Monday, February 29, 2016

Live Pix: Black Sabbath @ MSG

On Thursday and Saturday, Black Sabbath played their final gigs ever at Madison Square Garden and our very own RICH D SMOOV was on hand to capture the action both nights.

Take a look! 

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Quick News

Following the departure of Alice Glass of Crystal Castles, the band have reformed with singer Edith Frances and plan to release a new album this spring.

Arca will release his new album, Reverie, this year. No exact date was announced but he did share a sample on Instagram:

AFI have started working on a new album, their Instagram page teased Davey and Jade crafting new tunes:
A photo posted by AFI (@afireinside) on

Dave Grohl Nirvana Vocal Track Appears

A rare Nirvana song featuring Dave Grohl on vocals has surfaced online. Take a listen to "Marigold," the song later appeared in the box-set With the Lights Out, but featured a Cobain vocal.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Quick News

The family of singer, songwriter and all around fantastic man -- Chuck Ragan are currently undergoing a bit of a emergency. The former Hot Water Music frontman's father has been diagnosed with a brain tumor and the family has set up an Indigogo campaign to raise some funds. For more info and to donate, click here.

Tiger Army are currently working on their new record, V ••• and are putting the finishing touches on the LP. No release date has been set.

Jake Bugg will release his new album, On My One, in June. Take a look at the tracklisting, below:
On My One
Gimme The Love
Love, Hope and Misery
The Love We’re Hoping For
Put Out The Fire
Never Wanna Dance
Bitter Salt
Ain’t No Rhyme
Livin’ Up Country
All That
‘Hold On You’

In an interview with NME, Richard Ashcroft hinted that he and Noel Gallagher could work together in the future. The former Verve frontman said: "In the future who knows what might happen. I wish things like this would’ve happened years ago. Even the guys we had a bit of friction with, I look back and wish them luck. If I hear [Pulp frontman] Jarvis Cocker on the radio it gives me a good feeling. He’s waving a flag for culture from that time. We’re not stopping."

Friday, February 26, 2016

The 1975 on Fallon

Watch The 1975 perform on The Tonight Show.

Tinashe on Kimmel

Watch Tinashe perform on Jimmy Kimmel Live where she brought out Chance The Rapper for a duet.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Brian Eno Announces New LP

Brian Eno will release his new album, The Ship, in April.

In a statement about the record, the legendary musician and producer said: "On a musical level, I wanted to make a record of songs that didn't rely on the normal underpinnings of rhythmic structure and chord progressions but which allowed voices to exist in their own space and time, like events in a landscape. I wanted to place sonic events in a free, open space."

He also added: "One of the starting points was my fascination with the First World War, that extraordinary trans-cultural madness that arose out of a clash of hubris between empires. It followed immediately after the sinking of the Titanic, which to me is its analogue. The Titanic was the Unsinkable Ship, the apex of human technical power, set to be Man's greatest triumph over nature. The First World War was the war of materiel, "over by Christmas," set to be the triumph of Will and Steel over humanity. The catastrophic failure of each set the stage for a century of dramatic experiments with the relationships between humans and the worlds they make for themselves."

Take a look at the cover, above, and the tracklisting, below, which includes a cover of The Velvet Underground's "I'm Set Free."

01 The Ship
02 Fickle Sun: (i) Fickle Sun (ii) The Hour is Thin (iii) I'm Set Free

Quick News

Eagulls will release their new album, Ullages, in May. Speaking to NME, drummer Henry Ruddle said: "It feels like it’s more to do with relationships, not in a romantic way, but more as in your relationship with the person you might bump into on the street, or the person you work with… Very brief encounters and how odd they can be.”

Speaking to, Deftones' Stephen Carpenter said he wasn't interested in the direction his band was going for their upcoming LP, Gore. He said playing on the record is an achievement for him. Carpenter explained: "When we were coming up with the ideas and writing the songs, the stuff that was being written, you know, the other guys’ ideas, I wasn’t too interested in it. It wasn’t the style or the sound I was hoping we would take. My band is going one direction and I am going another one currently. I look at all the songs on the record and they were all a challenge for me to get into. I just really like metal, and I love all the metal that’s being played now. I wish everybody would stop saying ‘djent’ though. That’s just dumb. It’s metal.” He also explained that while he could never leave the band it was a struggle to record this record.

In another Twitter rant, Kanye West announced he will release a new album this summer.

FKA Twigs on Fallon

Watch FKA Twigs perform her new single "Good to Love" on The Tonight Show.

Miguel on Corden

Watch Miguel perform "Waves" on The Late Late Show.

Modern Baseball Detail New Album

Emo revivalists Modern Baseball will release their new album, Holy Ghost, in May.

Take a look at the cover, above, and the tracklisting, below, plus watch a trailer for the record.

01 Holy Ghost
02 Wedding Singer
03 Note to Self
04 Mass
05 Everyday
06 Hiding
07 Coding These to Lukens
08 Breathing in Stereo
09 Apple Cider I Don't Mind
10 What If
11 Just Another Face

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Live Review: Miss Velvet @ The Rose Bar of Gramercy Park Hotel

In an ultra chic environment where original Damien Hirst paintings and installations hang from the walls and everyone that walks around could be stepping out of the latest Victoria's Secret catalog or GQ issue, it is hard to find something that will take away from the ambiance. Inside the Rose Bar at the Gramercy Park Hotel, New York City's very own Miss Velvet and her band reduced everyone to simple shock and awe as the power of her voice compelled the packed room.

