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Live Review - Radiohead @ Roseland

In the age of social media and everyone knowing everyone else’s business, one thing is for certain, it is hard to keep a secret in the 21st Century. Yet, the biggest and bet kept secret hails from a band shrouded in mystery and everything they do is an enigma, that band is Radiohead. The band that back in 1997 blew our minds with OK Computer, then did it again in 2000 with Kid A, then told us in 2007 that we could pay whatever we wanted for their new album, In Rainbows and in February of this year sold their latest album, The King of Limbs at a flat and very inexpensive rate. The band rarely does interviews, especially in America and the band rarely does much to promote themselves aside from the cult-like legion of fans they have around the world and the respect of every music lover. So when Radiohead first announced they were going to be on the season opener of Saturday Night Live, New Yorkers took it as a very big deal, camping out for days hoping to get in, then they announced they would be doing a one-hour special on satirical late-night comedy program, The Colbert Report and in between all of this, just last week, they announced two very intimate shows at New York’s legendary Roseland Ballroom. Aside from their guerrilla Glastonbury set this past June, these would be the band’s only live performances of 2011 and only US appearances for the year. Tickets went on-sale on Monday for both days and those fortunate enough to get in, were the luckiest people in the music world as the two dates sold-out in fewer than ten minutes. For a band like Radiohead, they have the power and pull to do something as crazy as this.

As confusion set in for the crowd on Wednesday, the first of two nights, as to what the band will play, what the stage will look like, how long they will play for, the anticipation and build-up was extremely high. By Thursday, after reports flooded in almost immediately after Wednesday nights show, the only question going in was, how will they outdo themselves? Playing nearly the same set list both nights, Radiohead still found a way to take the crowd to places they have never been. Arriving on stage just after 10pm, Radiohead took the stage and opened with “Bloom,” Thom Yorke would sing “don’t blow your mind with why,” the final line in the first chorus of the song and the only way to sum up and culminate everything about this band. Don’t try and think too hard, just let it happen, let them do their work and enjoy it, and once you do that, the experience will leave you speechless. With a list of songs that focused heavily on the band’s last two albums, they sprinkled in songs from Kid A, “Like Spinning Plates,” from Amnesiac, “Subterranean Homesick Alien,” from OK Computer and “Myxomatosis,” from Hail to the Thief. What was clearly omitted was work from the band’s early days of Pablo Honey and The Bends, as well as the band’s biggest hits from OK Computer, the thing is, a band like Radiohead does not need to rely on their hits and their early work. With an impressive and evolving catalog as theirs, it speaks volumes that what has made them popular they look to discontinue.

Under a rack of LED rods and lights, Thom Yorke danced around on stage with his hair coming loose from his ponytail; it is evident that he seems very relaxed and comfortable in front of room full of eyes gawking at him. Most impressive is multi-instrumentalist and virtuoso Johnny Greenwood, watching him switch from drums, guitar, piano, homemade mixers, bass and computerized contraptions projecting bazaar sounds, it is as if he is Mozart for the jilted generation. With support from an addition drummer, Clive Deamer, every blip was heard, every part of Colin Greenwood’s bass was felt, and every distant sound was audible. If there is anything to be said about this band, it is the fact that they sound as brilliant in concert as they do listening to them with a good pair of headphones. If these concerts are any indication as to what Radiohead will be doing on the road in 2012, start queuing up now, it will be worth the wait.

01 - Bloom
02 - Little By Little
03 - Staircase
04 - The National Anthem
05 - Feral
06 - Subterranean Homesick Alien
07 - Like Spinning Plates
08 - All I Need
09 - True Love Waits / Everything In Its Right Place
10 - 15 Step
11 - Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
12 - Lotus Flower
13 - Codex
14 - The Daily Mail
15 - Morning Mr. Magpie
16 - Reckoner

17 - Give Up The Ghost
18 - Myxomatosis
19 - Bodysnatchers

20 - Supercollider
21 - Nude

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Portugal. The Man on Conan

The brilliant Portugal. The Man took to Conan last night to make their TV debut and performed "So American." Take a look!!

Givers on Kimmel!

Givers performed their fantastic single, "Up Up Up" on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night. Take a look!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Knux on Letterman!

The Knux returned to Letterman last night to perform "Run," off their latest, Erasure. Take a look.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Accidental Success of The Sounds

Sometimes in life things happen by pure accident. Nothing planned; nothing thought out, just inert occurrence that alters someone’s life. For Swedish disco-rock band, The Sounds, their formation was just a simple accident, and one that just seemed to be waiting to happen. The band, which has been making music together since 1998, formed in high school, when singer Maja Ivarsson performed the Smashing Pumpkins song “Soma” in front of her class as part of a project, fellow classmate Felix Rodriguez, then asked her to play the song in a band he was forming. From there on, The Sounds began building a buzz in their town, then their country then pretty soon across Europe and before they knew it, they were one of the most talked about new bands of the early 2000’s when they released their debut, Living in America in 2002.

While Maja was in town recently to perform with her friend and tattoo artist, Kat Von D as part of Fashion Night Out, I had the chance to sit down with the singer at her hotel as we discussed her band and her accidental career. “I never dreamt about becoming a singer, I was in the same class as Felix and it was just an accident. To think this started over a Smashing Pumpkins song is funny.” The Sounds, now thirteen years into their career, released their fourth album, Something to Die For earlier this year and have been on the road supporting it, the band return back to the US for the second time this year for another marathon tour.

For Something to Die For, they did something very different, they decided to produce and make the record on their own and not hire a producer like they did in the past. “When we do pre-production, we do it all on our own and I like the demo’s we make. So when you sing it over and over again for someone, it loses the magic it had when you first recorded it,” Maja then continued with “we are much more comfortable as a band now and we want to keep our sound.” That sound is what has generated The Sounds from dance floors around the globe to massive fields playing at some of the world’s biggest summer festivals. “We started off recording dark songs, but our demo’s didn’t work with dark songs and then we turned everything around, made it a bit more hit oriented,” Maja says of the band’s early sound, “By the time we released, ‘Living in America,’ we knew it was our way out of Sweden and Europe and ticket to America. We had the American dream and still have the American dream.” For The Sounds and the acclaim they received early on from the likes of Dave Grohl, Quentin Tarantino, Gwen Stefani and other famous faces, it helped them launch into a different league but Maja says “I think it is really flattering what happened and when the celebs heard our music it was cool, but I’d rather have ten real fans than one celebrity love my music.” Yet, as we know in America a celebrity endorsement of any kind is good business, “America is so much harder than anyone can imagine, so I am really happy with what we have accomplished. It is all hard work but for us we just keep touring and still to this day, building a fan base going back to the same cities.”

