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Live Review - Craig Finn @ Mercury Lounge

Fans of Craig Finn are used to his story-telling style of songwriting and his amazing stage banter, but Finn's fans are usually witnessing him perform with his main band - The Hold Steady. In one of his first New York shows as a solo artist, Craig Finn and his band Some Guns played the first of two sold-out shows in the same night at New York's tiny Mercury Lounge.

At the early show, Finn and Some Guns took the stage at 8 on-the-button and opened with "Apollo Baby," the first song off Finn's solo debut, Clear Heart Full Eyes. The title comes from the popular and now defunct TV show, Friday Night Lights. Finn, who has practically been on the road non-stop since 2006 with The Hold Steady took some time in the summer of 2011 and went to Austin, Texas to record his record. He linked up with local musicians who would eventually become Some Guns and released Clear Heart Full Eyes in January. The record is chock full of Finn's brilliant story telling yet, unlike his past work with Hold Steady or Lifter / Puller, Finn goes much more introspective than ever before, not telling stories of characters who are persona's of his personality or people he knows, but these songs and stories are all his and pages from his life.

At Mercury Lounge the crowd listened and held on to every word he said, and why shouldn't they? Everything Finn sings and talks about has happened to you before. He is much more than a guy in a band or songwriter, he is the biographer of your conscience. Unlike Finn's gigs with his other bands, his fans can attest that he uses his guitar basically as a prop, at Mercury Lounge, his acoustic was strapped on and never left his shoulders, he was also very sober and not sloshed as he tends to get playing with his day job band. For the hour and fifteen minutes Finn and Some Guns were on stage he performed songs off his debut, new songs and of spoke of connecting with people as a fan and artist, love and heartbreak, moving from the suburbs to the big city and everything in between. For his solo show in New York, a sober Craig Finn was clear headed and full hearted and brought a whole room to its knees.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

LIVE PIX - Hit Squad Reunion

On Friday February 24, legendary hip-hop supergroup - The Hit Squad reunited at Best Buy Theater. The group which featured DJ Scratch, EPMD, Keith Murray, Das Efx, K Solo, Redman and others came together for an epic night of hip-hop. Our photo correspondent RICH D SMOOV was on hand to capture the action and surprises.

Redman with special guest Method Man
Keith Murray

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Boy George Joins The Drums in England

For a special surprise to fans at the NME Awards Tour featuring The Drums, Culture Club singer and British icon, Boy George joined the New York indie band on stage to perform the classic, "Do You Really Want to Hurt Me," take a look!

Keith Richards & Eric Clapton Jam Together

In an unexpected surprise to those at Apollo Theater in New York on Friday night, Keith Richards joined Eric Calpton to perform "Spoonful," at a tribute concert for Howlin' Wolf. Take a look!

Quick News

The Vaccines, who are coming off an amazing year after all of 2011's success have given an update on the follow-up to their brilliant debut, What Did You Expect From The Vaccines? Singer Justin Young told NME, "We can't wait. When you're in the studio, you just crave the road and getting out and playing shows, but we've been touring for the last 18 months so we really just want to get in and make a record." The band will record their second record with Kings of Leon producer Ethan James in Belgium.

Keane will release their fourth record, Strangeland on May 7. Take a look at the tracklisting below:
'You Are Young'
'Silenced By The Night'
'Watch How You Go'
'Sovereign Light Café'
'On The Road'
'The Starting Line'
'Black Rain''Neon River'
'Day Will Come'
'In Your Own Time'
'Sea Fog'

35 years after its epic release, Nevermind the Bollocks will be getting an anniversary edition. The surviving members of The Sex Pistols have signed a deal with Universal Music Catalouge UK to release a special edition of the iconic record. Johnny Rotten said in a statement, "Music can be great, when done by the great. The Sex Pistols are the greatest. Universal now has a trophy room, music is the imitation of nature, the Sex Pistols are nature, so please give generously. Thank you."

Odd Future's Hodgy Beats has released a free EP entitled Untitled. Get it HERE.

Andre 3000 of OutKast has given up some disappointing news about the state of the iconic hip-hop group. Andre told GQ that, "There's been a lot of talk on the Internet about an Outkast album and I have to say that as of now, there are no plans for another Outkast album."

Foster the People front man Mark Foster told NME that the band's next record will be "Less digital." Foster also said, "Hopefully we'll have a song or two out by the end of the year. I'd like to get the album done pretty quickly but we're not going to put something out until its ready. I'd say in 2013 it'll be out."

Santigold has released the cover of her forthcoming and much anticipated sophomore record, Master of My Make Believe. Take a look at the cover below, the album arrives May 1.


THE BOSS Blasted his way on Jimmy Fallon last night with a rousing rendition of his latest single, "We Take Care of Our Own." Take a look!

Rocketjuice & the Moon Cover & Tracklisting

Rocketjuice & the Moon aka Damon Albarn, Flea, Tony Allen are set to release their first album on March 26. Take a look at the cover above and the tracklisting below. Also, listen to the first single "Hey Shooter," featuring Erykah Badu!

'Hey, Shooter'
'Night Watch'
'Forward Sweep'
'Chop Up'
'Rotary Connection'
'Check Out'
'The Unfadable'

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Coldplay on Kimmel!

During Jimmy Kimmel's annual post-Oscar® show - Coldplay performed "Charlie Brown" and "Paradise," take a look!

Sunday, February 26, 2012


After the devastating earthquake and tsunami shook Japan last year, the all-girl Japanese band, The Suzan came to the US to not only represent themselves as a band, but also their country after tragedy. The band, which formed in 2004 and released two albums over the years made their way to the US for some much needed international attention. While they were here last year, they toured with Titus Andronicus and Chromeo, played a few festivals but also set up benefit gigs for those affected by the earthquake and tsunami. A year later, while Japan still rebuilds in the wake of what happened by forces of nature, we spoke with members of The Suzan - Rie and Saori. Read our interview with the charming punks and see why they are a band the whole world should be listening to.

How did the band form?

Rie: I started to make some demos at our home in the end of 2003. And I asked Saori to sing demos, and we made 5 songs. This demo was released as our first EP called “SUZAN KINGDUM” from Japanese indie label in 2004. Then we invited Nico and Ikue to join.

Where does the name, The Suzan come from?

Rie: It’s my nickname. It come from our family name “Suzuki." Sounds like Suzan.

You have such a great sound; it is a cross between calypso, punk and dance hall. Who are some of your influences?

Rie: I like rhythm of traditional culture, It’s like Japanese drum called “Taiko”, African, roots music and calypso too etc…Our music are influence by them.I listen to everything. I just like good music. That transcends genres. We don’t like prefer not to categorize style of music at all….We are trying to overcome that categorization.

Being a band from Japan, what is it like playing in America?

Rie: The audience will feel the difference. The image you guys think of the Japanese audience, but I think images are listening quietly. You would be surprised how you see our fans in Japan. Japanese fans singing and dancing, I love a fuss.

Recently, a growing number of fans in America. Without knowing our song, seems like the music catchy and fun phrases. Sometimes, I even surprised to see that the energetic performance of our end, it all smiles. And every mouth, "Amazing!" "Excellent!" Hey, I'm coming to speak to us.

How have the American audiences been responding to you?

Saori: The American audiences are very honest. They can enjoy our music if they have never listened our music. They can try to enjoy and share good feeling with us by sing and together.

Last year you toured with Titus Andronicus in the US, what was that like? How did you get linked up with them?