Miss Velvet, who was wrapping up her month long residency at the hotel, went out in grand fashion. The singer, whose debut, Dreams Are Not For Us, arrives in May, has been able to make a room full of New Yorkers not pay attention to their phones, their friends, clients and whatever us New Yorkers do when we go out and just focus on her.

The focus and appreciation comes from her powerful pipes which pack a serious punch. Think the soul of Janis Joplin meets the strength of Patti Smith. Miss Velvet, who was a trained like an opera singer to control her voice, takes her talents to the places of her parents -- the heart of the 60s and 70s rock and roll. With her spastic movements, dances and swinging a mic stand around like she was Steven Tyler while her fantastic band just simply displays their raw talent, this singer is one to look out for. In a set filled with originals, she managed to sneak in a cover of The Clash's "Train In Vein" and snippets of Bon Jovi's "Dead or Alive" as the audience danced, clapped and supported what she was putting out.

"Miss Velvet will you marry me?," one fan screamed toward the end of the night. It could have been a joke or it could have been serious, either way, it was able to drive someone to ask for it.

Pantha Du Prince Details 1st Album in 6 Years

In May, enigmatic electronic musician, composure and producer Pantha Du Prince will release his first solo record in six years, The Triad. 

While this is his first solo release since 2010's Black Noise, his most recent project was his collaboration with The Bell Laboratory just three years ago. 

Take a look at the cover, above, and the tracklisting, below, and watch the new video for "The Winter Hymn."

1. The Winter Hymn (ft. Queens)
2. You What? Euphoria!
3. Frau im Mond, Sterne Laufen
4. In An Open Space (ft. Queens)
5. Chasing Vapour Trails (ft. Joachim Schultz & Kassian von Troyer)
6. Lichterschmaus
7. Dream Yourself Awake
8. Lions Love (ft. Joachim)
9. Islands In The Sky
10. Wallflower for Pale Saints

So So Glos Announce New Album

In May, Brooklyn punks the So So Glos will release their new album, Kamikaze

The band announced the news in an interview with Billboard, where they said: "We definitely grew up a bunch since [2014 album] Blowout and we all experienced a lot of growing pains along the way. Personally, Blowout was me at age 24, full of ambition, and Kamikaze is me at 27 all out of teenage angst -- "bored and old". In terms of songwriting, it's a crazy and wretched process that involves a sudden spark of inspiration or duende and then a lifetime of editing and trimming down."

Read Our 2013 Interview with So So Glos 

Take a look at the cover, above, and the tracklisting, below, and hear the first single "Dancing Industry."

01. Dancing Industry
02. A.D.D. Life
03. Going Out Swingin’
04. Devil’s Doing Handstands
05. Magazine
06. Sunny Side
07. Kings County II: Ballad Of A So So Glo
08. Fool On The Street
09. Cadaver (Career Suicide)
10. Inpatient
11. Down The Tubes
12. Missionary

Violent Femmes on Colbert

Watch Violent Femmes perform "Memory" and "Blister in the Sun" with Stephen Colbert on The Late Show.

Run The Jewels Share 360 Boiler Room Set

Run the Jewels performed a Boiler Room for Converse Rubber Tracks Live set at London's 100 Club in December, now the organization has made a 360-degree video of the full concert. Take a look!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

White Lung Unveil New Album Details

White Lung will release their new album, Paradise, in May.

Read Our 2013 Interview with White Lung

In an interview with Annie Clarke aka St. Vincent, for the band's website, Mish Barber-Way talked about the new LP: "There's this really stupid attitude that only punks have where it's somehow uncool to become a better songwriter. In no other musical genre are your fans going to drop you when you start progressing. That would be like parents being disappointed in their child for graduating from kindergarten to the first grade. Paradise is the best song writing we have ever done, and I expect the next record to be the same. I have no interest in staying in kindergarten.""There's this really stupid attitude that only punks have where it's somehow uncool to become a better songwriter. In no other musical genre are your fans going to drop you when you start progressing. That would be like parents being disappointed in their child for graduating from kindergarten to the first grade. Paradise is the best song writing we have ever done, and I expect the next record to be the same. I have no interest in staying in kindergarten." 

Take a look at the cover, above, and the tracklisting, below, and watch the video for "Hunger."

1. Dead Weight
2. Narcoleptic
3. Below
4. Kiss Me When I Bleed
5. Demented
6. Sister
7. Hungry
8. I Beg You
9. Vegas
10. Paradise

Quick News

Wire are set to release their new album, Nocturnal Koreans, in April. Speaking to Pitchfork, Colin Nemen said how diverse the new album is to last year's self-titled LP. He said: "The WIRE album was quite respectful of the band, and Nocturnal Koreans is less respectful of the band--or, more accurately, it's the band being less respectful to itself--in that it's more created in the studio, rather than recorded basically as the band played it, which was mostly the case with WIRE. A general rule for this record was: any trickery is fair game, if it makes it sound better."

