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VINTAGE CLIP: Run the Jewels Boiler Room Set

To celebrate their phenomenal new album, Run the Jewels 2, we take it back to last December when Run The Jewels were on tour in the UK and performed for Boiler Room. Watch this VINTAGE CLIP of their 14-minute long performance.

Quick News

Speaking to Rolling Stone, Pink Floyd's David Gilmour has spoken about his upcoming solo album and hopes to get it out next year. Discussing the follow-up to 2006's On An Island, Gilmour said, "There are some sketches that aren’t finished, and some of them will be started again. There’s a few months’ work in it yet. I’m hoping to get it out this following year."

 Writer Alex Garland, who has had Danny Boyle take his work to the big screen with The Beach and 28 Days Later... will be release his directorial debut Ex Machina next year and to cap off the project, he has scored Portishead's Geoff Barrow and composer Ben Salisbury to score the film.

In December, Public Enemy will be reissuing their seminal albums, It Takes A Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back and Fear of A Black Planet to celebrate DefJam's 30th anniversary. The reissues will feature the remastered albums, B-sides, demos, live recordings, DVD's, and special liner notes by Questlove of The Roots.

TV on the Radio's David Sitek, who produced Beady Eye's final album BE, is asking Liam Gallagher to work with him again now that he is a free agent. Speaking to NME, Sitek said, "Liam's hilarious, that guy really makes me laugh. And he's super talented. I remember when he first went up to the microphone, we had no effects and it was just like, 'Wow.' He should either have a show or get back in the studio with me and we'll make a couple of tracks for fun."

Robert Plant on Jools Holland

Watch the legendary Robert Plant on Later...with Jools Holland.

Counting Crows on Jools Holland

Watch Counting Crows on Later...with Jools Holland!

Tune-Yards on Jools Holland

Watch tUnE-yArDs on Later...with Jools Holland.

She & Him on Fallon

Watch She & Him on The Tonight Show!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Interpol on French TV

Last week, Interpol rocked French TV program Le Grande Journal. Take a look at the NYC rockers play "All the Rage Back Home."

Quick News

Scottish hip-hop group Young Fathers have won the 2014 Mercury Prize beating out favorites FKA Twigs, Royal Blood, and Damon Albarn, among others. The Mercury Prize is given annually to the best British album of the year.

After releasing their new single, "Buzzkill(er)," The Dead Weather are reportedly working on their third record that allegedly will arrive next year.

Before Craig Ferguson bows out as host of The Late Late Show next year, he will get a grand kick-off beginning next month as Metallica will be his house band and special musical guest each night.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, Julian Casablancas admitted he may have been behind some of The Strokes internal issues, saying, "[On 'Comedown Machine'] I maybe wasn't kind of as iron-fisty as I had been in the past, but on purpose, because that created all these issues. I think it's important for someone to – whether or not I think it's better – for someone to have their say. I'm still writing a lot of parts and songs and we're playing together, so it's not like we're mailing each other songs and that we never see each other."

Funkmaster Flex will be teaming up with author Karen Hunter to release a book of stories about The Notorious BIG. In a story in Vibe magazine, Flex gives a preview like that "Who Shot Ya?" was originally intended for Mary J Blige and not Biggie. Flex said, "The song “Who Shot Ya” was originally an intro for Mary J. Blige’s album. Uptown/MCA said it was too hard. The song in its original form had a verse from Big, Keith Murray and LL Cool J, though LL never did his verse. The song still exists!” No release nor title of the book has been given.

It has been confirmed that Nas will executive produce Bishop Nehru's solo debut which is set to arrive next year.

Last night, The Allman Brothers brought their six decade long career to an end with their final live performance at the coveted Beacon Theater in New York City. The theater is where the band held an annual residency.

Blood Orange on Kimmel

Watch Blood Orange perform "Time Will Tell" and "It Is What It Is" on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Beck on Conan

Watch Beck perform "Walking Light" on Conan!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Pete Rock Shares 'Time is Illmatic' Mixtape

As a surprise to fans, legendary hip-hop producer and one of the key figures behind Nas' 1994 debut masterpiece, Illmatic, Pete Rock released a special version of Illmatic. This time as mixtape for fans to hear with new samples, different tracklisting, guest appearances, and more. Take a listen to Time is Illmatic.

Quick News

Speaking to Q magazine, Prodigy's Liam Howlett spoke about the band's forthcoming album. While it still does not have a release date or title, he pretty much declared it a game changer. He said, "Dance music across all types has become formula-based. It's 'Here's your drum fill, here's your build.' All that DJ bollocks and tutorials on YouTube shit. This album is totally organic. Pure violent energy."

Following the death of Jack White keyboardist and pianist, Ikey Owens, Queens of the Stone Age ivory tickler Dean Fertita has joined White's band. It seems at the moment, he will be in both bands.

Psychedelic 60's inspired rockers Foxy Shazam have currently gone on "hiatus."