Saori: They play different sounds than us, but their passion of music is same with us! The good thing is they manage all works by themselves. Sometimes it’s too hard for a band, But it’s good to express our self. we love DIY. Coincidently, Amy Klein who [was] a female guitarist of Titus Andronicus is a friend from when we used to be University students. She is one of a best friend in US even now.

You have been doing a lot of shows in Brooklyn, do you like it in Brooklyn? Any of it reminds you of back home?

Saori: Yeah, We love Brooklyn so much. Our favorite music instrument shop "MAIN DRAG" is in Brooklyn and we had stay in Brooklyn a few years ago for a couple months. It was really fun.

Good venues, good parks, good vintage clothing stores, good super markets, good neighbors.
Brooklyn is a meditative place for us.

Being an all girl group, is it difficult trying to muscle through the old boys club?


Given the events that happened in Japan last year, were you directly affected by what happened?

Saori: We were not affected directly, but mentally it was really shocking for us. After March 11th, every time we see happenings in Japan via email or news, we always worry about our relatives and our home country. We and our relatives are safe right now, but after that we realized the fact we all live close to dangers. It's not only in Japan but also in all countries... So sad.

How long do you think it will take for everything to get back to normal after the Tsunami?

Saori: It's really difficult to answer... We can't guess how long...It's almost impossible to rebuild everything as before. We mean our points of view to "normal" would be changed after Tsunami.

Now Japanese including us are thinking about creating new generation, new way to live, how to change our daily life better, more than getting back normal life as before.

You did a few benefit shows in the US to raise money for Japan, what is it like representing your country here in America?

Saori: Before we did benefit shows in America, we focused on "how our performance can entertain people in the world," but now we also think about "how our music can help people".
During benefit shows we tried to represent our love to Japan, responses from American people were also filled with love to Japan.

It's honorable things for us to be one of pipes connecting Japan and the U.S. by world's eternal commons as music and love.

What other Japanese bands should we know about that you like?

Saori: We can't think of Japanese band like us instantly, but if you like pop Japanese female unit, I recommend you Cibo Matto. If you like garage groovy rock band, Yura Yura Teikoku would be good fit. Unfortunatelly they were spilit up last year though....


As we bring February down here is a list of tracks to bring us into March.

- Florence and the Machine - "What the Water Gave Us"
- Cabaret Voltaire - "Sex, Money, Freaks"
- Bright Eyes - "One For You, One For Me"
- The Black Keys - "Sister"
- Reptar - "Blastoff"
- Artery - "Mother Moon"
- Love and Rockets - "So Alive"
- Marina and the Diamonds - "Fear and Loathing"
- Pajama Club - "These Are Conditions"
- Male Bonding - "Tame The Sun"
- Washed Out - "Eyes Be Closed"
- Surfer Blood - "Drinking Problem"
- Mastodon - "Curl of the Burl"
- Jay-Z & Kanye West - "No Church in the Wild"
- Foo Fighters - "Walk"
- Deftones - "Digital Bath"
- Nas - "If I Ruled the World"
- The Streets - "Stay Positive"
- Jim Ward - "On My Way Back Home Again"
- Frank Ocean - "Novocain"
- The Horrors - "Ocean Burns"
- Fucked Up - "Ship of Fools"
- Feist - "How Come You Never Go There"

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Hank & Cupcakes In Hansa Studios

In August of 2011, Brooklyn band Hank & Cupcakes entered the legendary Hansa Studios in Berlin. Watch this mini-documentary of the dynamic duo's time there.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Road to the Oscars® 2011!

Sunday is the big night! Hollywood honors its stars and a year in artistic achievement. Much like 2010, the 2011 was highlighted by fantastic documentaries, two in fact that the Academy neglected to mention - Senna and Beats, Rhymes and Life: The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest. Two films that deserve so much more attention than they have already gotten, while Senna won the BAFTA for Best Documentary, Beats, Rhymes and Life is more than just a film about a legendary hip-hop group, it is about a movement.

Yet, of course the show centers on the narrative film, we had a year that took as back in time. With The Artist, the cinematic masterpiece that pays homage to Hollywood's Golden Era and Martin Scorsese's Hugo - which not only tells a brilliant story but also honors legendary French filmmaker George Melies. While so many films came through the door this year, host Billy Crystal returns as the true Master of Ceremonies and we will have to wait and see what the show brings.

As we do every year, here is our list of the 10 Best Films of the Year as well as some Oscar® picks in the major categories. Tune in to ABC Sunday at 7 to see how we did and who won.


1- The Artist
2- Hugo
3- Win Win
4- Midnight in Paris
5- Drive
6- Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
7- Beginners
8- 50/50
9- Super 8
10- X Men: First Class

Oscar® Picks for 10 Categories:

Best Motion Picture of the Year
The Artist

Achievement in Directing
Martin Scorsese, Hugo

Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role
Jean Dujardin, The Artist

Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role
Viola Davis, The Help

Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role
Christopher Plummer, Beginners

Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role
Octavia Spencer, The Help

Achievement in Cinematography
Robert Richardson, Hugo

Original Screenplay
Midnight in Paris, Written by Woody Allen

Adapted Screenplay
The Descendants, Screenplay by Alexander Payne and Nat Faxon & Jim Rash

Original Score
The Artist, Ludovic Bource

Spiritualized Cover & Tracklisting

On April 17, Spritualized will release their much anticipated new album - Sweet Heart Sweet Light. The record was pushed back from its original March release and the band has released the cover and tracklisting as well as the first single, "Hey Jane." The cover is above and the tracklisting and song is below:

1. Hey Jane
2. Little Girl
3. Get What You
4. Too Late
5. Heading For The Top
6. Freedom
7. I Am What I Am
8. Mary
9. Life Is A Problem
10. So Long You Pretty Things

K'Naan w/ Nelly Furtado on Letterman

K'Naan hit up Letterman with special guest Nelly Furtado last night to perform "Is Anybody Out There?" Take a look!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Reptar Cover & Tracklisting

Athens, Georgia's latest sensations - Reptar will release their much anticipated debut album, Body Faucet on May 1. Take a look at the cover above and enter your e-mail in the widget to get a free download of "Sebastian." Also, take a look at the tracklisting below:

1. Sebastian
2. Please Don’t Kill Me
3. Isoprene Bath

4. Orifice Origami

5. Houseboat Babies
6. Natural Bridge
7. Ghost Bike
8. New House
9. Thank You Gliese 370 b
10. Sweet Sipping Soda
11. Three Shining Suns
12. Water Runs

In 2011 we interviewed Reptar, take a look at that interview HERE.

Blood Red Shoes Cover & Tracklisting

UK duo Blood Red Shoes will release their new album, In Time To Voices on March 26. Take a look at the cover above and the tracklisting below:

"In Time To Voices"
"Lost Kids"
"Two Dead Minutes"
"The Silence and the Drones"
"Night Light"
"Je Me Perds"
"Stop Kicking"
"Slip into Blue
"Down Here In The Dark"
"7 Years"

In 2010 we interviewed the band, take a look at that HERE.

Quick News

The Gaslight Anthem have announced the title of their forthcoming record, the album shall be called Handwritten. No release date has been set.

James Blake has given details on his new LP. The dubstep hero and our pick for 2011's Best New Artist has told Spinner, "I think it's going to be a bit more aggressive, to be honest. It seems that way. I don't feel more aggressive, it's just been… it's just how I feel. In terms of writing more club tracks, writing more electronically influenced – I feel like it was all electronically influenced, but now that influence has come to me in a different way." No word as to when Blake will release album number two, we are hoping it will be out at some point this year.