Tom Petty has reassembled his pre-Heartbreakers band, Mudcrutch for a series of summer festivals.

Metallica have been named the 2016 Record Store Day Ambassadors. In a press release, Lars Ulrich said: "Independent record stores are part of Metallica's DNA. They have been pivotal in shaping each one of us into the music fanatics we've all become. We could not be any prouder to be Record Store Day Ambassadors for 2016 and are looking forward to screaming from every rooftop the next few months about everything independent record store and beyond." Take a look at the announcement via Instagram:

VINTAGE CLIP: David Bowie at Glastonbury 2000

After Glastonbury announced they will screen David Bowie's 2000 performance at this year's festival, here is a VINTAGE CLIP from part of that set.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Great Soundtracks: This is Spinal Tap

"It's none more black," was one of the famous lines from the brilliant satire, This Is Spinal Tap. What was none more black was the cover of the band's record, Smell the Glove, in the 1984 film but also a tongue-in-cheek reference to the soundtracks cover. 

32 years after it's release, Spinal Tap, still remains a fantastic look at life on the road for a touring rock and roll band but above all, the music in the film composed by Christopher Guest, Harry Shearer, Michael McKean, and Rob Reiner, still goes to 11. While every song is a spoof on 80s hair metal and ostentatious rock and roll, it could have easily been music from a band of that era. While the genius of the film is in the comedy, the music is something to still admire.

Glitterburst Announce Debut LP!

In her first post-musical release since the break-up of Sonic Youth, Kim Gordon has announced that her band with Alex Knost of Tomorrows Tulips, Glitterburst, will release their self-titled debut next month.

Take a look at the cover, above, and the tracklisting, below, and hear the first single "The Highline."

01 Soft Landing
02 Repetitive Differ
03 Erotic Resume
04 The Highline
05 Nude Economics

Quick News

Glastonbury said they will honor David Bowie at this year's festival in Worthy Farm with a screening of his 2000 performance. It was 16 years ago The Thin White Duke played the iconic British festival.

Speaking to NPR, Lady Gaga dished on what it was like performing a tribute for the late Bowie at the Grammys last week. She said: "How do I feel now that it's over? I mean, I feel like my whole career is a tribute to David Bowie. It's still going. I've been watching his videos all day long, and also listening to Blackstar, his last album, which is a truly incredible piece of music. It's one of the single greatest things an artist has ever done: making a masterpiece album that is their own eulogy. Can you imagine? To go into the studio every day and put your heart in that place, where you are saying goodbye to life? I mean, his art made him strong."

During an Reddit AMA session, The Weeknd explained how he dropped the 'E' from his stage name. The artist, whose real name is Abel Tesfaye, said it happened because there was a band called The Weekend and in order to not get sued he dropped the letter.


Watch / Listen to Four Tet's Latest Boiler Room Set

Four Tet recently did another set for Boiler Room again in London. The video of the concert is now online, you can watch it above, or just stream the audio, below.

Minor Victories Detail Debut LP

Minor Victories, the indie supergroup featuring Slowdive's Rachel Goswell, Editors' Justin Lockey, Mogwai's Stuart Braithwaite, and James Lockey of Hand Held Cine Club, will release their self-titled debut album in June.

Take a look at the cover, below, and watch the debut video for "A Hundred Ropes," below:

01 Give Up The Ghost
 02 A Hundred Ropes
03 Breaking My Light
04 Scattered Ashes (Song for Richard) [ft. James Graham]
05 Folk Arp
06 Cogs
07 For You Always [ft. Mark Kozelek]
08 Out To Sea
09 The Thief
10 Higher Hopes

Titus Andronicus and Craig Finn Cover Each Other

The Hold Steady's Craig Finn and Titus Andronicus are set to embark on a spring tour next week. The "No Faith, No Future, No Problem" tour starts in New York on Monday and ends in Philly at the end of March.

To get fans pumped for the gigs, each artist has a song called "No Future" and they decided to cover their tourmates version. 

Take a listen!

Richard Ashcroft Announces 1st Album in 6 Years!

For the first time in six years, former Verve frontman Richard Ashcroft will release new music. The singer will release his new album, These People, in May.

Take a look at the cover, above, and the tracklisting, below:

'Out Of My Body'
'This Is How It Feels'
'They Don’t Own Me'
'Hold On'
'These People'
'Everybody Needs Somebody To Hurt'
'Pictures Of You'
'Black Lines'
'Ain’t The Future So Bright'
'Songs Of Experience'

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Recommended Reading: Jimmy Page by Jimmy Page

Led Zeppelin had it all - the magnificent vocals of Robert Plant, arguably the greatest rhythm section in the history of music with John Paul Johns and the late John Bonham, and of course, the greatest guitarist of all time (second to Hendrix, that is), Jimmy Page. In 2014, the Zeppelin virtuoso released his autobiography, the first member of the band to do so, and told the story of his upbringing, how the band came to be and the excess and expectations.

