Tuesday, September 29, 2009

EXCLUSIVE! Portugal The Man INTV!

Upon going to Lollapalooza this past August, their was a buzz around a particular band from Wasilla, Alaska that kept growing and growing as the festival went on. The band was Portugal The Man, a group from Alaska via Portland, Oregon who's music is beautiful chaos and whose live shows are loud, fast and intense. The band's latest The Satanic Satanist received rave reviews across the board and even some critics calling it one of the years best. I had the opportunity to speak with Portugal The Man singer John Baldwin Gourley over the phone and what started off as an interview, ended up in a conversation between two music nerds. Take a listen to my interview with John below as we discussed everything from the band's career, Wasilla, their influences and even the Oasis breakup...

Video for "Do You" Below:

Special thanks to John Baldwin Gourley and Julie Arkenstone for the interview. Extra special thanks to Jenna Campagnia for her editing skills, The Creature and Manny Valdivia for their technical work.

Quick News

Due to the success of their latest tour, Coldplay have donated over a million dollars (or pounds in their case) to a children's charity in the UK called Kids Company. The charity helps the lively hood of inner city kids in England.

Red Hot Chili Peppers, LL Cool J, Kiss, Abba and finally Iggy and the Stooges have been nominated for the 2010 class of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The Induction ceremony and concert takes place in March at the Waldorf Astoria in New York. Last year was the first time the ceremony was brought to Cleveland, the site of the Hall of Fame.

Just after wrapping up his "Wave Goodbye" tour, Trent Reznor already is a busy man. According to reports he and "Wave Goodbye" special guest and 80's electro legend Gary Numan are collaborating together. No word on if it will be just for a few tracks or a new record. Reznor who is keeping himself busy by working on new Nine Inch Nails material, producing the new Jane's Addiction record and adding this to his roster, will continue to roll out new music throughout the next couple years.

Speaking of collaborations, Thom Yorke has recruited Flea to aid the Radiohead singer in performing his solo material live. Along for the ride is REM collaborator Joey Waronker and longtime Radiohead producer Nigel Goodrich. The untitled band has two gigs in LA in which it will feature Yorke's material from his 2006 solo venture The Erasure and material he has currently been working on. No word if he will break out Radiohead cuts.

Phoenix will contribute original music to the next Sophia Coppala film, Somewhere. This comes as no surprise as the French front man dates Coppala.

Yeah Yeah Yeah's on Conan

Just a couple weeks ago Yeah Yeah Yeah's hit up Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien and made heads roll....

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Live Review U2 @ Giants Stadium

What could go down as one of the greatest live experiences of my life, the U2 360 tour pulled into New Jersey's Giants Stadium for a two night gig that will go down in history as one of the greatest events that venue ever hosted. To explain the stage set up for Ireland's biggest band in words would not do it justice. From up top it looks like claw over two circles connected by bridges, the catch is the bridges move and slide around each circle. From lighting to sound to performance, my favorite band outdid themselves.
Walking out to David Bowie's "Ground Control to Major Tom," drummer Larry Mullen Jr hit the skins to open the night with "Breathe" from the band's latest No Line On The Horizon. From the get go, Bono and Edge looked like they were in the mood to party, out of the plenty of times I have seen the band I have never seen bassist Adam Clayton move so much. All of the tracks off the new record sounded better live than on disc, as I suspected. What was completely fantastic was the bands mix of new songs, classic tracks, a great remix of "Ill Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight" and nice live rarities. Playing a few surprises from Achtung Baby, "Until the End of the World" and "Stay" to "Ultraviolet" during the encore. It was simply breathtaking. The classics's such as "Where the Streets Have no Name," "Beautiful Day," and "Sunday Bloody Sunday," which was dedicated to the people of Iran, sounded better than ever. Bono even found ways, as he normally does, to include classic rock tunes such as "Rock the Cashbah," "Stand by Me," "Amazing Grace" and "Blackbird" at the end of various songs. The band was in top form, with Bono running like a track star around the circles and Edge and Adam dancing as if they were in a European club back home. U2 proved why 82,000 people will pay any amount of money to see them. In the biggest crowd in Giants Stadium's history, U2 has managed to outsell hometown hero Bruce Springsteen and even The Pope.
While the set list was fantastic, and the band on fire, the real star of the show is this multi - million dollar structure they play in. A character within itself, U2 has managed to create a benchmark in touring, the issue now is where do they go from here? Knowing my band, they will even find a way to top themselves, for they are the greatest show on Earth.
Opening the show was UK heavy weights Muse. Known to be the loudest band on the planet and can easily sell out Madison Square Garden and stadiums in Europe, they came on stage and owned it as if it was their own. Firing off tracks from Black Holes and Revelations and their latest The Resistance, which just went #1 in 16 countries, to playing their big hit "Time is Running Out," Muse is one act I will see again and again. Playing only for 45 minutes may have been short for them and the audience, however, to have them and U2 on the same bill, you cant find a better ticket in town.

