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Puscifer may be a side project of Tool / A Perfect Circle frontman Maynard James Keenan, but it is more than that. Keenan looks at Puscifer as an extension of his subconscious and being the only permanent member of the bands 10 year history, this is just as much of extension of his personality and himself as is his wine and other work. As Keenan celebrates his decade of Puscifer, the band has played Coachella, Lollapalooza Chile and Brazil this year, as well as released their latest EP, Donkey Punch the Night. We spoke to Puscifer member Mat Mitchell, who has produced most of the band's work and help exercise Keenan's ideas from thoughts to reality. Take a look at our interview with Mitchell below:

The new E.P. “Donkey Punch the Night,” who came up with the crazy title and is this a hint that a new studio record is coming from Puscifer? 

Maynard has been itching to record a Puscifer version of 'Bohemian Rhapsody,' we decided now was the time. We filled out the EP with tracks that made us want to "Donkey Punch The Night"!

The E.P. features two covers, how did it come down that Puscifer were going to take on these covers and interpret them as your own? 

We thought it would be fun and challenging to tackle these two very different tracks.  Bohemian Rhapsody we decided would be more of a challenge to recreate as it was written and Balls To The Wall we thought would be fun to recreate as our own.

A revolving door of musicians have come in and out of this band, does that affect the bands style and sound?  

Every artist has their voice and leaving the door open to work with different musicians keeps things fresh for us and makes the tracks more unique.

“Donkey Punch The Night” features mainly the same line-up from your 2011 release, has there been talk for Milla Jovavich to return to the band? 

Timing and schedules permitting, who knows who might be on board.

Not much is known about how Maynard comes up with music and his ideas, can you give us insight into his craft? 

Biggest insight is his hard work ethic and understanding or artistic freedom.

The band recorded the “Donkey Punch” in Arizona on Maynard’s vineyard. What was the creative process like working in a non-traditional musical space? Were you guys inspired by your surroundings?  

Being outside normal surrounds and in a quiet environment free of city distractions is a huge inspiration.  It's far easier to focus and tend to accomplish more in a given time.

How much of his wine drank during the sessions of the new E.P.? Which is your favorite from the Caduceus cellars? 

Evening wine is always in order, personal favorite right now is Nagual De La Naga.

Maynard considers Puscifer to be his “Creative Subconscious,” and given that the line-up is always changing do either of you feel and / or fear you could be out of this band at any time? 

We are a tight family and as the doors revolve, they don't close.

What is it like taking Puscifer out on the road? 

Feels like a good book at moments and a sideshow at others, pushing to keep things creative, challenging and fun.


 For the first time ever, The Rolling Stones headlined Glastonbury. Watch the FULL BBC broadcast of the legendary British band in action.

Public Enemy Play "Don't Believe The Hype" at Glasto

 The legendary Public Enemy played their anthem, "Don't Believe The Hype" Saturday at Glastonbury.

Rodriguez Performs "Sugar Man" at Glastonbury

 Sugar Man himself, Rodriguez, performed his now iconic song, "Sugar Man" Saturday at Glastonbury.

Hurts Play "Blind" at Glastonbury

 Watch Hurts perform "Blind" Saturday night at Glastonbury.

Two Door Cinema Club Play "Sun" at Glasto

 Watch Two Door Cinema Club play "Sun" Saturday at Glastonbury!

Primal Scream Play "Rocks" at Glasto

Watch Primal Scream Play "Rocks" Saturday at Glastonbury!

Johnny Marr at Glastonbury

 Watch Johnny Marr perform "New Town Velocity" Saturday at Glastonbury!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Haim Play "Falling" at Glastonbury

 Watch Haim play "Falling" Saturday at Glasto!

Elvis Costello Plays "Pump It Up!" at Glasto

 Watch Elvis Costello play his classic, "Pump It Up!" Saturday at Glastonbury!

Alabama Shakes Play "Hang Loose" at Glasto

 Watch Alabama Shakes perform "Hang Loose" during Saturday of Glastonbury.

Daughter Play "Human" at Glasto

 Watch British buzz band Daughter perform "Human" Saturday at Glastonbury!

Ben Howard Plays "Only Love" at Glastonbury

 Watch Ben Howard perform "Only Love" during the day on Saturday of Glastonbury.

Quick News

Glasvegas will release their new album, ...Later when the TV Turns to Static in September.

New Order are planning to release another EP before the end of the year. Earlier this year, the band released, Lost Sirens, a collection of left over songs from their 2005 album, Waiting for the Sirens Call, it was the bands final album before going on hiatus and final with original bassist Peter Hook. Now, speaking to NME, keyboardist Gillian Gilbert said,"We're waiting on Bernard's lyrics. But it's been sunny this week, so he can't possibly write when it's sunny, but we want to do things now. We don't want to be like the old New Order and keep everyone waiting for years, we want to be the new New Order. We've been writing in short bursts, so we'll just work on four songs at a time instead of waiting another two years to finish an album."