His book, which is a photographic journey as well as a written account of what happened during his heyday, explains more than just his career with the "Stairway to Heaven" band but his start with The Yardbirds, stint with The Black Crowes and working with Sean Combs, as well as performing at the 2008 Olympics. Page, who still performs on occasion, gives the details to a life fully lived.

Quick News

Since 2002, Damon Albarn has always done much to promote the music of Mali. Thanks to his project Africa Express, his concerts and own inspirations, the West African nation has always been in his heart for the past 14 years. Now, the country has named him a "local king" to honor his endeavors of promoting and aiding the nation

Pantha Du Prince will release his first album in six years, The Triad, in May. Take a look at the tracklisting, below:
01 The Winter Hymn [ft. Queens]
02 You What? Euphoria!
03 Frau im Mond, Sterne Laufen
04 In An Open Space [ft. Queens]
05 Chasing Vapour Trails [ft. Joachim Schultz & Kassian von Troyer]
06 Lichterschmaus
07 Dream Yourself Awake
08 Lions Love [ft. Joachim]
09 Islands In The Sky
10 Wallflower for Pale Saints

The National's Aaron Dessner has confirmed he produced the new Frightened Rabbit album, Painting of a Panic Attack, in an Instagram post by his band. Take a look at the Frightened Rabbit's album cover and the post, below:

The Weeknd / Lauryn Hill on Fallon

Watch Lauryn Hill join The Weekend on The Tonight Show!

Friday, February 19, 2016

Quick News

Speaking to The Guardian, Jeff Tweedy has confirmed that Wilco will have a new record out in 2016. "Will have another one ready to go this year," he said. The new album will be a follow-up to last year's surprise release, Star Wars.

Chris Baio of Vampire Weekend told fans that a new record from the band will come but will take some time. He told NME: "Right now I think it’s early days, I haven’t actually done any work on the next Vampire Weekend record, but I'm really looking forward to it." He added: "I can’t wait to tour it, but there’s still going to be a little bit of time."

Also speaking to NME were Slaves and said a follow-up from their bombastic debut, Are You Satisfied? is coming soon.  Guitarist Laurie Vincent said: "We’ve written a load of demos and we’re going to make a new album and yeah, keep having lots of fun." Drummer Isaac Holm called the new songs "heavy, dirty and fun."

Scotland's Frightened Rabbit will release their new album, Painting of a Panic Attack, in April. Take a look at the tracklisting, below:
'Death Dream'
'Get Out'
'I Wish I Was Sober'
'Woke Up Hurting'
'Little Drum'
'Still Want to Be Here'
'An Otherwise Disappointing Life'
'Blood Under the Bridge'
'400 Bones'
'Lump Street'
'Die Like a Rich Boy'
Eric Clapton will release his new record, I Still Do, in May. The album will also feature a posthumous guest as George Harrison will appear on the song "I Will Be There." The appearance will be labeled as "Angelo Mysterioso"  according to NME. It is the same pseudonym Harrison used on Cream's album, Goodbye. Take a look at the tracklisting, below:
'Alabama Woman Blues'
'Can’t Let You Do It'
'I Will Be There’
'Catch The Blues’
'Cypress Grove’
'Little Man, You’ve Had a Busy Day’
‘Stones In My Passway’
‘I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine’
‘I’ll Be Alright’
‘Somebody’s Knockin’
‘I’ll Be Seeing You’

Blaqk Audio, the electronic offshoot featuring AFI's Davey Havok and Jade Puget, will release their new album, Materials, in April. In a press release, Havok said: "My anticipation for each BA release heightens as we grow. For me, lyrically, Material is darker than our records of the past.” Take a look at the cover, below:

Thursday, February 18, 2016

J Dilla's Diary Vocal Album Is Coming!

Earlier this month, iconic Detroit producer and beat maker J Dilla would have turned 42. To celebrate his life, Nas' label, Mass Appeal, is releasing the long awaited Diary Vocal album Dilla left behind before he passed in 2006. 

The Diary will now arrive in April. 

Take a look at the cover, above, and the tracklisting, below, and hear the first single "The Introduction."

01 The Introduction
02 The Anthem [ft. Frank and Dank]
03 Fight Club [ft. Nottz and Boogie]
04 The Shining Pt. 1 (Diamonds) [ft. Kenny Wray]
05 The Shining Pt. 2 (Ice)
06 Trucks
07 Gangsta Boogie [ft. Snoop Dogg and Kokane]
08 Drive Me Wild
09 Give Them What They Want
10 The Creep (The O)
11 The Ex [ft. Bilal]
12 So Far
13 Fuck the Police
14 The Diary


February's playlist of 27 musical musings is here. Take a listen!

Holy Fuck Announce New Album

Holy Fuck announced that their new album, Congrats, will arrive in May. 

Take a look at the cover, above, and the tracklisting, below, and hear the first single "Tom Tom."

1. Chimes Broken
2.  Tom Tom
3. Shivering
4. Xed Eyes
5. Neon Dad
6. House Of Glass
7. Acidic
8. Subbatics
9. Shimmering
10. Crapture

Quick News

Metallica will be reissuing their first two albums, Kill 'Em All and Ride the Lightning next month as CD, vinyl, and Deluxe Box set. Both Deluxe Box sets include original source material from the band's personal collection with many never before heard or seen recordings, along with a book including rare photos and essays from those who were there.