U2 Setlist 8/24/2009 Giants Stadium
Get on Your Boots
Mysterious Ways
Beautiful Day
No Line on the Horizon
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
Unknown Caller
Until The End Of The World
Unforgettable Fire
City of Blinding Lights
I'll Go Crazy - Remix
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Walk On
Where The Streets Have No Name
With or Without You
Moment of Surrender

Sunday, September 20, 2009

EXCLUSIVE! Henry Rollins INTV!!!

Punk. Poet. Activist. Leader. Henry Rollins has done more in his lifetime than most will ever achieve. The former singer of DC hardcore band State of Alert then joining and fronting the legendary band Black Flag. Rollins became the poster child of 80's hardcore. However, through his time he has shifted into other roles. Forming his own band Rollins Band in the late 80's and jumping into acting, writing and taking the stage to do spoken word and comedy. Henry Rollins is a true Renaissance Man. With all that Rollins has accomplished, one thing that has stayed consistent throughout his illustrious career is his humanitarian work and fight for social change. From visiting our wounded soldiers in hospitals, performing on the USO tour, a champion for gay rights and fighting for equality for all. Henry Rollins is much more than an entertainer and in our time of reform, we need a man like him who has never been shy and never cares what people think of him to give a voice to the voiceless. Rollins is currently staring in the second season of Sons of Anarchy and is receiving rave reviews of his work. I had the opportunity and privilege to speak to Henry, we discussed his massive body of work, Sons of Anarchy and the topic on every Americans mind - Health Care reform. Take a look at my interview with Henry Rollins below...

You are a true Renaissance man with everything that you do, from music to film to activism to radio. What are you doing these days?

Henry Rollins: Radio, book work, Sons Of Anarchy shoots.

How has your gig on “Son’s of Anarchy” been going?

HR: It’s been going great. It’s a very good show and I am lucky to have a small part in it. It’s wrapping up now, the summer has gone very quickly because of it.

With all that you have done, what is your favorite outlet for entertaining the masses?

HR: I don’t know if that’s what I do but I don’t have a favorite. The radio stuff is the least nerve wracking. The talking shows are by far the hardest thing I have ever done. I don’t have a favorite though. I am happy to be involved with any of it.

You have been an important figure not just to music but to social issues. With our current state of the union, how do you feel about things in America today?

HR: I think America is waking up to some unpleasant things that have been on the sidelines. Healthcare being one of them. The system is broken and there’s no quick fix. You see how much grief the president is getting even trying to make things better for average folks. I think America will not rise to the occasion and that the inherent mediocrity that we have been able to enjoy for several decades will prevent us from moving forward. I think we are in a situation where the captives are protecting the captors and shooting the rescuers.

With your spoken word you have managed to enlighten and open the mind of your audiences around the globe. With so much negativity these days, do you find it a struggle to get on stage and try and do what you do?

HR: No. The more things get intense, the more I have to talk about.

