Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Quick News

The Killers gave a secret show last night in New York City at the Highline Ballroom. This fan club exclusive show gave the band an opportunity to break out new songs and play some old favorites. Check out NME for more info HERE

Alicia Keys and Jack White have been tapped to be the voices behind the latest James Bond theme song for Quantum of Solace. I can't wait to hear what creativity will come out of those sessions!

****I am off to cover Lollapalooza for this site, stay tuned as when I come back with a ton of updates!!******

Monday, July 28, 2008

Indy Watch

George Lucas spoke to the Sunday Times to promote his latest film The Clone Wars. Yet, the Times didnt hesitate to ask about a possible Indiana Jones 5. Check out what Lucas has to say in the full article here

Friday, July 25, 2008

DITOY,Y? Video

Check out the new Does it Offend You, Yeah? Video for "Dawn of the Dead." Plus check out their first US TV appearance on Jimmy Kimmel!


Santogold and Diplo have teamed up to create a full on mixtape, remixing everyone from Devo to The Clash to Aretha Franklin to Santo herself. Check out the mixtape here

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Spacehog Reunion?!?

On a posting off the Arckid myspace page, the band that featured former Spacehog members Royston Langdon, Jonny Cragg and Richard Steel, plus Royston's brother Christian. It seems as if Arckid have separated only for Spacehog to regroup. Check out what Jonny had posted this morning:

I've been trying to figure out how to tell you what happened with Arckid and the inactivity of it all, so here goes: We're in a state of premature retirement right now owing to a lot of factors. As you know, Richard Steel joined the band last year and we inevitably talked about reforming Spacehog. Well i am pleased to tell you that we have made some small steps in that direction. We are going to meet in LA next week and figure out if we can do a record. I guess we're going to start by recording and then posting a new track on the same day. For those of you in the area we are playing The Viper Room on Monday (28th) and may add more dates very soon.We all wanna say a big thanks if you came to a show, bought a tee shirt, listened to the tunes or just wrote to say hello. Christian Langdon is still very much in our lives and our hearts. Apart from djing fancy parties with me in We.R.D2 hes been a busy bee writing new material.He also has his old band Kid Symphony on the sound track to"The Love Guru", check it out!I'd love to tell you more but i don't want to get into trouble! Stick Around for the next adventure!
Jonny Cragg.

Stay tuned here for more updates....

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Most Controversial Music Video Right Now

It has been banned in their native France, banned on MTV Europe and has not even been shown here in the US. However, it has not stopped French DJ's Justice from ranking in on the free publicity as they are the hardest act to get tickets for across the globe. Much like the Prodigy's 1998 video for "Smack My Bitch Up," Justices' "Stress" is as violent and as offensive---YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Live Review-Jarvis Cocker @ Terminal 5

The Godfather of the second British Invasion played his final show on a very exclusive and mini tour of the US last night. Jarvis Cocker, the voice behind Pulp and the band from the fourth Harry Potter film took the stage at New York's Terminal 5 and owned it as if he was a regular house artist. Emerging from the shadows and fog of a smoke machine, a tall scraggly middle age man who looks like the coolest college professor you could ever have, moved around on stage like he was a 20 year old Mick Jagger. Jarvis was on tour to support his 2007 debut solo record, but also show off some new material that will be released next year (I have no idea if any of the new songs will appear to the score of Wes Anderson's new film that Jarvis is penning). I didn't know what to expect from Jarvis, his voice is moody as it is seductive, it is powerful as it is vulnerable, what I got blew me and the crowd away. Just before he went on, I overheard fans who were at his Brooklyn show the night before mentioning how fantastic he was, I still was a tad skeptical. I was wrong. His voice and band elevate his music to new heights when played live. In between songs he spoke about his views on the world, his views on relationships and the stories behind his songs. It was a storytellers session of sorts as well as a cultural exchange. As he tried to understand American life, we tried to understand his, an Englishman living in Paris making pop music. His 90 minute set was highlighted by the closing of his first set as he lied on the floor saying "Rock the bells, rock the bells, rock the bells." As his keyboardist hit the chimes to the opening of "Black Magic," the crowd went nuts and so did he. If there was one thing to sum up Jarvis Cocker it is he is certainly the most under appreciated man in the music world today. It may have taken him eight years to complete his first solo record, and next year panning out to have two album from him, it just proves we need his music now....more than ever.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Hold Steady Live on Letterman