Much like Red Hot Chili Peppers and Coldplay, Dave Grohl told Playboy he was turned down by David Bowie for a collaboration. He said: "We played at his 50th birthday party at Madison Square Garden, and that was the last time I saw him. About two years ago, I got approached by this movie to do a song for the movie, so I thought, 'Maybe I'll have someone else sing. I'll do the music and then have another vocalist.' And then I thought, "Maybe I'll ask and see if David would do it.' So the next day I get an email and it said, 'David, I watched the movie and I got to be honest, it's not my thing.' He said, 'I'm not made for these times. So thanks, but I think I'm gonna sit this one out.'"

Speaking of Bowie, Glastobury organizers have promised they will pay tribute to him in a special way at June's annual festival.

The Boxer Rebellion will release their new album, Ocean By Ocean, in April. Take a look at the tracklisting, below:
01. Weapon
02. Big Ideas
03. Let’s Disappear
04. Pull Yourself Together
05. Firework
06. Keep Me Close
07. Redemption
08. The Fog I Was Lost In
09. You Can Love Me
10. Let It Go

Speaking to The PRP, Daryl Palumbo has said that Glassjaw are almost done recording their first record in 14 years. He said: "I’d say it’s near completion. We’re pretty far ahead. We kind of have a release date, but it’s not a hundred percent. By the time this article comes out, I imagine we’ll have one.” He also said that George Reynolds, the singer of fellow Long Island band, Mind Over Matter, will appear on the record.

Ricky Wilson of Kaiser Chiefs told NME that the band are currently in the studio. He said: "We're recording it. We're back in the studio, I was in the studio this morning. Back in the studio tomorrow. I think it's going to be ready [for release] in June or August." He also said: "For the last ten years, I thought to write a universal song to appeal to everybody you had to talk about big topics… but we've never really written love songs. But then we've started to realise that it's the personal politics that actually hit close to home emotionally. So it's more of what people care about, which is what's going on inside."

Stream Santigold's New LP!

Thanks to the good folks at NPR, you can now hear Santigold's 99¢ a week before it's arrival.

Courtney Barnett on Colbert

Courtney Barnett performed "Nobody Really Cares If You Don't Go to the Party" on Colbert. Take a look!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Aesop Rock Announces New Album

Aesop Rock will release his first album in four years, The Impossible Kid, in April.

Take a look at the cover, above, and the tracklisting, below, and watch his new video for "Rings."

01 Mystery Fish
02 Rings
03 Lotta Years
04 Dorks
05 Rabies
06 Supercell
07 Blood Sandwich
08 Get Out of the Car
09 Shrunk
10 Kirby
12 Lazy Eye
13 Defender
14 Water Tower
15 Molecules

Eleanor Friedberger on Seth Meyers

Eleanor Friedberger appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers and performed "Because I Asked You." Take a look!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Quick News

During his bombastic Grammy performance, Kendrick Lamar debuted a brand new song called "Untitled 3." The song, Lamar told 2 Dope Boyz is part of an arsenal of other tracks he has that have not been released. He said: "You see all these performances on these late night shows—I got a chamber of material from the album that I was in love where sample clearances or something as simple as a deadline kept it off the album. But I think probably close to ten songs that I’m in love with that I’ll still play and still perform that didn’t make the cut."

Sky Ferreira will release her new album, Masochism, this summer.

John Fruscante will release an experimental electronic record on Record Store Day.  According to a press release it will contain "elements of John Carpenter’s eternal scores, the drum programming DNA of jungle and footwork, and yes, a Roland TB-303."

Foals frontman Yannis Philippakis told Time Out that fans should expect the end of the band at some point.  He said: "I don't think it'll go on forever. I don't think it can. I'm not thinking about it right now because we all just get on really well and we're having a blast. But it's already been going on far longer than I expected it to."

Kendrick Lamar Burned Down the Grammys

Part 6 by Goldenglobeawards
Watch Kendrick Lamar's fire performance of "The Blacker the Berry," "Alright" and the new track "Untitled 3" from the 2016 Grammys.

Watch Lady Gaga's Grammy David Bowie Grammy Tribute

Watch Lady Gaga's David Bowie tribute at the Grammys where she was accompanied by the Thin White Dukes friend and colleague, Chic's Nile Rodgers.

Alabama Shakes at Grammys

Part11 by Goldenglobeawards

Watch Alabama Shakes perform "Don't Wanna Fight" on Sunday's Grammys.

Cast of Hamilton Perform on Grammys

Part 5 by Goldenglobeawards

Watch the cast of the brilliant Broadway smash Hamilton perform at the Grammy Awards.

The Weeknd Grammy Performance

Part3 by Goldenglobeawards

Watch The Weeknd perform "Can't Feel My Face" and "In the Night" at the 2016 Grammys.

Saturday, February 13, 2016


After 10 years apart, the original line-up of Film School are back together. Following much soul searching and healing, they returned to the musical waters this weekend with the EP, June. The band has gone through various incarnations through the years, but the one that fans first fell in love with are back and return with a mature, adult sound but the same cinematic feeling that makes their music part of the soundtrack to your life. To celebrate the release, we spoke to singer Greg Bertens  about the reunion.