Original Oasis drummer, Tony McCarroll, who left the band in 1995 after a dispute with Noel Gallagher is looking to auction off his drum kit that he used to record, Definitely Maybe. He told UK's The Sun, "“I’ve never taken advantage of the Oasis connections over the years. There have been a lot of offers and opportunities but I just never felt the need to. I’ve been living a really normal life, nothing much has been going on.” It has been rumored that Manchester United superstar Wayne Rooney is interested in buying the kit. In 2011 we interviewed McCarroll about his book, Oasis: The Truth, take a look at that interview HERE.

Heartless Bastards on Letterman

In support of their latest record, Arrow, Austin's Heartless Bastards returned to Letterman to perform "Got to Have Rock and Roll." Take a look!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Quick Spins

BurialKindred EP
The dubstep enigma teases us again with another brilliant EP. While we all await a new LP from Burial, he gives us another EP, the follow-up to Street Halo, Kindred has the London artist blaring the sub-bass and bringing the melodramatic. It is everything we have come to love and expect from Burial and nothing more - just hypnotic and beautiful sounds.

Fucked UpYear of the Tiger
It is the great debate among indie fans now, do you count the near 30 minute two-song record from Fucked Up an EP or record? Whatever it is, it is classic Fucked Up – pushing the boundaries of music and themselves to the point that they bring a fierce and fighting animal out of the cage and into the wild.

AirLe Voyage Dans La Lune
The French duo return with a brand new album and the follow-up to 2007’s Pocket Symphony, it is a much welcomed return. Le Voyage Dans La Lune came about after the band were asked to provide music for a restored version of A Trip to the Moon, the 1902 film by George Melies (the subject of Martin Scorsese’s Oscar nominated film, Hugo), and bring a total original soundtrack to life for the classic and loved short film. While Air’s soundtrack to A Trip to the Moon was seen around the world at last summer’s Cannes film festival, the band were so inspired by the film they comprised a full album around it, using a film as the basis. The result is a voyage and odyssey through the lush and beautiful electronic landscape Air has provided.

Tennis Young and Old
The husband and wife duo team up with Patrick Carney of The Black Keys to produce a record of more fun in the sun tunes. Tennis, who released their debut album, Cape Dory last year to rave reviews and provided everyone listening with great material for the summer do it again with Young and Old. While they have a big time producer behind the decks, what is great about Young and Old is that Tennis still remain to true to themselves and create colorful and enjoyable tunes.

Dr. DogBe The Void
The harmonic indie band returns and ask their fans to “be the void.” Dr. Dog again are masters of harmonies and fans of the band will eat Be the Void up like a delicious Crumbs cupcake. Be the Void is Dr. Dog at their usual best and for that, it is something to indulge in.

The Twilight SadNo One Can Ever Know
The atmospheric Scottish indie bands returns with album number three and proves to be their best yet. The Twilight Sad combine Krautrock and lo-fi and mix the atmospheric charges that another Scottish band, Glasvegas, have made popular over the years. Cold wave still seems to loom large over Scotland and The Twilight Sad prove there is nothing wrong with it.

Fun. – Some Nights
The sophomore record from fun. proves they are only getting bigger and better. Some Nights is a record that shows how bands sound naturally progress, once pigeon-holed into the “pop-punk” category but they have shed that mold and now a band of their own, even enlisting Janelle Monae for their first single, “We Are Young.” A fantastic record for the open-minded and one that will grow better and better with each listen.

Asteroids Galaxy TourOut of Frequency
After a three year wait, the Danish electro-rockers return and with a big bang. Out of Frequency is a solid album and listen from a band who have cut their teeth internationally making the perfect blend of pop, dance, electronica and rock.

Paul McCartney Kisses on the Bottom
The legendary Sir Paul goes from rock and roll to crooner on a record of lovable covers. While Macca does his best to swoon us with jazz covers and a handful of originals, Kisses on the Bottom is just something for Paul to get out of his system, nothing really groundbreaking but something to have on when doing other things.

Anya MarinaFelony Flats
The California singer goes for a much more pop sound on her third full length. While, still singing from the heart and experience, Marina gets more mainstream with Felony Flats and still manages to stay true to her indie roots.

Anti-Flag The General Strike
The political punkers fire back on their new record, inspired by the mainstream news and the occupy movement, Anti-Flag get furious with The General Strike. The eighth record from Anti-Flag will have fans excited, it is still the same sound and message but they are one of the few punk bands of today REALLY talking about today’s issues.

Amos Lee – Asthe Crow Flies EP
The folk singer returns with an EP for his fans. Amos Lee, who has made a career out of combining folk and soul and his latest EP, As the Crow Flies is no different. It is a small selection of songs to hold over fans until the next full length.

Royal BathsBetter Luck Next Life
The Brooklyn garage rockers release a new record of rather redundant material. While fuzzy guitars and wailing drums are our thing, it sometimes is rather nice to change things up a bit, for Better Luck Next Life, as each song builds and builds the tracks never really go anywhere and the record just sounds anti-climatic. Royal Baths have been developing a strong fanbase in Brooklyn over the years but this latest record may not have them leave the borough.

Ringo Starr Ringo 2012
Ringo was never Paul nor John nor George, Ringo was well, Ringo and his latest record is just more of Ringo. While the famous drummer never had the pipes of his bandmates, he still manages to get on as a former member of The Beatles, doing his thing and Ringo 2012 is just more of his own calamity without doing much more.

Die AntwoordTen$ion
The South African hip-hop duo return with another unlistenable achievement in sound. While the gimmick and the joke still manages to grasp some, really they are a waste of time, their latest, Ten$ion, is further proof.

Live Review - Mona @ Mercury Lounge

Just over a week ago at the Grammy awards, Foo Fighters front man Dave Grohl pointed out to a room full of industry folks and viewers at home that music should come from the heart and be real and be passionate. It does not have to be perfect, but it has to have a fire. Grohl, who then got a standing ovation for his speech then sparked another dialogue in the blogosphere that has been seen and heard before, “Is Rock Dead?”

Tuesday night at a sold-out Mercury Lounge, Nashville quartet Mona became the disciples in Grohl’s quest to create passionate music and prove that the genre that hails Elvis as King and The Beatles as masters is far from dead.

Mona, who have been on the road for nearly two years, have criss-crossed the United States and traveled overseas to United Kingdom and like another Nashville rock and roll band, Kings of Leon, have become rather popular overseas while still gaining momentum here in America waiting for their big moment. With their debut album, finally getting a US release on February 28, Mona are currently on a headlining tour of small clubs to make sure people in every city know of this bands power and record.

Around 10 p.m. Tuesday night, Mona took the stage and immediately set the tiny Mercury Lounge into a free-for-all as fans bobbed their heads, put their fists in the air and released themselves after their long day at work. Mona’s approach to rock and roll is very straight forward – loud guitars, pounding drums, thick bass and a singer who is a cross between Bono and Jerry Lee Lewis with a bit of Joe Strummer flair. The package is familiar but the sound is bombastic. While Mercury Lounge is an intimate venue, Mona’s songs shook the room and proved that the band’s sound is ready to explode at music festivals and in arenas. With songs like “Listen to Your Love,” “Shooting the Moon,” “Lean Into the Fall,” and “Teenager,” they have managed to create swelling songs and songs massive in sound that could easily be picked as singles for radio and videos to release.