The Hold Steady made their triumphant return to the Ed Sullivan Theater last week to perform "Sequestered in Memphis," on Letterman. As a special bonus, Letterman's camera crews followed the band around as they geared up for their special appearance. (The performance is below, the documentary segment is on top).

Friday, July 18, 2008


Here is a playlist of tracks to check out and crank out...

- The Verve - "Love is Noise"
- Glasvegas - "Geraldine"
- Sam Sparro - "Black and Gold"
- Vampire Weekend - "Oxford Girls"
- The Wombats - "My First Wedding"
- Oasis - "Roll With It"
- The Clash - "Gun's of Brixton"
- The Fratellis - "Mistress Mabel"
- Rage Against the Machine - "Wake Up"
- The National - "Start a War"

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Settings Video


My close friend Manny Valdivia has produced this great video for Buffalo band Settings. Check it out, I am real proud of Manny and his crew for putting this together. Settings is currently on tour on this summers Warped Tour.

Quick News

Rage Against the Machine frontman Zach De La Rocha has released the first single from his side project with Mars Volta drummer Jon Theodore, One Day As A Lion. The single, "Wild International" can be herd of the bands myspace page starting today. The band's EP is out next week via ANTI-Records.

Rolling Stones gguitarist Ron Wood has checked himself into Rehab for alcohol abuse. No word on how long he will be in for, this is not Wood's first time in seeking treatment.

"Change" is coming to this year's Democratic National Convention in Colorado. Not just being the slogan for Candidate Barack Obama, but in the musical acts at the convention. Normally it is usually elevator-esque or "safe," artists if you will that play inside the DNC. This year will be much different and much better, as Kanye West, NERD and Wycleff are all on hand to rock this year's political get together in the Rockies. I hope to see footage of Bill Clinton watching and smiling as NERD play "Lapdance," or "Brain."

Monday, July 14, 2008

FREE Coldplay

As a gift to fans on the eve of their world tour, Coldplay are giving away the B-Side "Death Will Never Conquer," via the band's website. Simply go to , fill out some info and the song is yours.


Aside from David Beckham coming to the Tri-state area this weekend to go against Red Bull New York, if you are looking for a good time and fun in the sun--head on over to Fire Island this weekend for the 6th Annual Fire Island Golden Wagon Film Festival. It is a great festival taking place in Ocean Beach, Fire Island with tons of independent films, filmmakers, activities, celebs and of course the beach.

Fore more info check out the website

Oasis Cover and Tracklisting

Oasis have revealed the cover to their latest Dig Out Your Soul. This cover furthers my idea that we are going through an album cover Renaissance. Such an eye catching cover and definitely something I would add to my favorite's list as well as mount on my wall.

Bag It Up

The Turning

Waiting For The Rapture

The Shock Of The Lightning

I’m Outta Time

(Get Off Your) High Horse

Lady Falling Down

To Be Where There’s Life

Ain’t Got Nothin’

The Nature of Reality

Soldier On

Saturday, July 12, 2008

FREE Funeral for a Friend!

Funeral For a Friend is giving away their latest single "Waterfront Dance Club," for nothing!!! They had done this last year with the single "Into Oblivion," off Tales Don't Tell Themselves.
To get "Waterfront Dance Club," head on over to , the band's latest Memory and Humanity is due in October.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

400th POST!!

