vicious bone crunching efforts to date. This is a new Gallows, no doubt, but a new Gallows that can sustain what they had before.

Grizzly Bear Shields
The indie favorites return with their fourth and most plentiful record to date. Shields hears the Brooklyn art rock band going to Marfa, Texas, to create and record their new endeavor. After the massive success of their last record, Veckatimest, Shields builds on what the bands new majority of fans embraced and is much more layered and complex record than their previous lo-fi minimal efforts.

The Vaccines The Vaccines Come of Age
A quick second record from England’s number one rock and roll band (The album went to the top of the charts when it was released their earlier this month), The Vaccines Come of Age is just as catchy and just as endearing as the bands 2011 stellar debut, What Did You Expect From The Vaccines?, yet, while sticking to the same formula of what works, the band clearly have the idea in mind that if it is not broken do not fix it.

SlaughterhouseWelcome to: Our House
The hip-hop collective featuring Crooked I, Joe Budden, Joell Ortiz and Royce da 5'9" release their second album and defy expectations and prove the dreaded sophomore slump is something that happens to lazy and uninspired artists. Featuring many cameos from Eminem, Skylar Grey, and Busta Rhymes, Welcome to: Our House brings individualism back to collective group and brings it back to the glory of 90’s hip-hop flair.

Band of HorsesMirage Rock
The folk, country, rock band return with their fourth album and show a much slower and somber side. With a record that opens with such a bombastic song like “Knock Knock,” Band of Horses calm the stampede soon after with a mellow and earthy album, while their other albums are lush and full, Mirage Rock is stripped down and natural.

Green Day Uno!
The first of a trilogy of return-to-form punk records for the SoCal rockers hears the band going back to their Lookout Record days and taking queues from their fly by night records Insomniac and Warning. Uno! is simply a rip roaring good time and there is nothing wrong with that, especially after Green Day served up two of the finest albums of the last 10 years.

The KillersBattle Born
The Killers seem to be following a formula in how they record albums. The band’s brilliant 2004 debut Hot Fuss was an 80’s synth throwback and then the bands 2006 release, Sam’s Town was a Springsteen-inspired rock and roll record. In 2008, the band went back to the synth sound on Day and Age and now the band’s 2012 record, Battle Born hears them going back to the heavy guitar sound but finds their music a bit scattered. Sticking to their Nevada roots, the band named the album after the slogan that appears on the state flag and the name of their recording studio, which played into the motif of creating the record after it seemed to be a battle birthing this record onto the world. Taking over a year to record and working with producers Steve Lillywhite, Damian Taylor, Brendan O'Brien, Stuart Price and Daniel Lanois. The Killers really try to go for stadium rock and force the situation.

Blaqk Audio Bright Black Sky
The second record from Jade and Davy of AFI hears them laying on the 80’s new wave and cold wave sound thick. It is a record that is not only perfect for the fall but something you can really dance to in order to turn on the heat as the nights begin to get cooler.

Cat Power – Sun
Nine albums in, Cat Power stills finds a way to find the perfect balance between folk and electronica as Sun takes the listener on a ride from European inspired cafes to American outdoors.

Aimee Mann Charmer
The brilliant Aimee Mann returns with her first album in four years and delivers her usual sultry flair and female empowerment. A nice surprise is “Living a Lie,” which features Shins frontman James Mercer.

Minus the Bear Infinity Overdrive
Seattle’s Minus the Bear return for their second Dangerbird Records album and the bands sixth overall. Mixing prog-rock and indie together, Minus the Bear find an interesting sound and hybrid with Infinity Overdrive.

The Ravonettes Observer
Denmark’s The Ravonettes return with their sixth record and stick seem to be afraid to change anything about there music and while other bands may not change the formula of what works, for The Ravonettes it just sounds like every song was no different than the last.