“Rock and roll begins in rooms just like this,” the visibly pale front man, Nick Brown, told the crowd, “From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for coming out tonight,” Brown and his band looked like they were battling an illness they all shared while touring in a van but it did not stop them from delivering a memorable night and pleasing the fans who came out to see them. While the band were on stage for 40-minutes, they walked off and just as they thought the night was done, the fans all screamed for an encore, the tired band obliged and gave them something commit to memory – an amazing cover of The Cranberries hit, “Zombie.” While the audience had no idea what hit them, the band had a smile from ear to ear as they finished their set and Brown told the crowd, “I want to have drinks with all of you tonight and get to know you. I probably won’t remember any of it, but lets do it!”

While the set was under an hour, it drove home the point that rock is not dead nor is it hibernating, it is very much alive and well, it just needs to be searched for. It also needs to be said that everyone at the Mercury Lounge gig and those seeing Mona on this current tour are eating up the experience, for the next time the band returns to any city, the venues and attendance will be bigger.

Stream Live ERASURE!

Erasure are set to release a live album, Erasure - Live at the Roundhouse - Tomorrow's World Tour exclusively on their website, While you can order the two CD set their, you can stream four songs from the album here!

Simian Mobile Disco Cover & Tracklisting

On May 15 electronic act Simian Mobile Disco will release their new foot-stomping album, Unpatterns. Take a look at the cover above and the track listing below:

1 I Waited for You
2 Cerulean
3 Seraphim
4 A Species Out of Control
5 Interference
6 Put Your Hands Together
7 The Dream of the Fisherman's Wife
8 Your Love Ain't Fair
9 Pareidolia
10 Everyday (iTunes bonus track)

Quick News

On the heels of Tuesday night's Brit Awards, Blur confirmed to NME magazine they are working on new material with producer William Orbit. The band also confirmed they will be headlining Sweden's Way Out West festival as well as other festivals this summer including the "Best of British" Olympic closing ceremony. No word as to when the record will be released, but it will be the Britpop band's first since 2003's Think Tank.

At the Drive-In guitarist Omar Rodriguez-Lopez has confirmed to Kerrang! magazine that "There will be no new At The Drive-In album." The guitarist said that the reunion, "It's an old T-shirt that doesn't fit me any more, but when you put it on again, it feels nice. It's as simple as that." He then confirmed the all of the band members have been patching up their relationship with one another over the last four years.

Crocodiles will release their new album, Endless Flowers on June 5. Read our 2011 interview with the band HERE.

Metric will release their new album, Synthetica on June 11 in the UK / Europe and the following day in North America.

Producer and band leader, Mark Ronson and Miike Snow member Andrew Wyatt are set to score a ballet together. The ballet, which will premiere in April in London is part of a triple bill that will have six performances at the Royal Opera House.

Jesse Lacey of Brand New gave an update or shed more mystery to a new record from the Long Island band to British website, Lacey said, "Well we probably started writing new material as soon as we were done with the last record, it’s just lately we’ve all been exploring our peripheral projects outside of ‘Brand New’. It’s been nice to get back together again, because you’ll hear something that Brian’s done, or Vinni’s done, you almost get jealous of it, because you wish you had been part of that, so we’re definitely excited to get back in the studio together. We have studio time in April but we’re not really sure how that will turn out, unfortunately for our fans, it’s really ‘see how it goes’ for now."

Fun. on CONAN!

Fun. performed "We Are Young" on Conan last night! Take a look!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Blur returned to the stage on Tuesday night to headline this year's Brit Awards. The iconic Britpop band performed rousing renditions of "Tender," "Girls and Boys," "Song 2," "Parklife" and "This is a Low." Take a look.

The band's members Damon Albarn and Graham Coxon debuted a new song this weekend ahead of the Brits, take a look below, the song is called, "Under the Westway."


Officially A Podcast host Bill Reese sits down with Brooklyn band, Communication Corporation and discuss their new EP, which was produced by Dan Romer. Take a listen to the interview above and read Reese's article on the band below:

Communication Corporation Break Long Silence with New EP
By Bill Reese

If you’ve only heard The Communication Corporation on headphones, you’re only seeing the tip of the iceberg. The Brooklyn-based 3-piece is unique not only for their Keytar/Bass/Drum setup, but also because their bombastic live shows add a complimentary visual component to their already dazzling sonic experience.

ComCorp, as they go by for short, is the brainchild of Ronen Codor (keytar) and Jason Randall (bass). Birthed from the fertile womb of the SUNY Purchase music department, ComCorp released their self-produced debut I.P.O. in 2007. Since then, the band has barnstormed through dozens of venues in NYC, bringing their sensational stage show with them. Your typical ComCorp concert is complete with black lights, neon outfits, lasers, balloons, background dancers, and their unofficial mascot who has been known to join in the crowd’s dance party.

With the 4-song EP Set in Motion, the band breaks a prolonged silence. The EP was produced by fellow alum Dan Romer, who has put together records for the likes of Ingrid Michaelson, Bess Rogers, as well as the mixing for I.P.O. Codor had used one keytar for the sounds on the group’s debut, but for the EP, he used different instruments to create a fuller sound.

“The first album felt too small to me,” he said. “Dan recommended that I get a bunch of synths, and I spent hours and hours experimenting, driving myself nuts.” The songs on Set in Motion use a variety of synths and keyboards to create a sound that has equal parts indie pop and sleek dance pop.

The opener, “Time Bandits”—which Codor admitted was somewhat inspired by the campy Sean Connery film of the same name—is a synth-pop gem, with Codor’s vocals booming over sharp keyboard hooks and the disco bump of Randall’s bass. (Listen to the interview with Communication Corporation below and hear the World Podcast Premiere of “Time Bandits”) The opener is followed up by the wall-of-sound synth bombardment of the title track, Randall’s booty-rocker “Shake It,” and the epic finale, “1929,” complete with big, choral-hall style gang vocals.

After playing with several drummers over the last several years, the band recorded the sessions for the Set in Motion EP with skinslayer-extraordinaire Adam Christgau, who’s toured or recorded with Jenny Owen Youngs, Ian Axel and Brandon Flowers.
“He came in and just knocked it out in a matter of hours,” said Codor about Christgau’s contributions to the record.

The group hopes that their EP will be the first shot they fire, with more new music soon to come. “We want to leave the audience wanting more,” says Randall. “I think that’s what we achieved.”

ComCorp are giving Set in Motion a spectacular release show at Bushwick, Brooklyn’s House of Yes during an evening of music, acrobatics, and burlesque. While the band plays, aerial artists from The House of Yes will perform on silks and ropes dangling above the stage.

“I think it’s going to be dazzling,” said Randall about the circus aspects of the aerial acts that will perform as the band plays.

Codor added that the band’s association with this unique venue allows them the opportunity to create a live experience that they can’t always duplicate at a regular venue. The CD and the live show are “two different art forms,” he says. “The thing we like about the House of Yes is that we get to do our show there. We get to do whatever we want.”

The EP can currently be heard in its entirety on ComCorp’s BandCamp page

The EP release show will be this Friday, February 24 at The House of Yes, 342 Maujer Street in the Bushwick section of Brooklyn, NY.

Quick News

Depeche Mode's Martin Gore has confirmed that the band will return to the studio in March to begin work on a new album. They hope to have it out by the end of the year.

Hardcore heroes The Bronx have confirmed via Facebook they begun work on their fourth studio album.

Bill Ward, who will not be joining Black Sabbath on their reunion tour thanks to contract issues, says he has not quit the band but would like a fair contract. He said in a open letter, "At the earliest opportunity, I am prepared to go to the U.K. and record, and later tour with the band," he the continued, "Last week, we sent further communication to the attorney handling the negotiations to try to reach an agreement. At this time we are waiting to hear back. I remain hopeful for a 'signable' contract and a positive outcome." In related news, the actual Black Sabbath tour has been renamed "Ozzy and Friends" due to guitarist Tony Iommi's ongoing cancer treatment. Iommi, who was diagnosed earlier this year was given the clear from doctors to go and tour and record, however, now things have changed with his situation.

Sad news to report, MC5 bassist Michael Davis died of liver failure over the weekend. The Detroit rocker was 68.

Gaslight Anthem have finished the principle recording of their latest record, they hope to have it out by years end.

Unreleased demo's from Ramones singer, the late-Joey Ramone will be released in May. The new collection entitled, Ya Know, was put together by his brother Mickey Leigh and new overdubs were put together by Joan Jett, Little Steven Van Zandt, members of Cheap Trick, Leigh and Richie Ramone. This is the second posthumous release from Joey, who died of lymphoma in 2001. In 2010 we interviewed Ramone's brother, Mickey Leigh, take a listen to our interview HERE.

Blur, who just performed tonight at Brit Awards will close the 2012 Olympic games, which are held in London this summer. The band will headline the "Best of British Closing Ceremony" along with New Order and The Specials.

Ahead of releasing their new album, This is PiL, Public Image Ltd will release an EP entitled One Drop for Record Store Day. Take a look at the four-song tracklisting to One Drop below:
One Drop'
'I Must Be Dreaming'
'The Room I Am In'
'Lollipop Opera'

Jack White Cover & Tracklisting

Jack White has posted the cover and tracklisting for his solo debut, Blunderbuss on his Third Man Records label on April 24. Take a look at the cover above and the tracklisting, below.

01 Missing Pieces
02 Sixteen Saltines
03 Freedom at 21
04 Love Interruption
05 Blunderbuss
06 Hypocritical Kiss
07 Weep Themselves to Sleep
08 I'm Shakin'
09 Trash Tongue Talker
10 Hip (Eponymous) Poor Boy
11 I Guess I Should Go to Sleep
12 On And On And On
13 Take Me With You When You Go

Norah Jones Cover & Tracklisting

On May 1, Norah Jones will release her Danger Mouse produced album ...Little Broken Hearts. Jones and Danger Mouse himself, Brian Burton wrote all the songs on the record. Take a look at the tracklisting below and the cover above.

1. Good Morning

2. Say Goodbye

3. Little Broken Hearts

4. She's 22

5. Take It Back

6. After The Fall

7. 4 Broken Hearts

8. Travelin' On

9. Out On The Road

10. Happy Pills

11. Miriam

12. All A Dream

Saturday, February 18, 2012


A growing trend in music these days is taking a moniker of a full band and it really just being the brain child of one person. One can say it is for a generation of artists inspired by Trent Reznor's work for Nine Inch Nails or what Dave Grohl's original intention's were for Foo Fighters - just him doing all the work. Britain's Wolf Gang aka Max McElliot is another example of this. While he may not be dabbling in rock and roll or industrial music, he is certainly taking inspiration from those mentioned and beyond. His dark electronic and hypnotic sound is what has made him all the rage back in the UK. Inspired by today's indie scene, 70's classic rock, classical and Radiohead, Wolf Gang released his debut album, Suego Falls in 2011 to rave reviews. As he is currently on tour in Europe before heading over to the US in April for Coachella, we spoke with Wolf Gang about his career, being alone in the band and the fantasy dream he had that brought his debut together.

Since the band is primarily just you, Max, why did you decide to adopt the moniker “Wolf Gang?”

I chose 'wolf gang' because I constructed the songs in a band like way, writing parts for the drums, bass, guitars, sonically the music sounded plural to me. I wanted the name to reflect that. Also people would have a nightmare of trying to remember or spell the name 'max mcelligott'...

When you were growing up you moved quite a bit, from England to US to Scotland. Did the change of countries and constant moving inspire any of your work?

Definitely, I think growing up and moving around quite a bit expanded my horizons, I never had a small town mentality, despite living in many. It was always about what else was out there. Having a German mother and an Irish/Greek father, I always felt a bit foreign myself wherever I lived, and though I became very attached to places and people, I felt a little like an outsider.

Did moving help define who you are today?

Yes, growing up in all of these places has shaped my personality. I feel like I could move far away without ever feeling the need to come back, and I apply this attitude to music, relationships, all sorts. It gave me independence.

Do you identify yourself as English or Scottish?

I identify myself as being British. I haven't family history in either country, it's all European, but I've lived here pretty much all my life, I probably appear more British than most of my friends.

Your music is very complex and very textured, you manage to combine classical inspiration and electronic hooks. Who are some of your influences?

I love records from my parents generation; Bowie and Byrne, Fleetwood Mac and Kate Bush. Roxy Music. Pop music that had character and intelligence. I love classical music and jazz as well, I think that must manifest itself in my music at times too.

Through your combinations of classical and electronic, do you find that composing each genre is very similar?

I feel that when it comes to composition, I always take the same approach of trying to create a good song with a solid structure and good melodies and hooks. I always write on piano or guitar. It's more in the production process that the song starts moving down either a classic or more synth type route.

The title of your debut, Suego Faults, is said to come from a place in a dream you had. Do you ever revisit that place? What is Suego Fault to you?

Not since the night I dreamt about it. It was a very vivid dream, it had a cinematic quality to it. Suego Faults was a place I was trying to reach, a sort of Utopia. I think everyone day dreams about their own Suego Faults in a way, somewhere they would rather be.

You recently said that you are already working on a follow-up album, when can fans expect that?

Something much better. A more mature and refined album that has more emotion to it but with all the of energy of the first one.

The NME Radar tour, which you were apart of last fall, has brought big success to many of its headliners, Florence and the Machine, The xx, Chapel Club. Do you feel honored to apart of this legacy and feel you can live up to the other bands?

Yeh it's great to have the same opportunity those other bands did, I'm really confident where the live show is at the moment, so I'm less nervous and more just really looking forward.

Your brilliant cover of Radiohead’s “Pyramid Song” was given away for free via your Facebook page. How did the cover come about? Do you feel social networking and giving songs away is good outlet of self promotion?

I've been playing that cover on piano for years, just because I love that song, so thought it would be fun to record it and give it away. I think social networking has become almost a foundation of any musical artist's career, you have to have an online presence to get anywhere these days, with the decline of single and album sales, it's almost the online statistics that measures an artist's success.

Back to your name real quick, there is also a rapper from the hip-hop group Odd Future with the name Wolf Gang. Are you already feeling the confusion?

Yeh I get a lot of online traffic from hugely aggressive and frankly inerudite odd future fans who threaten all sorts of punishment because I stole their beloved's name. Given that my 'wolf gang' predates his, one wonders what point these fans will struggle to make when they discover Mozart.

Much about your music is very much a young boy living a fantasy. Do you feel your fantasy has now become a reality?

The album is quite fantastical I suppose because at the time, the reality was that I had just dropped out in the final seconds of my degree on a whim and an instinct, my parents weren't talking to me, and I now faced the uphill struggle of trying to become a musician and pay my rent while working in a coffee shop. The escapism was a survival technique. Much of what I could of hoped for back then has happened now which is amazing, but there are definitely still things I dream about that have yet to happen in real life.

Fanfarlo Live Session 4

Still leading up to the release of their new record, Rooms Filled With Light, Fanfarlo posted a fourth live session on their website. This time for the new song, "Tightrope."

Cake on Conan

Watch Cake on Conan perform "Mustache Man" off their latest release, Showroom of Compassion.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Speaking to Beastie Boy Mike D About Transmission LA

While Mercedes-Benz celebrated the end of New York fashion week as the main sponsor to the industries seasonal event, the automotive giant took to a small wine bar to celebrate the kick-off to another happening. Beginning April 19 and running through May 10, Mercedes-Benz will present Transmission LA: AV Club, Beastie Boy member Mike D will serve as the events curator. Transmission LA: AV Club will feature a mixture of many types of artists, musician, DJ's and beyond and will include the first viewing of the Mercedes-Benz Concept Style Coupe presented within an art exhibit.

As models got off the runway, the folks from Mercedes-Benz were lounging in the intimate Meatpacking wine bar, Zampa to officially announce Mike D as the artistic director for Transmission LA. The event, which will take place in Los Angeles, follows in the footsteps of Transmission Berlin, a cultural festival that first took place in Berlin last year with curator, fashion designer Raf Simons.

While the latest installment to the lifestyle series will take place in Los Angeles, New York City acted as the launching pad, bridging the gap between Europe and North America. With Simons on hand to “pass the scepter” as Mike D said when he spoke to the crowd, Mike D seemed pleased and honored to be able to call a festival his own. After years of putting together Tibetan Freedom Concerts with his band and tours, this is a festival Mike can call his own.

With a busy few months leading up to Transmission LA, Mike D and the rest of Beastie Boys will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio next month and April is just around the corner, there is much to do in very little time.

I had the opportunity to speak to Mike D at the event where I asked, “What made you want to get involved in a project like this?” As he grinned, he quickly responded, “It is a new adventure for me. It is thoroughly unique and if it’s unique to do, I sign up.”

As we indulged in the wine and ambiance that Zampa had to offer, I had to ask Mike if he was nervous. He responded, “Yeah. It’s new. I would be an idiot if I was not nervous. I want to keep the spirit of the show and if it fails, it will be a loud fail.” Yet, with some of the sketches and artists on hand at the kick-off event, Mike D is surrounding himself with some of the best rising talents in the business and will be just fine.

His biggest hope is to bring “Three weeks of non-stop fun” to LA, he is comparing his festival to an interactive museum and art gallery, “I don’t like not having fun at museums and galleries when it is all just white noise on the wall, this won’t have that.” As the conversation got on, I had to ask what a boy from Brooklyn is doing crafting a festival for Los Angeles, he smiled and said, “That is a good question! It is an interesting time in L.A., in that the creativity is alive and there is a vibrant art scene. They probably have had that before, but I had not seen it.” Mike D who has lived in Los Angeles for a bit may not call it home, but clearly has a connection to the city of angels. While none of the other members of Beastie Boys were present, I did ask Mike D if he would be performing at any of the events within Transmission LA and being very coy, he said, “I will partake in the fun making.”

While Mike D’s fun making maybe anything from music to art, we will have to wait until Transmission LA: AV Club opens on April 19. With the first weekend of the festival being the final weekend of annual Coachella festival, one can expect that some of Mike D’s friends may just show up and support.

Great Soundtracks - Garden State

In 2004 TV star Zach Braff made his directorial debut in a film that he also wrote and starred in, the film, Garden State spoke to a generation of early-twentiesomethings trying to figure out their place in the world. While Garden State became a sleeper indie hit and a cult classic among fans, its soundtrack propelled the careers of artists like The Shins, Frou Frou, Iron and Wine, and Thievery Corporation. The music compilation still remains to be one of the greatest film soundtracks not just of the last 20 years but of all time.

From the moment Natalie Portman's character told Braff's, "You gotta hear this one song — it’ll change your life; I swear," that song playing "New Slang" by then relatively unknown indie band, The Shins was not just a moment for film but created a moment for the band. While The Shins may have been name dropped in the movie, music from artists like Coldplay, Simon & Garfunkel, Nick Drake, Remy Zero all worked perfectly in the scenes they were used. Isolated from the film however, the songs flow like a brilliant compilation, taking fans of the film to the scenes in which they are played and taking those to that may have never seen the film to a new realm with a generally acoustic and subtle sounding soundtrack.


Green Day have confirmed they are in the studio working on their new album. The trio entered the studio on Wednesday.

The Futureheads will release an instrument free aka a cappella record on April 2. The album, Rant will feature covers from Black Eyed Peas and Kelis. Take a look at the track listing below:
'Meet Me Halfway'
'Sumer Is Icumen In'
'The Keeper'
'The No. 1 Song in Heaven'
'The Old Dun Cow'
'Man Ray'

The collaborative record between Noel Gallagher and producer Amorphous Androgynous has been delayed. The record, which Gallagher announced last July in a press conference would be out in the summer of 2012, however, things have changed. Gallagher told NME, "I've got a break in the middle of this tour in July, so now the plan is to do something then, and then to finish it off after the tour in October. So it might come out at the end of the year, but it's more likely to be next year now."

The Heartbreaks will release their debut album, Funtimes on May 7. The album will contain 10 songs and you can get the band's latest single, "Winter Gardens," for free HERE.

The "classic" Guns N' Roses will reunite, sort of, for their Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction next month in Cleveland, Ohio. Keyboardist Dizzy Reed told Billboard, "I know that all the original band is going to be there. I don't know exactly what's going to go down. It's one of those things I'm sure will all come together and be really cool." Still no word if the band will perform together.

Mumford and Sons say they are in the final stages of recording their sophomore record. Mumford member Ben Lovett told MTV News, "We are in the final stages, we're not finished, we don't quite know the exact tracklisting. We have kind of road-tested some songs, and we have picked up some new songs and dropped some ones that people might have thought we were going to be putting on the record. We just want to make a record that's cohesive and one that we feel represents us best right now."

File this under - HOLY SHIT - Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has apparently found rare Joy Division and New Order master tapes when digging up the basement of his new restaurant in Manchester, England - the homebase for Joy Divison and New Order. The rare tapes are set to be valued at over a million pounds.

The Drums on Fallon!

The Drums hit up Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night. Take a look!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Mark Ronson took to Letterman last night with Erykah Badu, Zigaboo Modeliste and members of The Dap Kings to perform "A La Modeliste." One of the coolest things you will ever see!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


It has been a little while since we have given you an update on what is going on our end. Though we keep plugging along with the usual news updates, live reviews, interviews and videos, we have added a totally new section to the site we are really exited for!

You can now access our INTERVIEW ARCHIVE at the top of the website, right underneath our title! It was a long process to get every interview up, but we have prided ourselves on our interviews over the years and our whole database in now online.