THIS IS MY 400TH POST!! Just wanted to say Thanks SO MUCH for reading, leaving comments and making 2008 the best year (thus far) for this site! Keep on reading, keep on inspiring and I will do my part as best I can!

Duffy Covers Hot Chip!

English songstress Duffy has done a great stripped down unplugged version of the Hot Chip single "Ready for the Floor" for the BBC. This a total 180 of what the song originally sounds like, but still really really good.

Favorite Album Covers

With this summer's releases of Coldplay's Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends, and the Verve's Forth. My eyes are just are pleased as my ears, I feel as if we are coming back to the age of glorious album covers. What generations before us had and brought the music listening experience to a total three dimensional level. In a time when record collecting and CD sales maybe slumping, creativity is on the rise. Below are a list of my favorite album covers of all time (in no particular order). Enjoy!

Quick News

Contrary to rumors swirling around, Portishead have not broken up again. Granted it took the band a decade to complete and release their latest, Third, however they plan to record again very soon. Speculation was stirred after May when the band did not have any plans to tour nor do any more promotion for their latest album. Yet the band plans to hit the recording studio later this year.

The Streets have posted some new tracks on their (his) myspace page. The songs come off Mike Skinner's latest Everything is Borrowed, check them out at

Manchester United soccer (football for those in Europe) hot shot Wanye Rooney, got a tattoo to commemorate his favorite band, Stereophonics. The 22 year old soccer sensation got the band's 2001 album title Just Enough Education to Perform inked on his forearm and is a prelude to Rooney's own education. Rooney left school at young age to pursue his career in sport and scored his first goal in the English Premiership at age 16 for Man U. Recently Stereophonics played a surprise gig at Rooney's wedding, a gift which his wife had arranged.

New Verve Video!

The Verve - Love Is Noise

Here is the first video in 10 years from The Verve! It is for the band's latest single "Love is Noise," off their upcoming record Forth, due in August!

Monday, July 7, 2008

New Bloc Party!

This past weekend Bloc Party had a cryptic countdown on their website and Myspace pages that only led to when they would be on BBC1. They premiered their latest single "Mercury," and discussed their forthcoming third record. Let me go out on a limb and say the song is so dope! Think more in the direction of "Flux," heavy beats and sampling a more electronic departure for the London boys. As far as the third record goes, Kele Okereke says "we're in the middle of it. we're still writing and working on it so it's quite hard to have an overview really, we are making the record I always wanted us to make so we just can't wait for it to be done." I can't wait either, for now rock out....

Click here to listen to "Mercury,"

OR take a look at the video that also premiered on the BBC

The National - Obama Shirts

For anyone who has ever seen The National before knows that at the end of each main set they can expect the band to close with the bombastic song "Mr November." Now you can get your very own National endorsed shirt featuring Presidential Candidate Barack Obama's face on the front with the title "Mr November" on the bottom. The shirts $18 and are sale on the band's web site all proceeds go directly to the Obama campaign.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Death Cab on Letterman

Death Cab For Cutie play a shorter version of "I Will Possess Your Heart," on Letterman back in May. Check it out, the full opus can be found on the bands latest Narrow Stairs.

Fire Flies News

A major statement was released by the Fireflies, check it out:

So. It's been a while.

After our tour in march, we realized we were no longer happy making the music we were making. There were rumors floating around that Fire Flies were breaking up, due to the cancelation of our upcoming tour and so on, but that couldn't be further from the truth.
The four of us went to a cabin for a few weeks, about an hour and a half drive north of Albany, to write new songs and rehearse them.

Here is our check list for what we put in the van:
Banjo, 2 Ukuleles, Accordion, Mandolin, Fender Rhodes, Four Guitars (2 electric, 2 acoustic),Bass, Drums, 2 Tiny Amps, 4 Suitcases, Rice Maker, Juicer

We have 22 new songs.