Mono For My Parents
The Japanese shoe-gaze, ambient band return with their sixth record and a five-track album that spans nearly an hour. Experimenting with various sounds and styles, and three songs that clock in over 10 minutes, Mono exhaust the listener with what they have just delivered.

Dave Matthews Band Away From the World
DMB reunite with original producer Steve Lillywhite for their eighth record. Coming off a triumphant return with 2009’s Big Whiskey and The GrooGrux King, Away From the World hears a very tame and mild band and in many ways very uninspired.

Animal CollectiveCentipede Hz
Nine albums in and the Baltimore experimental indie outfit may have finally found their voice. Animal Collective have been a band we have had much trouble trying to appreciate or listen to, it all seemed just like noise. But now with Centipede Hz, the band goes from barking and sounding like stray animals to making something very melodic and interesting to hear. We seem to finally be coming around to what they are offering.

Bob DylanThe Tempest
America’s greatest songwriter returns and sounds older and uninspired more than ever. The Tempest hears Dylan pay homage to John Lennon and the pop-culture history of Titanic but fails to capitalize a lasting impression.

Quick News

Alkaline Trio have confirmed they began working on their new album today with producer Bill Stevenson in Los Angeles.

Bad Brains will release their new album, Into the Future, in November.

In a shocking twist and turn of events, The Beach Boys have kicked Brian Wilson and other members out of their reunion tour and allegedly never told Wilson and other members about it prior to releasing a press release on Wednesday. In a press release, Mike Love, who owns the rights to The Beach Boys name said, "The post-50th anniversary configuration will not include Brian Wilson, Al Jardine and David Marks. The 50th Reunion Tour was designed to be a set tour with a beginning and an end to mark a special 50-year milestone for the band."

Ryan Jarman of The Cribs, who we covered earlier this month opening for The Vaccines, has released the name of his new band. The band is called Exclamation Pony. Jarman told NME,"The whole point of what we're trying to do is be very liberated, to be able to do what we want and live how we want – we live at the end of the day, we find we write better at the night, late at night or seven in the morning. That really adds a whole different feel to it. It suits both our characters better. We both live at the other end of the day anyway."

Crystal Castles will release their new album (III) in November. Take a look at the cover below:

Brian Eno Cover & Tracklisting

Brian Eno will release his new album, Lux this November. The album, which spans nearly 80 minutes will contain only four tracks. Take a look at the tracklisting below:

01 LUX 1
02 LUX 2
03 LUX 3
04 LUX 4 

Rolling Stones - Crossfire Hurricane Trailer

As mentioned before, The Rolling Stones will celebrate their 50th anniversary with a special documentary called, Crossfire Hurricane, which will air on HBO this November. Take a look at the trailer above!

Two Door Cinema Club on Fallon!

Watch Two Door Cinema Club on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon!

Band of Horses on Conan!

Watch Band of Horses perform "Knock Knock" on Conan!

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Live Review - Gotye @ Ed Sullivan

2012 is a year that Australia's Gotye will not forget. It has been the year that has clearly changed his life and professional career forever thanks to the brilliant-yet-overplayed pop song, "Somebody That I Used To Know." On Monday night Gotye did something he has not done this year, perform at the legendary Ed Sullivan Theater and have one of his gigs simulcasted on the web. Thanks to the "Live on Letterman" series, Gotye and his band had that accomplishment checked off.

Walking through the crowd and arriving on stage to a massive screen that projected random images that ranged from everything from places on the Earth to cartoons, Gotye opened with the 80's New Wave-esque "Eyes Wide Open." From the get-go it was evident that the intricate and involved music he makes can indeed be reproduced on stage thanks to sensitive mics and utilizing the latest in music technology, every blip, beep, bop, and snap was heard. Also proving from the get-go, Gotye showed off that he has become very comfortable as a showman and musician, running from a stand-up drum kit to keyboards, random programming boards and other percussion instruments, he was a musical force in his own body. While his band would also show off their multi-instrumental muscles, the crowd was in awe. Playing a majority of tunes off his international smash, Making Mirrors, Gotye could do nothing but smile. After years of being a massive artist back in Oceania, he has now broken into the rest of the world, some will argue that it is thanks to "Somebody That I Used to Know," which he did perform with special guest Missy Higgins, but others will argue that it is raw talent that helped him get to were he is today. Whatever the argument may be, Gotye has to sustain the success he has obtained this year but one thing is for sure, playing a room like Ed Sullivan has to be a highlight and benchmark he may want to have to be invited back to do it again.