So if you missed our interview with legends like Yoko Ono, Henry Rollins, Ian MacKaye, Peter Hook, Andy Rourke, Stephen Street, Neville Staple, Nitzer Ebb to some of our favorites of today like The Drums, Frank Turner, The Vaccines, Joy Formidable, Airborne Toxic Event, The Bravery, Incubus. Plus, the first American interviews of Glasvegas, La Roux, The Heartbreaks and Chapel Club. Plus interviews with music insiders like rock photographer Brian Cannon, Mary Forseberg Weiland (Scott Weiland's ex-wife), Mickey Leigh (Joey Ramone's brother), Tony McCarroll (original Oasis drummer) and more!

Quick News

Coming off her massive six trophy win at Sunday's Grammy® win, Adele has told Vogue that she is "fucking off for five years," meaning she is looking to take a break. The singer said, "So at least now I can have enough time to write a happy record. And be in love and be happy. And then I don't know what I'll do. Get married. Have some kids. Plant a nice vegetable patch." She also commented that she is sick of being a "bitter witch" and will never write another break-up album again.

Are United Nations - the supergroup featuring members of Converge, Geoff Rickley of Thursday and Darrel Palumbo of Glassjaw recording again? The band tweeted "The McRib isn't the only thing making a return..." Hinting that new material may be on the way.

Frank Turner's massive gig at London's O2 will be filmed for a DVD. The concert takes place April 13.

It has been confirmed, Kanye West and Odd Future are indeed working together. Odd Future main man Tyler, The Creator tweeted a picture of West and him as well as mentioning that West will make an appearance on the new Odd Future mixtape arriving this spring.

At The Drive-In guitarist Omar Rodriguez-Lopez has come out and given a bit of info on the reunion the indie rock world would have never thought happen. Speaking to BBC1's Zane Lowe, the guitarist said, "It's a way to right my wrongs. When I split up the band I was very young and self-centred." He then went onto say, "Cedric said 'I know The Mars Volta is your baby and it's always been your vision but lighten up, it's 11 years later and it could be fun'. And I'm glad he did that." Then adding, "We got into a room together just to play music and see what happened. We knew if we got into a room together we'd know within five minutes whether it was a good idea or not. The chemistry was still there." At the Drive-In are set to make their return at Coachella festival in April.

Take a listen to Public Image Ltd.'s first new song in 20 years. The band debuted it on BBC6, it is part of the band's forthcoming record, This is PiL.

New Build, the band featuring members of Hot Chip and LCD Soundsystem will release their debut, Yesterday Was Lived and Lost on March 5.

The Cribs have released the title and tracklisting for their forthcoming fifth record. The album, In the Belly of the Brazen Bull will be released in May. Take a look at the track listing below:
'Glitters Like Gold'
'Come On Be A No-One'
'Jaded Youth'
'Confident Men'
'Pure O'
'Back To The Bolthole'
'I Should Have Helped'
'Like A Gift Giver'
'Arena Rock Encore With Full Cast'

Atlanta rapper Killer Mike will release his new album, R.A.P. Music on May 15. The album was produced by El-P, take a look at the track listing below:
01 Big Beast [ft. Bun B, T.I., and Trouble]
02 Untitled [ft. Scar]
03 Go!
04 Southern Fried
05 Jo Jo's Chillin
06 Reagan
07 Don't Die
08 Ghetto Gospel
09 Butane (Champion's Anthem) [ft. El-P]
10 Anywhere But Here [ft. Emily Panic]
11. Willie Burke Sherwood
12 R.A.P. Music

PRIMUS on Fallon!

Primus hit up Fallon on Friday to perform "Lee Van Cleef" and their classic, "Jerry Was a Racecar Driver." Take a look!

Wale & Miguel on Conan

Wale and Miguel performed "Lotus Flower Bomb" on Conan last night. Take a look!

Lana Del Rey on Kimmel!

Watch Lana Del Rey perform her hit, "Video Games" on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

EXCLUSIVE! Farewell Continental INTV!

What started off as a secret side project for Motion City Soundtrack front man Justin Pierre has now blossomed into a touring band that has developed a cult-like following along the way. The band, Farewell Continental began in 2008 as a group of friends from the Minneapolis area began, with each member taking on identities of characters from Harrison Ford films and never revealing who was who until the release of their debut record, ¡Hey, Hey Pioneers! and a non-stop touring schedule, Farewell Continental have become fan favorites. As the band embark on a tour this month and gather up cash to begin recording their sophomore record, we spoke with singer Justin Pierre about the group's history, music and Harrison Ford. Take a look!

The band was an enigma at first before you revealed your true identities, why did you plan out doing that at first?

I wanted to put out the music and just let people stumble upon it rather than have people respond to it as a side project from a guy in another band. That way people either liked it or disliked it without having any preconceived notions.

For a while you had fans guessing and arguing on blogs that “Richard Kimble” was in fact, you - Justin Pierre. Did you find this amusing?

We didn't really try all that hard at hiding it. Although at our first shows I did make everyone wear ski masks to hide our identities. In retrospect that was dumb and very hot. I think what humored me most was reading that people though the singer of Farewell Continental was a shitty version of Justin Pierre.

What made you eventually reveal who you actually were?

We wanted people to come to the shows on our tour. We hoped that we could either con or intrigue people who were into our various other bands into spending their hard earned dollars on our nonsense.

You all took your names from Harrison Ford characters, who chose what? Why Harrison Ford? Also, no love for Dr. Henry Jones, Jr?

Harrison Ford is the greatest. We couldn't be too obvious with the names, therefore no Indiana Jones or Han Solo. Because we have a girl in the band we had to find a suitable name. The Mosquito Coast was our ace in the hole in that department.

How did each of you link up to form the band?

I've known Tommy since the mid/late '90's. He actually played keyboards in MCS for a brief while and even wrote the lead for a song called "Don't Call It A Comeback," but he wasn't interested in joining the band. We both share an affinity for all things feedback laden and late '80's/early '90's. Josh played in Small Towns Burn A Little Slower with Tommy. Kari used to drive me to various Emergency Rooms across Minneapolis and scrape me off the floor for several years. She was a genius piano player and had a great voice. I always wanted to do something musical with her. Jim was some hardcore kid that was a friend of Tommy's and talked his way into recording on the first Farewell Continental EP even though he didn't actually know how to really play bass. I found this out recently.

All of you come from other bands that sound vastly different than Farewell Continental but all have the same influences. Is it difficult transitioning from one style of rock and roll to another?

We all play in 1 to several other bands and they are all quite different. The trick for us is that we try not to think too much about what we are doing. Also, our schedules never really line up so we rarely every rehearse or write in the same room. We send ideas to one another and then show up for the few hours we can while in the studio and do our best to come up with stuff if we haven't had time to do so beforehand.

What form do you like better?

I like the freedom that comes with not having to care about cd sales and whether or not people listen to your band. Unfortunately, one cannot support themselves with this type of artistic outlet. But for FC it is all about gut feeling and not over analyzing anything. Hell, it's about not analyzing anything to begin with.

You finally released your debut, Hey Hey Pioneers. What was that experience like?

It was really fun. Fun is the word that we function under. If we're not having it, then there is no point in existing. We also sold 200 copies on the little tour we recently embarked upon, which is huge for a band that nobody really knows about.

Being from different bands and knowing the recording process, was this a quick and painless recording or the total opposite?

It took over a year to record because we could never find enough time when all of us were available, so we had to do it in small increments. I think we spent a total of 12 days recording and Ed Ackerson mixed the whole record in a few days.

Do you envision yourselves recording more or is this a one off project?