Pulp have announced they are currently in the process of making a documentary about the bands final gig in their hometown of Sheffield, England. The concert, which took place in December 2012, may actually be the bands swan song as they have no plans to tour or record. The documentary called Pulp and Sheffield has no release date, but will take fans on a behind-the-scenes look at rehearsals, backstage and the show.

Yoko Ono will release her new album, Take Me To The Land of Hell in September. The album will feature collaborations with Questlove, Tune-Yards, surviving Beastie Boys Mike D and Ad-Rock. The album will be produced by her son Sean, and longtime partner Yuka Honda. In 2011, we interviewed Ono about working with her son, take a look HERE.

Arctic Monkeys FULL Glastonbury Set

Watch Arctic Monkeys FULL Friday night headlining gig at Glastonbury 2013!

The Horrors Perform "Still Life" at Glastonbury

 Watch The Horrors perform an epic version of "Still Life" from Friday night at Glastonbury!

Portishead Play "We Carry On" at Glasto

 Watch the magnificent Portishead perform "We Carry On" Friday night at Glastonbury!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Foals Play "Inhaler" at Glastonbury

 Watch Foals perform "Inhaler" at Glastonbury 2013!

Dinosaur Jr. Perform "Watch the Corners" at Glastonbury

 Watch Dinosaur Jr. perform "Watch the Corners" during Friday of Glastonbury 2013!

Crystal Castles Perform "Wrath of God" at Glasto

 Watch the always entertaining Crystal Castles perform "Wrath of God" at Glastonbury!

Tom Tom Club at Glastonbury

 Watch iconic 80's band, Tom Tom Club perform "Genius of Love" at Glastonbury!

Palma Violets Perform "Best of Friends" at Glasto

 Watch UK buzz band Palma Violets perform their hit, "Best of Friends" at Glastonbury!

Jake Bugg Performs "Lightning Bolt" at Glastonbury

 Watch Jake Bugg perform his hit song, "Lightning Bolt" at his biggest gig, Glastonbury 2013!

Clips of The Vaccines at Glastonbury

 Watch clips of The Vaccines Friday performance at Glastonbury!

Miles Kane Performs "Come Closer" at Glastonbury

 Watch Miles Kane and his band perform "Come Closer" from Friday at Glastonbury!

Static Jacks Cover & Tracklisting

On October 1, New Jersey garage rockers The Static Jacks will release their new album, In Blue. Take a look at the cover above and the tracklisting below:

01  Horror Story
02  I'll Come Back
03  Wallflowers
04  Home Again
05  We're Alright
06  Katie Said
07  Ninety Salt
08  Decoder Ring
09  In Blue
10  People Don't Forget
11  Greensleeves

Beady Eye Cover Oasis at Secret Glastonbury Set

 Beady Eye performed a secret set Friday at Glastonbury, it saw Liam Gallagher and co., cover their former band Oasis' classic "Rock 'N Roll Star," take a look!

Dawes on Letterman

 Watch Dawes perform "Most People" on Letterman!

WATCH Replacements Rehearse!

 It may only be nine seconds of video, but it is worth it -- Watch a very short clip (and we stress very short) of the reunited Replacements rehearsing for their big summer gigs at Riot Fest.


For the first time in nine years, The Pixies have released a brand new single. You can download "Bagboy" for FREE by entering your e-mail in the above widget. No word if a full album will be released, but this comes weeks after Kim Deal quit the iconic band.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Wale on Letterman

Watch Wale perform "LoveHate Thing" on Letterman!

Ryan Bingham on Conan

 Watch Ryan Bingham perform "Beg for Broken Legs" on Conan!

Pharrell on Kimmel

 Watch Pharrell perform "Happy" from Despicable Me 2 on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Morrissey 25 Live Documentary Trailer

 Watch the trailer for Morrissey's upcoming tour documentary, Morrissey 25, the film will hit theaters in August.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Get a free album download of Killer Mike & El-P's new collaboration, Run the Jewels!

Fitz & The Tantrums on Letterman

 Watch the always amazing, Fitz & The Tantrums perform "Out of My League" on Letterman!

Quick News

Sad news to report, original Devo drummer Alan Myers has passed away. Myers, who was part of the iconic bands first six records lost his long battle with cancer. May he rest in peace.

Bouncing Souls have parted ways with drummer Mike McDermott after 13 years. The band released a statement about McDermott's departure saying, "Our brother and band mate Michael Mcdermott has decided to leave the band to pursue other musical interests. It has been an amazing 13 and a half years. We love you and wish you all the best! Here's to the memories! We don't know what's next (we never have!) but we know its gonna be rad! Onto the future! - Bouncing Souls"

For the first time in 12 years, The Dismemberment Plan will release their first album! The album, purposefully misspelled - Uncanney Valley will be released in October.