Great Soundtracks - Singles

Scenes come and go and scenes will always carry a sense of nostalgia probably far longer than the scene itself was popular. Various capsules of memory will carry on those particular scenes forever. The early 90's will always be defined by "The Seattle Scene" which featured nearly every cool and great band of the time coming out of Seattle, Washington, making grunge music. In 1991 director Cameron Crowe went out to shoot a film called Singles where he used Seattle's grunge scene as his backdrop using bands like Alice in Chains, Soundgarden and Pearl Jam in the film. That film, released in September of 1992, would become a visual capsule of life and love in the Pacific Northwest capital. The film went onto massive critical acclaim, while the films soundtrack went on to become just as popular, if not more popular than the film and helped push grunge over into the mainstream more than ever before.

The soundtrack, which featured Alice in Chains, Chris Cornell, Pearl Jam, Mudhoney, Soundgarden, Mother Love Bone, Paul Westerberg, The Smashing Pumpkins and famous Seattle native, Jimi Hendrix, captured not only the scene and the city, it captured a moment in time. The grunge scene was loud, furious, angry and most of all full of rage, many attribute it to the city's wet climate, but the music was something that provided a soundtrack to the disenchanted youth of the early 90's. Singles was also one of the first compilations to put an identity and signature on the city and 20 years later, while we can look back and be nostalgic, we can also relish that some amazing music came from that city.

The soundtrack and film also make us hope for a Citizen Dick reunion in the near future.

Public Image Ltd on Jools Holland!

Watch Public Image Ltd make their return to BBC on Later..with Jools Holland as they perform "Reggie Song."

Recommended Reading - 5 Against 1

1998 was a massive year for Pearl Jam they released their stellar record, Yield and went on to have one of the most successful tours of that year. That same year, author Kim Neely released the first authorized Pearl Jam biography. Unlike last years PJ20 book which celebrated a massive timeline of the bands history, Five Against One dives deep into the personal lives of the bands root members - Eddie Vedder, Mike McCready, Jeff Ahmet and Stone Gossard. While we all find out who these men are, it was one of the first times that Vedder's life story was told, the normally elusive frontman's fans now had insight into how he became the man he is today. While going into who the men are, it of course talks about Pearl Jam's formation, their dispute with Ticketmaster and made up beef the band allegedly had with Kurt Cobain and Nirvana. This is a fantastic book about a fantastic band and even though the band have released their own authorized stories, this is still the best.

The xx on Jools Holland!

 Watch the beautiful xx perform "Angels" on Later..With Jools Holland.

Quick News

Coldplay will cap off their massive touring year with a live album in November called Live 2012. Much like they did for their Live 2003 record, they hand selected their favorite cuts from various shows around the world. Also like Live 2003, their will be a version of the record that comes with a live DVD.

Following a reported on-stage "meltdown" at the iHeartRadio Festival in Vegas over the weekend, Green Day front man Billie Joe Armstrong has checked himself into rehab. The band have postponed all current dates and appearances.

Tegan and Sara have named their new record, the album Heartthrob will be out later this year.

Former Thursday frontman Goeff Rickley will be releasing a free mixtape in the coming weeks. Rickley tweeted,"Mix tape #1 coming soon. Free new songs for everyone that supported @thursdayband for the last 15 years. xo -G W Rickly"

Odd Future spin-off group, Mellowhype will release their new album Numbers next month. Take a look at the tracklisting below:
01 Grill
02 65/Breakfast
03 Astro [ft. Frank Ocean]
04 Nfwgjdsh
05 La Bonita
06 Beat
07 Snare
08 Untitled L
09 Leflair
10 Monster
11 666 [ft. Mike G]
12 P2 [ft. Earl Sweatshirt]
13 Gnc
14 Brain
15 Under 2
16 Break

The legendary Throbbing Gristle have shared details of their new album. It will be a double album that contains a  reinterpretation of Nico's 1970 album Desertshore and another album, The Final Report. The double album will be out on November 26. The Desertshore cover album has been in the works for a while but production on the project stopped after Gristle member Peter "Sleazy" Christopherson passed away in 2010. The band chose to release the record on that particular day in November because it is the second anniversary of his death. The covers record will contain contributions from Antony of Antony and the Johnsons, Marc Almond of Soft Cell, Blixa Bargeld, Sasha Grey, and Gaspar Noé.

English band Chapel Club are doing something really unique and amazing. The band launched a new project, something they don't think anyone has done before and the basis is for fans and musicians to remix one of their new songs, "Good Together" and they will let the person or persons behind the remixes keep the royalties and money should they sell the song. For more info, go to the band's site by clicking HERE and to download the stems.

How To Destroy Angels have released the cover of their new EP, take a look below, the EP arrives in November.

The Beach Boys on Jools Holland

 Watch The Beach Boys perform "Do it Again" on Jools!

The Evens Cover & Tracklisting

On November 20, the legendary Ian MacKaye (Minor Threat, Fugazi) will put out the new album from his acclaimed band, The Evens which features Amy Farina. The bands new record is called The Odds, take a look at the cover above and the tracklisting below.

01 King of Kings
02 Wanted Criminals
03 I Do Myself
04 Warble Factor
05 Sooner or Later
06 Wonder Why
07 Competing With the Till
08 Broken Finger
09 Architects Sleep
10 Timothy Wright
11 This Other Thing
12 Let's Get Well
13 KOK

In 2009 we interviewed MacKaye, take a listen to that interview HERE


 Watch Muse perform their new song, "Madness" on the season premiere of Later...With Jools Holland!

The Killers on Kimmel!

Watch The Killers perform "Miss Atomic Bomb" on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Animal Collective on Conan

Watch Animal Collective perform "Today's Supernatural" on Conan!

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EXCLUSIVE! Homeboy Sandman INTV!

Rapid fire delivery, conscious lyrics, praised by his peers, Queens, New York, rapper Homeboy Sandman has been branding himself as a new voice in hip-hop since 2007. After releasing a handful of EP's with the legendary Stones Throw label, Sandman recently released his debut LP for the label, First of a Living Breed and with a record like this, one can bet the exposure Sandman has been building the last five years will emerge even stronger. We spoke with the rapper who gave us more insight as to the man he is, the work he does and how he stays inspired. Take a look at our interview with Homeboy Sandman below:

Consistently releasing music since 2007, five years later you still have so much to say, what gives you the fire?

This is what I love to do B. This is what makes me happy. Writing a dope rhyme. If I can't write a dope rhyme it doesn't matter what else is going on, I’m unhappy. If I write a dope rhyme then the world can be falling apart and I feel great. I can tell this is true because currently I’m writing dope rhymes while the world falls apart.

When did you first try your luck at becoming a music artist?

December 2006 when I wrote my first sober rhyme. Luck hasn't run out since.

Where does the name come from?

You could be daydreaming and that's sandman. That's what I'm about. Whisking cats away to new dimensions and mental planes. Out of the mundane. 

This is your first full length with Stones Throw Records, what made you sign with them?

They're the best label in the world mostly.

The title of the new album, First of a Living Breed, what does it signify to you and your audience?

Cats that bite styles are dead. Cats that copy. Cats that imitate. They isn’t bringing no new life. They're dead, dead, dead. Cats that don't think for themselves are dead. They're zombies. Lack of love is lack of life. Cats without love in their heart are dead. You do what you do for money? You're dead. You do what you do for fame? You're dead. You ain't even alive. You don't even understand real vitality. I'm alive. I got love in my heart, in my art. You could feel it. New, new, new. Birth. Life. Cats see how I get down. They remember a better time. When hip-hop was driven by love. By freshness. New styles. Rhyming. Dancing, DJing. Writing. Rocking gear. Speaking. Whatever it was you needed new styles! My young homey said "swag" to me the other day I told her don't say that! She said why? I told her when I was growing up the rappers talked like us; we ain't talk like the rappers. It was us. The people. We were the real thing. We were alive. And we were strong! So yeah these cats that'll remember a better time they'll tell me i'm the last of a dying breed and I’ll tell ‘em nah. I'm the first of a living breed. We bought to shut all this whack ish down. 

How does this record differ from your older material? How does it hold up?

I'm a different person. My art is me. I done records where i wasn't cursing in real life. So i'm not cursing in those records. I done albums where i was a raw organic vegan, so that'd be my energy in those records. I done records at a time what was most important to me was being a dope rapper and getting lots of buns, so that's what you hear in those records. I done records times where i was writing with my left hand and brushing my teeth with my left hand and looking to be doing something at every moment that was uncomfortable to me so you hear that experimentation in those records. I'm not a character b. With set parameters. I evolve. I grow. My thoughts change. So all my material is always going to be different until I’m dead. From a content standpoint. Energy standpoint. Flow standpoint. And plus not to mention the fact that I ain't never gonna do something on a record that I’ve done before. I hate biting so much I won't even bite myself. So this album is basically boy sand like you've never heard him before. (as usual)

Queens, where you are from seems to be back on the hip-hop map since the release of Nas’ latest and Action Bronson on the rise. How does it make you feel that your home borough is back in the spotlight?

I'm from Queens and I love Queens and I love New York City but it's been a long time since spotlight was shone on people or places for the right reasons, so I don't really feel one way or the other about whatever spotlight being on Queens. If anything, to keep it real, nowadays when I see a spotlight shining somewhere I’m thinking look anywhere but there. Luckily the dope ish shines so bright it don't take no spotlight to see it anyway.

How has Queens and New York influenced your work?

My environment has played a major hand in making me who I am today. LL Cool J has played a major hand in making me who I am today. So has Mos Def. So has KRS-One. So has fighting Jimmy Nunez at IS 73. So has falling in love with Lissette Pichardo from Inwood when I was 12 years old, and being a member of contingent VII in Prep for Prep 9. The way you earn respect at a NYC basketball court that you've never played at before is a big influence on me and my work. The spirits in the last car of the train where the riff raff ran amok during the 70s and 80s has been a big influence in me and my work. Waiting in emergency rooms for 10 hours, watching people ignore people in need, insecure police officers, teachers that can't be fired for not caring about their job, rich neighborhoods, poor neighborhoods, cockroaches, babies having babies, music blaring at 4am, 24 hour white castles drive thrus, dollar vans, and a million other things. They've all influenced my work. I could write a book on this question. I could write an encyclopedia. Like the old encyclopedia brittanica. Mad volumes.

Hip-hop has always been a collaborative genre, who would you love to work with and why?

Black thought is my favorite emcee of all time I’d love to collab with him. And I’d love to have ?Uestlove produce something and I’d love to have q-tip produce something. I'd love to have RZA produce something. Man I’d love to do a joint with DOOM he's one of the illest ever together he and I can just compile bars to have people just bleeding. I'm real happy I got to work with Oddisee on "watch want from me?" by the way, am I the only one who's heard Oddisee's new album "people hear what they see?" I think I must be because I’m the only one who can't stop talking about it. It's a masterpiece.  

Your live shows are fueled by so much passion and energy, how do you feel when you leave the stage? Is it exhausting or just another day at the office?

I be pretty exhausted. But I never realize until I’m done.

Of all the rhymes you have written, which is your favorite?

Awww man. Yo I seriously love every single bar I’ve ever recorded. On the new record I love every bar but on the first track "Rain," I love how I be like "I don't run with a dame 'cause a dame's fetching/ i run wit a dame 'cause her profession is playing her position/ I’m not talking about hoes or staying home in the kitchen/ I’m talking about queens/ homey those different, they roll for the whole mission/ my misses ain't submissive/ a leader, I don't need her to do my dishes, I need her to do my stitches."

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Bobby Womack on Fallon!

 The legendary Bobby Womack along with Damon Albarn and members of TV on the Radio took to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on Friday to perform the title track off his latest record, The Bravest Man in the Universe. Take a look!

Quick News

At a press conference on Friday to officially announce the DVD A Celebration Day, the surviving members of Led Zeppelin - Robert Plant, Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones dodged reports they would be reuniting. The band were coy when asked about doing other shows by the press, Page stated, "Can't I just enjoy the film." Plant was also coy and said, "That would be kiss and tell," in regard if they are planing something down the pipeline. The DVD celebrates the band coming together for the first time since the passing of drummer John Bonham in 1980, they reunited in 2007 for a special concert for Atlantic Records founder Ahmet Ertegun, who passed away in 2006.

Trent Reznor has announced that his band How to Destroy Angels, which features his wife, Mariqueen Maandig, and longtime collaborator Atticus Ross, have inked a deal with Columbia Records. The band will release an EP An Omen in November. The band plan to tour and release a full length next year. Reznor, who has famously called out major labels and split from Interscope in 2007, said in a statement on Facebook, "Regarding our decision to sign with Columbia, we've really spent a long time thinking about things and it makes sense for a lot of reasons, including a chance to work with our old friend Mark Williams. There's a much more granular and rambling answer I could give (and likely will in an interview someplace) but it really comes down to us experimenting and trying new things to see what best serves our needs. Complete independent releasing has its great points but also comes with shortcomings."

Revenge may be a dish best served cold, but for Peter Hook, its best if he keeps serving up a spiteful revenge to his former bandmates in New Order. Hook with Bernie Sumner and Stephen Morris formed New Order after Ian Curtis took his own life and Joy Division disbanded in 1980. Hook, who had a famous fallout with Sumner and Morris in 2007. Since then Hook has been touring with his band The Light performing Joy Division's two albums, Unknown Pleasures and Closer, while New Order have continued on without him. Now, Hooky plans to perform New Order's first two albums, Movement and the brilliant Power, Corruption and Lies, with The Light this fall across the UK. In 2011 we interviewed Hooky, take a look at that HERE.


 Friday night at the inaugural Deluna Fest in Florida, Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder joined The Gaslight Anthem to perform PJ's "State of Love and Trust," nearly 20 years after the Singles Soundtrack which it was featured on was released.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Frank Turner on Conan

Watch Frank Turner perform "I Still Believe" on Conan!

The Killers on Letterman

 Watch The Killers perform their epic new single, "Runaways" on Letterman!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Quick News

Taking to social media outlets on Thursday, The Heartbreaks confirmed they are already working on the follow-up to this year's brilliant, Funtimes.

Primal Scream have announced they will release a "sophisticated" new album next year. Speaking to Q magazine, front man Bobby Gillespie said, "It's a rock'n'roll record, but modern rock'n'roll. Pretty psychedelic rock, it's kind of guitar-driven but we use guitars in an orchestral way, not in the normal way people make rock records. I think we do it in a more interesting way. We weave the guitars in with electronics and other acoustic instruments to make the core sound."

Aside from releasing the documentary Crossfire Hurricane later this year, The Rolling Stones will release the rare documentary Charlie is my Darling officially for the first time after 40 years of it being finished. The 50-minute film was made in September 1965 and is to be the earliest known visual recording of the rock and roll legends.

Jimmy Eat World have confirmed that musician Alain Johannes (Queens of the Stone Age, Them Crooked Vultures, Chris Cornell) will produce and mix the Arizona bands new album. In 2011 we interviewed Johannes, take a look at that HERE.

Pussy Riot have received the 2012 LennonOno Grant For Peace. In a press statement, "Yoko Ono with the backing of Amnesty International, will be giving the grant to Pussy Riot in New York City on 21st September 2012 in the hope that they will be released as soon as possible."Speaking of Pussy Riot, Sigur Ros showed their support by posting this photo on their social media outlets on Thursday:


 As September comes down and pushes us from Summer and into Fall, take a listen to this months 26-song playlist on SPOTIFY! It's a good one!

The Avett Brothers on Fallon

 Check out The Avett Brothers performing on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon!

The Afghan Whigs on Kimmel!

The reunited Afghan Whigs performed "My Enemy" on Jimmy Kimmel Live Wednesday night. Take a look!

Band of Horses on Letterman

Band of Horses returned to Ed Sullivan Theater on Wednesday to perform their new single, "Knock Knock" on Letterman. Take a look!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


State Hospital EP by Frightened Rabbit

 Before it hits stores next week, stream Frightened Rabbits latest offering - State Hospital EP!

Nelly Furtado on Fallon!

 Watch Nelly Furtado make her return to TV as she performed on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon!

Led Zeppelin - A Celebration Day Trailer

As mentioned last week, Led Zeppelin's 2007 reunion concert will hit theaters next month and on DVD in November. Take a look at the concert video's trailer above!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Live Review - Band of Horses @ Ed Sullivan Theater

Band of Horses do not look like a band at all, in fact they look like they just got off the farm and ready to go down to the local watering hole to talk about how miserable their lives are. Band of Horses do not look like they belong in big cities, they look like small town boys that will know everyone who will be born in that town and know everything about them and will never look to never ever leave that town. Yet, like most things in life, looks can be deceiving, in fact, Band of Horses proved their looks wrong last night as they played an intimate concert at the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York City on Monday night for the "Live on Letterman" webseries.

Band of Horses arrived through the doors of the iconic theater deep in the heart of midtown like regular guys, but the Charlestown via Seattle band displayed anything but regular as soon as they took the stage. The day before their fourth album, Mirage Rock, hit shelves, they performed a roaring 45-minute set for fans, record label personnel, contest winners and members of the CBS family. Opening their set with their new album opener, "Knock Knock," the country meets alternative meets southern rock outfit displayed everything they had and everything they are made of. From opening with a new track, it was onto "Compliments" off their last record, Infinite Arms which really had everyone in the room cheering. Finding a perfect balance between older songs and new material, Band of Horses showed off how they can appeal to nearly any music fan thanks to their all American sound, passionate lyrics and thunderous musicianship. Singer Ben Bridwell would talk about the bands history of playing The Late Show withe David Letterman, from their embarrassing moments to triumphant ones, but Bridwell humbly focused more on the humiliating ones. The audience was embracing everything they were being given, both musically and personally and made the unique experience that much more special. Closing with "The Funeral," nearly everyone in the room had chills, hearing that song live just adds a total new dimension to its power and was a perfect way to close the night. While they sure do not look like rockstars or city boys, Band of Horses seem to take comfort in that, which says a lot about the people they are and the music they make, they are very comfortable in their own skin and Monday night at Ed Sullivan proved all of that. See for yourself, watch the full performance below:

Quick News

After much speculation and rumors including a trending topic on Twitter called #ArcticMonkeys5thAlbum, Arctic Monkeys drummer, Matt Helders mother, Jill, confirmed via Twitter "I don't know if it helps to clear things up but lads are in the desert!" She then tweeted, "And now we start on 5th album titles!" Much like they did for their third record, Humbug, Arctic Monkeys are in the dessert recording their new record.