Here's the thing:
THERE IS NO LONGER A SPECIFIED SINGER OR WRITER. We are sharing duties, much like the partridge family, or menudo.

Also, there are no electronics, and we're switching between instruments from song to song, as well as who's singing.

In August, we'll be playing our first NYC with a 15 piece orchestra/band with all new songs, and we plan to keep NYC shows at a minimum of 12 people on stage.

Crazy stuff! But the creativity from this band is something I am not afraid of, I am only excited to hear and see the next chapter to this amazing band. Here are some new recording session photos of the band taken by drummer Seth Faulk

Rising Artists-The Wombats

Picture Kele Okereke of Bloc Party fronting the Fratellis with lyrics written by Alex Turner of Arctic Monkeys, that is the best way to describe The Wombats. Another way to describe this Liverpool trio is the most fun you will have listening to any album this year. The Wombats are a young band that met at the Liverpool Institute for Preforming Arts and are living their rock and roll fantasies. A band that has gained much attention in Europe for their lively stage performances but have finally released their debut here in the U.S. The album A Lesson in Love, Loss and Depression is a love angst driven record about girls, getting drunk and above all else looking for a good time in bad situations. Their single "Let's Dance to Joy Division," gained much attention in May as a free Itunes single of the week. The catchy song would only be a precursor as to what would come for their full length record. This record is a must own and I guarantee The Wombats will be your new favorite band---just remember you herd and read it hear first!

Movie of the Month-Do the Right Thing

It' summer, its New York and its hot as a motherfucker. With temperature rising, tensions rise and patience wears down to the point of uncontrollable breakability. With that mind set and image, that is the backdrop to Do The Right Thing. Written, directed and starring Spike Lee as Mookie, a pizza delivery boy in Bed-Stuy Brooklyn, this film depicts the racial and regular tensions of New York City life. Packed with an all star cast featuring Danny Aiello, Ossie Davis, Ruby Dee, John Turturro and springing the careers of Rosie Perez, Martin Lawrence and Samuel L Jackson, Do the Right Thing is a staple in New York cinema and film history. As temperature and racial tensions rise in this neighborhood, Mookie is left to make a decision of standing up for what he believes in or falling victim to ignorance. The film not only provides a very interesting and complex story that even today 20 years after it's release it is still relevant, but by the end has you asking, "does Mookie do the right thing?" The film is backed by an amazing soundtrack as well as the Public Enemy track "Fight the Power," which displays the films timelessness as well as relevance today.

Underated Classic-Beastie Boys "Paul's Boutique"

Summer in New York City usually means less clothing, packed city streets and blaring beats coming from every corner. No album in the history of New York music has captured all of this like the Beastie Boys sophomore effort Paul's Boutique. Ditching the rap / rock sound they pioneered with Rick Rubin and teaming with The Dust Brothers to create one of the most intricate and complex hip hop records of all time. The multi-layered and heavy sampled Paul's Boutique pioneering and ushering in a new era to the young genre in 1988. Upon its arrival it failed to match the hype and commercial success of their debut Licenced to Ill, but the Brooklyn trio proved this record would stand out and stand the test of time. Rolling Stone called the record "The Pet Sounds / Dark Side of the Moon of hip-hop," showing the boys toying around with jazz, funk, rock and traditional beats. Only boasting two singles "Shake Your Rump," and "Hey ladies," Capitol Records pulled the plug on promotion of the album. Yet, years later it is a record that has paved the way for bands and groups to create hybrids of sounds and sonically fuse them together. Listen to Paul's Boutique and you will hear what influences everyone from Kanye West to NERD to Justin Timberlake. It is an essential summer record and an essential record to rediscover for any music fan.

Verve Cover!

I have been listening to "Mover" all week and saying to myself, "wow this is just a B-Side and its awesome, I can only imagine what the rest of the new Verve record sounds like." Then this showed up this morning, here is the powerful Terry Gilliam Brazil-like cover for the bands long awaited album Forth.