As Maja and The Sounds continue to tour relentlessly around the world, they never seem to get tired of what they are doing, “touring leads to inspiration, it is the reason to be in a band!” The band’s live shows have been praised by various music lovers and The Sounds have become a must see act, “I love to see good performances, I want to put on the best show every time, I owe it to the audience every night.” Maja does this with such poise, she has become an inspiration for young girls around the world, she has also become one of the most swooned over women in rock and roll, when I asked her if she considered herself a sex symbol, she laughed and said “no, I am not ashamed of it, but it is just hard to think of yourself in those terms.” Though she is not embarrassed to what genetics gave her, “if you got it, flaunt it.” The beautiful singer has become the face of Sebastian Professional and Sephora and has taken her punk meets glam style to the runway. She culminates everything about herself and the band when she said “touring as an artist and performer, you want to entertain people, from the music to the fashion, its all a visual thing and then you add a bit of danger and its really cool.” For Maja and The Sounds, these philosophies have carried them from a small town in Sweden to around the world and show no signs of stopping.

Quick News

Speaking with Apes on Tape, Band of Horses guitarist Tyler Ramsey has confirmed that as soon as the band finish touring this fall they will begin work on their fourth record.

Contrary to reports and Kele Okereke confusing us last week, Bloc Party have not broken up. The band released a statement on their website, after guitarist Russell Lissak spoke to NME saying they were auditioning new singers, the band has smoothed things over and posted "Bloc Party are still Bloc Party, see you soon." We are just as confused now more than ever - Thanks Guys!

After releasing a teaser trailer, The Black Keys hip-hop side project, Blakroc is not releasing album number two. Speaking to Atlanta radio station DAVE FM, drummer Patrick Carney said "Blakroc 2 is not coming out soon... there are no plans for that." The Keys are currently in the studio working with Danger Mouse for their new album.

Speaking to Drowned in the Sound about their current reissues, Jesus and Mary Chain member Jim Reid was asked about new material from the legendary band and he has ambiguously said "It might happen, it might not."

Take a look at the cover to the forthcoming REM Greatest Hits collection; Part Lies, Part Heart, Part Truth, Part Garbage which arrives in November. This is the first compilation to feature REM's years on both IRS and Warner Bros. Records.


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Rodger Waters & Foo Fighters TOGETHER on Fallon!

In the continuing celebration of "Pink Floyd Week" on Fallon, Foo Fighters dropped by to link up with the legendary Pink Floyd bassist, Rodger Waters to perform "In the Flesh," from The Wall. Take a look!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


MastodonThe Hunter
The Georgia metal monsters return with an album as brutal as you would expect. The Hunter, unlike their brilliant last release, Crack the Skye is not a concept record but a full on experience through various forms of the genre. It is sheer raw power laid out over thirteen songs. If anything can be said about Mastodon is that they never fail to deliver on a record and this being their fifth album in, only seem to be revving up.

WilcoThe Whole Love
The Chicago indie rockers return and still prove they are the best in the businesses. Wilco are a fantastic and sometimes underrated and under-appreciate American rock and roll band, eight studio albums in, they still have not gotten the proper attention they deserve. The Whole Love is a musical odyssey through various time changes and tempo alterations that prove the band needs to be bigger than what they are.

LadytronGravity the Seducer
The English electro band returns with a record of powerful synths, seductive lyrics and massive sexual undertones, it is a sure-fire must listen. Gravity the Seducer is a much more crisp and atmospheric album than prior Ladytron records and after releasing a “Best of” compilation earlier this year, the band are beginning the second chapter in what has been an already illustrious career.

The KooksJunk of the Heart
The English garage rockers return and give us something to smile about. Junk of the Heart is the much anticipated third album by The Kooks and picks up exactly where they left. Roaring guitars, pounding drums and clever lyrics, Junk of the Heart will easily please fans and help the band gain a few more.

The JayhawksMockingbird Time
The Americana band returns after an eight year absence and brings forth with them the next chapter in their lives. The Jayhawks are a bit older, a bit wiser and much more aware of what the pressures of the music industry can take on an artist, so for Mockingbird Time it seems as if they made they record they have wanted to make. The magnificent harmonies of Gary Louris and Mark Olsen are all there in an album devoid of singles but on the flipside show off their natral talents.

ClapYour Hands Say YeahHysterical
It has been four years since we last heard of the Brooklyn buzz band and thankfully they are back. Hysterical is the band’s much-anticipated third album and only makes us question why they waited so long to give us new material. A very well layered and textured released that fans that have been waiting for it will eat up.

Chuck Ragan Covering Ground
The Hot Water Music raspy front man goes solo for the fourth time and we love him even more for it. Ragan, who like his contemporaries Brian Fallon, Dave Hause, Frank Turner have been dropping their electric guitars and picking up acoustic sounds for a much more soul and raw feel on their own. Like his friends, Ragan is a wonderful story teller and with his signature vocal style, it is a pleasure to listen to. Covering Ground is his fourth release and could possibly be his best and most solid work to date.

VHS or Beta Diamonds and Death
The Kentucky disco rockers return with a new line-up and more reason to shake your ass. Adding a darker element to their electronic rock sound, the band has gone through some personal troubles, issues with labels but have found a new inspiration relocating to Brooklyn and giving us a fun album that will make you dance and think.

Male BondingEndless Now
The British indie surf band returns with a quick follow-up to last years debut and gives us more of the same. If you enjoyed Male Bonding’s first record, you will love this.