As mentioned yesterday, MGMT have a new album coming out this fall. The band released the tracklisting to their self-titled third LP, take a look below:
01) Alien Days 
02) Cool Song No 2 
03) Mystery Disease 
04) Introspection 
05) Your Life Is a Lie 
06) A Good Sadness 
07) Astro-Mancy 
08) I Love You to Death 
09) Plenty Of Girls in the Sea 
10) An Orphan of Fortune

Mavis Staples on Conan

 Watch the legendary Mavis Staples perform on Conan!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Bloc Party EP Cover & Tracklisting

Before they go back on hiatus to work on solo material, Bloc Party will release The Nextwave Sessions EP in August. Take a look at the cover above and the tracklisting below, and hear the first single, "Ratchet." 

01 Ratchet
02 Obscene
03 French Exit
04 Montreal
05 Children of the Future

Quick News

MGMT will release their self-titled third album in September.

Mumford & Sons have confirmed they will still perform this weekend at Glastonbury even after bassist Ted Dwane underwent brain surgery earlier this month. The band confirms he is well enough to play.

Motorhead were forced to cancel a handful of gigs after frontman Lemmy Kilmister suffered a haematoma, this follows reports that Lemmy was also fitted with a defibrillator because of heart problems. We wish him a speedy recovery.

Speaking to NME, Jake Bugg discussed the sound and style of his forthcoming Rick Rubin produced second album. He said,""I don’t want it to be too mature because I’m 19 but I want it to sound like it’s progressing. I can’t really sing about the same things I sung about on the first album because that would be very dishonest. There’s a lot of people that come from where I’m from that don’t get those opportunities so I think I should give them a bit of an insight of what I’ve experienced so far and what’s been going on."

Trent Reznor opened up about the recent departure of Adrien Belew of the revamped Nine Inch Nails line-up. Reznor told, ""You can spend a lot of time hypothesising, imagining and projecting what it’s gonna be with this chemistry and this recipe of people in a room playing music, and in reality it rarely is that."

Taking to Instagram, Jay-Z revealed the cover to his forthcoming album, Magna Carta Holy Grail. Take a look below:

Iron & Wine on Kimmel

 Watch Iron & Wine perform "The Dessert Babbler" and "Grace For Saints & Ramblers" on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Monday, June 24, 2013

The 1975 Cover & Tracklisting

After four EP's over the course of a year, England's The 1975 will release their self-titled debut album in September. Take a look at the cover above and the tracklisting below:

'The 1975'
'The City'
'An Encounter'
'Heart Out'
'Settle Down'
'She Way Out'
'Is There Somebody Who Can Watch You'

Quick News

Damon Albarn's partner in crime in Gorillaz, artist Jamie Hewlett has confirmed that Blur are working a new album. It has also been confirmed that Gorillaz will release a new album as well. Speaking to Gorillaz fansite, Gorillaz-Unofficial, Hewlett said, "There’s a five- year gap between the albums because they take a long time to do and and they’re very exhausting and when you’re finished you feel like you need to go do other stuff. So Damon’s touring with Blur – he's doing a world tour with Blur at the moment and then they’re working on a new album so there isn’t really time for him, and I’m doing other stuff as well. So I think it’s, um, we’ll come back to it when the time’s right."

Following the massive success of Wasting Light and Sound City, Foo Fighters' Taylor Hawkins has said that singer Dave Grohl's "Brain is working overtime" in making a new Foos record. Hawkins told Billboard, "We're getting started," Hawkins told the US publication. "We're getting our ideas together. Dave has his brain working overtime, like usual, and he's got a lot of great ideas, both musically and conceptually, none that I can speak of at this moment, but it's gonna be great. It's gonna be cool."

Arctic Monkeys have confirmed that their new album, AM, will be released in September. Take a look at the tracklisting below:
1. Do I Wanna Know?
2. R U Mine?
3. One For The Road
4. Arabella
5. I Want It All
6. No. 1 Party Anthem
7. Mad Sounds
8. Fireside
9. Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High?
10. Snap Out Of It
11. Knee Socks
12. I Wanna Be Yours

Jay-Z has released the tracklisting to his forthcoming album, Magna Carta Holy Grail. Take a look below:
01 Picasso Baby
02 Heaven
03 Versus
04 Tom Ford
05 Beach Is Better
06 FuckWithMeYouKnowIGotIt
07 Oceans
08 F.U.T.W.
09 Part II (On the Run)
10 BBC
11 La Familia
12 Jay-Z Blue
13 Nickles & Dimes

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Live Review - Rancid / Transplants / Crown of Thornz @ Terminal 5

20 years for anything is a long time, 20 years for a band can feel like a lifetime, but for California punk legends, Rancid, it is more than that, it is family, love, and a united brotherhood. This year the band celebrate the 20th anniversary of their landmark debut, which was one of the many albums of the mid-90's that helped put American punk back on the map and into the mainstream. While Rancid are currently working on their new, eighth album, tentatively titled Honor Is All We Know, they are hitting the road to celebrate their two decades together. 