With all that you have going on, do you ever find time for yourself?

HR: Sure. I have evening free quite often. Weekends are not as busy as week days and I try to do things that are not work related. You need some balance. The woman I go out with is also a very busy person so we try to carve out some time to hang out and it’s worth it to do so.

Going to your musical side, Rollins Band has been inactive for a few years. Will we see a reunion or a return from you to music world soon?

HR: I am not feeling the need to make music at this point.

With your music you have managed to influence so many artists from all different genres. What would you say about music today?

HR: I think music is really happening right now. If you look elsewhere from the big leagues, music is great. It’s in the major label world where it’s not all that interesting, to me at least.

Do you ever feel jealous or angry, if not both, about how fast it is for someone to get recognized today, unlike when you started out starving for what you were doing?

HR: No. I never went into any of this for fame. Also, and most importantly, all those years I was hungry and having to reach hard for everything, those were the best lessons I have ever had and are invaluable to me now. Those who don’t learn them might have a hard time holding onto what they get. I have been very fortunate in my life as far as music and all the rest. A lot of it was from sticking with it and not forgetting where I came from.

Black Flag live in 1984 "Nervous Breakdown (Above) / Rollins Band "Liar" (Below)

Henry Rollins Love Letter to Anne Coulter on Henry Rollins Show

Rollins Stand up on Dating..

Special thanks to Henry for this interview and his kind words of support!

Coldplay & Simon Pegg do "Billie Jean"

In the first of their two sold out nights at London's Wembly Stadium, Coldplay pulled out all the tricks to play to their biggest crowd. From openers White Lies, Girls Aloud an Jay-Z (Yes, Jay-Z opened for Coldplay!) to Shaun of the Dead actor Simon Pegg joining the band on harmonica as they did a tribute to Michael Jackson and performed "Billie Jean." Take a look!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Vampire Weekend Cover and Tracklisting

Take a look at the cover and tracklisting to Vampire Weekend's forthcoming sophomore album Contra due in January. When I spoke to the band just after Lollapalooza and expressed how excited I was to hear the new record, they unanimously replied "me too!" Will be one of 2010's most talked about albums.

'White Sky'
'California English'
'Taxi Cab'
'Giving Up The Gun'
'Diplomat’s Son'
'I Think Ur A Contra'

Jay-Z / Kanye / Rihanna on Leno

President Obama may have called Kanye a "Jackass," but Jay Leno made him feel like a dumbass on the debut of the Jay Leno Show Monday night. Take a look at a rare humbled Kanye on the couch with Leno then joins Jay-Z and Rihanna to "Run This Town."

In related news, Jay-Z has surpassed Elvis with the most number 1 debuts by a male solo artist. The King is dead, long Live the King of Hip-Hop.

Quick News

This year's Neil Young Bridge School Benefit concert, which is a charity organization to aid children with autism, announced their initial lineup. The headlining act for this years benefit includes a solo Chris Martin of Coldplay, No Doubt and Gavin Rossdale. In the past acts such as Incubus, Thom Yorke and Pearl Jam have played the benefit. This year's event marks the first time Martin will be playing without his band.

Kanye West maybe in deep shit, but that didn't stop him and Lady Gaga from announcing the initial lineup of their co-headlining "Fame Kills" tour. Go to each artists website for more info.

Stone Temple Pilots front man Scott Weiland suffered a seizure on an airplane en route to Miami. The iconic singer was to go to Miami to promote his clothing line for English Laundry at club Mansion. The plane made an emergency landing at Dallas-Fort Worth, after the singer suffered his seizure. A rep of Weiland's told Rolling Stone that the singer has a history of seizures and is "doing great."

Radiohead drummer Phil Selway is in the process of recording his solo debut. The drummer who will also be singing enlisted the help of members of Wilco and is recording in his main band's Oxford studios.

The Clash's Mick Jones and Topper Headon will record together for the first time in three decades. The duo recording the track "Jail Guitar Doors" with Clash protege Billy Bragg for a charity Bragg heads of the same name.