It took 10 years for fans to get new music from this lineup, what was the hold up?

Well, half the band wasn’t talking to one another. And Film School was writing and playing under a different lineup since 2007. Around 2011 I was done with music and needed a break. But in 2015 drummer Donny Newenhouse brought the original Beggars lineup back together for a reunion show for his birthday. It was a little unclear how that was going to work out, but we had a great time. We decided to write some new music together.

The EP is called June, what does it signify?

To me it’s about things bigger than yourself, like a season, and how they can affect you for better or worse. There’s also a track on the EP called June. 

Since June is an EP, is a full length in the works?

Yes, should be coming out later this year.

What was your inspiration behind the songs?

Our process has always been pretty organic. All of these songs started as jams in the studio and were made into songs. City Lights actually came from the first jam together after 10 years apart. The vocal melody and lyrics are inspired by the music that’s already been written.

So much has happened within this band in 10 years. Some members left, some of you guys got married, some divorced, some had kids, has all of that influenced the making of this record?

Very much so, especially from a lyrical perspective. Things just get more complex as you get older and you find yourself going deeper in whatever direction you’ve taken in life. The title track June is about feeling overwhelmed, maybe even desperate, due to circumstances and the possibility of turning to something bigger than oneself (like a season) to help get through difficult times. 

Being a bit older and having full time jobs, families, do you plan on touring? If so, how?

Good question, not sure how that’s going to work. We’re just playing what makes sense at this point. A couple west coast shows to support the EP. Depending on how the EP (and album) does we might try to get out of CA for some shows. There’s some talk about festivals, we’ll see.

What can fans expect with June?

Have you ever heard of Pantera? 

What was it like coming together for the first time and playing again?

Exciting, scary, relieving, redemptive. It's like a bad breakup with a happy ending 8 years later. It was painful, but a lot of growth happened during that time for all of us. I don’t want to speak for everyone, but once we got over that initial nervousness I think we were all really happy to be back together again.

Hailing from San Francisco, how has the city influenced your work?

SF is a great city for experimenting with your craft and finding your own voice, or it used to be anyway. I’m not sure anymore since I haven’t lived there since 2006 and a lot has happened since then. Because there’s no commercial expectations everyone just seems to do their own thing. And everyone was fiercely independent back in the day, I liked that vibe.

What is next for you once June is released?

Looks like there will be an album coming later this year. We’ll see, we’re taking it as it comes.

Savages on Le Grand Journal

Watch Savages slay on France's Le Grand Journal.

Quick News

Dr. Dre is producing and staring in a scripted series for Apple called Vital Signs. The show is semi-autobiographical to the the beat doctor's life and has already started shooting. No release date has been given.

Chino Moreno gave fans an insight into the new Deftones record by speaking to Kerrang about the upcoming Gore. He said: "If you look at the title and the artwork, it's about a juxtaposition that, for me, is very beautiful. I think Deftones have always flirted with dynamic and that yin-and-yang of things that are provocative and things that are beautiful. Where our last two album titles were a lot more optimistic, I think this title is intentionally different. This record is very different." He also added: "I do think we went in knowing that we wanted to make this record a little different from the last two. And I feel, definitely, like we did that. It's still a Deftones record — we didn't really have any new influences that changed that — but it's an expansion of what we were comfortable with. And it's important to get out of your comfort zone sometimes with the music — just to be excited. It's got a different look. A different shade of color. I'd say some shade of purple. I don't know why, but I think it sits somewhere between pink, red and purple. Sometimes when I hear music, I see color"

Taking to Instagram, Killer Mike shared some new snippets of what Run the Jewels are working on for Run The Jewels 3. Take  a look:
A video posted by Killer Mike (@killermike) on

Albert Hammond Jr. on Corden

Watch Strokes guitarist Albert Hammond Jr. perform on The Late Late Show.

Ty Segall on Colbert

Watch Ty Segall and the Muggers perform "Candy Sam" on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

The 1975 Cover Justin Bieber for BBC1

The 1975 are the latest act to do a cover for BBC1 Radio Lounge. They did their rendition of Justin Bieber's "Sorry." Take a look!

Read Our 2013 Interview with The 1975

Queen: A Night in Bohemia Trailer Released

Queen will release their Christmas Eve 1975 tour finale at London's Hammersmith Apollo will be screened for one night only in cinemas around the globe next month. Take a look at the trailer for A Night in Bohemia.

Quick News

Bon Iver's Justin Vernon says the band is no longer on hiatus and will be coming back. He told Billboard: "The last few years have given me a lot of perspective. It’s been valuable. But I’d rather be busy, and I’d rather be engaged. I learned a lot of lessons. I learned a lot about what this stuff can do to people and how it can change how people set their priorities. I’m not interested in having my priorities all screwed up."

Le Bataclan will reopen following the tragedy that occurred on November 13 when gunmen opened fire inside the French venue during an Eagles of Death Metal concert. The owners told The Guardian that they will “do our best to host events before the end of 2016."

Pete Doherty will release a new solo album this fall. It will be his first solo venture in seven years.