Playing two sold-out shows at New York's Terminal 5, on the final night, the band were joined by punk supergroup, Transplants and hardcore heroes Crown of Thornz

At half-past seven, Crown of Thornz opened the night and while the audience inside Terminal 5 were a fraction of what would come later one, it was a way to set the tone and mood. The thrash hardcore band did not have to travel far, just over the 59th Street Bridge / Ed Koch Bridge from Queens to start the show. The band, whose rocky history have sidelined them over the years looked as if their past was behind them and it was time to focus on the future and the future looks bright. As singer Lord Ezec declared that Lars from Rancid would be producing their new album, it was time to test some new material and gain new followers, which they seemed to do in a glowing fashion.

Next, would be Transplants, one of two bands that Rancid co-singer and guitarist Tim Armstrong would be performing with. While Armstrong did double duty, having the Transplants perform in a club is certainly a special occasion as the punk supergroup that features Travis Barker, "Skinhead" Rob, and Elvis Cortez blew many people, including myself, away with how solid and raucous their liver performance was. During the nu-metal craze or rap-rock phase of the late 90's / early 00's, Transplants formed as a hip-hop/punk outfit which helped them gain much attention, yet, as they have gone on and gotten older, it seems to be back to punk basics as their new album, In The Warzone will show. As "Skinhead" Rob and Armstrong switched off vocal duties, it was great to see Barker in a room like Terminal 5, still one of musics greatest drummers, Barker does so much utilizing such a little drum kit, which makes his sound and style all the more unique and special. In their hour long set, Transplants made their triumphant return and are back, bigger and better than ever. 

In this punk extravaganza and Rancid were ready to be the masters of ceremony. Just before 10 p.m., guitarist and co-singer Lars Frederiksen walked out and started strumming and singing "Roots Radicals," before the rest of the band could get on stage, it was as if an explosion happened inside Terminal 5. Bodies, cups of beer, water bottles, sneakers, eye glasses, articles of clothing were flying around like shrapnel and there was no way to seek protection or aid, it was join or die and that is how Rancid would want it. Punks and fans of all ages were creepy crawling, moshing, crowd surfing and setting up circle pits to further the chaos. As the temperature rose in the crowd, Rancid kept the momentum going with a career spanning set with songs that included "Last One to Die," "Hooligans," "Red Hot Moon," "Gunshot," "Fall Back Down," and "Time Bomb." In a 29-song setlist, Rancid were showing no signs of slowing down. Fellow guitarist and co-singer Tim Armstrong would profess his love for New York City, "New York, I love you. This is my favorite place, this is my favorite city, I love it here. You always had us and understood us from the beginning and made us feel at home." With an abundance of love from the crowd, Rancid were at home and for two nights they took a big bite out of the Big Apple. As the band retreated to the wings for a brief break, they returned for a three song encore that included, "Radio," "Black Derby Jacket," and the show stopping "Ruby Soho." As the fans piled out of Terminal 5, beaten up, exhausted, sweaty, and dirty, it was their way of saying "Thank you Rancid for 20 amazing years." 

Quick News

Morrissey will hit the big screen later this summer as his concert film, Morrissey 25: Live From Hollywood High will play in theaters in August. The film was taped at a March 2 concert at Hollywood High School in L.A.

The late Tupac Shakur is now forever immortalized on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The late rapper gained his star on the walk earlier this week.

On September 3, John Legend will release his new album, Love in the Future.

Later in 2013, A$AP Rocky will release an all instrumental album called Beauty and the Beast: Slowed Down Sessions, Chapter 1. 

Nine Inch Nails have released the tracklisting to their comeback record, Hesitation Marks, which arrives in September. The album will feature the new NIN line-up, as well as work from The Who bassist Pino Palladino and Lindsay Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac. Take a look at the tracklisting below:
01 The Eater of Dreams
02 Copy of A
03 Came Back Haunted
04 Find My Way
05 All Time Low 
06 Disappointed
07 Everything
08 Satellite
09 Various Methods of Escape
10 Running
11 I Would for You
12 In Two
13 While I'm Still Here
14 Black Noise

Friday, June 21, 2013

Fratellis Free Download

While The Fratellis are currently on their reunion tour in Europe, the band released a free download of their hit, "Baby Fratelli" live in Glasgow to fans. Take a listen and get the track in the module above!

Yeah Yeah Yeahs on Fallon

 Watch Yeah Yeah Yeahs perform "Despair" on Fallon!

Muse on Kimmel

Watch Muse perform "Follow Me" from the World War Z L.A. premiere on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Japandroids on Letterman

Watch Japandroids go blitzkrieg on Letterman as they perform "Adrenaline Nightshift."

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Jamie xx Live at Day & Night

Red Bull Music Academy is sharing Jamie xx's DJ set from the Berlin edition of The xx's Day & Night festivals. Take a listen!

Jim James on Letterman

Watch My Morning Jacket's Jim James go solo on Letterman.

Chvrches on Fallon

Watch Chvrches perform "The Mother We Share" on Fallon.

Postal Service on Colbert

Watch The Postal Service make their TV on The Colbert Report as they perform "Such Great Heights," and "A Tattered Line of String."