Soundgarden will release Echoes of Miles: Scattered Tracks Across The Path, a three-disc retrospect of that features unreleased material, B-sides, demos, covers, live cuts, that acts as a retrospect of the band's near 30-year career. It will be released next month.

Speaking to The Fader, Jamie xx gave details about The xx's new album. The English ambient trio are currently working on their third record in Iceland and Texas. Jamie said, ""We've got quite a lot of songs that are not finished, but I'm excited about it. It feels a lot more free than when we were making the last record."

Jamie xx then confirmed that he is currently in the mixing stages of his solo debut. No word on a release date was given during his interview with The Fader.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club are turning to fans to help their drummer, Leah Shapiro, who has to undergo brain surgery called  Chiari malformations surgery. The band have cancelled all dates and have set up a GoFundMe page that reads, "Leah has a serious medical condition requiring brain surgery and months of recovery. Many of you have asked what you can do to help support her and help her get through this, and I think we should all put a dollar in the motorcycle helmet and pass it around. Motorcycle club members always help out fellow members and especially the President of the club, good heavens! All donations will go towards Leah's surgery and recovery."

Following the announcement that Beady Eye have split, Liam Gallagher will make his first live appearance alongside The Who next month at the iconic rocker's Teenage Cancer Trust shows in England.

For the first time in eight years, Tool have confirmed they are working on a new record and posted a picture to prove it. Take a look:

David Guetta has released the tracklisting to his upcoming album, Listen. Take a look at the star-studded listing below:
01 Dangerous feat. Sam Martin
02 What I Did For Love feat. Emeli Sande
03 No Money No Love feat. Elliphant & Ms Dynamite
04 Lovers On The Sun feat. Sam Martin
05 Goodbye Friend feat. The Script
06 Lift Me Up feat. Nico & Vinz, Ladysmith Black Mambazo
07 Listen feat. John Legend
08 Bang My Head feat. Sia
09 Yesterday feat. Bebe Rexha
10 Hey Mama feat. Nicki Minaj & Afrojack
11 Sun Goes Down feat. MAGIC! & Sonny Wilson
12 S.T.O.P feat. Ryan Tedder
13 I'll Keep Loving You feat. Jaymes Young & Birdy
            14 The Whisperer feat. Sia

Mastodon on Letterman

Watch Mastodon perform "The Motherload" on The Late Show with David Letterman!

Wilco on Fallon

Watch Wilco perform "A Magazine Called Sunset" on The Tonight Show!

Monday, October 27, 2014

VINTAGE CLIP: Coldplay & Michael Stipe

To celebrate the upcoming REMTV DVD box set and Coldplay's Ghost Stories Live 2014 CD / DVD, we dug up a VINTAGE CLIP of 2005 of Coldplay and R.E.M.'s Michael Stipe performing "In The Sun" at Austin City Limits. Take a look!

Fugazi Announce 'First Demo'

In 1988, Fugazi recorded their first demo in Virginia's acclaimed Inner Ear Studios (You can see a history of Inner Ear in this past week's episode of Sonic Highways), now, for the first time First Demo will be available to the public next month via Dischord Records. 

Take a look at the cover, above, and the tracklisting, below, as well as hear the first demo of "Merchandise." 

01 Waiting Room
02 Merchandise
03 Furniture
04 Song #1
05 The Word
06 Badmouth
07 Break-In
08 Turn Off Your Guns
09 And the Same
10 In Defense of Humans
11 Joe #1

Saturday, October 25, 2014


Kele Okereke came into music lovers lives as the bombastic front man to Bloc Party. As the band displayed a Gang of Four meets New Order style of danceable punk and rock, Kele has been turning dancefloors upside down as a solo artist. During Bloc Party's hiatuses, he has managed to release a couple EP's as well as two full length records, 2010's The Boxer and this year's TRICK. With TRICK, he explores more electronic and dance music further than ever before, while still laying down very seductive and intimate lyrics. We had the privilege of speaking with Kele about his new album, how New York played an important part in his work and if or when Bloc Party will come together again.  Take a look at our interview below:

The title of your new album is called “TRICK” what does it signify?

Well I heard the term when I was living in New York. My friends would use it to describe people they had been intimate with briefly in the past. To me the title signifies the deception that occurs between lovers, negotiations in which half truths are told.

This is your second solo album, what did you do differently on this record that you did not do the first time around?

Stylistically for sure, it’s a different record but that’s because I am a different person. However I don't see as serving any other function than the function of self-expression. TRICK is what I wanted to express in 2012 to the start of 2014, that’s all. With The Boxer I was super excited about being in a studio on my own, I was sampling everything sound that I could get my hands on, I was trying every plug-in, I feel the record reflected this. With TRICK I was super conscious about space, I wanted everything to feel a little underdone.

Each record is a candid look at who you are as a person and is a different form of a expressing yourself. What is it about “TRICK” that audiences will learn this time around about you?

I don't really know. I guess it’s the first time I'm sung about desire. I was always slightly repulsed by that sort of "I love you" egotism in pop music and I'm glad with this record I've managed to avoid those pitfalls but still talk about what it means to relate to other human beings.

This record is like a time warp through British dance / club culture. What are the clubs and artists that have inspired “TRICK?”

Pop music as a principle is built on the idea of salvage and renewal, there is a constant sense of lineage to explore but there weren't really any artists I was trying to emulate. It was more the fact that I was DJing every weekend for the last 2 years. It’s kinda changed how I listened to music. It’s now more of a meditative experience. I was trying to capture that feeling on the record.

This is your first record since Bloc Party released Four, what was it like to go it alone again without the band?

It was actually fine. I love being in BP, I love the sweating and jamming and the all of it but I am also very happy to stand on my own.

Will there be another Bloc Party record?

Lets wait and see.

Aside from doing your own music, you also DJ. What is it about DJing that you have fallen in love with that art form?

Well I like how selfish it is. I mean of course you are entertaining a room full of people but you are playing the music that you want to hear. For me it’s all completely spontaneous, you are talking the club on a journey and you are in the driving seat.

Would you ever consider releasing an EDM album or a record where you would provide beats and have singers like you did with Tiesto?

I don't think I would make a EDM record, but I do like the idea of a project where I got to work with other singers. I loved producing Heartbreaker and Candy Flip on Crosstown Rebels earlier this year so a project like that would be next logical step for me.

You are associated with New York as much as you are with London. What have these two cities done to influence your career?

Well I am very receptive to my surroundings and I guess I’ve spent the most time in both London and NY. Now I actually see NY as being synonymous with my creativity. It’s where 3 of my last records were made. What I love about New York is also what i hate about New York; the speed of the city. If you have money you can do anything you want in NY, you can get whatever you want delivered to your door but I know I could never live there again. Everyone is so caught up in themselves and staying a float, no one has time to let anyone into their hearts.

RIP Beady Eye

After four years as a band, Oasis off-shoot Beady Eye are calling it quits. Taking to Twitter, Liam Gallagher confirmed the news early on Saturday, saying, "Beady Eye are no longer. Thanks for your support. LGx." Guitarist Andy Bell also tweeted about the news and said, "Thanks to all the Beady Eye fans. See you on the other side. Big Love. Andy B X."

The band, who released two albums, 2010's Different Gear, Still Speeding and 2013's BE, featured all of the former members of Oasis sans Noel Gallagher. While no official word as to what caused the split, the news has caught fans around the world off guard.

We have covered nearly every aspect of this band, including all three of their New York City appearances. Take a look at those reviews and reports below:

Live at Ed Sullivan Theater, June 2011

Live at Webster Hall, June 2011

Live at Terminal 5, December 2011

Quick News

Sad News to report, former Cream guitarist Jack Bruce has passed away at 71. 

The Decemberists Colin Meloy was in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, on Friday, performing on a street corner to announce his band's new album, What A Terrible World, What A Beautiful World. No release date was given.

The Klaxons will be breaking up after their current UK tour. The band announced that their upcoming tour will be their last.

Cold War Kids have confirmed that they will release their new album, Hold My Home, in March.

Muse have confirmed that they are in the studio working with AC / DC producer Robert "Mutt" Lange. Their new album is reported to arrive next year.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, Death Cab For Cutie's Ben Gibbard spoke about their new album and the departure of Chris Walla. Gibbard said, "Oh, there is undoubtedly a line in the sand here. The position we're in – it's a blessing and a curse – is that people feel very strongly about the period of this band in which they got into us. We're fighting against people who say 'Why can't you make a record like the one I heard when I was 20 years old?' And the answer is we can't. We can just move forward, and create a new period."

While the entire iTunes using world got the new U2 album, Songs of Innocence, whether they liked it or not, the band may have made a full record with Danger Mouse that they just scrapped. While Mouse appears as one of the majority producers on Innocence, they apparently had a full record with him. Edge told Rolling Stone, "We realized, ’OK, we’ve actually not delivered what you might call the hallmarks of our work — the big music.” The band then contacted Ryan Tedder of One Republic, who said, "I have the utmost respect for Danger Mouse. Bono was very straightforward. He was like, ’This is how we work. You’re going to do whatever you do and get it as good as you can and then more than likely your stuff is going to get messed with by somebody else.’ So I hesitated for like five seconds and then Edge was like, ’Man, tear it apart. Do what you want.’” No word on if these songs will or have seen the light of day.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Great Soundtrack: Scream

Since it is October, why not get in the Halloween spirit with some seasonal music -- sort of. This month's Great Soundtrack feature comes from a fantastic horror film that shocked and surprised audiences in 1996 -- Scream. The indie horror flick went on to become a cult hit and while we all ask, "What's your favorite scary movie?" we look at the soundtrack that is just as hip, clever, and fun as the film it comes from.

Featuring music from Alice Cooper, Birdbrain, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Blue Oyster Cult, Republica, and many more, the music added an elevated creepy tone and fear to the film, while also being tongue-in-cheek. Coupled with a great score by Marco Beltrami, Scream had all the right elements for a classic.

Recommended Reading: Who I Am

As The Who gear up to celebrate their 50th anniversary and alleged final tour and album, we look back to 2012 when iconic guitarist Pete Townshend released his autobiography Who I Am. The critically acclaimed book, which peaked at No. 3 on New York Times best seller list chronicles Townshed's life growing up in London, forming The Who, and the pressure and pitfalls of fame and being in the spotlight. In many ways, it becomes your typical rock and roll cliche story of drugs, sex, trashing hotel rooms, and alcohol, but the mesmerizing parts of his story are when he describes coming up with his famous licks and riffs, as well as encounters with Jimi Hendrix, playing Woodstock, Monterrey Pop Festival, and Isle of Wight.

While the book goes into great detail of his life as a rock star and how he grew up, it also talks about his work as an editor at Faber and Faber, and his infamous child-pornography arrest, in the book he claims it was for "a research program for a new support system for survivors of childhood abuse." He was later given a warning from police. While he clears the air of his controversies, it also is a detailed and intimate portrait of a man who has shaped pop culture for nearly 50 years.

Tenacious D on Conan

Watch Tenacious D perform "History" on Conan!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Live Review: The Horrors @ Stage 48

Before basketball takes center stage as the biggest thing New Yorker's care about in October, it is also the time when the Big Apple preps for Halloween and all of the ghouls, creepiness, and sinister things the holiday has to offer. But, before All Hallows Eve happens, CMJ rolls into town to bring forth a slew of unsigned bands, rising artists, and established acts to play all day, every day and until the wee-hours of the morning. To kick-off the first night of the 2014 CMJ Music Marathon, England's The Horrors finished their current North American tour on the start of the festival. With the right season, atmosphere, and chill in the air, it was the perfect time for these goth-cold wave rockers to play in the city that never sleeps.

Performing inside the fairly new Stage 48, The Horrors took the stage after 10 and opened with "Chasing Shadows" off their fantastic new record, Luminous. Heavily backlit by strobes, colored spotlights and mood lighting from the ceiling, the tone was set, yet, the band sounded a bit water down. While the decibel level was high, it didn't make for a crisp audible sound to come across. Singer Faris Badwin's vocals sounded drowned out, his beautiful, yet vulnerable vocals were hardly clear until the choruses of most songs, while guitarist Jayson Hayward's licks where hardly heard. The rhythm section of bassist Rhys Webb and drummer Joe Spurgeon sounded fine, as did the keyboard and electronic tones of Tom Cowen, yet, as a whole, The Horrors sounded washed away. Badwin, who looked like a gothic Joey Ramone, would clutch his mic stand, like Ramone, for dear life for most of the night, while headbanging in parts he wasn't singing. As the band played on, songs like "Sea Within A Sea," "Change Your Mind," "Still Life," and "I See You," got the most acclaim from the crowd. With a mixture of songs from their four albums, their short, 11-song setlist, had them on stage for about 75-minutes, which was another unfortunate event, a band with so many solid records and songs should be playing longer at this point in their careers. Then again, it was the tour's swan song, they might just want to get back home.

The Horrors Stage 48 Setlist 10/21/14:
Chasing Shadows
In and Out of Sight
Who Can Say
Sea Within a Sea
Endless Blue
Change Your Mind
Mirror's Image
Still Life
I See You

So Now You Know
Moving Further Away

Quick News

After 25 years together, electronic pioneers Orbital are calling it quits. Paul Hartnoll posted a statement on their website saying: " We’ve had our ups and downs, and it’s not always been easy, but I’ve loved my time with Orbital. It’s been brilliant that we’ve been able to take our music to so many places, from local clubs to headlining Glastonbury to playing massive events across America, Australia, Japan… It’s been fantastic. It was particularly nice to get such a lovely reception when we got back together a few years ago. We made the Wonky album specifically to play live and these shows over the past few years have been a real high point in many ways. The shows and the audiences have been amazing. But nothing lasts forever and it's time to stop. Since finishing the soundtrack with Flood & PJ Harvey for the BBC One television show Peaky Blinders, I’ve now got my own new project, ‘8:58’ which I'm really excited about. It's a continuation of my work from the past 25 years but with a new vitality taking me on to something fresh, mixed with the best of what I've put into Orbital. Expect some live shows soon where I will be playing a mixture of my new music alongside my Orbital favorites."

Since the fall of The Streets, Mike Skinner started The D.O.T. with The Music's Rob Harvey, and now he is working on a hip-hop album with London rapper Oscar World Peace. No word yet on what the project will be called or when it will be released.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, Flea has confirmed that Red Hot Chili Peppers have written over 30 songs for a new album and said that the band will go into the studio to record in the next couple months. As far as the direction of sound in which they will focus on, Flea said, ""It's cool. It's super danceable, funky shit and some real introspective, pretty stuff. It feels good, man, and it's fun to play it."

Before the end of the year, Chicago emcee Chance the Rapper will release a free album called Surf.

To coincide with the upcoming George Harrison box set called George Harrison: The Apple Years 1968-75, street artist Shepard Fairey has designed posters in honor of the late Beatle called, "The Poster for George." There are silver and red editions, take a look:

Bush on Kimmel

Watch Bush perform "The Only Way Out" and their classic, "The Chemicals Between Us" on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

U2 On Jools Holland

Watch U2 perform "Volcano" for the first time live on Later...with Jools Holland!

Interpol on Jools Holland

Watch Interpol perform "All the Rage Back Home" on Later...with Jools Holland!</i>

Sam Smith on Jools Holland

Watch Sam Smith perform "Money on my Mind" on Later...with Jools Holland.

Watch El-P Audition Cats for 'Meow the Jewels'

Last week, Run the Jewels announced their cat-remix version of their upcoming record Run the Jewels 2. They are calling the remix, Meow The Jewels. Watch member El-P audition cats for a role on the record.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Freddie Gibbs & Madlib Announce Remix EP

Freddie Gibbs and Madlib will release the Knicks Remix EP next month. The six-song EP features guest appearances by Action Bronson, Joey Bada$$, Ransom, BJ The Chicago Kid, and more. Take a look at the cover, above, and the tracklisting, as well as hear the first single and awesome back cover, below.

01 Knicks Remix [ft. Action Bronson, Joey Bada$$, Ransom]
02 Knicks Remix Instrumental
03 The Dunk (Bonus Beat)
04 Home [ft. BJ the Chicago Kid]
05 Home Instrumental
06 The Garden (Bonus Beat)

Sleater-Kinney Return! Announce New Album!

After calling it quits in 2006, Sleater-Kinney have announced their reunion and for the first time in a decade, the band will release a new record. The album, No Cities to Love, will arrive in January and was produced by longtime producer of the band, John Goodmason. 

Take a look at the cover, above, and the tracklisting, below, as well as hear the first single "Bury Our Friends."

01 Price Tag
02 Fangless
03 Surface Envy
04 No Cities to Love
05 A New Wave
06 No Anthems
07 Gimme Love
08 Bury Our Friends
09 Hey Darling
10 Fade

Coldplay Announce Live Album

Even though Coldplay never properly toured behind their latest release, this year's Ghost Stories, the band are releasing a live album / concert film called Ghost Stories Live 2014 and it will come out next month. Take a look at the trailer for the live record.

Quick News

Wu-Tang's Ghostface Killah is teaming up with BadBadNotGood for an album called Sour Soul. It will be released in February.

Speaking to The Sydney Morning Herald, Damon Albarn has confirmed they he is "in the process of reactivating Gorillaz for a 2016 release." The band's last effort, The Fall, was released in 2011.

Albarn also gave an update on his other band, The Good, The Bad, and The Queen, who released their self-titled debut in 2007, have apparently fully written their sophomore album and it is waiting to be recorded.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club drummer Leah Shapiro has to undergo brain surgery. Shapiro needs treatment for Chiari malformations found in her brain. The band have cancelled all upcoming tour dates. We wish her a speedy recovery.

The Smashing Pumpkins announced that they will release their new album, Monuments to an Elegy. The album will feature Motley Crue's Tommy Lee on drums and arrives in December. Take a look at the cover, below:

Sunday, October 19, 2014


For the last 15 years, Chicago's Rise Against has been bringing a fury and thunder to punk and rock and roll that takes the social activism Rage Against the Machine had and blends it with the consciousness of The Clash to create their own unique formula. This past year, the band released seventh album, The Black Market to critical and commercial acclaim and scored their second No. 1 Billboard Top Rock record. With their relentless touring schedule, Rise Against show no signs of stopping and prove that like a fine wine, they are getting better with age. We spoke with singer Tim McIlrath about their history, work ethic, new album, and the responsibility a socially aware band has to their audience. Take a look at our interview below.

Rise Against have been going strong since 1999 and have seen all aspects of the music industry, as you get older, what advice would you give for someone wanting to start a band today?

The business of music was the furthest thing from my mind when I started writing and playing music with my friends. Focus on your music and your band and who you are, the industry is a moving target that changes every year.

What did you do on ‘The Black Market’ that you haven’t done before?

We really tweaked the guitar tones and some of the themes on the record. We used a program to help us use more of the analog signals, an amp called the Kemper which houses many different amplifiers in one, and we used bridge called the Evertune that helps keep our guitars in tune, which freed up a lot of time to be more creative and worry less about the technical aspects. All of those are kind of nerdy musician things, but they helped us make the record the best it could be.

The band has had a revolving door of musicians over the years, how do the line-up changes affect the band’s style and sound?

A new band member can bring new energy into the band and breathe new life into something. When you remove the elephant in the room, you change the dynamic and open up new channels that then affects the creative process. The songwriting has always been predominantly Joe and I, and the lyrics have always come from me, so that signature has always been there, but nobody plays guitar like Zach and nobody plays drums like Brandon.  We all help arrange the songs and find their flow.

‘The Black Market’ is one of the few Rise Against records where the same line-up has appeared on the last three albums. How is the relationship within everyone in the band?

We’re firing on all pistons and having a lot of fun out here.

You have said that making ‘The Black Market’ he didn’t have a lot of the lyrics written yet as the music was coming in. Has this been a normal practice for the band in the past?

That’s pretty normal for me. I used to write a lot more before the music but now I let the music come first and get a feel for the song and the mood and that helps shape the content. This record evolved as we made it and I wanted to capture that evolution.

One of the many things I have loved about this band is how you shift from bone crunching, loud, intense guitars and drums to the acoustic records where, in many ways, weighs just as heavy on the listener. Has the band ever toyed around with the idea of making an all acoustic album?

We haven’t really considered it but we’ve never ruled it out either. I just released an acoustic cover of Gun’n’Roses “Civil War” for a compilation called This Concerns Everyone, where each artist covered a protest song using one instrument and their phone.

Seven albums in, which record means the most to you and why?

The Black Market is really important to me because it looks inward a lot, instead of outward like we have in the past.

Political activism and social stances have always been at the forefront of Rise Against, yet, in a day and age of social media, it seems as if less and less artists are lacking the balls to say what they feel out loud. However, you still stay true to who you are. Why do you think we are seeing a decline in artists like yourself?

The artists that speak about ideas of change and awareness are out there if you look hard enough. Music has become very careerist and a bit like a pyramid scheme that focuses on success, and the rules tell us that taking stances alienates audiences. We never really cared about that, though we also never thought we’d still be here standing this many years later. We’re proof that you can speak your mind and still reach wide audiences.

As we speak, Ferguson, Missouri, which is not that far from where Rise Against comes from is on fire. What is your take on that situation?

Violent police reactions to containable situations in low income neighborhoods is far too prevalent in this day and age. Racism isn’t over. Black lives matter. People in power need to be held accountable when they abuse that power.

Your live shows are known for their chaos and intense performances from both you and the fans, what happens as soon as you step off stage and the show is done? How do you unwind from those gigs?

We each have our own ways, but I like to hop in a shower and stay away from the backstage madness for as long as I can before I step back into it. It’s a meditative moment, and recuperation, and a transitional thing. A lot of adrenalin and emotions are coursing through you at that time, it takes a long time to come down.

Being on the road as often as you are, what is one thing that you need with you when you are away from home?

A bicycle. I like seeing and exploring where I am when I wake up.

You have toured with so many amazing bands over the years, who would you love to share the road with?

We’re finally doing a proper tour with Pennywise next month across Europe, it’s taken us this long to get on the road together but we love that band and those guys. The shows are going to be amazing.

Photo by LeAnn Mueller

Foo Fighters on Letterman: Night 5

For their final night of their week-long Letterman residency, Foo Fighters closed with their new single "Something From Nothing." Take a look!


See October's 28-song Playlist and hear it / subscribe to it (and others) on Spotify!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Quick News

Incubus have confirmed they have begun work on their new album. No word as to when it will arrive has been released.

Emo band Rainer Maria have reunited. The Wisconsin trio broke up in 2006, but have come together for a new tour and possible new album.

Circa Survive's new album will be called Descensus and will arrive next month.

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Doolittle, Pixies are reissuing the album in a deluxe set that features demos, B-sides, outtakes, live cuts, and more. It will arrive next month.

Speaking of reissues, Cursive will reissue their 2003 masterpiece, Ugly Organ, next month. The reissue will feature the remastered original album, plus outtakes, demos, and live cuts.

Mumford and Sons have confirmed they are in the studio working on their third record. The album is being produced by James Ford, best known for his work with Arctic Monkeys.

Foo Fighters on Letterman - Night 4

For their fourth night on The Late Show, Foo Fighters switched things up a bit and drummer Taylor Hawkins took over lead vocals, while Dave Grohl sat behind the kit. The band had Cheap Trick's Rick Neilson on hand to perform "Stiff Competition." Take a look!

New Pornographers on Conan

Watch The New Pornographers perform "Dancehall Domine" on Conan!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Live Review: Royal Blood @ Marlin Room at Webster Hall

It has been a whirlwind year for Royal Blood. The Brighton, England, band formed last year and since the duo came together, everything has clicked for them. Before they even released their first single in 2013, Arctic Monkeys drummer Matt Helders wore the band's shirt on stage during his band's headlining slot at Glastonbury, one of the world's biggest music festivals and an event that was broadcasted around the globe. Most bands can even buy exposure like that, but Royal Blood managed to get lucky. Following that free advertising, the band became one of Britain's most talked about buzz bands. Earlier this year, they generated buzz performing at SXSW in Austin and then hit the European festival circuit before the release of their self-titled debut arrived in August. Now that their debut has been out, everyone wants a piece of Royal Blood.

The duo returned to New York City for the first time in six months to perform at the intimate Marlin Room at Webster Hall. It was not only sold-out, it was clearly one of the last times any fan of this band will have a chance to see these guys in such an intimate space.

As they walked out on stage just after 9 p.m. to Jay Z's "99 Problems," Mike Kerr and Ben Thatcher walked out on stage as if they didn't what what a problem was. Their cool, calm, collective attitude was something most New York audiences are not used to, after all this is the Big Apple, the audience is supposed to scare the shit out the band playing on stage! Yet, Kerr and Thatcher took their places and struck their first chords and right away blew the skeletons out of their audiences skin. The band's sound is a cross between Death From Above 1979's abrasive musicianship met with Black Sabbath's heaviness, yet also blends the blues of Jack White and The Black Keys. This is a band for any rock and roll fan and the fact that two guys make so much sound is astonishing. Kerr, who sings and plays his bass like a guitar manages to pulverize the crowd with the sound coming from his hands, while Thatcher simply abuses his drums as if he is a boxer going 12 rounds with someone of lesser quality than he. With just their debut under their belt, songs like "Come on Over," "Little Monster," "Blood Hands," "You Can Be So Cruel," were played with such gusto and power it was amazing that the walls of the Marlin Room did not cave in. As the audience tried to compete with Kerr by screaming the lyrics back to the band, it seemed to fail as the sound would just rise and rise, as did the excitement. For the closing number, "Out of the Black," Thatcher jumped into the crowd mid-song and was lifted up so he could hang from the ceiling beams. As Kerr looked on and laughed, he kept playing as his bandmate eventually made it back to his drum kit, only this time dismantling it as he pounded away, standing up, and took all of his energy out on his set. By the time the song finished, defining screams from the crowd saluted Royal Blood, the heirs to rock and roll's kingdom.

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Meow the Jewels Album Trailer

As we mentioned yesterday, Run the Jewels will release a cat remix album of their upcoming album Run the Jewels 2 called Meow the Jewels. Take a look at the awesome album trailer!

Parquet Courts Releasing Album As Parkay Quarts

New York's Parquet Courts are releasing a new album next month under their alias, Parkay Quarts. The record is called Constant Nausea. Quarts will only feature frontman Andrew Savage and Courts member Austin Brown.

Take a look at the cover, above, and the tracklisting, below, as well as the first single, "Uncast Shadow of a Southern Myth."

1. Everyday It Starts
2. Content Nausea
3. Urban Ease
4. Slide Machine
5. Kevlar Walls
6. Pretty Machines
7. Psycho Structures
8. The Map
9. These Boots
10. Insufferable
11. No Concept
12. Uncast Shadow Of A Southern Myth

Kasabian on Kimmel

Watch Kasabian perform "Ez-Eh," and "Bumblebee" on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Royal Blood on Meyers

Watch Royal Blood just slay on Late Night with Seth Meyers!

Foo Fighters on Letterman: Night 3

For the third night of their week long residency, Foo Fighters performed with Tony Joe White and stuck around to perform "Miracle" for David Letterman. Take a look!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Flying LotusYou’re Dead!
How do you follow-up a record as magnificent and as mind bending as Until The Quiet Comes? A record we hailed as one of the best musical masterpieces to ever arrive. If you are Flying Lotus, you look into the great beyond. To follow-up his 2012 masterpiece, FlyLo took inspiration from the after life and what it means to die, live in purgatory, what happens to your soul, what happens to your body and explored each theme with such vigor, he has now given dying a soundtrack. Your Dead! is his Bitches Brew, thought we said that about his last released, this time we mean it. He has gone far off the musical deep end and plays with sounds, themes, colors, and ideas that not many, especially in this day and age, dare to go. This is a record for not just the ages, but for the beyond as well.

PrinceArt Official Age / Plectrumelectrum
Because he is Prince, he can do whatever he wants, like releasing two albums on the same day. On his first releases in 4 years Art Official Age / Plectrumelectrum delivers the funk, the fun, and the rock. Bringing along his backing band, 3rdEyeGirl for the ride, Prince still can party.

BuzzcocksThe Way
The iconic British punks returned with their first album in eight years and still bring that raw energy, crude humor, and punk style to show that they may have gotten older, but are not slowing down.

Aphex TwinSyro
For the first time in 13 years, Aphex Twin released a record that showcases that while he takes his time to perfect his beats, he still manages to create the wave of electronic future. Syro is a massive undertaking and massive album that stuns not only hardcore fans of his, but also casual fans and make everyone hope it doesn’t take over a decade for a new album.

Ben Howard I Forget Where We Where
The brilliant British songwriting talent that is Ben Howard is back with his sophomore album and his lo-fi folk sound doesn’t change, but his heartfelt songwriting manages to get stronger.

The Kooks Listen
Back with a new album and new sound, The Kooks showcase their musical muscles and can do more than just write really crafty pop-rock tunes, but can find something deeper and more mature within.

Weezer Everything Will Be Alright In the End
Weezer are back with Cars mastermind Ric Okasek behind the decks and for the first time in over a decade, this is a Weezer record that doesn’t suck. The album is their most honest and most self deprecating while still acknowledging their faults, they find the truth and formula to what has made them carry on for so long.

Paloma Faith A Perfect Contradiction
British songstress Paloma Faith returns with her third album and while her style doesn’t alter, she still has that signature voice that can break glass and wow audiences around the globe.

Billy IdolKings & Queens of the Underground
The iconic British rocker is back with his seventh album and while he is a novelty act, he is one of the greatest novelty acts we have. Idol still knows how to have fun and not take himself too serious, which is why this record is worth a listen.

Chrissie Hynde Stockholm
Surprisingly after four decades in the music business, 2014 was the year that Chrissie Hynde released her solo debut. While the record is decent, it still doesn’t live up to her past work, but nonetheless, her signature voice is still there and powerful enough for you to remember why you fell in love with her in the first place. We still stand by you, Chrissie

EstelleTrue Romance
British R&B sensation Estelle is back with True Romance and while she is still looking to get the success she had with her debut, this is enough to show that she is still far more talented than most of her contemporaries that are gaining more exposure.

Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy makes it a family affair as he brings along his son, Spencer to play drums on his side project. While the sound doesn’t stray too far for recent Wilco records, it is a cool thing to hear that musical talent clearly runs in the Tweedy home.

The CoralThe Curse of Love
While this is not a new Coral record, just a record that has never seen the light of day, it is a nice gift to fans from a Britrock group that quit way too soon.

We Were Promised JetpacksUnraveling
The Scottish indie rockers return with their third album and still bring the thundering hooks and poppy choruses that will have you stomping your feet and singing along for hours.

Lenny Kravitz Strut
After all these years, Lenny Kravitz is still a cool motherfucker and Strut shows that he can still have fun and still be funky. While it fails to have that musical creativity that Prince’s recent records do, but it is still enough to make you want to get up and dance.

Perfume GeniusToo Bright
The indie pop sound of Perfume Genius is back and his own unique brand and style that has gained him attention over the years is still there, yet, Too Bright sounds as if he is trying too hard to be that different.

Thurston Moore The Best Day
Thurston Moore returns with his fourth studio album and while he doesn’t alter his style nor sound too much, he still manages to release solid records that will please fans the world over.

She & HimClassics
Five albums in, She & Him are still as charming as ever and Classic doesn’t deviate from their path at all, it just adds to the collection.

'808' Documentary Trailer

The trailer for an upcoming documentary on the 808 drum machine called 808 has been released. The film features talking heads from Damon Albarn, Pharrell, Goldie, 2ManyDJs, 808 State, Afrika Bambaataa, Diplo, New Order, Rick Rubin, Fatboy Slim, and many more. 808 arrives next year, take a look at the trailer!

Bobby Shmurda EP Details Announced

Next month, rising rapper Bobby Shmurda will release his anticipated debut EP, Shmurda She Wrote. Take a look at the cover, above, and the tracklisting, below.

1. “Worldwide N*gga” (Feat. Ty Real)
2. “Hot N*gga”
3. “Bobby Bitch”
4. “Living Life” (Feat. Rowdy Rebel)
5. “Wipe the Case” Away (Feat. Ty Real)

Quick News

Sad news to report, keyboardist Isaiah "Ikey" Owens has passed away from a heart attack. Owens, who died while on tour with Jack White in Mexico, has also played keys for Mastodon, Mars Volta, Long Beach Dub All-Stars, and others. Our thoughts go to his friends, family, and colleagues.

Another musical death rocking the scene is Bjork / Depeche Mode producer and LFO found Mark Bell passed away last week, the announcement was made earlier this week. The cause of death has not been determined. Our thoughts go to his family, friends, and colleagues as well.

Some positive news, late in the summer, Run the Jewels announced that if they raised over $45,000 they would create a cat-sounding remix album to their upcoming LP, Run The Jewels 2 and call it Meow the Jewels. Well, the goal has been reached with 12 days to spare. Joining RTJ on Meow the Jewels will be Zola Jesus, Just Blaze, Baauer, Geoff Barrow, the Alchemist, Boots, Dan the Automator. 

...and You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead have released the cover to their upcoming album, IX, take a look:

Live Pix: King Diamond @ Best Buy Theater

On Tuesday, Denmark's King Diamond made a rare New York City appearance and got the Big Apple in the Halloween spirit at the Best Buy Theater in Times Square. 

Take a look at our very own RICH D SMOOV's live pix of the event! 

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