Polar Bear Club – Clash, Battle, Guilt, Pride
The Rochester post-hardcore heroes return with chomping guitars, enraged vocals and if you were expecting anything less, you should have your head checked. Polar Bear Club mature in all the right directions for album number three, their playing has gotten tighter, singer Jimmy Stadt’s lyrics have gotten far more introspective and interesting and the band are proving their best days lay ahead of them and this is the beginning of something very profound.

The British favorites return and it is a plethora of confusion. While the band has been across the pond professing this is the best album they have done, their other work must be even worse. Kasabian’s latest sounds like a rushed hodgepodge of noise thrown together to try and hope something works. It has been understood that they are one of the Gallagher brothers favorite bands, but those compliments have gone straight to their heads, the band needs to sit back and attempt to reconfigure before they start self-destructing.

Mick Jagger’s supergroup featuring AR Rahmin, Damien “JR Gong” Marley, Joss Stone and Dave Stewart in theory sounds like a great idea, unfortunately the execution is less that great. Jagger recruited various musicians from various styles of music and the album is all over the place, songs begin with Middle Eastern inspiration then go soul then to raggae, it is too much to comprehend and get into. Superheavy is a super heavy dud.

The Shins on Fallon!

It is Pink Floyd week on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and every night he will have a different artist cover a Floyd tune, to kick this off were the new line-up of The Shins debuting on TV to perform "Breathe." Take a look!

Fleet Foxes on Letterman

Fleet Foxes Returned to Letterman this week to perform "Grown Ocean," take a look!

LIVE Pix - ATARI TEENAGE RIOT @ Gramercy Theater

Atari Teenage Riot made their triumphant return to New York City, exactly one year since they returned during the UN Summit last year. Photo Correspondent RICH D SMOOV was on hand to capture the action, take a look:

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Radiohead did an hour long special on The Colbert Report last night. Take a look as the band perform a variety of songs from "Codex,""Morning Mr. Magpie," "The National Anthem," "Little By Little," "Bloom" and "The Daily Mail."

Radiohead have taken over NYC this week with appearances on SNL, Colbert and will perform two gigs this week at the iconic Roseland Ballroom. We will be on hand to cover the second night of the bands historic gigs.


While at an appearance at Atlanta's Meltdown Festival this past weekend, Coldplay paid tribute to Georgia's greatest band and one of their favorites...R.E.M. Take a look at Chris Martin covering "Everybody Hurts," and with a heartfelt speech about the Athens, GA band before hand.

Sunday, September 25, 2011


Roaring guitars, slick outfits, cheeky lyrics, IC1's are loudly becoming one of England's most talked about bands. With people like Mani of Primal Scream, Alan McGee of Creation Records all in their corner, rock and roll is very much alive in the UK and IC1's are keeping it that way. We featured the band as our May Rising Artist and they have not disappointed. We caught up with singer Daniel Coburn aka "DC" and guitarist Jesse James aka "JJ." Take a look at our interview in which we discuss the band's acclaim, coming to America and their interesting name.

In just a short amount of time you managed to gain so much attention and buzz around London, how did it come about?

DC: Things have changed nowadays, networking is a pretty important. You can say you are the greatest band going to people on your Facebook status but people show up and you get found out. People show up to our gigs and find out that it won't be long until they are back again, I guess that's how it comes about?

JJ: Yeah, there's that. You gotta work your bollocks off in the studio and be willing to play live anywhere at any time, play to a room of two people where the barman is sweeping up the empty dance floor, play to a room of two people and you got two more fans

With the likes of Alan McGee, Mani from Primal Scream and others praising your work. How do you feel?

JJ: Its amazing to have someone like Mcgee singing your praises and talking about you. Its the stuff dreams are made of

DC: Yeah, I know Alan a little bit and I can tell you hes a top, top geeza, he knows his stuff and he was the man behind Oasis and Creation Records, that is enough for us.

The name of the band is pretty interesting it sounds like “Icy Ones,” where did it originate?

JJ: You guys in America might not understand what it actually means, by definition it means White Caucasian which can be a bit of an issue when four Jamaican women you used to work with turn up at a gig and ask what it means!

DC: Of course, its nothing racist if anything its quite the opposite, we've used it because we hate the way its used to separate people in society rather than bring people together as equals.

You are very straightforward with your approach to your music. Even going as far as saying “If you don't like it, you know where the fucking door is,” on your Facebook page. Is that your way of responding to the harsh critics?

DC: Its not a response to any critic what so ever, its the way I live my life to be honest, I am in it for me and the ones I love and at the end of the day you find people in life that want to bring you down and try and change you, that's not me, boy.. if you don't like it, you know where the fucking door is.

JJ: To be honest, we haven't had any yet. The Sex Pistols, Oasis... they had that 'bollocks', I suppose its influenced by the bands we like, but its true, if you don't like it, the door is over there, simple as that really.

With so many bands popping out of London these days, how do IC1s stand out from the pack?

JJ: Well.....everyone else is shit.

DC: London at the moment is dry, everyone wants synth, people are forgetting where rock and roll came from and the potential for the city but its being wasted. The charts are full of Simon Cowell, he's American isn't he?

There is a big Britpop influence in your music, did growing up in the Britpop boom of the 90’s make you want to be in a band and inspire your work?

DC: Yeah, I saw Oasis 26 times. Liam is the reason I became a front man and Noel the reason I started writing songs. I think its the closest Britian got to Beatlemania again and I was glad to be part of it, now even more so... we want to be at the forefront of the next one....handsome-mania.

Are you working on a full length now? If so, when can we expect it?

JJ: Well we've got a single coming out on September 15th on Gary Powell (The Libertines) new label. Once that is out there, we are looking to start doing a record at the end of this year.

DC: If the album sounds anything like it does in my head, the history books will be re-arranged.... that might be a line from one of a our songs, 'Never The Now', that'll be on the second album.

Hailing from London, has the city had a big impact on your style and sound?

JJ: Of course, yeah its a massive influence on our sound, it made us swerve away from sounding like all the other bands, fuck that.

DC: For me, London is the greatest city in the world, there is a buzz about it and everyone else around the world wants to be there!

Each one of the band members seems to have a nickname, is this your on-stage alter ego persona?

DC: They are the only nicknames we can put into print... theres not alter egos, its hard enough work dealing with the egos that we already have!

JJ: It's just banter in the band, that is what this band is about, massive banter and massive tunes.

You have played with a slew of people in the last year, people like The Cribs, Tinie Tempah, Proud Mary, The Charlatans, Buzzcocks. Who would you love to play with now?

DC:..myself? Take me back a few years and we could be here for a few hours. I'll put it this way, there are only a handful of bands that I think IC1s could support, Kings Of Leon, The Rolling Stones and U2 and without coming across as a complete dick, apart from them three, everyone else should be supporting us.

JJ: Amen.

You are going to play SXSW and it will be your maiden trip to the US. How do you feel to play the US?

JJ: SXSW is one of those festivals that bands go out to early on when they are going somewhere, to get on the bill there is something in itself, haven't even thought about the rest of it yet, but buzzing about it.

DC: Its as simple as... I can not fucking wait! The American people are different to the English, the Americans show as much enthusiasm as they can and the subject deserves, whereas you can play infront of a full crowd of people who are into that style of music and they will tap their foot and judge you, but I'll let the Americans be the judge of that.

Is making it in the US a big deal for you?

DC: Yeah it is a big deal, massive deal. I'll never forget watching the videos of The Beatles touching down in American, They'd made it before they had even got there. America is the promise land, and I promise we'll be landing there in a big way.

JJ: I hear American girls love English guys, that's a silly question...

Where do you want IC1s to take you?

JJ: We are still early on in our careers, a year isn't a long time and things are just starting to take shape for us now, so I don't think any of us can see further than our noses , we just want to get out there and make something of IC1s. We all joke about acting careers and aftershaves, the IC1s fragrance would smell like victory, I am not sure if you can bottle that, can you?

DC: Its not about where IC1s can take me, Its about where IC1s can take everybody else, I am already there.. plenty of room at this inn.

Radiohead on SNL

Radiohead returned to Saturday Night Live last night to perform their songs "Lotus Flower" and "Staircase," take a look at the band in action. Also, take a look at a clip of people Friday night outside 30 Rock hoping to get in to the famous show to catch a glimpse of the band.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Jayhawks on Letterman

The Jayhawks returned to Letterman last night to perform "She Walks in So Many Ways," take a look!


Elton John is working on his biopic, properly entitled Rocketman. Written by Billy Elliot collaborator Lee Hall, the film with document the ups and downs and trials and tribulations of John's phenomenal career. No word as to when the film will be released.

The Godmother to Elton John's baby boy, Lady Gaga is already working on her new album, the follow-up to this years Born this Way. Gaga spoke to Ryan Seacrest and says "I've been working on that. I've been planning the next tour, which keeps me very excited and busy because I have lots of new ideas, and I know exactly how I want it to look."

Just days after announcing their break-up after 31 years together, R.E.M. have announced plans for another Greatest Hits album. The compilation, Part Lies, Part Heart, Part Truth, Part Garbage: 1982 – 2011, will feature hits from the band as well as new material. Which ends speculation, as we mentioned earlier that they were working on new material right before they broke up. This is the third R.E.M. Greatest Hits compilation and the first to feature music from both their years on IRS Records and Warner Bros. In the past the band released In Time - which was a retrospective of their Warner Bros. years and I Feel Fine - a retrospective of their IRS years.

In 2009 Public Image LTD got back together and front man John Lydon hinted new material would come. Well now the band shall deliver on their promise will release their first album of new material since 1992 next year. Marking 20 years since the final PiL record was released.


Back when he was 23, Kanye West was introduced by Mos Def at a poetry Slam as be "the future of hip-hop." Take a look at this newly discovered clip of Kanye before he was the global sensation he is now performing an early version of his early hit, "All Falls Down."


The final installment of the Radiohead Remix stream is up online now before TKOL 1234 Radiohead Remix record arrives next week. This installment see's Jamie xx rework "Bloom," Anstam rework "Separator," and SBTRKT remix "Lotus Flower."

Friday, September 23, 2011

Chris Cornell on Letterman

Chris Cornell performed his new song, "The Keeper" from the new film Machine Gun Preacher on Letterman last night. Take a look.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Live Review - Frank Turner @ Bowery Ballroom

Just after 10 pm on a rather warm September night in New York City, the surprisingly tall and slender Frank Turner and his backing band The Sleeping Souls took the stage to a sold out Bowery Ballroom and inspired a crowd of 500 for nearly 90 minutes. Opening with "Eulogy" off his recent solo album, England, Keep My Bones, the normal acoustic sing-a-long was kicked up a notch with The Sleeping Souls adding extra skin and layers to the brilliant song, it would be immediate that this was not going to be a gig where Frank went through his song book and played on his acoustic guitar, it was going to be much more, it was going to be something on a grander and special level.

Turner, who used to front the British hardcore band Million Dead has been playing English folk meets punk music since 2008 on his own - think Joe Strummer meets Billy Bragg with American folk influence of Woody Guthrie and Springsteen tossed in. Turner, who has been on the road all summer in support of his new album, returned to America after a triumphant set at the Reading and Leeds festivals in his native England just a few weeks ago. As the boozy crowd would scream back the words to Frank's songs and jump around having the time of their lives, it was apparent Frank was loving every second of it. Burning through his songs off England, Keep My Bones; "I Still Believe," "Peggy Sang the Blues," "One Foot Before the Other," Turner was showing his bones and vulnerability as modern lyrical mastermind. He maybe influenced by those mentioned prior, but he has a way about his singing that is reminiscent of Jonah Matranga (who the two have recorded together) and pokes fun at pop culture and proves that if guided by history, love and passion, those two elements will take you far in life. As Frank proved all of this with is song "English Curse," a historical a cappella number song about the region of Wessex, England where he grew up. Digging deep in his catalog and playing fan favorites like "The Road," "Love Ire & Song," "Reasons Not to Be an Idiot," Turner gave a lesson in life and living in his songs. With his band backing him and making everything that much more climatic, Turner's set is one that will be remembered as a night that music can inspire and unite all.


We reported on it earlier in the month, but they really did it - The Flaming Lips have recorded a six hour long song entitled "I Found a Star on the Ground," has been released via the band's Soundcloud page and is broken into three, two-hour long segments. If you have the time to kill, take a listen...

The Flaming Lips - I Found a Star On the Ground [Part One of Three] by Slow•Nerve•Action 3

The Flaming Lips - I Found a Star On the Ground [Part Two of Three] by Slow•Nerve•Action 2

The Flaming Lips - I Found a Star On the Ground [Part Three of Three] by Slow•Nerve•Action

Elbow on Fallon

The beautiful and talented British imports, Elbow hit up Jimmy Fallon last night. Take a look!

Grouplove on Conan

After a rousing gig last week in New York, which you can read about HERE. Grouplove hit up Conan to perform their hit, "Colours." Take a look!

Wilco on Letterman

Wilco hit up Letterman last night to perform the new song, "Born Alone." Take a look!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

R.I.P. R.E.M.

It is with great sadness and disbelief that we had to mention earlier on social networks that legendary band and the original college rockers, R.E.M. have broken up after 31 years together. The band issued a statement via their website that said:

"To our Fans and Friends: As R.E.M., and as lifelong friends and co-conspirators, we have decided to call it a day as a band. We walk away with a great sense of gratitude, of finality, and of astonishment at all we have accomplished. To anyone who ever felt touched by our music, our deepest thanks for listening." R.E.M.

The band who released, 15 studio albums including this past year's Collapse into Now and who were supposedly recording their 16th record, split while working in their hometown of Athens, Georgia. The music of R.E.M. became synonymous with what we now know as indie rock, their influence can be heard in bands such as Coldplay, The National, Pavement, Modest Mouse, Arcade Fire, Editors, The Frames and many more. The band has seen the highest of highs as they went from respected rockers in the 80's to much commercial success in the 90's thanks to hits like "Losing my Religion," "Everybody Hurts," "Whats the Frequency, Kenneth?," "Man on the Moon," and many others. Yet, the essence of their longevity and character was on stage, as anyone that has attended and R.E.M. gig of any kind will tell you, they are an amazing live band.

In 1997 founding member and drummer, Bill Berry left the band after a medical scare of encountering embolisms in his brain forced him to quit the band, but the three remaining members; Michael Stipe, guitarist Peter Buck and bassist / keyboardist Mike Mills soldiered on with session musicians. The band hit a rough patch as the 90's came to a close with dud albums like 2001' Reveal and 2004's Around the Sun, yet in 2008 the band fired back with a record we called the Album of the Year - Accelerate.

Taking to the band's website after much shock and dismay from the music community, each member said the following:

Mike Mills: "During our last tour, and while making Collapse Into Now and putting together this greatest hits retrospective, we started asking ourselves, 'what next'? Working through our music and memories from over three decades was a hell of a journey. We realized that these songs seemed to draw a natural line under the last 31 years of our working together.

"We have always been a band in the truest sense of the word. Brothers who truly love, and respect, each other. We feel kind of like pioneers in this--there's no disharmony here, no falling-outs, no lawyers squaring-off. We've made this decision together, amicably and with each other's best interests at heart. The time just feels right."

Michael Stipe: "A wise man once said--'the skill in attending a party is knowing when it's time to leave.' We built something extraordinary together. We did this thing. And now we're going to walk away from it.

"I hope our fans realize this wasn't an easy decision; but all things must end, and we wanted to do it right, to do it our way.

"We have to thank all the people who helped us be R.E.M. for these 31 years; our deepest gratitude to those who allowed us to do this. It's been amazing."

Peter Buck: "One of the things that was always so great about being in R.E.M. was the fact that the records and the songs we wrote meant as much to our fans as they did to us. It was, and still is, important to us to do right by you. Being a part of your lives has been an unbelievable gift. Thank you.

"Mike, Michael, Bill, Bertis, and I walk away as great friends. I know I will be seeing them in the future, just as I know I will be seeing everyone who has followed us and supported us through the years. Even if it's only in the vinyl aisle of your local record store, or standing at the back of the club: watching a group of 19 year olds trying to change the world."

In 2007 the band were solidified as legends as they were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. R.E.M., leave a lifetime of music for generations to come and be inspired. As a long-time fan of the band and music journalist, I have had the honor of seeing them in concert in 1998 as part of the "Up Tour" and a decade later in what would be their final world tour, 2008's "Accelerate Tour" - a review you can read HERE. It is a sad day in the history of rock and roll, but all good things must come to an end.

Photo by Anton Corbijn via

Live Review - Coldplay @ Ed Sullivan Theater

If you wanted to see Coldplay at all in 2011 you would have needed to travel to a major festival somewhere in the Earth to catch a glimpse of one of the world's biggest bands. From Glastonbury to Lollapalooza to Austin City Limits to Fuji Rock to Oxygen to Splendour in the Grass, the idea of seeing Coldplay in an intimate venue or proper tour seemed to be tossed out the window before they release their much anticipated fifth album, Mylo Xyloto next month. However, as the band arrived in New York this week for a string of press appearances, they stopped by the famous Ed Sullivan Theater to perform on The Late Show with David Letterman and then take over his intimate and famous theater for the night as they treated lucky contest winners, industry personnel and friends to their smallest gig this year, and for those who could not make it to the show, the band and CBS streamed it all online for everyone to enjoy for a taping of the acclaimed web series, Live on Letterman.

Walking from the audience entrance of the theater and into the crowd right before taking the stage, the crowd were roaring before a note was even played. With the band's instruments painted in black-light paint and reflecting on the special psychedelic lights used to enhance the colors of the paint, it was immediate they were taking over and making the stage their home for the hour they played. Opening with "Hurts like Heaven," then going into "Yellow" and "In my Place," it looked as if Coldplay had something to prove, and they certainly did not. They were just treating an audience to a free show and the beauty of it all was that they were still playing their hearts out. Behind the bands set were two massive neon pinwheels and in direct center were the bands signature lasers they use to beam out into the crowd and give a light show for the ages. As the bands charismatic front man, Chris Martin spoke to the crowd and danced around on stage, he seemed the most comfortable and at ease after all these years leading this band. No more awkward movements or gestures, until he ended up falling over some gear dancing during "Every Teardrop is a Waterfall," but nonetheless he seems to have adjusted to his position. Meanwhile, it was drummer Will Champion, who like at Lollapalooza stole the show, banging away at his kit like Keith Moon and having it shake every time his sticks hit the skins of his drums, to playing guitar, various percussion instruments, piano and singing, it is Martin that gets all the credit but it is Champion is the real star of the show. With a display of news songs like "Paradise," "Charlie Brown," "Every Teardrop," and the encore, a special acoustic version of "Us Against the World," Coldplay are showing that their inspiration for album number five comes from Achtung Baby-era U2 and if you were to model yourself after any band or record, that would be the one to do it.

With a handful of greatest hits like "The Scientist," "Fix You," and "Viva La Vida" all in the setlist, it was an hour of pure bliss and one that everyone, including those at home will remember for years to come. On a small stage such as Ed Sullivan, they took the magic of what was special about the venue and showed off why they are one of the most in demand and superb live acts around.

Watch the full performance below:

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah on Fallon

Indie favorites Clap Your Hands Say Yeah returned to TV after a long absence, take a look as the band play their latest from their new album, Hysterical on Fallon.

Quick News

Pearl Jam bassist Jeff Ament spoke to Rolling Stone recently and says the Seattle grunge kings are "over halfway through" finishing their next album. Ament says,"We made the bulk of our records in Seattle, so it's just great to get out of Seattle for me. Everybody leaves all their stuff at home and you just go down for 12 days and it's all you do." They expect to have the record out early next year.

Radiohead are set to tour in 2012, according to Thom Yorke who spoke to BBC1 Radio after announcing two special shows in New York next week. Yorke also dished on his solo effort, Atoms for Peace which features Flea of Red Hot Chili Peppers and longtime Radiohead producer Nigel Goodrich will have their new album out next year.

Good news for fans of Ben Folds Five, the trio have plans to record again. Folds tells that the idea came up when he was working on a retrospective on the band and says "We tend to do things when we're asked. It's really funny. We hadn't had any offers to do anything. I guess it's all self-motivation. We didn't know if we were going to get together or not for anything."Ben Folds Five last record was released in 1999, The Unauthorised Biography of Reinhold Messner.

Bloc Party could be recording their next record without frontman Kele Okereke, the singer tells NME that while in New York he saw his former bandmates enter a recording studio, he says "I was actually having lunch about three weeks ago, just here on 8th Avenue, and I saw somebody walk past and I recognized the haircut," he said. "It was Russell. I was like, 'Hey!,' but he didn't see me and I followed him around the corner and then I saw Matt, Gordon and Russell all standing outside this rehearsal space. They all went inside."

Stream Mastodon's "The Hunter"

Click on the YouTube video above to stream Mastodon's latest album, The Hunter in full. It's worth it...

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It's nearing the end of the month, surprised? Us too! Take a look at our September Playlist and get most of it on Spotify!

- Friendly Fires - "Blue Cassette"
- The Gift - "RGB"
- Tyler, The Creator - "Goblin"
- House of Love - "Beatles and Stones"
- Mental As Anything - "If You Leave Me, Can I Come Too?"
- Yelle - "Le Grand Saut"
- Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings - "Money"
- Prussia - "Bleeder"
- The National - "Exile - Vilify"
- New Order - "Age of Consent"
- Neutral Milk Hotel - "Holland, 1945"
- The Roches - "Nurds"
- Frank Turner - "I Still Believe"
- Kaiser Chiefs - "Little Shocks"
- Federico Aubele - "Bohemian Rhapsody in Blue"
- Manchester Orchestra - "April Fool"
- Death Cab for Cutie - "Home is a Fire"
- Blondie - "Mother"
- Ghostface Killah - "Motherless Child"
- A Tribe Called Quest - "After Hours"
- The Horrors - "Still Life"
- Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zero's - "Home"
- Gil Scott Heron & Jamie xx - "NY is Killing Me"
- Bouncing Souls - "Ballad of Johnny X"

Listen to this Playlist and Others on Spotify:

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Ice Cube is in talks with director John Singleton to make a biopic on Cube's influential rap group, the legendary NWA. Cube, who starred in Singleton's 1991 film Boyz N the Hood, has been trying to get the film off the ground since 2009. Singleton tells The Playlist that, "The script is really, really good, and so we're just figuring it out. New Line really want to make it."

Portishead are set to record their new album in January, however, do not hold your breath for a quick release. Member Geoff Barrow tells Rolling Stone "I'm going to start in January, I don't know when Beth's gonna start or when Adrian [Utley] is gonna start, but I'm gonna get my head together for January basically to start writing. Historically that could mean fucking 10 years. [Laughs] We're only ever going to release something that we feel comfortable with or else it's not worth releasing basically."

After being a band for 30 years, Metallica are going to be play India for the first time. The gig will happen on October 28 as part of the Grand Prix F1 Rocks event celebrating the Grand Prix in India.

James Blake is set to release his new EP, Enough Thunder next month. Take a look at the track listing:
01 Once We All Agree
02 We Might Feel Unsound
03 Fall Creek Boys Choir [ft. Bon Iver]
04 A Case of You (Joni Mitchell cover)
05 Not Long Now
06 Enough Thunder

Jane's Addiction may have delayed the release of their latest album, The Great Escape Artist from Sept. 27 to Oct 17 but they have unleashed the crafty cover for the album, take a look:

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One of the most interesting and brilliant bands to come from the American indie music scene is years in Portland, Oregon via Wasilla, Alaska art rock outfit, Portugal. The Man. If you have followed this site for sometime you know the amount of praise we have given the band through the years. Their ever evolving and unique sound makes it hard for journalists to really pinpoint what genre they belong in, however, from a fan standpoint they are simply outstanding. Portugal. The Man have managed to release a record every year since 2006 and have managed to constantly outdo themselves and keep getting better. The band's latest, In the Mountain, In the Cloud is their Atlantic Records debut and easily one of the years best albums. Aside from making great records, the band are also one of the best live acts in the business right now, transforming their sound on stage and creating such art that it just leaves jaws dropping after each song. In our second interview with the band (We interviewed singer John Baldwin-Gourley in 2009, you can listen to that HERE) we spoke with keyboardist Ryan Neighbors about the bands new album, style, touring an signing to a major label. Take a look at our interview with Ryan below.

How does “In the Mountain In the Cloud” differ from other Portugal. The Man releases?

I think it is a much more focused release. In the past we have finished records in a month or less, in one studio. "In the Mountain In the Cloud" took about nine months to record, in 6 different studios. We started songs and rewrote them later, took breaks for touring, and honestly stressed out more than any other record. Our past records were finished so quickly, we never had time to rewrite songs, or even add songs at the end. The last song on the record, "Sleep Forever", is the very last song we wrote. It never would have happened if we didn't stress out and take almost a year to finish it. Another thing I really like about the new record is the string arrangements. Phil Petersen played cello and it brings out some great moments in many of the songs. He also played on "Censored Colors", which is what made that record my previous favorite.

You have been on the road non-stop since 2006, put out an album a year since then and yet still find time to get better and better each record. How do you explain your madness?

It's pure madness. We generally tour for 8 to 9 months out of the year and then at the end of each year we start writing the new record. It really doesn't seem that difficult. Maybe that is just because we have always done it the same way. It is much easier if you stick to a schedule and just know the way you do things. With each year we are all listening to different music than the previous year, picking up new things we like, gaining new experience. This all adds to the diversity of each record. I would find it hard to make two records that sound the same. I think it would start to bore me, honestly.

With your insane schedule, do you ever find time for yourself?

Although we keep very busy, there is always time to take a walk when you are on tour. I usually have headphones on in the van, I am still surrounded by seven other people, but it feels like alone time. When we are home we all live together, but everyone kind of does their own thing at home. I like to shoot hoops. Basketball has been my favorite sport forever, so when I have spare time and the weather is good, that's what I try to spend my free time doing.

While releasing an album a year, what gives you inspiration to create?

There are so many good bands and artists out there. So much stuff to derive influence and inspiration from. I think we just try to keep our tastes fresh and look for stuff that makes us feel something. It can come from a book, a movie, a friend. I am not exactly sure how it happens, but it does. John has the gift of writing songs at a rapid pace. He is constantly pumping them out and usually when there is an acoustic guitar around, he is working on something. It gives the rest of us opportunities to create when there are constantly new songs on the table.

“In the Mountain In the Cloud” is your first major label record. When you signed to Atlantic John defended the band’s decision on the band’s site. Why did he feel necessary to defend a decision that could only help your career?

We just wanted our fans to know that we would still continue to make the best music we could. I know for a lot of people, when their favorite band signs to a major label, it feels like the end of the band. We have had some people following the band since day one and it is important for us to let them know that we are still the same band. We will still hang out after shows and treat everyone as we always have. We appreciate what we have so much and the opportunity we have been given, and we never could have done it without those people who have always believed in us.

How does it feel to be a part of Atlantic? Do you feel a responsibility and pressure to live up to the legacy of an Atlantic artist?

It feels so good. We have joined a roster of incredible artists. Led Zeppelin! Aretha Franklin! That is crazy to think about. It is great to be a part of the Atlantic family and we are going to do our best to live up to the Atlantic standard. We try not to feel the pressure too hard, we don't want it to affect us too much. But we are definitely trying to make the best records we can possibly make, and continue to improve with every release.

What about Atlantic made you ultimately sign with them and not anyone else?

Everyone at Atlantic is just really cool. They all love music and we seemed to share the same goal of making the best music we can and having it heard by as many people as possible. They wanted to sign the band because they like what we have already done, not because they thought they could turn us into something better. It just felt right, there were no bad feelings at all. It was a long process and it took as a while to decide but when we did, we knew we had made the right decision. So far everything with Atlantic has been great.

Now being with a major, will we still be getting a new album a year?

That is still our goal. We just want to release the best record we can every time. If it takes longer than a year, that is okay, as long as we are completely happy with it. John still writes songs quickly and we still plan on starting another record at the end of the year. We will just see where it goes, but yes, the goal is still an album a year, just as long as it is good. We would never want to rush something out just because of our past release pattern.

With “In the Mountain,” you did an amazing pre-order bundle for fans featuring hand made art and lithographs, do you feel that Portugal. The Man is best as full on multimedia experience and are more than just music?

I believe so. John has always done the bands art so there is a definite continuity with it. The art is Portugal. The Man, as is the music. The visuals for the record can paint a different picture with the music. I feel like it is a missed experience when I have had a burned CD and then seen the album art a year later. How different would the music have been if I had known what the band intended for me to visualize as I listened to it? It also seems to make people happy. When you can see that extra effort was put in to make the package special, you will treasure it more.

In relation to that, you released the short film, “Sleep Forever” do you feel that adds to the full aura of the band as well?

Definitely. It gives everyone a taste of where the band came from. John and Zach are from Alaska, as many people know. The bulk of the video was filmed in John's backyard. I think knowing the roots of a band can add to your personal experience with the music. We really enjoy making music videos, we had four from "Satanic Satanist" alone. "Sleep Forever" was the first short film we made, it being two songs back to back and ambient gaps as well. We are all really happy with the way it turned out. It actually pairs with the entire record really well.

Who came up with the concept of “Sleep Forever?”

John and Mike Ragen came up with the concept for the video. Mike shot and directed it. He also made the "Guns and Dogs" and "People Say" videos. We really like working with him. He has some fantastic ideas and has also been a good friend for quite some time. He and John share many of the same thoughts on how to make a good video that still has the oddball aspects. Nothing too straight.

Also, we see many bands and artists’ scoring films these days, would that be something you would like to do down the line?

I think that would be so cool. It's something we have discussed before, the opportunity just hasn't come about yet. At this point we are putting out records so frequently that we would have to make some time for a film score. I am a huge fan of instrumental music, I have always loved Godspeed and Mogwai and other bands that can tell a story without lyrics. I really hope we can attempt it at some point.

With all of the records you have done, which has meant the most to you and why?

"In the Mountain, In the Cloud" means the most to me. It took the most time and I think it is our best work to date. We put a lot of thought and stress and sleepless nights into this one, so it would be hard for it to not mean a lot to me. I still listen to it often and am not yet tired of it. Prior to the new one, "Censored Colors" meant the most to me. Probably because it was my first record I did with the band. During the recording I would wonder, "How did I get here. I hardly know what I am even doing." So that was quite an experience on its own.

Your live shows have been notorious for being a full sonic experience for the audience and everyone leaves inspired. What is it like for you on stage night after night performing and entertaining?

It's kind of a blast. I just get lost in the fog and lasers. I don't generally focus on the crowd and just try to stay connected with the guys on stage. We make a lot of eye contact with each other, especially for the more jammy parts of our set. Every once in a while I have to remind myself to look up at the dudes, I can get lost in keyboard land from time to time. But there really is nothing like playing a great show for a crowd of people providing their full attention and love. It feels great.

Recently you sold out and headlined Webster Hall which was your biggest headline gig to date, what was that like for you?

It was kind of surreal. I remember opening up for Minus The Bear at Webster three years ago and thinking, "This place is massive." Now to sell it out ourselves is just crazy. Usually before a big show I try not to let it get into my head. Just treat it like any other show, play the songs I have played a thousand times before. Usually that works for me because our stage is so dark anyway. But yes, selling out Webster Hall was one of the coolest moments we have shared as a band.

Aside from playing club gigs you do a ton of major festivals each year, what do you like better – the mass of the festivals or the intimacy of the clubs?

Both gigs are great. I love the festival setting because I love watching other bands and hanging out for a full weekend. The festival vibes are just really cool too. Every single person is there to have as much fun as they can for three days. It is a great atmosphere and it is great exposure for our band when passersby come and give it a listen. The intimate club gigs are great too. It is completely our show. We get to use all of our lights, sound check, and play for people who are there to see us. I really enjoy both equally, although festivals are much more stressful, usually jam packed with interviews and running around all over the place. It is good to do both.

What has been the experience in Portugal. The Man thus far?

Well, I have been with the band for four years now, recorded four records, and done many tours. So far it has been unlike anything else I could see myself doing. It is always what I wanted to do, well since the seventh grade. It is great to travel, we get to go to Europe a couple times a year and see things I never would've seen otherwise. We meet great people on a daily basis and have made so many friends through touring with different bands. Overall, we get to make music and share it with people, that is how we make a living. It is a dream not to be taken for granted.

Great Soundtracks - Trainspotting

1996 - the year Britpop and the second British invasion exploded around the globe. What had been brewing in the UK for most of the early 90's while grunge was King in America, it would not be until Danny Boyle released his second film and first major smash - Trainspotting where Britpop and British music would take over in full force. It had been brewing for a while with Stone Roses perfect debut, Oasis releasing two stellar albums, Blur's release of Modern Life is Rubbish and Parklife, Pulp's Common People and releases from Suede, Elastica, The Verve, Chemical Brothers and many more. All of these influential records and artists all led to the culmination and crossover into film when Boyle adapted Irvine Welsh's book, Trainspotting for film. While the film became a cult and box office sensation and made a star of Ewan McGregor, Trainspotting was much more than a great film and book it then became a great soundtrack.

The soundtrack to Trainspotting was much more than music from the film it became the soundtrack of a scene and era. With the thumping drums of Iggy Pop's classic "Lust for Life," and Lou Reed's "Perfect Day," Trainspotting blended classic American punk and art rock and fused it with Madchester's dance scene and Britpop. Featuring original music from Damon Albarn, Primal Scream and Brian Eno to classic sounds of New Order, Underworld, Leftfield and many others, Trainspotting was a massive package of British indulgence for fans around the world to digest. With the soundtrack getting so much praise; Boyle, the films producers and EMI decided to release a second volume of music from and inspired by the film which also boasted many of the same artists as volume one and classic British bands like Joy Division, David Bowie, Heaven 17, Fun Boy Three, Goldie and more. Two brilliant soundtracks from one brilliant film, this combination is a rarity but found a great way to capture a moment in time.


Bobby Gillespie of Primal Scream says that the band hope to have a new album out next year. Bobby told NME last weekend at Bestival that "We've recorded some new music, quite a lot of new music actually and written a lot of new music. But we've been touring this Screamadelica show for such a long time. We'll continue working on until the end of October and the winter. Hopefully we'll have a new Primal Scream album out next year."

Friendly Fires are hitting the studio with dubstep act SBTRKT to record a limited edition 7."

Mick Jagger is putting a big damper on a Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary Tour, Sir Mick has said "Don't hold your breath for Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary shows," he tells UK's The Sun. Jagger has recently mentioned that if The Rolling Stones were to celebrate their anniversary next year, then Keith Richards would not be invited. The pair have had a falling out since Keef released his autobiography Life and mocked Mick.

Nas will release his autobiography, It Ain't Hard to Tell in the fall of 2012. The Queens rapper will be working with writer Toure and plans to dive deep in Nas' feuds with Jay-Z, Fox News and his relationships with Kelis and Carmen Bryan - the mother of his first child.

Sad news to report, French DJ and a member of the Ed Banger Records family DJ Mehdi has passed away. Mehdi was celebrating the birthday of a friend on the rooftop of his home in France when the roof collapsed killing Mehdi.

While we wait for a new Bloc Party album, front man Kele will release a solo EP to follow up his 2010 album, Boxer. Kele will release The Hunter EP on October 31. Take a look at the track listing:
'What Did I Do? feat Lucy Taylor'
'Release Me'
'Goodbye Horses'
'Cable's Goodbye'
'Love As A Weapon'
'You Belong To Someone Else'


Foo Fighters with their friend, the legendary Bob Mould of Husker Du hit up Conan this week to perform "Dear Rosemary," take a look!

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LIVE PIX - BIG 4 @ Yankee Stadium

The heavy metal summit that is the Big 4: Metallica, Slayer, Megadeath & Anthrax made its way to the East Coast at Yankee Stadium to melt the faces off an entire region. Correspondent RICH D SMOOV was on hand to capture the event. Take a look:


Dave Mustane of Megadeath


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