Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Weeknd on Fallon!

Watch The Weeknd on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon!

Avett Brothers on Letterman

 Before The Avett Brothers performed on Live on Letterman, they did The Late Show with David Letterman and played their new single, "Part of Me." Take a look!

Queens of the Stone Age on Conan

Watch Queens of the Stone Age perform "The Vampyre of Time and Memory" on Conan!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Live Review: The Avett Brothers @ Ed Sullivan Theater

We have said it before and we will say it again, the historic Ed Sullivan Theater just simply brings out the best in an artist. It is as if all of the history of that stage is channeled into whoever is played there to give their best performance and a night everyone watching will remember. Tonight, North Carolina's Avett Brothers performed and it was one of those nights that will be talked about for some time.

Supporting their brand new album, Magpie and the Dandelion, The Avett Brothers, backed by a full band, showed why they have become critic and fan favorites over the last decade. The band who combine bluegrass, country, Americana, folk, rock, and classical have found themselves placed in various genres which explains their wide appeal. They have gained a wide variety of fans like Bob Dylan, Rick Rubin, and Chris Cornell. Over the last 12 years, the band have released eight albums and tonight did a career retrospect for fans watching in person and those streaming it in concert for the special Live On Letterman webcast.  After all these years as a band, they do not look like rockstars, Scott Avett looks like he just came off the farm from wrangling cattle all day long and brother Seth looks like a Baptist preacher, however, appearances can be deceiving. With a full band, the sound of the Avett Brothers is clearly much more powerful, yet, the most intense moments of the night came when it was just the brothers on stage jamming together or with long time collaborators cellist Joe Kwon and bassist Bob Crawford. For the hour the band was on stage they treated fans to deep songs like "Salina," and "Manhattan Flower," but it was the singles "Vanity" and "I and Love and You" that not only got the most applause, they also sounded superb. This is a band whose success, 12 years in, is just the beginning.

Quick News

Congrats to James Blake as he took home the 2013 Barclaycard Mercury Prize for his brilliant 2013 LP, Overgrown. The Mercury Prize is awarded to Best British Album of the year.

Speaking to Q magazine, Elbow frontman Guy Garvey announced the title of his band's forthcoming 2014 album. The album will be titled, Carry Her Carry Me. He also said much of the album was inspired by New York City, "Walking around New York I feel like my antennae are up. My ears are open for snatches of beautiful conversation. In Manhattan, it just feels like all the time, any second, somebody's going to utter that thing that changes the world."

Motorhead may have just released a new album, but they are canceling their current European tour so singer and frontman Lemmy Kilmister so he can recover from illness.

Stevie Wonder confirmed that 2014 will feature a new album from the iconic singer / songwriter. It will be Wonder's first album of new material in over eight years and says the record is influenced by his love of hip-hop. Speaking to the Associated Press, Wonder said, " "I listen a lot to rap, and I'm inspired to take it, to use it in another way, to get the message across."

As we approach Friday, we are learning more and more about the new Action Bronson / Party Supplies mixtape, Blue Chips 2, will be released then. Earlier this month, Bronson released the tracklisting and yesterday, they released the trailer. Now, they have unleashed the awesome album cover, take a look:

New Bowie Songs Leak Online!

Next month, David Bowie will release a special expanded edition of his new album, The Next Day, which arrived earlier this year. Now, four songs from the expansion have leaked online as NME points out. Take a listen to the songs, "Atomica," "The Informer," "Like A Rocket Man" and "Born In A UFO."

Arcade Fire on Kimmel!

Arcade Fire once again hit up the Capitol Records building to perform for fans, however, this time it was taped for Jimmy Kimmel Live! Take a look!

Chromeo / Death from Above 1979 on Fallon!

Watch Chromeo with special guests and fellow Canadians Death From Above 1979 on Fallon!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The National on Jools Holland!

 Watch The National perform "Sea of Love" On Jools!

***Please Note: This Video May Not Play In All Territories*** 

London Grammar on Jools Holland!

 Watch London Grammar perform "Strong" on Later...With Jools Holland!

***Please Note: This Video May Not Play in All Territories***

Quick News

Beck will release his first album of new material five years when his latest, Morning Phase, will arrive in February! The album is being called a companion piece of sorts to his brilliant 2002 LP, Sea Change. 

Brett Anderson of Suede spoke to NME recently about the follow-up to their fantastic comeback album, Bloodsports. Anderson said he is unsure of what direction or what the album will sound like until the band gets back into the studio and that could come sometime next year.

Young The Giant will FINALLY release their long-awaited sophomore album in January. The album will be called Mind Over Matter.

Sad news to report, Fleetwood Mac bassist John McVie has been diagnosed with cancer. The band have cancelled all upcoming gigs and appearances so he may receive treatment.

Cult instrumental outfit, Mogwai will release their new album, Rave Tapes in January.

Action Bronson Mixtape Teaser

Action Bronson has properly announced the arrival of his new mixtape with Party Supplies, Blue Chips 2, which will arrive on Friday -- for free! Using the NBA tip-off as his excuse to launch this amazing teaser video, he throwsback to 1995 when the Knicks were still good. Take a look!

Arcade Fire Live From Capitol Studios

On Monday night, Arcade Fire did a concert for NPR live from Capitol Records Studios in L.A. Take a listen to the FULL Show that featured new songs, AF classics, and two Lou Reed covers!

King Krule on Letterman

Watch King Krule make his U.S. TV debut on The Late Show with David Letterman as he performed, "Easy Easy."

Monday, October 28, 2013

Mastodon Live Album Trailer

 On December 1, Mastodon will release Live in Brixton. A live audio album and video from a band's 2012 concert in Brixton, England. Take a look at the trailer above.

Twin Shadow Pays Tribute To Lou Reed

 Paying tribute to Lou Reed, Twin Shadow put his own spin on Reed's classic, "Perfect Day." Take a look / listen!

Arctic Monkeys Pay Tribute To Lou Reed

 At a concert in Liverpool, Arctic Monkeys paid tribute to the late Lou Reed by performing an phenomenal cover of "Walk on the Wild Side." Take a look / listen!

Warpaint New Album Details

In January, Warpaint will release their self-titled sophomore album. Take a look at the cover above and the tracklisting below and hear the new single, "Love Is To Die." 

01 Intro
02 Keep It Healthy
03 Love Is to Die
04 Hi
05 Biggy
06 Teese
07 Disco//very
08 Go in
09 Feeling Alright
10 CC
11 Drive
12 Son

RIP Lou Reed

Alternative rock pioneer and former Velvet Underground front man, Lou Reed passed away at his home in New York at age 71. Reed, who was born in Brooklyn but raised in Long Island helped lead the counter-culture and alternative moment in New York City in the late 60's through all of the 70's and 80's. His death is being connected to a liver transplant he had earlier this year.

His music influenced everyone ranging from Joy Division to The Killers. We were fortunate enough to see him in concert a few times, at his bizarre and interesting 2009 Lollapalooza performance and when he performed with Gorillaz at Madison Square Garden in 2010

RIP Lou, you will be missed.

Saturday, October 26, 2013


Matt Hires is a name that has not shocked the music world...yet. This Tampa, Florida, native has been making a name for himself in cafes around the country and after linking up with Atlantic Records and touring this summer with rising British sisters, The Staves, Hires is soon to be a household name. In August, he released his clever titled, The World Won't Last Forever, But Tonight We Can Pretend to rave reviews. We spoke to Hires about his career, his music, and where he is going. Take a look at our interview below:

You have been influenced from everyone from The Band to Ryan Adams, what is it about these artists and those in between that made you want to pick up a guitar and become a musician?

When I first picked up the guitar and started writing music I was 16 years old and really into a lot of the pop/punk and emo stuff that was going on at that time. I gravitated towards Dashboard Confessional because there was something that my 16 year old self identified with is his songs. They were about falling in love and getting your heart broken, but I think the thing that really drew me to the songs was the honesty that I heard in them. Once I started delving into artists like Bob Dylan and Tom Petty and Ryan Adams, I realized that the same thing drew me to those songs, too. Just good, honest songwriting.

How would you describe your music to someone that has not heard of you before?

Good, honest songwriting... Or just pop/rock with Americana tendencies.

Hailing from Tampa, Florida, what is the music scene like there?

I honestly can't give an accurate answer for what the current climate of the scene is right now. I tour so much that I play other places a lot more than I play at home. But it was a good scene to grow up in. There were never tons of bands, but between Tampa and Orlando, there was a group of us that were all very supportive.

How much has Tampa influenced your work?

It's hard to say. I really love Florida, and I love my home, but I'm not sure if my music would be all that different if I had grown up somewhere else. On the other hand, a lot of my early songs were written on the beach or on this bridge over Tampa Bay called “the causeway”. Maybe there was something about just being there that affected the way I write songs and make music. There are several references to Florida in the songs on my new record.

Your new album is called “This World Won’t Last Forever, But Tonight We Can Pretend” how did you come up with the title?

 It just felt right. I'm usually not very good at naming things, and I had a list of about 30 possible album titles that I was sifting through. Then one day I was listening to one of the songs on the record called “Dead Stars”. That line is in the bridge of the song, and it stuck out to me because it lined up with a lot of reoccurring themes throughout the album. It just felt right.

What did you do differently on this album that you have not done before?

I spent less time in the studio. I made the album with the same producer as my first full-length record, Eric Rosse, but this time we didn't have as much time to make it. I feel like that ended up being a good thing because we didn't over-think anything. We just dug into the songs and let them be what they wanted to be.

You are the first artist signed to Atlantic Records F-Stop imprint, do you feel any pressure as an artist being given that opportunity?

Well, there's always a little bit of pressure when a record company is investing money and time into your music, but F-Stop/Atlantic has been good to work with. I signed with them in 2008, and I was still fairly inexperienced. I've really been able to grow and develop as an artist and songwriter and performer since those early days, and I'm happy they've given me time to do that.

You have opened for people like Dave Matthews, Paulo Nutini, and Matchbox 20, what do you learn from going on tour with artists of that level?

I've been able to be a part of a lot of great tours, and I've learned new things about performing from each one. From small club tours to large venue tours, like the one I just wrapped up with Matchbox Twenty. From playing solo with just an acoustic guitar to full-band shows. I'm always trying to get better and better at the live-performance aspect of what I do, and touring with some of those well-known artists definitely helps.

Which do you prefer playing – the big arenas or the intimate venues?

There are things that are awesome about each. I do find that it's easier to play the bigger venues, oddly enough. I think the intimacy of playing a small club and being able to actually look people in the face when you sing can be a little bit unnerving sometimes. It can also make shows more special, though. But there's nothing quite like playing to a few thousand screaming people.

What is next for Matt Hires?

World domination?

Above Photo by Reid Rolls

Pearl Jam Pt. 2 on Fallon!

 To cap off "Pearl Jam Week" on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, the band appeared for the second night in a row to close out the week honoring their music! Take a look!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Kings of Leon on Kimmel

Watch Kings of Leon perform "Temple" on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Pearl Jam on Fallon!

Watch Pearl Jam finally perform during "Pearl Jam Week" on Fallon as they did "Sirens." Take a look!


Stream Cut Copy's new album, Free Your Mind, before it comes out on Tuesday!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Black Flag New Album Info

On November 5, Black Flag will release their new album, What The.... The cover has us asking the same thing and only hoping the music is not as shitty as what this cover looks like. Anyway, here is the cover and tracklisting below:

1. My Heart's Pumping

2. Down in the Dirt

3. Blood and Ashes

4. Now Is the Time

5. Wallow in Despair

6. Slow Your Ass Down

7. It's so Absurd

8. Shut Up

9. This Is Hell

10. Go Away

11. The Bitter End

12. The Chase

13. I'm Sick

14. It's Not My Time to Go-Go

15. Lies

16. Get Out of My Way

17. Outside

18. No Teeth

19. To Hell and Back

20. Give Me All Your Dough

21. You Gotta Be Joking

22. Off My Shoulders

Quick News

The Who have announced that after their 2015 50th anniversary tour, the band, or what is left of them, will stop touring forever.

Next week, L.A. alternative legends Jane's Addiction will get their own star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame.

A supergroup called Salvador Dali Parton which features members of Mumford & Sons, The Vaccines, JEFF the Brotherhood, Old Crow Medicine Show will play six gigs in one day on November 2 in Nashville. While in the process, the band will also be cutting an album, live in front of their audiences.

Eminem spoke to Rolling Stone about his upcoming Marshall Mathers LP 2 and said, "Calling it 'The Marshall Mathers LP 2', obviously I knew that there might be certain expectations. I wouldn't want to call it that just for the sake of calling it that. I had to make sure that I had the right songs – and just when you think you got it, you listen and you're like, 'Fuck, man! I feel like it needs this or that,' to paint the whole picture."

Paul McCartney has said he has stopped writing new songs. Speaking to England's The Daily Star, he said, "I'm resisting writing any more songs as I've got so many. I got everything off my chest with 'New', and next I need to go through my pile of demo ideas. It'll be like cleaning out my attic – I know I should do it even though I don't really want to. There are loads of songs I've started in the past couple of years that I need to finish off. Some are just sketchy ideas but I think there are a lot of strong ideas in my demos too, which I need to sit down and ­figure out how to finish."

FINALLY! On January 21, 2014, Against Me! will release their much anticipated new album, Transgender Dysphoria Blues. Take a look at the albums tracklisting below:
"Transgender Dysphoria Blues"
"True Trans Soul Rebel"
"Unconditional Love"
"Drinking With the Jocks"
"Osama Bin Laden as the Crucified Christ"
"Dead Friend"
"Two Coffins"
"Paralytic States"
"Black Me Out"


Arcade Fire are streaming their new album, Reflektor, in full before it arrives on Tuesday. Take a listen and then go rent Black Orpheus.

Okkervil River on Conan

Watch Okkervil River perform "Deep Down The Deep River" on Conan!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Quick News

After 16 years pulverizing audiences around the world, grindcore icons Pig Destroyer are finally adding a bassist to their line-up to make their bone crunching sounds a bit more rhythmic. The band is welcoming John Jarvis, cousin of Pig Destroyer drummer Adam Jarvis, to play as their bassist.

After months of speculation, it has been confirmed that actor Tom Hardy (The Dark Knight Rises, Bronson, Inception) will play Elton John in a biopic about the legendary singer. No release date has been set.

Guided By Voices have confirmed that drummer Kevin Fennell is out of the band. No replacement has been named.

Two legends of dance and pop music are uniting for the first time, Nile Rodgers has confirmed that he and Giogio Moroder will collaborate on Rodgers upcoming album. The two appeared earlier this year on Daft Punk's Random Access Memories, but not on the same tracks. We can't wait!

After announcing their debut EP and formation in 2011, Black Submarine the band featuring ex-Verve members Nick McCabe and Simon Jones, will release their debut album, New Shores in February. The band also includes members Davide Rossi, Michele 'Mig' Schillace and Amelia Tucker.

LIVE PIX: Danzig @ Roseland

In light of recent events, we have all learned that Glen Danzig does not like being photographed, but when he came to NYC on Friday to play at Roseland, that didn't stop our own RICH D SMOOV from taking a few shots. Take a look at some pix below:

Fleet Foxes' Robin Pecknold on Fallon

 Fleet Foxes frontman Robin Pecknold covered Pearl Jam's live staple, "Corduroy," for "Pearl Jam Week" on Fallon. Take a look!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


 Take a look at October's 27-song playlist and enjoy it on Spotify!

Paul McCartney on Jools Holland

 Watch Sir Paul deliver The Beatles classic, "Get Back" on Jools!

***Please Note, This Video May Not Play In All Areas***

Arctic Monkeys On Jools!

Watch Arctic Monkeys rip through "R U Mine" on their return to Jools!

***Please Note, This Video May Not Play In All Areas***

Gary Clark Jr. On Jools Holland!

Watch Gary Clark Jr. make his Later...With Jools Holland debut and simply blow everyone away! 

***Please Note, This Video May Not Play In All Areas***

Arcade Fire on Colbert Report!

The Colbert Report
Get More: Colbert Report Full Episodes,Video Archive

The Colbert Report
Get More: Colbert Report Full Episodes,Video Archive
Watch Arcade Fire play "Normal Person" and "Afterlife" on The Colbert Report!

Chris Cornell & Avett Brothers on Fallon Pt. 2

 Watch Chris Cornell & Avett Brothers return to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon for "Pearl Jam Week." Cornell covered the "Jeremy" B-Side, "Footsteps," which also appears on P. Jam's Lost Dogs double album of B-sides, demos, and rarities. Take a look!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Quick News

Slick English indie band, The Heartbreaks have confirmed they will release a new album in early 2014.

London quintet Chapel Club are calling in quits. Taking to Facebook, the band announced they are parting ways. They said, "As of last week's show in London, Chapel Club is no more. We don't like to think of it as splitting up, because we all still get along very well and the word 'split' implies a kind of collapse or implosion, something ugly and destructive and inevitable. That's not how it feels to us. It's more like we're setting CC aside as having outlived its usefulness. Despite all the amazing fans around the world and all the fun we've had over the last four years (for whom and for which we will always be deeply grateful), Chapel Club as a creative entity has collected a lot of baggage. And lugging that around just started to seem unnecessary. Maybe you'll meet us again in other guises; we obviously don't intend to stop making music (or other things). Who knows. The main thing is you helped us to learn a lot and to make some pretty great memories in the process. And maybe a few good songs. Thank you for the opportunity, and see you around."

Legendary New York City venue, Roseland will unfortunately close it's doors in April. Billboard reported the news this past weekend. The venue, which opened at the turn of last century has played a key role in the city's live musical legacy. It has also been the home to some of our favorite gigs like Bjork in 2012, New Order in 2012, Radiohead in 2011, Atoms For Peace in 2010, Them Crooked Vultures in 2009, Bloc Party in 2008, and so many more.

Courtney Love will be releasing her autobiography, My Story, in December.

FINALLY! The long await Stone Roses documentary, Made of Stone, directed by Shane Meadows will arrive on DVD in the US in December.

Sunday, October 20, 2013


At first look, James Bay could be another singer-songwriter from the somewhere in a small town in middle America. Long hair, top hat, beat up denim jeans, he has the looks of an American, but looks can be deceiving and proves a book should never be judge by his cover. Bay, an English singer, has been cutting his teeth in the UK for years and thanks to a successful tour this past summer in the US, it looks like Mr. Bay is going to stand out while managing to blend in. We spoke to Bay about his music, his roots, and his debut LP. Take a look at our interview below:

You are English but there is a strong sense of American influence in your music. Who are the artists that inspired you?

I’ve definitely been inspired by a lot of American music. Carole King, Ray Charles, John Mayer, Kings Of Leon, Feist and Ray Lamontagne. English artists like Adele, Ben Howard and The Stones are big influences too, and of course Fleetwood Mac - a huge influence of mine, coming from both the UK and the States.

 Hailing from a small English town, did you ever thing you would get noticed?

I always hoped I’d be able to take my music further than my little hometown, Hitchin. I made sure I was always playing live, be it 2 or 3 nights a week or more. If you want people to know about you, you just have to get out there and play as much as possible.

When the calls came in for your music from a major label from Republic Records, what was your reaction?

When I found out a record label as big as Republic wanted to fly me over to New York City to hear me play live, I lost my mind! I probably dropped the phone. That kind of thing doesn’t happen everyday.

So much of yourself is in your songs, do you feel that you have to get so deep to make a connection with your music or are there things that you still hold back?

With a few exceptions, I believe the best song writing is always the most honest. At least, my best songs seem to work that way. When I write, I try and focus on real life and things that I’ve actually experienced. So, yeh, I guess I do have to dig pretty deep when I’m writing.

You recently released your debut EP, what was that experience like?

Recording and releasing my debut EP “The Dark Of The Morning” has been incredible so far. Recording the songs gave me the chance to breath life into them again, but in a new and different way to when I play them live. So far (since releasing the EP) the response has been incredible. The excitement just keeps growing.

 Is a full length album in the works?

Of course! There’s so much in store. I’ve started (on TDOTM) where I began as an artist, solo and acoustic. But my music is definitely going to get bigger; I’ll be getting the band in for the full-length record. I can’t wait to plug in and play loud! An album is definitely on the horizon.

At 22, you are still very young but sound like you have lived through so much. What are some of the experiences in your life that have altered you and shaped the man you are?

Travelling has been a big one. Coming from a small town I was never much of a traveller before, always comfortable in that familiar environment. But since signing in New York I have been travelling back and forth from the UK and all over America, and I think that’s definitely shaping me as a writer and a person. At about 18, I was pretty keen to get out of my parents house and find my own place to live – so that newfound independence that comes with leaving home has really shaped me over the last few years too. 

You have been on the road in the US, how have the shows been? How are American audiences different from audiences back home?

Playing in the US is incredible, for so many reasons. I only realize now how much of a big deal it is for me. Over the years, I’ve read so many stories about my favourite bands and artists going to America for the first time and how huge that was for them - and that would always get me dreaming about maybe doing it myself one day. And here I am! It’s only the beginning, I’m barely scratching the surface, but playing to American crowds has been amazing so far.

Traveling in the US, what has struck you the most that you have fallen in love with?

The busy, bustling electricity of New York City never fails to blow my mind. I’m still so new to it, but I love it more every time I return.

What is next for you?

Next is my first ever full-length tour. I’m playing coast to coast throughout the whole of the US. After that, and more shows back home in the UK, I plan to get stuck into making my debut album.

What has been the best thing about being James Bay these days?

I think the real prize has to be getting to wear my favourite hat all.the.time.

Live Review: Pearl Jam @ Barclays Center

You can say seeing Pearl Jam in concert is like surfing. Sometimes it starts off bombastic and free falling like you are riding the waves at Sunset Beach in Hawaii. Other times it will feel like it is a gradual build and ebbs and flows through various cycles on your journey. The latter is how Pearl Jam performed at the second of their two sold-out shows in Brooklyn's Barclays Center. This weekend marked the first time the Seattle legends played the Brooklyn arena and they left their mark as only Pearl Jam could.

As the houselights dimmed at 8:30, Pearl Jam took the stage and opened with the somber tracks "Pendulum," "Wash," and "Nothingman." "Live from Brooklyn! It's Saturday night!," Eddie Vedder screamed before kicking into the title track off the bands new album, Lightning Bolt, then smashing right into the first single off the new LP, "Mind Your Manners." Now, things were beginning to get kicked up a notch and began to flex some serious musical muscle. Digging deep into the bands vast catalogue they still managed to keep the attention on the latest material. While the audience was left guessing which song would be next, Vedder and Co., did their best to entertain between songs as the band members were left switching and sifting their arsenal of instruments. Vedder would share stories from the night before, apparently many fist fights broke out in the crowd and the band thanked everyone for being on their best behavior and kept pushing the time limits to play longer. With a 20-song main set that lasted 90 minutes and included everything from "Even Flow," "Unthought Known," "Rats," "State of Love and Trust," and "Better Man," Pearl Jam were just getting started.

As the band exited the stage for a brief encore, members of the crew noticed a 12-year-old boy standing in the first few rows and invited him to stand on the side of the stage. It was a gesture that tugged at the heartstrings of everyone in crowd, "It is nice to see we span generations," Vedder told the audience before going into "Footsteps." It was the first encore where Pearl Jam slowed things down again and made the giant room feel like a small studio as they sat in fold-out chairs and broke out acoustic instruments for a series of slow tempo ballads and softer songs like "All Those Yesterdays," and "Future Days." That all changed when the opening chords to "Do the Evolution" kicked in and all of Barclays came alive. With Vedder running into the general admission section and guitarists Mike McCready and Stone Gossard running around on stage, the whole arena was mesmerized by the chaos and sheer excitement they were bringing. Going straight into "Go" and "Porch," they ended on a fierce note before heading off stage again.

While many began exiting the arena thinking the show was officially over, Pearl Jam arrived back on stage for a second and final encore that featured fan favorites "Alive,""Black," and their monstrous cover of Neil Young's "Rocking in the Free World." With Vedder swinging from lighting fixtures that dangled above the stage and McCready running into the GA section, it was pushing the three hour time limit but as long as they kept playing, no one was telling them to stop. As the houselights kicked on, the band played right through going into their final song, "Yellow Ledbetter." After three hours of riding the wave that is a Pearl Jam live show, it was time to head back to shore and head home.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

VINTAGE CLIPS: Pearl Jam On Letterman

This past week, Pearl Jam released their 10th studio album, Lightning Bolt and to celebrate, we dug up some VINTAGE CLIPS of the band performing on The Late Show with David Letterman. Take a look!


Quick News

Muse have confirmed that they will begin working on new material early next year.

Speaking to BBC6 Music, Robert Plant has said he found some unreleased and unearth Led Zeppelin songs that feature bassist John Paul Jones on vocals. Plant said, "I found some quarter-inch spools recently. I had a meeting with Jimmy and we baked 'em up and listened to 'em. And there's some very, very interesting bits and pieces that probably will turn up on these things."

According to Strokes guitarist Albert Hammond Jr., The Strokes are apparently not recording and making new music to be released next year despite reports.

Arcade Fire's Win Butler is predicting that James Murphy will reboot LCD Soundsystem one day. Speaking to The Sun, Butler said, "We have tried to work with Murphy before but we could never match our diaries," Parry says. "But this time the schedules worked. LCD Soundsystem and Arcade Fire have toured together lots of times. We have always admired each other's band – LCD are our favourite band ever. I'd be shocked if James doesn't reform them one day. They are too good not to."

Friday, October 18, 2013

Sleigh Bells on Kimmel

Watch Sleigh Bells perform "Bitter Rivals," and "Tiger Kit" on Kimmel!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Great Soundtracks: Above the Rim

In 1994, Tupac Shakur was at the height of his career and what a successful career he was. Not only was he the most successful solo rapper at that time, he was also an acclaimed actor starring in films like Juice, Poetic Justice and Above The Rim. The film, which centers around choices in the inner city for a high school basketball star put Tupac to a whole new level. As an actor he had no boundaries and was acceding as the "bad boy," but his characters had dimensions and levels, Above The Rim showcased that as he was a hustler trying to get the basketball star out of school and propel him into fame. While the film was a success both critically and commercially, it's soundtrack was one that made history.

It was the first time Tupac had signed on to Suge Knight's Death Row Records and while Knight served as Executive Producer, Dr. Dre was the album's Supervising Producer and it stayed at #1 on the R&B charts for 10 weeks. A rather impressive, but difficult task for anyone, let a lone a soundtrack. Featuring music from Tupac, SWV, Dr. Dre, Tha Dogg Pound, 2nd II None, the album was propelled by the timeless classic "Regulate" from Warren G & Nate Dogg. 19 years later, this still remains an defining R&B / hip-hop cross over and echoes what the sound of a decade and generation before had.

Recommended Reading - Disco Bloodbath

New York in the late 1980's through the mid 1990's was the club capitol of the world. Every single DJ or dance act would come to NYC to perform either in warehouses for raves or clubs till the early morning hours. No clubs were more infamous than those owned by Peter Gatien -- Club USA, The Tunnel, and most importantly Limelight. The Limelight had it's own brand of fun and energy that no other club since Studio 54 had, it was fearless freaks mixing with business class mixing with Wall Street mixing with S&M participants mixing with goths, punks, college kids, etc. It was a haven of fun and debauchery under one room and crafted some of the most important genres of electronic music or EDM as what it is called today. Everything from house, acid house, ambient, dub, digital hardcore, techno, jungle, drum and bass, trance, the list goes on and it was all formed under the roof of the Limelight. The club would make stars out of those who performed their like DJ Keioki, Marilyn Manson, Moby, Chemical Brothers, KMFDM and many others. The Limelight, thanks to one of the promoters, Michael Alig, promoted uniqueness and diversity among their guest and gave birth to the "club kids." The club kids were those who dressed up in over-the-top outfits with massive make-up and went from club to club to be fabulous. Nearly every outfit a club kid had you can see today in inspiration from people like Lady Gaga, Ke$ha, and top EDM DJ's like Deadmau5.

In 1999, club kid James St. James wrote his memoirs, Disco Bloodbath, which told the tale of how he got involved in NYC's club scene, drugs, and became friends and eventual roommates with Alig. James writes about how Alig's infamous killing of his drug dealer brought the days of fun in the club sun at the Limelight to an end. While this story is one of a person in club land and not a musician, it is still a fascinating tale and as EDM reaches new heights each year, it is important those involved in the current scene learn the roots.

Arctic Monkeys on Kimmel

After being bumped last week thanks to an extended Kanye West interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Arctic Monkeys returned gracefully to perform "Do I Wanna Know?" and "R U Mine." Take a look!

The Head & The Heart on Letterman

Watch The Head & The Heart perform "Lost In My Mind" on Letterman.

Fitz & the Tantrums on Conan

Watch Fitz & The Tantrums perform "Out of My League" on Conan!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Quick News

A Tribe Called Quest have announced that their final NYC concerts will take place in late November when they open for Kanye West at two special gigs at Madison Square Garden and Barclays Center.

Frank Ocean has given an update to fans that don't hold your breath for any new music for about a year. Taking to his Tumblr page the singer confirmed that next summer new material will be out.

In a newsletter to fans, The Strokes confirmed they are working on new material and plan to "Return to the scene in 2014." No word if that means another full album, EP, or a handful of songs so they can play new tracks on the road.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame announced the line-up of nominees for the 2014 induction. The list includes Nirvana, KISS, The Replacements, Cat Stevens, Peter Gabriel, NWA, Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Deep Purple, LL Cool J, Cat Stevens, Link Wray, Yes, Hall and Oats, The Meters, and the Zombies.

Flying Lotus has confirmed he is working with Kendrick Lamar for music and visuals to Lamar's upcoming tour with Kanye West. One can only hope that turns into something way more and that FlyLo and Kendrick get in a studio together to churn out some mindblowing material.

The Pixies are extending an olive branch to former member Kim Deal, who left the band earlier this year. Drummer Dave Lovering told NME, ""We left it open. It was sad and tough when she left, but we wish her well and she has a welcome back if she'd like to. When she said she was leaving it was distressing and there was a lot of panic and we were like, 'What are we going to do?' We thought the correct thing is to go forward. So we did."

Damon Albarn is rebooting his Africa Express project by recording in Mali with an all-star cast of musicians and African talent. Among those working with Albarn are actor Idris Elba, Nick Zinner of Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Brian Eno, Ghostpoet, Holy Other, and more. Reports out of Mali are that Africa Express are trying to record and make their first album.

Arcade Fire Album Trailer

In just a few weeks we will be getting a brand new Arcade Fire album and the band is gearing up to promo to the LP by releasing a new album trailer. Take a look!

Deltron 3030 on Letterman

Watch Deltron 3030 perform with a full orchestra like they at Highline Ballroom on Monday, on Letterman last night.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

MGMT on Jools Holland

 Watch MGMT perform on Later...With Jools Holland!

Live Pix: Nine Inch Nails at Barclays Center

As mentioned, Nine Inch Nails returned to NYC on Monday to perform at Brooklyn's Barclays Center and brought the fucking place down! Our very own photog, THE CREATURE was on hand to capture the action. Take a look at some of his pix:

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Live Review - Nine Inch Nails @ Barclays Center

In 2009, Trent Reznor waved goodbye to Nine Inch Nails as a touring band. Reznor vowed that NIN would still continue to make music, however, touring would halt. After doing a series of special farewell gigs in New York City, Toronto, Chicago, and L.A., Reznor began a new chapter in his life and career. He got married, started a family, won an Oscar for his score for The Social Network and scored The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Reznor, along with his wife and co-Oscar winning composer Atticus Ross and longtime NIN collaborator Rob Sheridan formed How to Destroy Angels, that band is set to released their debut, Welcome Oblivion, this past year. So, in February, when Reznor said NIN were coming back, fans of the band thought the leader was just going to release a new album, however, what happened four years ago seemed to be in the past, Reznor wanted to hit the road. 

After the big announcements that a new album, Hesitation Marks, and tour were to follow, Reznor assembled an all-star cast of a line-up that included longtime NIN members Alesandro Cortini, Robin Finck, Ilan Rubin, as well as Who bassist Pino Palladino, and Telfon Tel Aviv's Josh Eustis. While the band blew away the festival circuit at high profile festivals like Japan's Fuji Rock Festival, Lollapalooza, and Made In America, it was time for the new Nine Inch Nails to sink their teeth in America's arenas. Dubbed "Tension 2013" the tour landed at Brooklyn's Barclays Center on Monday night and Nine Inch Nails made their Brooklyn debut and live return to the New York City area. Opening with "Copy of A," then going right into "1,000,000," "Terrible Lie," and "March of the Pigs," tension is exactly what Nine Inch Nails brought to Brooklyn. "Lets Go Pigs!" Reznor screamed as the opening percussion beats were hit as the song began, it was the first thing he said to the crowd after 20 minutes of playing that was not a lyric. Playing on and around a stage filled with enough strobe lights to give everyone an epileptic seizure, NIN were back and better than ever. As giant screens, lighting grids, altered for each song and surrounded the band, it was as if there was enough special effects that James Cameron would envy and would want to use for one of his blockbuster films. Utilizing the latest in technology, the band had a series of screens that projected 3-D images without the need for the goofy glasses. It was a sight to be seen and the band was something to be heard, even backed by two back-up singers, it added a different dimension to the songs. Reznor seemed happy to be back and the band sounded tighter, louder, and more aggressive than ever before, like the Hesitation Marks single says they "Came Back Haunted." 

With a majority of the 26 song playlist being secondary singles like "Survivalism," "Piggy," "Wish," "The Day the World Went Away," it was clear that they setlist was not designed for the fairweather fan. These are gigs for the die hards, the ones that waited all this time hoping for them to be back on the road. With epic performances of "Satellite," "Somewhat Damaged," "The Hand That Feeds," "Head Like A Hole," Reznor was running his band like a drill Sargent on militant time, there was no breaks between songs, there was hardly any time to get a drink and any talking going on between songs as the musicians tuned or wiped the massive sweat from their brow, it was go time with no time to waste. The only time Reznor addressed the crowd came before "While I'm Still Here," saying, "Thank you so much for sticking with us. Thank you so much for coming out and believing in us, it means the world to us. Now, before we get too positive, let's go." Closing with "Hurt" at points you could hear a pin drop in the giant arena as fans held onto every word as the brutal ballad of addiction rang through the crowd. With heavy reverb and feedback coming in at the end of the song accompanied by blinding lights it was as if the band vanished into thin air. They became an enigma and like that the night was over, but what a night it was. Welcome back Nine Inch Nails. 

Nine Inch Nails 10/14/13 Barclays Center Playlist 
Copy of A
Terrible Lie
March of the Pigs
All Time Low
Came Back Haunted
Find My Way
The Frail
The Wretched
In Two
A Warm Place
Somewhat Damaged
The Hand That Feeds
Head Like a Hole
The Day the World Went Away
Even Deeper
While I'm Still Here
Black Noise

Live Pix: Deltron 3030 @ Highline Ballroom

On Monday night, hip-hop outfit Deltron 3030 made a very rare and special live appearance at Highline Ballroom as they were backed by a 16-piece orchestra to bring their two albums to life. Our very own RICH D SMOOV was on hand to capture the action and said, "This was a defining show for hip-hop. This was something that won't be forgotten." Take a look at some of the pix below:

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After Sunday of Austin City Limits was cancelled due to inclement weather, headliners Atoms For Peace did an impromptu gig at The Moody Theater. Take a look at their full set above.

Sunday, October 13, 2013


It has been five years since we first introduced you to England's Tripwires, a sci-fi rock band that has all the energy and imagination to fill a stadium and take hold of the festival world. Now, since that time, we have grown as a site and they have grown as a band and this past summer, finally released their long await debut album, Spacehopper. We spoke to singer Rhys Edwards about how the band has changed over the years since we first learned about them, making their debut and what the future holds in store. Take a look at our interview with Edwards below:

When we first covered this band, we were still using Myspace and that is actually how we got in touch, over 5 years ago! How times have changed, how has social networking had an impact on your bands career and music?

It's certainly made things a lot easier with announcing tour dates and things. We're getting more used to facebook and twitter now, MySpace was horrible to use so quite glad we've sacked that off now. We seem to do most of our twitter updates whilst partying so they tend to be a little weird. There may be occasional nudity. 

What was it like to finally record your debut?

We recorded the record in Brooklyn with Nicolas Vernhes who we wanted to work with for quite a while so when we finally got the green light it was a great feeling. It was a very surreal experience recording a record in such an alien environment but it was of course very exciting for us.

What does the title of the album “Spacehopper” signify?

A lot of the record is about growing up in Reading so Spacehopper was this kind of snapshot of youth. When we were recording we joked that it was starting to sound like a spaceship landing on Jupiter so the name stuck. It's also a pretty funny word. 

Hailing from Reading, England, a town more famous for its annual summer music festival than anything else, how has that city shaped and influenced you as musicians and as people?

To be honest the festival is a very detached part of Reading; it comes and then goes. Reading bands don't get any sort of showcase there really. 

Growing up and writing songs in Reading is definitely different to, say, London, as we were never really aware of much of a scene. As we grew up though we discovered that Reading did in fact have a rich heritage of great bands like Slowdive, for example. 

Having said that, there are some very good Reading bands around today, the town just lacks a decent small venue for touring bands, it tends to be overshadowed by London and Oxford. 

From the first time we heard your music in 2008 to now, you have evolved so much. Because of this evolution, did it delay the release of any music?

We went to school together and grew up together, we started off playing Slipknot and Nirvana covers at lunch time and after school in the music rooms. Where we are now is the result of years of being exposed to many different artists, and refining our writing. Of course we've written some horrible stuff along the way, too. The main thing to delay the release of music, as with many bands, is politics; but our songwriting has only got better, so it's a good thing we didn't release an album a year ago. You need to wait until you know who you are. 

What is it like to be in Tripwires now?

We have been very busy with artwork for the record (which we did ourselves) photography and recording a video. We are looking forward to our first headline tour this month.  

Where does this band go from here?

I guess that's not really for us to speculate on. The main thing is we have an album we are very proud of, we are willing to work hard touring it, and we enjoy doing so. We have started writing again since recording Spacehopper, so there is refining and demoing to come. As long as we are touring the record and people are turning up to gigs, we'll be happy. 

How would you describe your music to someone who has never heard of you before?

Like a mixture of everything we've ever listened to and liked. Like a hairdryer to the face one moment and sparsity the next.  

One of the fun and funny facts about the band is that you once covered a Slipknot song, given that that is the furthest thing from your style now, would you still find a way to bring it in your live sets just for fun?

We covered more than one! and no, that would be highly unlikely. We were about 14 at the time. We do however enjoy playing a cover, usually the closing song. More like Neil Young or Daniel Johnston nowadays though.

What has been the best thing about being in this band?

Being failry self sufficient, each of us being good at something other than the music, be it recording, design, photography or ideas for videos etc. Having a world and an identity.