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Take a look at June's 26 song playlist that features ambient, electro, 90's Britpop, punk, one-hit wonders and fun jams for the month.

Editors Documentary Trailer

Editors will be releasing a documentary about the making of their new album, The Weight of Your Love, take a look at the film's trailer above!

Empire of the Sun on Kimmel!

Watch Empire of the Sun perform "Alive" on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Mixtape of Yeezus Samples To Download

Even though there are hardly any official album credits to Kanye West's latest, Yeezus, Gianni Lee and Mike Bud shared the samples that do appear on the album as a free mixtape to download. Take a look!

01 Intro (Prod By Gianni Lee)
02 Holy Name of Mary Choral Family: "He'll Give Us What We Really Need ("On Sight")
03 Marilyn Manson: "The Beautiful People" ("Black Skinhead")
04 Capleton: "Forward Inna Dem Clothes" ("I Am A God")
05 Omega, Omega: "Gyöngyhajú lány" ("New Slaves")
06 Rahul Dev Burman, Asha Bhosle, Manna Dey: "Are Zindagi Hai Khel" ("I Am A God")
07 Kenny Lattimore: "Lately" ("I'm In It")
08 Nina Simone: "Strange Fruit" ("Blood On The Leaves")
09 TNGHT: "R U Ready" ("Blood On The Leaves")
10 Snoop Dogg: "Down 4 My N's: "("Blood On The Leaves")
11 Lords Of The Underground: "Chief Rocka" ("Guilt Trip")
12 Pusha T ft Popcann Travis Scott: "Blocka" ("Guilt Trip")
13 Beenie Man: "Memories" ("Send It Up")
14 Wee: "Aeroplane (Reprise)" ("Bound 2")
16 Ponderosa Twins Plus One: "Bound" ("Bound 2")
17 Brenda Lee: "Sweet Nothin" ("Bound 2")

Anamanaguchi on Fallon

 Watch Anamanaguchi perform "Endless Fantasty" on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Quick Spins

Sigur RosKveikur
The Icelandic giants return doing a total 180 from last years rather disappointing and very ambient, Valtari. Kveikur hears Sigur Ros experimenting with metal, industrial, hard rock and create one of their finest albums of their illustrious career. This harder and much more aggressive seventh album from Sigur Ros is something that will appeal to fans and those that are still questioning the musical capability of this magnificent band.

Action Bronson SAAB Stories
Queens’ best new rapper emerges with a new EP produced entirely by Harry Fraud. While SAAB Stories is three songs shy of being a full album, Bronson brings his A-game to give fans a taste of what is ahead. SAAB Stories also hears Bronson getting surprisingly serious, not as many food or sex references on this but an introspective look as to were his life is these days and where he wants it to go.

The 1975 IV EP
Buzz band The 1975 pretty much package their best songs from their previous three EP’s and add a couple new tracks to appeal to new fans. However, while these songs are perfect pop / rock combo’s (and that is what we are grading on), it would have been better to just hold off on this EP and make fans wait for September’s full length.

Beady Eye – BE
Linking up with David Sitek of TV on the Radio, Beady Eye bring out the very best of their psychedelic vibe and sound and do it right. Shedding whatever shell the former members of Oasis had with their former band, Liam and Co., come into their own and find the creative force that still has them going.

Frankie and the Heartstrings The Days Run Away
The Britrock band returns with album number two and keep the same momentum and garage rock fun that their 2011 debut, Hunger, had.

ZombyWith Love
A very ambitious double album from one of Britain’s premier and enigmatic DJ’s and producers. With Love is a tour-de-force of experimental beats, sounds, styles and while at points exhausting because of how much is packaged together, it is still a full delight and creative project to experience. If broken up into two separate albums or as one compilation, this would have been one of the years best albums.

Surfer BloodPythons
It is summertime and it is the perfect season for Surfer Blood to give us new music. Pythons hears the Florida band mature and become much more sincere with their lyrics, music and most of all themselves. While it is still a solid summer album, it is a bit dramatic than their debut, Astro Coast.

For his third album, Will Wisenfeld aka Baths, finds clever ways to make his electronic music and glitch sound become much more evolved and intricate than just beats made in the studio. In many ways it seems like there is a story in the sounds he is crafting without having to sing a single note, which he does, but it is the music that truly makes Obsidian a worthwhile listen.

Erich Collins CareyCould’ve Gone Either Way
The self financed debut album from New York singer / songwriter, Erich Collins Carey hears him baring his soul in sound and it is the simplicity of his sound that enhances his lyrics more. Much like Clark Kent, Carey is not what he appears to be, an attorney by day, at night he transforms himself into a musician. He takes his Irish roots and uses it to his advantage to become a clever storyteller, songwriter, and guitar player. The title of his record could possibly signify where this project could go, however, it seems to have gone in his favor and the promise of a new songwriter has been given to us.

Parlour Flames
Former Oasis guitarist, Bonehead, forms a new band nearly 20 years after his departure from the legendary band. Parlour Flames is as British as it gets, this is a record that an fan of Britrock will love and enjoy.

Black Sabbath13
The metal legends return with their first album in 18 years and their first album with Ozzy Osbourne in 35 years. After a series of session and false starts that date back to 2001, Sabbath launched again without original drummer Bill Ward, and linked up with producer Rick Rubin and drummer Brad Wilk (Rage Against the Machine, Audioslave) to craft certainly their best album in ages but also their heaviest. Rubin had the band listen to their 1st album nearly before every session and cranked out a classic sounding Sabbath record. However, with most of the songs clocking in over six minutes and with redundant riffs, it drops 13 into a chore to go through, but still manages to show that at their age and after all the mileage and issues, they can still chomp harder than anyone around.

SpacehogAs It Is On Earth
The first band we ever interviewed on this site finally release their new album and first in 12 years. As It Is On Earth hears the New York via England glam rockers bring together psychedelica and garage to craft an impressive return.

David Byrne & St. Vincent Brass Tactics EP
The companion to the unlikely duo’s team-up debut, Love This Giant, the legendary David Byrne and Anne Clark aka St. Vincent gave away Brass Tactics as an EP to thank fans and showcase they have more down the pipeline together.

Kanye West Yeezus
The much-anticipated new album from one of music’s greatest originators is finally here, and was Yeezus worth all of the hype? Of course not. With no radio singles, a clever marketing campaign, a bombastic SNL performance and interesting Governors Ball set, plus a new baby on the way, Kanye West plastered himself all over the media in recent months. Yet, anything West does is not do quietly, it has to be done in this grand fashion or else his whole career would not be as fun as it has. But, it all seems to be a distraction, it seems it has fed his beast of an ego even more that he is now become the motherfucking monster he rapped about on his last solo album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Yeezus is nothing but an ode to West himself. It is nothing more than a self-fulfilling prophecy of the Gospel according to Kanye. With industrial beats and Marilyn Manson samples, he tries to cross genres and blur hip-hop’s line as an isolated genre, yet, falls flat on trying to keep up with himself. The delivery of lyrics is forced and rushed, as is the production. It is now know that in the 25th hour of this albums creation, Rick Rubin was called into salvage Kanye from himself and giving hip-hop another Detox incident. If Rubin was signed on from the start, Yeezus could have lived up to its own potential and Kanye could have given the world a sixth album of sheer intelligence and forward thinking hip-hop. Yet, this just sounds like a man screaming to be fed more attention over Nine Inch Nails / KMFDM-esque beats. Kanye, word to the wise, if we wanted NIN sampled with hip-hop, we just would have listened to that “In Da Club” / “Closer” mash-up.

After the massive success of their song, “A Real Hero” from the Drive soundtrack, College releases a full length that will fall on deaf ears. Heritage is an uninspired and at points rather lazy release from a group that showed so much promise especially in the age when electronic bands seem to be a dime-a-dozen, Heritage shows off that thus far College is a one-hit wonder.

French MontanaExcuse My French
French Montana has become one of hip-hops signature go-to voices over the last five years. Some of Montana’s classic hooks and lines have been nothing but gifts to songs from artists like Rick Ross, Action Bronson, Nicki Minaj and many more. Yet, on his own  he falls short. Excuse My French is a cliché hip-hop record about money, cars, women, drugs and what his is worth. His starring role cannot be held on its own and seems he is a stronger supporting cast member than lead.

VINTAGE CLIP! Depeche Mode at Rose Bowl

 Tuesday will mark the 25th anniversary of Depeche Mode's legendary Rose Bowl concert that featured support from Wire, OMD, and Thomas Dolby. The concert was filmed and released as Depeche Mode 101 and is one of the bands most treasured gigs, documentaries and live performances. To celebrate the occasion, the band posted this rare never-before-seen 18-minute clip of the announcement, event and more. Take a look!

Quick News

On Wednesday, June 19, Andrew W.K. will perform his next trick by trying to break the drumming world record by drumming for 24 straight hours in New York's Times Square. We wish him luck!

Because of the Samsung giveaway, Jay-Z's new album will go instantly platinum as soon as it is physically released on July 4. The phone company purchased a million units of the record to give away to fans and users of the phone for free.

While Black Sabbath enjoy the success of their new album, 13, Ozzy Osbourne has says there may be more Sabbath music down the pipeline. Osbourne has said, ""We're still reveling in coming back with this. There probably will be another album, but I don't want to promise anything to anyone. It took us long enough to do this, and we can't wait another 43 years to have another Number One. If it comes to pass we don't make another record, then I can rest easily knowing we finished things properly with 13." [source]

Speaking to Billboard, Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age has admitted that he wants to make an immediate follow-up to their latest fantastic album, ...Like Clockwork. He said, "I think we should make a record right away – but I think we'll know when that is. The future is always out there, isn't it? As soon as everyone looks to the left, we'll show up from the right hand side. I mean, that's what we're supposed to do, right? Isn't that the minimum obligation of a band, to try to enthral and surprise and with as much mystery as possible, appear to its fans. We're supposed to walk first; we're not supposed to take a CNN poll."

Following his former friend and bandmate, Peter Hook,  Bernard Sumner is set to write his autobiography and tell his side of the Joy Division / New Order saga. His book will be release in fall 2014.

Jay-Z New Album Trailer

Durring the NBA Finals on Sunday, a surprising commercial ran promoting Jay-Z's new album, Magna Carta Holy Grail, which will arrive on July 4. Yet, if you have a Samsung Galaxy phone, you get the album a few days early. Take a look at the albums full trailer above featuring Jay at work with Rick Rubin, Timbaland, Pharrell, and Swizz Beats.

Sunday, June 16, 2013


On this Father's Day weekend, we picked a band that is making their music a family affair. England's The Staves are a trio of sisters that have taken their own spin on traditional folk rock. After releasing their debut album, Dead & Born & Grown last year, they have been touring the US and Europe to critical acclaim as they have opened for Bon Iver, Ben Howard and even sang back-up to Tom Jones. These sisters are on their way up and that is something both of their parents can be proud of, especially on this Father's Day. We spoke to singer Emily Staveley-Taylor about the bands rise, working with her sisters, and their influences. Take a look at our interview below:

What it is like being in a band with your sisters, does sibling rivalry ever impact the bands momentum or music?

Yes, frequently – but the key is to deal with it quickly and move on!

The name of the group is a shortened version of your last name, is Stave a nickname people gave your family?

Yes. Everyone would say "going over the stave's house for a cup of tea".

Growing up, did you play music together? Was it a musical household?

There was always music on at home. We never performed as a family as such, but we were surrounded by music from a young age. Mum and Dad sang a lot.

Who are some of your influences?

Beatles, Crosby Stills and Nash, Feist, Fionn Regan, and Ricky Gervais.

Even before having your debut out, you released a number of EP’s, and had the opportunity to open for Bon Iver, Mt. Desolation, Civil Wars, and Ben Howard. Playing in front of someone else’s audience, what does that do for you as a performer?

Playing in front of listening audiences, no matter whose it is or what size the crowd, is always a beautiful thing.

What was it like to finally record your debut?

Loads of fun. We are very excited to be able to share it with people.

What is it like to finally have the debut out?

Great. We made our own EP years ago and it funded us on a tour. Since then we've had another three EPs to sell on the road, so to finally have a full length album feels wonderful.

What does the title of the record, “Dead & Born & Grown,” signify?

Hard to explain, but it's the title of the first song we ever wrote together.  Seemed fitting that it became the title of the album. 

One of the most interesting things about this band is that you appeared on a Tom Jones album. How did that come about, how did Mr. Jones find out about you?

I would hope it's not one of the most interesting things about us (!), however we got a call from someone who needed cheap labour so we turned up and, of course, it was an honour to sing with such an incredible performer!

Hailing from England, how much has your country influenced your work?

We are very proud of where we come from. It's difficult to say to what extent England has shaped our music. We always try to sing in our own accents.

Coming to the U.S., is there a certain pressure you are putting on yourselves to make it here or is it just icing on the cake?

No pressure! We've never set out to conquer anywhere. It's a huge adventure to explore the States and play music out here. We absolutely love it.

Where do The Staves go from here?

Onwards and upwards! But first we're going home to do our washing.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Great Soundtracks - Kill Bill Vol. 1

When Quentin Tarantino announced that RZA would be producing and supervising the music to his Kill Bill series, it just seemed to go together like cheese and wine, or in Tarantino's case swords and skin. His two part Kill Bill series was a critical and box office success and what drove the films creativity was the use of Wu-Tang Clan's leader, RZA. RZA took his love of kung-fu films, hip-hop, timeless musical classics and threw it all together for a soundtrack that is just as entertaining and intriguing as the film it is attached to. Featuring music from RZA himself, Isaac Hayes, Nancy Sinatra, Quincey Jones, Neu!, The 5,6,7,8's, and more, Kill Bill Vol. 1 is a soundtrack that not only enhances a story of vengeance but paints a picture in songs. This was a project that RZA was born to do and thanks to Tarantino for believing that the Wu leader could pull it off.

Book of the Month - England's Dreaming

Jon Savage is to British rock writing as Lester Bangs is to American rock writings, Savage has documented Britain's indie, underground, and punk scenes since their conception. His latest work finds him part of the literary compilation, Punk: From Chaos to Couture is based on the latest exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City of the same name. In 1991, Savage's writing became world renowned as he wrote the definitive history of British punk in his book, England's Dreaming. The book, which features exclusive interviews, rare photos, tells the story of one of England's most turbulent times that eventually gave birth to The Sex Pistols and punk music. The book tells how Malcolm McLaren and his partner, Vivienne Westwood's fashion shops would spawn the Pistols and how their trips to New York to see the counter culture in the Big Apple would inspire what they would do in their English shops where they would eventually help The Sex Pistols get together. England's Dreaming dives into the politics of Britain and how it helped shape punk to come with the rise of The Clash, The Damned, and what would happen post-punk when The Pretenders and Siouxise and the Banshees formed. What Please Kill Me is to American punk and underground, England's Dreaming is to the division of the Union Jack.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Quick News

While touring with The Breeders celebrating the 20th anniversary of Last Splash, iconic bassist Kim Deal has quit her other band, The Pixies. The band issued a statement confirming Deal's departure saying, "We are sad to say that Kim Deal has decided to leave the Pixies. We are very proud to have worked with her on and off over the last 25 years. Despite her decision to move on, we will always consider her a member of the Pixies, and her place will always be here for her. We wish her all the best."

After being admitted to a New York hospital for undisclosed reasons, Cribs guitarist Ryan Jarman has assured fans he is recovering. He tweeted, "Thanks for hospital well wishes! Still a bit of pain & tests to be done, but watching a Queen @Dr Brian May DVD so I'm happy!" We wish him a full and speedy recovery.

Leave it to Liam Gallagher to take a verbal dump on his own bands. The Beady Eye and former Oasis frontman knocked the names of the bands he is in. He told NME that Oasis' name, "It was a shit name, but most band names are shit. Look at Beady Eye - shit fucking name. It wasn't just that [Swindon Oasis Leisure Centre] though. There was shop in the Manchester Arndale Market called Oasis that used to sell cool clothes too, and there was a taxi fucking rank round the corner called Oasis. It meant that we were out there, because we were different."

Speaking to The Wall Street Journal, Rick Rubin discussed what it was like coming in at the 25th hour to intensely work and finish Kanye West's forthcoming album, Yeezus. He said, ""Kanye came over to play me what I assumed was going to be the finished album at three weeks before the last possible delivery date. We ended up listening to three hours of partially finished pieces. The raw material was very strong but hadn’t yet come into focus. Many of the vocals hadn’t been recorded yet, and many of those still didn’t have lyrics. From what he played me, it sounded like several months more work had to be done. I joined the project because after discussing what he had played for me, he asked if I would be open to taking all of the raw material on and help him finish it."

Chvrches have announced that their new album, The Bones of What You Believe will be out in September. Take a look at the cover below:

She & Him on Conan

Watch She & Him perform "Turn to White" and "I Could Have Been Your Girl" on Conan!

Frank Turner Covers Foo Fighters

On BBC1's Live Lounge, Frank Turner and The Sleeping Souls covered Foo Fighters classic "All My Life." Take a look!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Paul McCartney on Colbert Report

On an hour long special for The Colbert Report, Sir Paul McCartney did a career spanning six songs for the program with selections from The Beatles, Wings, and his solo material. Take a look!

Mavis Staples on Daily Show

Watch Mavis Staples perform "I Like The Things About Me" on The Daily Show.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Run The Jewels Cover & Tracklisting

As previously reported, in two weeks El-P and Killer Mike's joint venture, Run the Jewels will release their debut album as a FREE download. The duo just released the cover and tracklisting to the album. Take a look at the cover above and the tracklisting below as well as the first single, "36 Chain."

01 Run the Jewels
02 Banana Clipper [ft. Big Boi]
03 36" Chain
05 Sea Legs
06 Job Well Done [ft. Until the Ribbon Breaks]
07 No Come Down
08 Get It
09 Twin Hype Back [ft. Prince Paul]
10 A Christmas Fucking Miracle

Quick News

Nashville rockers Mona will release their new album, Torches & Pitchforks in July.

Kraftwerk have confirmed they are going to begin working on their ninth album. Member Ralf Hütter told The Guardian that they are ready to concentrate on working on new material after the band did various cities on a special tour that saw them play intimate venues and each of their albums in full on a different night across the globe.

After their appearance at Governors Ball, Bloc Party member Russell Lissak told The National Post they are going back on hiatus. He said, "Definitely after we finish the festivals in the summer, we'll be taking some time off. At least six months, maybe a year, maybe two years; it's hard to say. Once we start taking time off, people start doing their own thing. So once people start doing things then you'll start naturally extending how long we spend apart."

Sharon Jones took to Twitter to post that she is feeling fine and recovering well after undergoing surgery on a stage one cancerous tumor in her bile duct. The news of Jones' cancer was revealed last month and forced her to push back her new album and summer tour.

Portishead's Beth Gibbons is planning to release a solo album later this year. No more details on the record are available.

Jimmy Eat World on Kimmel

Watch Jimmy Eat World perform "Damage" and "I Will Steal You Back" on Kimmel!

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. on Conan

Watch Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. perform "If You Didn't See Me (Then You Were on the Dancefloor)" and "War Zone" on Conan!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Washed Out Cover & Tracklisting

In August, Earnest Green aka Washed Out will release his sophomore album, Paracosm. Take a look at the tracklisting and first single "It Feels Right," below.

01 Entrance
02 It All Feels Right
03 Don't Give Up
04 Weightless
05 All I Know
06 Great Escape
07 Paracosm
08 Falling Back
09 All Over Now