AFI's Davy Havok has teamed up with No Doubt’s Tom Dumont, Tony Kanal and Adrian Young and formed a supergroup. They don't have a name but do have a record. They plan on finding a label, Billboard reports, to put it out.

Bruce Springsteen will release his autobiography, Born to Run, in September. On his website, The Boss posted: “Writing about yourself is a funny business. But in a project like this, the writer has made one promise, to show the reader his mind. In these pages, I’ve tried to do this.” Take a look at the cover, below:

Kanye West Has Finally Finished Naming His Record, Shares Cover, Tracklist

Kanye West has changed the name of his new album to The Life of Pablo. Just before he took the stage at Madison Square Garden to unleash his Yeezy Season 3 clothing and for folks to hear the record, he shared the cover art, above. On Wednesday night he shared the new tracklisting, below.

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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Arcade Fire Share David Bowie Tribute Parade Video

Last month, just weeks after David Bowie passed away, Arcade Fire teamed up with Preservation Hall Jazz Band and held a parade down Bourbon Street in honor of The Thin White Duke. Now, the band has shared a video of the event.

Glen Hansard on Corden

Watch Glen Hansard perform "Winning Streak" on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Rick Rubin Producing / Releasing 'Star Wars' LP

Producer extraordinaire Rick Rubin is releasing an electronic Star Wars album called Head Space. The album features a slew of artists that crafted songs based on the film's characters, sounds, and style. 

The record arrives on February 19. Take a look at the cover, above, and the tracklisting, below:

01 Kaskade: "C-3P0's Plight"
02 GTA: "Help Me!"
03 TroyBoi: "Force"
04 Baauer: "Cantina Boys"
05 Shag Kava: "Jabba Flow: Rick Rubin Re-Work" [ft. A-Trak]
06 Claude VonStroke: "R2 Knows" [ft. Barry Drift]
07 Rick Rubin: "NR-G7"
08 Bonobo: "Ghomrassen"
09 Röyksopp: "Bounty Hunters"
10 ATTLAS: "Sunset Over Manaan"
11 Flying Lotus: "R2 Where R U?"
12 Shlohmo: "Druid Caravan of Smoke"
13 Rustie: "EWOK PUMPP"
14 Galantis: "Scruffy-Looking Nerfherder"
15 Breakbot: "Star Tripper"

Quick News

Part of Sedgwick Avenue in Bronx, New York, will be renamed "Hip Hop Boulevard" in honor of DJ Kool Herc coining the term and inventing the genre during a performance on the street in July 1973.

Matt Healy spoke to Rolling Stone about the very long album title The 1975 picked for their upcoming LP, I Like It When You Sleep For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It. He said: "We had gone from an unknown band to known about so we were being objectified and known about. We were kind of fearful of certain things, and we made the decision that the only thing that was going to remedy that was to make a record that was just about the truth and not about what we thought we should be saying. Because of that, I just decided early on that that was the name of the album for no other reason besides that I really liked it."

Elton John has revealed that he is writing songs with The Killers for their new album. The Rocket Man told Shazam: "I'm hoping to go to Vegas and write with Brandon for the new Killers record… So that'll be interesting."

Rogue Wave will release their new album, Delusions of Grand Fur, in April.

Pixies are teasing that they are in the studio working on new music. Watch a video titled "2016," below:

Unearthed Clip of Arcade Fire in Haiti Surfaces

In 2014, Arcade Fire performed for The Artist Institute in Haiti. Now, a new clip has surfaced online of the Canadian band doing "Here Comes the Nighttime" during Carnival. Take a look!

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Live Review: Lady Leshurr @ Gramercy Theater

Hip-hop has always been a man's game. The unfortunate truth is that all female rappers have had to be better, faster, stronger and smarter than their male counterparts. Those that strike it big leave a long lasting mark in the genre. From Salt-N-Peppa, MC Lyte, Queen Latifah, Lil' Kim, among others to contemporaries like Nicki Minaj, MIA, Angel Haze and Azealia Banks have all broken out and proved that anything boys can do, girls can do just as good and in some cases, better.

Now, welcome to the table one that will soon be the new Queen of hip-hop if she stays the course -- Lady Leshurr. 

Meet Rising Artist - Lady Leshurr

After becoming an underground hip-hop and internet sensation, England's Lady Leshurr made her New York City debut in stunning fashion. The diminutive rapper, singer and producer took the stage to a packed theater and for nearly an hour showed that she is not just a flash-in-the-pan artist. She is here to stay.

A photo posted by Lady Leshurr (@imladyleshurr) on

The artist from Birmingham, the town that gave the world Black Sabbath, Editors, Duran Duran, UB40 and Godflesh now has an emcee to be proud of.

"I know most of you think I am from London, but I am from Birmingham, I represent my city always," she told the audience. The proud performer, who is of Caribbean decent, brings a flow and cadence that is a cross between Busta Rhymes and Nicki Minaj -- from the spitfire attitude to the grime meets dancehall sound she is providing.

Known for her "Queen Speech" series, which she debuted last year that made her a global sensation, Leshurr, took those catchy hooks of "Change Your Panties," "Brush Your Teeth," "Mad Ting," and turned it into a singalong with the crowd. "It is so funny hearing my songs sung with your American accents," she said.