Absolutely. We already have our next 2 records somewhat worked out in our heads. We have an insane amount of songs, snippets or ideas floating around. The thing that is proving hardest is our ability to tour. We hope to at least tour once for every record, but mostly it'll be around Minneapolis unless we run into some rich people that want us to come to Amsterdam for a private show or something. That we can handle.

RIP Whitney Houston

On Saturday Afternoon, international pop-star Whitney Houston was found dead at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California. No cause of death has been determined, however, in recent years she had struggled with drug abuse.
Houston was 48.

The Newark, New Jersey native began her career in the 80's with songs like "How Will I Know," "I Want to Dance With Somebody." In the early 90's, Houston made her acting debut in the film, The Bodyguard and the films main single, "I Will Always Love You," which was written by Dolly Parton and performed by Houston became one of the biggest singles of all time. In her career she sold over 200 million albums and singles worldwide. She won 30 Billboard Awards, 22 American Music Awards and two Emmy Awards

She will be missed. Our thoughts go out to her family, friends and former husband, Bobby Brown, who learned of the news before performing Mississippi last night.

Quick News

Bruce Springsteen has confirmed that the late Clarence Clemons' nephew, Jake Clemons will join the Boss and E-Street Band for the groups next tour which begins in March.

Get excited Blur fans, guitarist Graham Coxon has stated to The Daily Record, "There will definitely be another Blur album." While promoting his solo effort, A&E, which arrives in April, Coxon confirmed the legendary Britpop band will indeed have a release. The band reunited in 2009 to play a slew of gigs across England but nothing more came of it aside from the brand new single, "April Fool" which was in celebration of Record Store Day.

Longtime Ra Ra Riot cellist, Alexandra Lawn has departed from the Syracuse indie band. The news broke via the band's website and the group has no hard feelings for Lawn's departure. Lawn spent six years playing in Ra Ra and we wish her the best.

Sound City Trailer

Scream, Nirvana, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age, Probot, Them Crooked Vultures, drummer, guitarists, songwriter, singer, producer and now Dave Grohl can add director to his impressive resume.

Grohl has spent over a year filming the documentary Sound City in what little spare time he has had. The film is about the legendary recording studio, Sound City. Take a look at the very quick but very impressive trailer.

No release date has been set on the film, but head on over to for more info.

Friday, February 10, 2012

VINTAGE CLIP - Rare Depeche Mode 101 Footage

A rare eight-minute film promo reel for Depeche Mode's revolutionary 1989 concert documentary 101, surfaced on the internet this week. The footage comes from director D.A. Pennebaker, it shows scenes that were shot but never made the final cut, as well as footage that appears in the film. Take a look!

Graffiti6 on Conan

One of our "15 Artists to Watch in 2012," Graffiti6 performed "Free" on Conan last night. Take a look!

The Kills on Letterman

Watch The Kills perform "The Last Goodbye" on Letterman from last night!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Fanfarlo Live Session 3

In the third installment of Fanfarlo's special web-only "Live Series," the band performed the song "Feathers" off their forthcoming, Rooms Filled With Light record.

Dr. Dog on Conan!

Dr. Dog hit up Conan last night to perform, "That Old Black Hole," off their latest album, Be the Void.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


GotyeMaking Mirrors
The international sensation’s acclaimed third album FINALLY arrives in the US and proves it was the worth the wait. For the Australian Gotye, whose micro beats and falsetto have made him a sensation in the music world for years finally comes full circle with Making Mirrors. One of the most well thoughtout, creative and fresh pop albums to arrive since Robyn’s Body Talk series. Making Mirrors crosses boundaries and genres in a record about heartbreak, yet, through all of the raw emotion put on the album, Gotye shows off there is something triumphant to come. It is only February but this could end up on many top 10 lists at the end of the year.

Cloud Nothings Attack on Memory
Lo-fi meets grunge on the Midwestern American bands third record in as many years. The brainchild of singer Dylan Baldi fires back with distorted guitars, melodic hooks and brings us back to the days of Sub Pops heyday. At first listen to Attack on Memory, you really believe it is 1989 again and grunge is about to explode at any moment, yet, with basic production and sounding like it was recorded in a garage, Attack on Memory plays on our nostalgia and shows how Cloud Nothings is a band we maybe talking about all year.

Crosses – EP 2
Deftones frontman Chino Moreno and Far guitarist Shaun Lopez return with their second EP and after a very disappointing first start on EP 1, EP 2 works out all the kinks. EP 2 finds Crosses blending the moody disposition of classic Deftones songs like “Digital Bath,” “Be Quiet and Drive,” and “Pink Cellphone,” and takes Lopez’s attacking guitar work and brilliant production qualities and marries the California musicians together.

Craig Finn Clear Heart, Full Eyes
The Hold Steady front man goes solo and finds his inner Nebraska. Much like one of Finn’s heroes, Bruce Springsteen, the rock and roll front man went acoustic and simple on his solo debut. Trading Brooklyn for Austin, Texas to work and record Clear Heart, Full Eyes and inspired by the hit TV show, Friday Night Lights, Finn gets much more introspective than ever before. Unlike his work for The Hold Steady, the brilliant lyricist does not tell a story of central characters but seems to pour his heart out in what he loves and lives for. For fans of Finn’s words this is one for you.

Lana Del ReyBorn to Die
Born and bred in hype via the internet, loved and praised by nearly every blogger and major magazine and then a disastrous SNL performance seemed to give everyone that loved her, the right to bash the New York singer. So when her debut, Born to Die was released, it was unfairly trashed and trampled on. However, while it may have been cool and fun to bash the singer, when you really listen to what Born to Die has to offer, it is far from a terrible record. Sure, her debut is not ground breaking nor the beginning of the second coming, but it plays like an SOS for distraught females everywhere who are looking for love or who have been scorned by the men in front of them. Her vocal range is low, her lyrics are clever, the beats are sublime, so why all the hate? Oh right, the fellow pretentious writers of today get upset when someone becomes popular.

Leonard Cohen Old Ideas
The brilliant songwriter, poet and author returns with a new album. While Old Ideas shows off classic Cohen, it also shows off why we need more of his work today than ever before.

Foxy Shazam The Church of Rock and Roll
The Ohio rockers return with album number four and preside in The Church of Rock and Roll. Foxy Shazam are a group that simply know how to have fun, they do not take themselves too serious and make a form of rock and roll that you can easily let your hair down to. The Church of Rock and Roll hears the band paying homage to 70’s classic rock, 80’s hair metal, 90’s grunge and beyond. A record to pick up and rock out to.

Guided by Voices Let’s Go Eat the Factory
The Ohio indie rock legends release album number 16 and after a revolving door of musicians to come in and out of the band for years, this has GBV bring their “classic” line-up to their new record. Let’s Go Eat the Factory is classic GBV and with 21 songs and clocking in at over 40 minutes, GBV show they still go it.

Ingrid Michaelson Human Again
The Staten Island born singer/songwriter fires back with album number five and shows her flexing serious muscle. Human Again hears Michaelson’s voice like never before, playing off both pop and indie rock, Human Again blurs the fine line between the two genres and shows how you can do a record that will appeal to various groups of people and fans. One of Michaelson’s best.

Big DealLights Out
The debut record of couple Kacey Underwood and Alice Costelloe shows off sexual tension, colorful sounds and the music world at their fingertips – after all they are Big Deal. While what is based around the duo is very minimal and at times ambient, what works is Big Deal’s members playing off each other with such camaraderie that it is something to look forward to as to what they will do down the line.