Sunday, November 18, 2018

No Distance Left to Run

We know we haven't been updating for most of 2018 and there is good reason for it.

November is usually the time we celebrate an anniversary of this website, which I started in my parents basement in 2006. It is also the time I felt was perfect to say goodbye. Officially A Yuppie has evolved and grew into something that I didn't think possible.

While the time working and putting everything into creating Officially A Yuppie was a massive adventure, it since got harder to do as I got older and holding down adult responsibilities.

The ride was all worth it as were the sleepless nights and stress, it taught me a lot and was one of the best learning experiences I could have ever asked for.

With that, it is time I call time on this project. It sorta feels like when a band goes on "indefinite hiatus" and you don't know when it they will be back but they aren't breaking up.

I can assure you the love for music will never die, in fact, we will return each year with at least a Top 10, honorable mentions, and League of Their Own list as we did when the site first launched. In fact, we will do that in the coming weeks for 2018.

Maybe there will be a band that we have to talk about or a gig or an album. Whatever the case may be, the site isn't shutting down but will be inactive until we feel like coming out of "retirement" for something.

Above all else, I just want to say thanks for reading, thanks for listening, thanks for keeping us going and that also goes for the musicians, publicists, managers, labels, and industry folk that saw us as an outlet to speak to.

Until next time, thanks for the last 12 years. I wouldn't trade it for anything.