Doing Acapella  freestyles, covers of Chris Brown, Minaj, Biggie Smalls, Jay Z and Busta, plus songs from her mixtape, Lil Bit of Lesh, she broke out all that she could from her arsenal to win the crowd.

She was humbled by how the night turned out and how eclectic the audience was. It was why she made New York City her first stop in America. It was diversity at its finest all united under the sounds of someone who has an unstoppable dream.

Quick News

The Bouncing Souls have confirmed that they are in the studio working on a new record that will arrive at some point this year.

Maxwell will release his new album blackSUMMERS'night this summer. He spoke to Essence about the upcoming album, saying: "I'm so hyped about the new album coming out, which is so exciting for me, because it's fresh and it's different, but it is what I do. It doesn't make you feel like, oh, yeah, that's going to come out in 1996. You're not going to feel that. At least I hope you don't."

Is Post Pop Depression Iggy Pop's Swan Song? According to the Godfather of Punk it might be. He told Beats 1 "To really make a real album, you really have to put everything into it. The energy's more limited now. I may be surprised."

Greg Dulli gave an update to the upcoming Afghan Whigs record to The Irish Sun. He said: "We started recording last summer, did some more recording in the Fall, then I did a little bit these last two months. So we’ve got a bunch of great stuff, and we’ll probably do one more band session before I wrap it up and finish it off but, man, it really sounds great.I’m really happy that we carried the momentum of the tour into recording a new record quickly.”

Dulli also spoke about a solo record he is working on and said: "A whole lot of the album is finished, I’m working on lyrics now, and tweaking some arrangements."

Saturday, February 6, 2016

VINTAGE CLIP: Deftones on Conan

To celebrate the announcement and details of a new Deftones record -- Watch a VINTAGE CLIP of the band on Late Night with Conan O'Brien in 2001 as they performed "Back to School."

Listen to Our Essential Deftones Playlist!

Friday, February 5, 2016

Quick News

On Sunday, Seattle will celebrate The Clash and declare February 7 "International The Clash Day" according to a proclamation from the city.

Deftones released the tracklisting for their forthcoming album, Gore. Take a look, below:
01 Prayers/Triangles
02 Acid Hologram
03 Doomed User
04 Geometric Headdress
05 Hearts and Wires
06 Pittura Infamante
07 Xenon
08 (L)MIRL
09 Gore
10 Phantom Bride
11 Rubicon

The Monkees will release their first album in 19 years, Good Times! later this year. The record features writing contributions from Rivers Cuomo, Noel Gallagher, Ben Gibbard and Zach Rogue, take a look at the cover, below:

Pete Yorn will release his new album, Arrangingtime, next month. Take a look at the cover, below:


Frank Turner Announces New EP

Next month, Frank Turner will release a new EP based off his latest album, Positive Music for Negative People.

The Mittens EP, will feature five songs, four brand new tracks from the British singer / songwriter. 

Take a look at the cover, above, and the tracklisting, below.

1. Mittens
2. Least Of All Young Caroline
3. Little Aphrodite
4. Cleopatra In Brooklyn
5. The Armadillo

Wilco on Colbert

Watch Wilco perform "Random Name Generator" on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Parquet Courts Detail New Album

New York City slacker rockers Parquet Courts will release their new album, Human Performance, in April.

Take a look at the cover, above, and the tracklisting, below, and watch the new video for "Dust."

01 Dust
02 Human Performance
03 Outside
04 I Was Just Here
05 Paraphrased
06 Captive Of The Sun
07 Steady On My Mind
08 One Man, No City
09 Berlin Got Blurry
10 Keep It Even
11 Two Dead Cops
12 Pathos Prairie
13 It's Gonna Happen

Quick News

Sad news to report, Maurice White the founder and leader of Earth, Wind & Fire has passed away at 74. He had been battling Parkinson's Disease. Our thoughts go out to his family, friends and band mates.

Additional sad news, influential hip-hop DJ, Big Kap passed away at 45. His manager says it was due to a heart attack. Our thoughts are with his family and loved ones. 

Eagulls have confirmed they will release their sophomore album this year. While details are cryptic, it should be arriving soon.

Norway black metal heads Kvelertak are currently working on their new album which they hope to have out later this year.

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Ramones debut, a retrospective is coming to their home borough of Queens, New York in April. Opening April 10, "Hey Ho! Let's Go! Ramones: The Birth of Punk" take place at the Queens Museum in Flushing.

Country icon Loretta Lynn will release her new album, Full Circle, next month. Take a look at the tracklisting, below:
01 Whispering Sea (Introduction)
02 Whispering Sea
03 Secret Love
04 Who's Gonna Miss Me?
05 Black Jack David
06 Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven
07 Always on My Mind
08 Wine Into Water
09 In the Pines
10 Band of Gold
11 Fist City
12 I Never Will Marry
13 Everything it Takes [ft. Elvis Costello]
14 Lay Me Down [ft. Willie Nelson]

Caveman will release their new album, Otero War, this summer

Violent Soho will release their new album, Waco, next month. Take a look at the cover, below: