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Road to the Oscars 2014

This Sunday, Ellen will host Hollywood's biggest night as the best in film will duke it out to take home the golden statue named Oscar. It has been a great year in film as actors, writers, directors, and stories were in top form and you could not just release a good or solid picture this year, you had to release a great one.

As we do every year, here is our list of the 10 Best Films of the Year as well as some Oscar picks in the major categories. Tune in to ABC on Sunday at 7 to see how we did and who won.

10 Best Films of 2013:

1) 12 Years A Slave
2) Before Midnight
3) The Wolf of Wall Street
4) Captain Phillips
5) Gravity
6) Dallas Buyers Club
7) Her
8) Fruitvale Station
9) Blue Jasmine
10) Spring Breakers

Oscar Picks in 10 Categories:

Best Motion Picture of the Year:
12 Years A Slave

Best Director:
Steve McQueen, 12 Years A Slave

Best Actor:
Matthew McConaughey, Dallas Buyers Club

Best Actress:
Cate Blanchet, Blue Jasmine

Best Supporting Actor:
Jared Leto, Dallas Buyers Club

Best Supporting Actress:
Lupita Nyongo'o, 12 Years A Slave

Achievement in Cinematography:
Emmanuel Lubezki, Gravity

Original Screenplay:
Spike Jonze, Her

Adapted Screenplay:
12 Years A Slave, John Ridley

Best Original Song:
U2 "Ordinary Love," Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom

Kanye West 'Yeezus' Concert Film Trailer

 Kanye West released the trailer to his upcoming, Hype Williams directed Yeezus concert film. The film will be released in theaters, no date has been set. Watch the trailer, above.

We covered the Yeezus Tour last year when it came to NYC. Take a look at our live review & pix!

Quick News

Speaking to NME at the NME Awards in Austin, Texas, last night, Johnny Marr confirmed he will release a new album in September.

Joseph Arthur will release Lou: The Songs of Lou Reed, a 13-song cover album of Reed tracks in May.

Oasis are reissuing their first three albums this year to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their debut, Definitely Maybe, the band will also be releasing a reprint of their limited edition demo cassette. Each album reissue will be a deluxe series that contains the remastered albums, demos, live cuts, B-sides, and more. The first reissue arrives in May.

Speaking of Oasis, Noel Gallagher apparently is working on a new record that is in the spirit of Definitely Maybe. Longterm Gallagher associate, Mark Coyle, told NME,"Noel's new album is fucking great. It reminds me in some respects of the spirit of 'Definitely Maybe', because it’s so obviously exciting. That boy is from a different planet, and even the fans won't believe how utterly amazing it is." No word as to when the record will be released.

Now, speaking of Noel Gallagher (we are doing three degrees of Oasis here) Damon Albarn told NME at NME Awards and said he would love to work with Noel Gallagher. Albarn also spoke on the future of Blur, saying, "Just because you record 15 ideas doesn't mean that you've got an album."

LCD Soundsystem will release their final concert from Madison Square Garden in 2011, as a 5LP box set, as well as a digital and CD release this spring.

Portishead's Adrien Utley spoke to The Quietus about the possibilities of a new record, and rejoice fans, we said some good news! Utley said, "We're clearing our schedules so we can get on with it, otherwise it will be another ten years." No word a release, but this is a great start!

Talib Kweli is working with 9th Wonder on a joint album. In a radio interview with 106 KMEL, Kweli said, “I don’t know what the title of it is, but tentatively the crew name is B.A.D. (Build And Destroy) Gang.”

Black Thought of The Roots spoke to XXL about the iconic hip-hop groups new album, And Then You Shoot Your Cousin. Thought said, "It’s not just about just one kind of character, we create quite a few different characters in this record. It’s satire, but in that satire it’s an analysis of some of the stereotypes perpetuated in not only the Hip Hop community, but in the community. I think right now it’s at maybe 34 minutes; there may be one or two musical things added on to the record that I know is the record at this point. But I don’t think it will be any longer than 36 or 37 minutes in its entirety. It’s short enough to digest, but it’s gonna be dense.” The album arrives this spring.

Lykke Li Announces New Album

Sweden's Lykke Li announced her new album in a trailer. The record called, I Never Learn, will arrive May 5. Watch the trailer, above!

Band of Horses on Letterman

Watch Band of Horses promote their beautiful acoustic album, Acoustic at the Ryman, on Letterman!

Schoolboy Q on Arsenio

 Watch Schoolboy Q perform "Man of the Year" on Arsenio!

Sky Ferreira on Kimmel

Watch Sky Ferreira perform "You're Not The One" on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

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Duck Sauce Debut Album Details

Duck Sauce, the collaborative effort between A-Trak and Armand Van Helden, will release their long awaited debut, Quack, on April 15. Take a look at the cover, above, and the tracklisting below, as well as watch the album trailer:

01 Chariots of the Gods [ft. Rockets]
02 Charlie Chazz & Rappin Ralph
03 It’s You
04 Goody Two Shoes
05 Radio Stereo
06 aNYway
07 NRG
08 Everyone [ft. Teddy Toothpick]
09 Ring Me
10 Barbra Streisand
11 Spandex
12 Time Waits for No-One

Kanye West on Meyers

 Kanye West performed a medley of hits on Late Night with Seth Meyers including All Of The Lights", "Stronger", "Heartless", "Mercy", "Jesus Walks", "Touch The Sky", and "Black Skinhead." Take a look!