After reuniting last year, Canada's Death From Above 1979 confirmed they will play new material for an upcoming record on their fall Canadian tour.  Speculation believes a new record could arrive next year.

Ryan Adams has confirmed he is producing and drumming on the new Lemonheads album. Adams took to Twitter to say, "Dream come true... Back to the punker sounds."

Biffy Clyro will release their new album, a double-album in fact called Opposites in January. Take a look at the tracklistings to the double disc below:
The Sand At The Core Of Our Bones
'Stingin' Belle'
'Sounds Like Balloons'
'The Joke's On Us'
'Black Chandelier'
'A Girl And His Cat'
'The Fog'
'Little Hospitals'
'The Thaw'

The Land At The End Of Our Toes
'Different People'
'Modern Magic Formula'
'Spanish Radio'
'Victory Over The Sun'
'Trumpet Or Tap'
'Accident Without Emergency'
'Woo Woo'
'Picture A Knife Fight'

Deftones released the tracklisting to their new record, Koi No Yokan, which arrives this November. Take a look at the tracklist below:
'Poltergeist (Roller Derby)'
'Romantic Dreams'
'Swerve City'
'Entomb (Dazzle)'
'Graphic Nature'
'Goon Squad'
'What Happened To You? (Flashback)'

New Jersey's Titus Andronicus will release their third record, Local Business, next month. Take a look at the cover below:

Monday, September 17, 2012

Calvin Harris Cover & Tracklisting

Scottish DJ Calvin Harris will release his new album, 18 Months at the end of October. Take a look at the cover above and the tracklisting with a massive amount of guest stars below:

'Green Valley'
'Bounce' (featuring Kelis)
'Feel So Close'
'We Found Love' (featuring Rihanna)
'We'll Be Coming Back' (featuring Example)
'Iron' (featuring Nicky Romero)
'I Need Your Love' (featuring Ellie Goulding)
'Drinking From The Bottle' (featuring Tinie Tempah)
'Sweet Nothing' (featuring Florence Welch)
'Here 2 China' (featuring Dillion Francis and Dizzee Rascal)
'Let's Go' (featuring Ne-Yo)
'Thinking About You' (featuring Ayer Marar)

Soundgarden Cover & Tracklisting

While we showed off the album trailer to Soundgarden's King Animal earlier today, we can finally confirm the cover and tracklisting to the grunge icons first album in 16 years! Take a look at the cover above and the tracklisting below:

01 Been Away Too Long
02 Non-State Actor
03 By Crooked Steps
04 A Thousand Days Before
05 Blood on the Valley Floor
06 Bones of Birds
07 Taree
08 Attrition
09 Black Saturday
10 Halfway There
11 Worse Dreams
12 Eyelid's Mouth
13 Rowing

Quick News

Adele has been confirmed as to record the theme to this years 007 film, Skyfall, which hits theaters this November.

Thin Lizzy will release their first album in 29 years. The band which consists of Scott Gorham, Brian Downey, Darren Wharton, Ricky Warwick, Marco Mendoza and Damon Johnson—will finally follow-up 1983's Thunder and Lightning with their 12th studio album. The band plan to start recording next month and have the record out next year.

New Order's Bernie Sumner has confirmed that the band will record new material in early 2013. Sumner told BBC6 Music, "We finish touring at the end of October and then we've got November off. After Christmas, we're going to have a meeting about writing some new stuff."

Legendary LA punk band, FEAR will rerecord their seminal 1979 debut, The Record. The band will release, The FEAR Record, will be reworked songs and will be released in November.

On November 6, Mike Doughty will release a covers record called, The Flip is Another Honey. On the record Doughty will cover The Stone Roses, Cheap Trick, Doveman, John Denver, Randy Newman and Broadway classics.