St. Vincent on Colbert

The Colbert Report
Get More: Colbert Report Full Episodes,Video Archive

The Colbert Report
Get More: Colbert Report Full Episodes,Video Archive

Watch St. Vincent perform "Digital Witness" and "Birth and Reverse" on The Colbert Report.

Schoolboy Q on Conan

Watch Schoolboy Q perform "Studio" on Conan!

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The Pains of Being Pure at Heart New Album Info!

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart will release their third album, Days of Abandon, in April. Take a look at the cover, above, and the tracklisting, below, as well as watch the album trailer.

01 Art Smock
02 Simple and Sure
03 Kelly
04 Beautiful You
05 Coral and Gold
06 Eurydice
07 Masokissed
08 Until The Sun Explodes
09 Life After Life
10 The Asp at My Chest  

Sharon Van Etten Cover & Tracklisting

As we mentioned last week, Sharon Van Etten will release her new album, Are We There, this spring. Now, she has announced it will arrive in May. Take a look at the cover, above, and the tracklisting, below:

01 Afraid of Nothing
02 Taking Chances
03 Your Love Is Killing Me
04 Our Love
05 Tarifa
06 I Love You But I'm Lost
07 You Know Me Well
08 Break Me
09 Nothing Will Change
10 I Know
11 Every Time the Sun Comes Up

Quick News

Australian pop rockers Architecture in Helsinki will release their new album, Now + 4EVA on April 1.

Damon Albarn was recently asked by Rolling Stone if Gorillaz would be releasing new music. Albarn, who will be touring this Spring and Summer in support of his solo LP, Everyday Robots, said, "Apart from the visuals, I am Gorillaz. I am the recording when it comes to Gorillaz. It's complicated since it's just me. Just because I was a cartoon. . .There's no difference, really. . .It's a bit embarrassing for me to say 'yes' or 'no' about stuff that's my stuff anyway. I just don't see it like that. I've been playing Gorillaz songs in rehearsal and some of them sound really fresh, so I'll definitely be playing them on my tour. What makes Gorillaz? We always have different musicians when we play live. The only constant thing, I suppose, is myself. And I'm still here. Is my new album, in a way, a Gorillaz record? It's not, but that sounds. . .I've dug myself into an enormous hole now, haven't I? Sorry."

Soundgarden will be releasing a super-deluxe 5-CD box set to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their album, Superunknown. Take a look a the packaging below:

The Horrors finally gave fans some info on their new album. The record will be called Luminous and it arrives in May. Take a look at the cover below:

Eels will be releasing their 11th record, The Cautionary Tales of Mark Oliver Everett, in April. Take a look at the cover below:

While a release date is pending, Echo & The Bunnymen announced that their 12th studio album will be called Meteorites. Take a look at the cover below:

The Faint New Album Details

On April 8, The Faint will return with their new record, Doom Abuse. Take a look at the cover, above, and the tracklisting, below, as well as watch the first video for "Help in the Head."

01 Help in the Head
02 Mental Radio
03 Evil Voices
04 Salt My Doom
05 Animal Needs
06 Loss of Head
07 Dress Code
08 Scapegoat
09 Your Stranger
10 Lesson from the Darkness
11 Unseen Hand
12 Damage Control

Haim Cover Beyonce!

 As part of the amazing BBC1 Live Lounge series which has artists cover other artists tunes, the latest installment featured Haim covering Beyonce's "XO." Take a look!

Rick Ross & The Roots on Fallon

Watch Rick Ross backed by The Roots perform "The Devil is a Lie" on The Tonight Show.

A Great Big World on Meyers

Watch A Great Big World perform as the very first musical guest on Late Night with Seth Meyers!

John Butler Trio on Conan

Watch John Butler Trio perform "Only One" on Conan!

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EXCLUSIVE! Taylor Crowell INTV!

Before moving to Los Angeles, singer/songwriter Taylor Crowell has living in more places than most have ever visited. From Florida to Georgia to Indiana to Ecuador, Crowell has been all over the map and with each place he has been, he has taken a piece of it with him and crafted it it into his music. While singer / songwriters today seem to be a dime a dozen with an acoustic guitar and a story to tell, Crowell is taking a throwback approach to his music. Of course utilizing a guitar, but also tickling the ivories as a piano player and brining in influences from Billy Joel, Randy Newman, and Elton John. I had the opportunity to speak to Crowell about his music, his influences and shuffling along the map. Take a look at our interview below:

You have played in a number of bands, what is it like to craft your own song versus doing it with a group?

So many things happen to us in life that we are forced to deal with, that we have no control over.  When I write a song, I feel a sense of control and ownership. I’m building a refuge where I can rest comfortably. Whether it’s in nostalgia or the excitement of the unwritten future, it’s the one part of my life in which I  can decide how it ends. A blank page and a vague melody can be the start to something that justifies an experience, gives us hope, or lets us appreciate what we have become and how it came to be.  From whatever angle, I find it very empowering.  

You called your solo debut, “Now is the Time,” is this for any other reason aside from going solo and doing it on your own?

I spent a lot of time in Ecuador over the course of a couple of years.  In retrospect, I realize that it was an intermission that I granted myself in a time of my life that I was still trying to figure out where I should be and what I should be doing.  My final trip there ended with me on a boat in the jungle asking myself “what now?” I realized that the novelty of this escape had worn off and I should go home and do the one thing I know how to do. Make music. It wasn’t long until I decided to move to Los Angeles.  

What is it like to finally be working on your own album?

The album happened accidentally, in a way.  After Ecuador, and a few months in a camper van in Washington State, I went to live with my father in Atlanta.  He has a beautiful grand piano in his home and I spent a few months playing it.  All day, every day. I had been a hired-gun guitar player for years and it was a new adventure for me.  It became my preferred instrument for writing.   I decided to demo some very loose song ideas on that piano before leaving to LA.  While struggling through my first few months in a new town, I listened to those demos and started working out some lyrics, then writing arrangements for other instruments.  Eventually, I thought, “This could be something.” So I flew back to Atlanta once everything was written and enlisted the help of some very talented players I knew from my time there.  To this day, I am still baffled that it ever came together, and so thankful for those who helped me do it.  There is no feeling, that I have yet to know, that rivals the sheer thrill of hearing a finished recording that had started as an idea in my head months, maybe years before. 

Like most singer/songwriters, your songs are autobiographical, if there was one track you would say defines you the most, which would it be and why?

"Came back home” is about a three-month period I spent living around Bellingham, Washington. It was there, in a camper van parked in the town of Glacier, at the base of Mount Baker, that I wrote some of my first lyrics.  These songs come from late nights in the woods looking back on where I had been, who I had known and left behind, and where I wanted to go.  Most of the record deals with this idea of being old enough to realize some of your mistakes and young enough to want more, to still have the strength to go out on a limb and take a chance.  All of the songs on the record are somehow related to those feelings.  

How would you describe your sound to someone who has never heard of you before?

I spent eight years playing in bands around the southeast.  My music is definitely  influenced by traditional southern sounds, especially New Orleans style jazz, blues, and gospel.  The songs are all auto-biographical and I really try to represent the feeling of the place where those particular stories happened. The end result is somewhere between rolling New Orleans R&B and cinematic pop.  My approach to the instrumentation is very much influenced by singer songwriters of the early 70's.  I had grown tired of the rock band format and opted for more full orchestration, utilizing both horn and string sections.

Who are some of your influences?

Harry Nilsson. Early Randy Newman. Early Elton John.  I love debut albums.  In my opinion, a lot of my favorite artists (mostly 70's singer/songwriters) did some of their best work, in their first few records.  They seem more honest, more raw, before the record companies got too involved. They focused on a lot of cinematic arrangements, more orchestral stuff.  I have taken a lot from some of those records and on "Now is the Time" I really tried to capture some of what made that era such a special time for songwriters.

Most piano driven singer/songwriters always get lumped into the category of Billy Joel, Elton, Ben Folds, etc, how do you differ from that particular style? How has it influenced you, if it has?

I love being a piano man.  We are a rare breed these days. Though there are few of us, we are not all the same. The piano is simply a tool for us as songwriters.  For me, it is the most effective tool.  I can play a guitar backwards and front, but by design, it does not offer the range or flexibility in attack that I need to fully express a lot of ideas.  Yes, its at times awkward to sit onstage with a piano or electric piano, and does not allow one to rock out and dance around like a maniac, but thats not what I'm trying to do.  I am inviting you in to hear a story, to tell you about something that happened.  Because stuff happens to us everyday and if we can talk about it, it makes us feel better.     

Being based in LA, how has the city influenced your work?

While a lot of the first record is retrospective, my recent work is more about the future. Through writing and recording "Now is the Time" I reached a certain sense of closure with the wild, young adventures of my early twenties and am thinking more and more about what the future holds.  The songs I am writing now are based around a sense of optimism in a new chapter, in a new place. 

You come from Indiana and then moved to LA, did the shift in atmosphere change you as an artist?
This is where I first considered myself an artist, not just a musician. LA is a place that people come to looking for something better. I came looking for a better me, to write better songs, to try myself out in this swamp of dreams, in a place where all the craziest people from every small town in America have come to compete in a kind of Mad Max Thunderdome. Growing up in Indiana, moving to Atlanta, and then finally settling into California have all given me a lot. But Los Angeles is by far the most inspiring environment I have yet to experience. I have a feeling I will be staying here for a while. 

What prompted the move to LA?

For some reason, I thought that by moving to a new place I would be able to escape the tings that had held me back.  I realized though, where ever you go you are there with yourself.  There is nowhere you can run from your own limitations. It was good for me to finally realize this as I had tried to run before.  This realization, paired with the insanity of LA (make no mistake, it’s an F-ing circus out here) has really influenced my writing.

Bringing out a certain honesty that I was not emotionally equipped top express before being humbled by this strange oasis by the sea.   

Even though you are working on your debut, does an artist like yourself still write songs that could appear on that record or be held for another time down the line?

I am writing everyday.  Trying to let songs breathe on their own without shaping them into this idea of how I should sound and how I should present myself. The songs dictate who you are. The truth will come through, but you have to let it.  I am always trying to get more honest with myself by not trying so hard. 

What is next for you this year?

I have a killer group of players who are doing the live stuff with me. We will be keeping pretty busy in and around LA for a while.  In the studio, I am working on an EP that will be somewhat different than the full length.  We are recording it on a Fender Rohdes, whereas ‘Now is the Time’ was done all on a grand piano. Instead of full instrumentation (strings, horns, rhythm section) the new songs will be a lot more bare bones. They will each feature one accompanying instrument, instead of a whole section.  I have enlisted the help of some close friends who work more in the electronic music world and we are toying with some underlying soundscapes, atmospheric stuff.  I love the idea of combining traditional songwriting with more modern electronic elements (or as my collaborators call it, IDM, intelligent dance music.)

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Pharrell New Album Trailer & Tracklisting

 After announcing earlier this week that he will release his new album G I R L, next month, Pharrell unleashed the album trailer, watch it above, and the star-studded tracklisting, see below.

01 Marilyn Monroe
02 Brand New [ft. Justin Timberlake]
03 Hunter
04 Gush
05 Happy
06 Come Get It [ft. Miley Cyrus]
07 Gust of Wind [ft. Daft Punk]
08 Lost Queen
09 Freq
10 I Know Who You Are [ft. Alicia Keys]
11 It Girl

Quick News

Lily Allen has confirmed that her new album will be called Sheezus, it will be out later this year.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, James Blake has confirmed that he and Kanye West have been talking about collaborating on music together. Blake said it could happen, but scheduling and the two muscians styles of recording could be an issue, saying, "I have been in contact with him. You know, the way that I like to work is bare bones and personal. I think because Kanye's such an accomplished producer, if I was to work with him, then I think we could do something together, and just together, you know?"

Black Keys frontman Dan Auerbach is producing the new Lana Del Rey record, which is titled Ultra Violent. It will be out later this year.

Sharon Van Etten will release her new album, Are We There, this spring.

Damon Albarn recently spoke to Rolling Stone about his forthcoming solo album, Everyday Robots. The Blur / Gorillaz / The Good, The Bad, and The Queen / RocketJuice & The Moon / frontman, Africa Express leader, and producer said that the idea of a solo record never crossed his mind until recently. He said, "Who doesn't love playing in a band? It's fucking brilliant. The best. Maybe I was just subconsciously avoiding a solo album." Everyday Robots was recorded with Richard Russell, the head of XL Recordings, and Albarn's sidekick who co-produced Bobby Womack's brilliant The Bravest Man in the Universe album in 2012. Albarn said, We had the inevitable conversation about starting a band. It was fun to come up with concepts and names, but one day he came in and said, 'Look, if you ask me what I want to do, I want to produce you.' And I went, 'Alright, I suppose that means I've got to put it out under my own name.'"

Sierra Leone's Refugee All-Stars announced they will release their new album, Libation, next month. The record will mark the 10 year anniversary of the band. Take a look at the cover below:

Justin Timberlake on Fallon

 Watch Justin Timberlake close out Jimmy Fallon's first week as host of The Tonight Show!

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Live Review: Glasvegas @ Knitting Factory

Brooklyn holds a special place in the hears of the members of Scotland's Glasvegas, it is where they recorded their near-perfect 2008 debut, so, when the band returned to the U.S. for the first time in three years to tour, it was Brooklyn that was going to get a special show. A gig that was originally slated to be performed at the brand new Rough Trade Record Store in Williamsburg was moved due to unfinished sound-proof conditions at the new venue to the Knitting Factory, just down the road. While Glasvegas were in town to tour behind their latest record, last year's Later...When the TV Turns to Static, it was those memories of recording in Brooklyn that stirred the band as the setlist was heavy on their debut material.

Arriving on stage just past 10, Glasvegas, who had just done a gig the night before at Mercury Lounge in Manhattan, looked like they were right at home. The last time they were in the area, they had sold-out Bowery Ballroom, but this seemed to be comfortable. Thursday night seemed to be a different band from a few years ago, they were not here to maintain their cool, or try and impress a major label boss, they were here to play to the fans that have stuck by them all of these years. Inside the intimate Knitting Factory, Glasvegas shook the walls with the magnificent decibel levels going off their speakers and took their stadium-ready sound and bottled it into a tiny venue. For the 300 or so fans inside, this was a treat. Singer James Allen was in one of the more talkative moods we have seen since covering this band since '08, drummer Jonna Löfgren stood while she played her kit and created so much, using so little, bassist Paul Donoghue, still missing a front tooth, slammed on his axe, while guitarist / keyboardist Rab Allen, who looked slimmer, sounded simply perfect with everything he was playing. This was a special gig, this was Glasvegas back in town to promote a new record, but knew what the fans wanted. As they ripped through thunderous renditions of "Geraldine," "Go Square Go," "The World Is Yours," "It's My Own Cheating Heart That Makes Me Cry," it was the unique performance of "Flowers and Football Tops," which just featured James and his guitar that had the audience in the palm of their hand. One of the best performances of this band I have seen and clearly an act everyone should see now that they are back in the States.

Opening the show was L.A. fraternity The Ceremonies. The Ceremonies perfect blend of 1980's new-wave and modern indie were the perfect opener to the night. The band, who have been creating a buzz with their latest single, "Land of Gathering," brought along a full band to support the trio of brothers sound. While they have made a few appearances in the New York area before, it seems the buzz is finally catching on as those that arrived early clearly knew the words to some of the songs and were just as impressed as I was with their live sound. This is a band who we predict will soon go from opening slot to headlining position in no time.

Arcade Fire on Fallon

Arcade Fire helped Jimmy Fallon usher in his first week as host of The Tonight Show by performing "Afterlife." Take a look!

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Quick Spins

BeckMorning Phase
Beck returns with his first album in six years with the unofficial sequel to 2002’s flawless Sea Change with Morning Phase. His latest, is his finest work since 2005’s Guero and on Morning Phase he brings his moody, melancholy symphonic opera that combines his desperate vocals over a lush and thriving symphony orchestra. While it lacks the subtle electronic elements that Sea Change had, Morning Phase is indeed it’s own record. Sea Change was the break-up album to end all break-up albums, while Morning Phase is about the struggle to find the courage to continue and go on with you life and let the past be the past, even though the demons may still haunt you.

Band of HorsesAcoustic at Ryman
The much anticipated acoustic live record from the Band of Horses has arrived and it came just in times for Valentines Day, as it may be the most beautiful record to be released this year. Fans of the bands will know the songs by heart, but the new arraignments will freshen up and alter your view on classic songs like “Funeral,” “No One’s Going To Love You,” and “Factory.” Casual listeners of the band, we bet, will become deeper fans of the band now thanks to their new, tender directions.

Chuck RaganTill Midnight
One of America’s best songwriters and one of punk’s greatest voices returns with a new solo album that is one of his most sublime to date. Ragan paints with sound more than ever before thanks to lush orchestral arraignments, the use of choirs, and help from his friends like Dave Hause. Ragan comes off with the energy of a Baptish preacher and the soul of a gospel choir to lay more of his emotions out on the line. Till Midnight is a record that will not only give you chills, it will make you want more.

✝ ✝ (Crosses)
After two EP’s, Deftones’ Chino Moreno, Far’s Shaun Lopez link with musician Chuck Doom to release their debut album as ✝ ✝ (Crosses). The music of this band is as ominous, moody, and dark as the tone they set on stage. It is not Deftones, it is not Far, it contains some elements of those bands, but it is a long way away of being anything like them. Taking a dark electronic / cold-wave vibe, with inspiration from bands like Depeche Mode, Bauhaus, and Jesus and Mary Chain.

The sophomore release from New York duo Phantogram comes a record far more complex, layered, and diverse than their previous releases. Voices hears Phantogram proving they are hear to stay and not just another electronica act trying to craft a hit.

St. Vincent
Indie darling St. Vincent returns with her fourth album and her most multifaceted and diverse record to date. After recording and writing the album in Texas, it sounds much more metropolitan and cosmopolitan than where the record was conceived. This maybe St. Vincent’s finest record to date, it is clearly her strongest.

Nina PerssonAnimal Heart
The latest solo record from The Cardigans / A-Camp front woman, Nina Persson hears her returning to her Swedish roots by crafting a magical pop record that will have you hitting replay over and over again.

The atmospheric Brooklyn indie band return with a stark and surprising sophomore album that combines the creativity of Sigur Ros and the ambiance of James Blake.

The Family Rain Under the Volcano
Our February Rising Artists, British blue rockers The Family Rain, release their debut album and it proves why they are a band we all need to keep an eye out for. Under The Volcano combines Thin Lizzy riffs and Rolling Stones swagger and keeps the dreams of Britrock alive.

Sharon Jones and the Dap KingsGive The People What They Want
After being diagnosed with cancer, Sharon Jones had to sideline the release of this record, but Give The People What They Want proves that nothing, not even cancer, will stop her. The funk and soul on this record shows that Jones’ spirit is alive and her fans are her needed medication.

Bombay Bicycle Club So Long, See You Tomorrow
British indie band Bombay Bicycle Club return with their fourth and best album. So Long, See You Tomorrow is a lush adventure in electronic pop, jazz, and alternative. Pushing the envelope forward, Bombay Bicycle Club are on the verge of showing why they are here to stay.

Kevin SecondsOff Stockton
The new solo album from 7 Seconds front man, Kevin Seconds, arrives and his self aware and self pride are stronger than before. Seconds, who has made a career out of speaking his mind, does not disappoint on Off Stockton and shows why he is still an icon in his scene.

Schoolboy QOxymoron
The much-anticipated third album from A$AP Crew member, Schoolboy Q arrives and he enlisted some heavy hitters like Kendrick Lamar, 2 Chainz, Jay Rock, Tyler, The Creator, Suga Free and Kurupt, to support his sound. Oxymoron is in fact his best solo effort to date and shows he has a bright career ahead of him.

Katy B Little Red
English songstress Katy B returns with her semi dubstep, sub bass, electronic pop sound and hears a much more mature and grown up gal than when we met her a few years ago. Little Red is causing a stir across the pond and once it picks up on American radio, Katy B will be one of the biggest females to come from Britain since Adele.

The Gaslight Anthem B-Sides
After four albums, New Jersey greats The Gaslight Anthem release a record of B-Sides and while that usually means covers or songs left off an album or two, this compilation is a majority of their classic tracks from their first three records redone acoustically. It does feature covers like those they play in concert like Pearl Jam’s “State of Love and Trust,” and Rolling Stones’ “Tumbling Dice,” but falls short of rare tracks we have not heard, which is the biggest issue with the album.

Chain Gang of 1974 Daydream Forever
The indie garage / pop / electronic hybrid The Chain Gang of 1974, make their major label debut with their third album and while the creativity is still there, it is nothing new that we have not heard before from this band.

Cibo MattoHotel Valentine
For the first time since 1999, New York City art rockers Cibo Matto return with Cibo Matto and bring their classic trip hop and indie pop sound back to life. After all these years apart, nothing has seemed to changed, fans of the band that waited for a new release will eat it up, but a new audience or critics wanting for something more from a band that was so forward thinking back then, will be disappointed with what they are doing now.

Maximo ParkToo Much Information
The once promising career of British alternative band Maximo Park seems to be fading with their new record. Too Much Information lacks the energy and clever sound that made them the talk of the music world nearly a decade ago.

Quick News

The documentary about the making of Nas' Illmatic, Time is Illmatic, will make its premiere at April's Tribeca Film Festival in New York City.

Designer and music lover John Varvatos is launching his own record label via Republic Records called Varvatos Records. According to a press release, Varvatos will personally serve as the curator and president of the label, spearheading the signing of new acts and the release of high-profile reissues and compilations. The imprint's focus is genuine music in the spirit of legends. This stands out as a revolutionary collaboration, co-mingling two distinct brands under one common banner with a united goal of releasing timeless records.

In an interview with Revolt TV during NBA All-Star Weekend, Big Boi has confirmed OutKast are not working a new album. Big Boi said, "No, no, no. We’re just doing the tour only, just for the fans. That’s all it is, just the tour. I got a solo record I’m working on. But, it’s just the Outkast 20th year anniversary, just a way for us to celebrate with our fans, but there’s no album in the works, no."

Tori Amos will release her new album, Unrepentant Geraldines in May.

UK electronic act Darkstar are working on their third album, the follow-up to last year's fantastic News From Nowhere. The band say that this upcoming record,"feels like elements from our older dance floor productions and our more recent song arrangements are coming together." No word as to when it will be released.

Coming off a tremendous 2013, Pharrell has announced that he will release his first solo album in eight years, next month. The record will be called G I R L, take a look at the cover below:

Lady Gaga on Fallon

Watch Lady Gaga perform "ARTPOP" on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon!

Phantogram on Kimmel

Watch Phantogram perform "Black Out Days" and "Fall in Love" on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Langhorne Slim on Conan

Langhorne Slim was on Conan Tuesday night and performed "Past Lives," and then Conan joined Slim to perform "Someday / I Will." Take a look!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


 Take a look at February's 28-song playlist and hear it on Spotify!

The Mezingers New Album Details

In April, Philly punks The Mezingers will release their new album, Rented World. Take a look at the cover above, and the tracklisting, below, as well as watch the video for the first single, "In Remission."

01. I Don't Wanna Be An Asshole Anymore
02. Bad Things
03. Rodent
04. Where Your Heartache Exists
05. My Friend Kyle
06. Transient Love
07. The Talk
08. Nothing Feels Good Anymore
09. Hearts Unknown
10. In Remission
11. Sentimental Physics
12. When You Died

Quick News

Sad news to report, founding Devo guitarist Bob Casale has passed away at age 61. His family confirmed that he died of heart failure. Our thoughts and sympathies go out to his family, friends, and the members of Devo.

In a posting on their Facebook page, Echo & The Bunnymen have confirmed they have finished working on their new record. The still untitled album will be out later this year.

To celebrate their 40 years as a band, AC/DC will head into the studio in May to work on their first album of new music since 2008's Black Ice. The band hope to have the record out later this year.

American Psycho author Bret Easton Ellis has confirmed he is working on a script based around Kanye West's Yeezus album. In an interview with Vice, the author said, "It’s in Kanye-land and that’s subject to a whole other timeframe. He came and asked me to write the film. I didn’t want to at first. Then I listened to Yeezus. It was early summer last year and I was driving in my car. He’d given me an advance copy and I thought, regardless of whether I’m right for this project, I want to work with whoever made this. So fuck it, I said yes. And that’s how it happened. That was seven or eight months ago. We’ll see what happens."

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Afghan Whigs leader Greg Dulli talked about how Breaking Bad actor Bob Odenkirk managed to break the news of a new Whigs record to the world. Dulli said, "I was having lunch with my friend Mike Brillstein [a.k.a. L.A. DJ Thee Mike B] on our way to play golf. This guy came in and started talking to Mike, asking him what he's up to. He said, "Oh, I just did a remix for the new Afghan Whigs album my friend here made." I turn around, and it's Bob Odenkirk! I loved Mr. Show and Breaking Bad. Then he asked me, "So, a new Afghan Whigs record, huh? It's been a long time!" Bob then took a picture of the two of us together — me looking like a deer in the headlights in my golf shirt, not my finest hour — and said, "I'm going to tweet this. People are going to freak out!" I started saying he shouldn't, that the label wants to announce it first. But then he did it anyway, said, "Okay, Greg! Good luck!" — then split. It was hilarious — such a Saul Goodman moment!"

Silversun Pickups on Kimmel

Watch Silversun Pickups perform "Cannibal" and "Lazy Eye" on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

U2 on Fallon!

For Jimmy Fallon's first episode hosting The Tonight Show, he brought out the big guns -- U2 as his musical guest. Watch the band perform "Invisible" on the Top of the Rock and a acoustic version of "Ordinary Love."

Sunday, February 16, 2014

EXCLUSIVE! Thomas J. Speight INTV!

From Paul McCartney to Ryan Adams to Keane to Graham Norton, English singer/songwriter Thomas J. Speight is gaining famous fans fast. The London born, Liverpool educated songwriter has had both great British cities to use as a source of immense learning and inspiration. Now, as he preps his debut album and gains a tremendous amount of buzz back home, we are pleased to get one of his first American interviews. We spoke to Speight about his music, his influences, and where he wants all of this to take him. His unique sound and captivating personality is what has drawn us in, we hope it shines in this interview. Take a look below:

Hailing from London, how has the city influenced your work?

I love London and I'm super proud to be from there. I suppose the biggest influence is the music scene and the great bands that have come out of London. I have also been influenced by Liverpool because of my University days. I think generally the British music scene is strong at the moment.

Being a singer-songwriter, what drives your topics and themes of songs?

I think all the songs come from a story or something that has happened to me. However, i do want people to relate to the songs so it's never going to be too indulgent.I think the key to any good song is to make the listener to connect to it and provoke some form of emotion. I don't think you need to have the most poetic or cryptic of lyrics, you just need to deliver what you wanted to say in the song.

You’re latest single, “Just Where I Want To Be” is inspired by a near death experience. What happened?

It's inspired by quite a few things. I had to take a break from music as a result, I have quite a serious illness called Crohn's and at that time I was in and out of hospitals.The song for me is about bouncing back and the making most of your health and life.

After all these years, what is it like to be recording your debut album?

It's been a slow and steady process of me developing as an artist and building a fan base. I'm just very much focused on making the best possible record I can.

Your debut EP was produced by members of Keane, how did you link up with them? Will they be producing your debut full length?

Jesse Quin from Keane message me on MySpace back in the day saying he liked my music but it needed to be more produced so he asked Tim from Keane if he wanted to get on board too. I ended being the first act to record in Tim's studio. They have been great friends and supporters of my music and I'm sure I will definitely do something more with them.

 Ryan Adams came and gave you great praise about your music. What was it like to achieve such high marks from someone like him? Are you a fan of his work?

I'm a huge fan of his music! It was like a stamp of approval for me. He is definitely up there with the best

More importantly, Sir Paul McCartney is a fan of your work. How does someone like Paul get a hold of you and get a shirt to endorse you?

I went to a school in Liverpool and got chosen as a writer to show him my songs. I ended playing about 6 songs with him. Not a bad day at all!

Being a Beatles fan, what was it like to get high marks from Macca? 

It was very much like an out of body experience because it almost didn't feel real. He was very sweet and generous with his time. I loved every moment. However, I got the worst Polaroid picture of me and him..the photographer managed to crop off my head.  

Where do you go from here?

This year is about getting the new singles out there and raising awareness of my songs and having a lot of fun in the process. I would also love to play Glastonbury and hopefully meet Emma Stone. Fingers crossed!

What has been the best thing about this journey thus far?

That's a tough question..I could tell you a couple of highlights for sure! Playing the Roundhouse in London with Travis was pretty crazy, Sir Paul McCartney singing my songs with me was another highlight and recording with Keane was a great experience.

What does the rest of the year hold for you?

The first single comes out in February and then I'm touring in March.  I imagine the second single will be out very shortly after that and then I'm into the festival season. 2013 was a great year for touring for with Travis, Fossil Collective etc but I didn't have any new music it just feels good to be getting it out there.

When can we expect you in NYC?

I've been to New York about 3 hopefully very soon. I got very lucky one time because it was around the ash cloud so I was there for about a month. I ended playing some very cool shows and recording some material. I was also lucky enough to meet Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers..he was very cool! I'm looking forward to playing Rockwood again!

Quick News

Taking to Instagram, Johnny Pierce of The Drums has confirmed that his band have finished recording their third record. No word as to when the album will be released.

In a recent interview with The Canadian Press, Madonna has confirmed she has started working on her new album.

Is Beck working with Pharrell? In a recent interview with Billboard, Beck, had mentioned again that he has a slew of new material he wants to put out following the release of his new record, Morning Phase, and one of the people involved in the other music is Pharrell. Beck is hoping to have that music out at some point this year.

Chromeo will release their new album, White Women, in May. The band released the album cover, take a look below:

Friday, February 14, 2014

Live Review: ✝ ✝ ✝ (Crosses) @ Music Hall of Williamsburg

Thursday started off as a wintery mess, it left New York City blanked in white and making for horrendous conditions maneuvering around any borough. While the snow and cold piled on for a majority of the day, it seemed as if the music gods were smiling on Big Apple crowd trying to get to a gig, any gig, whether it was Broadway or   (Crosses) in Brooklyn, which was our destination.

The night before at Santos Party Haus, Deftones frontman Chino Moreno, Far guitarist Shaun Lopez, and musician Chuck Doom, backed by various touring musicians, made their NYC debut with   (Crosses). On Thursday, it was their time to shine at Music Hall of Williamsburg across the East River in Brooklyn. Taking the stage at 11 p.m., the crowd inside who braved the cold and weather conditions turned up the heat and were ready to see what this band could do. It was as if they had been following   (Crosses) for decades the way they were seething with anticipation, rather than the handful of years the band has been together. Backed by three giant light up crosses to play off the bands three founding members and cover of their just-released debut, it set a dark and ominous tone before they even played a note. Moreno walked on stage with a hoodie as if he was entering a boxing ring ready to go 12 rounds as he took his mic. The music of this band is as ominous, moody, and dark as the tone they set on stage. It is not Deftones, it is not Far, it contains some elements of those bands, but it is a long way away of being anything like them. Taking a dark electronic / cold-wave vibe, with inspiration from bands like Depeche Mode, Bauhaus, and Jesus and Mary Chain.

After plowing through 30 minutes, which included songs like “The Eulogy,” and “Bitch’s Brew,” which were played earlier in the week on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, a few technical glitches sidelined the band for a bit. However, Moreno and Doom made up for it, in a freestyle jam session. “It means a fuckin’ lot to us that you came out on this fucked up day,” Moreno said to the crowd. Once the technical issues were fixed, a clearly frustrated Lopez, took to his guitar and the band went back to work. Playing for 90-minutes, including the encore, (Crosses) showed what they were made of.

While it was a night that belonged to (Crosses), another side project opened the evening. Color Film, which featured Glassjaw’s Daryl Palumbo on vocals, made a rare live appearance opening for their friends. Color Film’s sound is as if Palumbo fronted The Cure, in keeping with (Crosses) 80’s influences, they were perfect openers. Palumbo even brought along the Glassjaw rhythm section to back up his latest effort. With only a 7” under their belt, it was a tast for fans of what was to come, and we are hoping for great things.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Little Dragon New Album Details

Sweden's Little Dragon will release their new album, Nabuma Rubberband in May. Take a look at the cover, above, and the tracklisting, as well as the hear the first single, "Klapp Klapp," below:

01 Mirror
02 Klapp Klapp
03 Pretty Girls
04 Underbart
05 Cat Rider
06 Paris
07 Lurad
08 Nabuma Rubberband
09 Only One
10 Killing Me
11 Pink Cloud
12 Let Go

Quick News

U2 & Karen O. have been confirmed to play their respective Oscar nominated songs at this year's Academy Awards which take place on March 2.

Speaking of U2, the band are aiming to release their still-untitled, Danger Mouse produced, 13th album this summer. The band say the delay in the record came from when they got a call from Hollywood big-wig Harvey Weinstein to craft a song for Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom. Bassist Adam Clayton told The Hollywood Reporter, "This was the one project you just couldn't say no to. For our generation, South Africa was a real illustration of how music could affect change in the world, and it was a rite of passage in terms of our political awareness."

Savages have confirmed they will release new material in the form of an EP, later this year.

Nas is teaming up with Xbox to release a dramatic autobiographical series called Street Dreams, which will be about how the rapper came up in the Queensbridge Projects. While the project is still being casted and scripts are being worked on The Wackness director Jonathan Levine will direct the series. No word yet as to when the project will air, however, Nas did tell Rolling Stone that he will release a new album later this year.

Also on the biopic front is Boyz N The Hood director John Singleton has signed on to direct the upcoming Tupac Shakur film. Singleton, who directed Tupac in Poetic Justice, tells Variety, "Tupac was the guy who I planned to do a lifetime of films with,” Singleton said. “His passing deeply affected my life as well as countless people in this world. His life story is important to my generation.” The film will be about Pac's rise until his 1996 murder. No release date has been set, nor has a lead been casted in the project.