My June Rising Artist pick Vonrenzo has been nominated for INDIE OF THE YEAR at Music Emissions! Help the band out, they are a great group of guys. Register at Music Emissions and cast a vote. After you register at musicemissions.com, please following this link HERE to vote for Vonrenzo. Take a look at my interview with Vonrenzo front man Adam Luaces HERE.

Just after announcing their reunion, Pavement tickets for their concert next year at the Central Park Summer Stage in New York sold out so fast that two more shows were added and were immediately sold out.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


"You've been humming and I think it's forever / Praying for Pavement to get back together"
-The National
One of the most influential indie bands of all time, California's Pavement have confirmed after years of speculation and rumor that they are indeed GETTING BACK TOGETHER! The news broke on Sept 15 on Brooklyn Vegan that they were reuniting, however, most (including myself) were still a bit weary about it. However, it is happening, and its happening big! Exactly a year from now the band will be playing the Central Park Summerstage. Thus far it is the only confirmed date, however they are already in talks to play Coachella this year. Very exciting news.
The band, which released five albums between 1992 and 1999, broke up in 1999 and for the past decade each band that has emerged in the indie / lo-fi scene has cited Pavement as a major influence. It may have taken them 10 full years to do this, however, the wait maybe worth it. For more info on the Pavement reunion check out their interview with Rolling Stone HERE.


Take a look at the trailer for Michael Jackson's This Is It! Final Concert Film....After viewing it a ton of times this weekend, MJ still proved he was the King! Also, below the trailer is a clip of the VMA tribute to the man that reinvented the music video as we know it. RIP Michael...

Michael Jackson's This Is It in HD


Here is a playlist of tracks I have been rocking out to..

-Manchester Orchestra - "Shake it Out"
-Depeche Mode - "Come Back"
-Peter Bjorn and Jon - "Young Folks"
-Minute Men - "No! No! No to the Draft and War / Joe McCarthy's Ghost"
-Vampire Weekend - "Walcott"
-Yeah Yeah Yeah's - "Heads Will Roll"
-Jay-Z feat. Alicia Keys - "Empire State of Mind"
-Bill Reese - "No Cigar"
-Radiohead - "Harry Patch (In Memory Of)"
-Modest Mouse - "King Rat"
-Joy Division - "Glass"
-Mika - "We Are Golden"
-As Tall As Lions - "Duermete"
-La Roux - "Quicksand"
-Swell Season - "Paper Cup"
-Billy Bragg - "Goodbye, Goodbye"
-Gaslight Anthem - "Miles Davis and the Cool"
-The Grates - "Burn Bridges"
- Nine Inch Nails - "1,000,000"
- Editors - "Papillion"

Muse @ VMA's

Kanye storming the stage may have been the biggest and most talked about story all week...HOWEVER, let's hand it to Muse in their American TV debut and how fantastic they were! Here are Muse at the MTV VMA's performing "Uprising," plus two other songs that didn't air; "United States of Eurasia" and "Resistance" off the band's latest The Resistance. Take a look...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

EXCLUSIVE! We Were Promised Jetpacks INTV

Every school kid in a band dreams of rock stardom. Few achieve it and most crash and burn before even playing their first gig. For Scotland's We Were Promised Jetpacks, they are one of the lucky few that have gone from playing the school yard gigs to the big stages and are ready to fly into more. A young band from Glasgow, We Were Promised Jetpacks made an impact on the indie scene in the US this past spring at the annual South By Southwest Music Festival in Austin. Soon after their barnstorming performance, bloggers, critics and new fans started paying attention. The band's debut These Four Walls was released this past summer and as the band wraps a UK tour now and heads back to the US this fall, I had the chance to speak to singer
Adam Thompson. Adam and I discussed the band's music, influences, being from Scotland and who actually promised these lads Jetpacks...Take a look at my interview with Adam below..

You started off as school kids in Edinburgh then matured as a band in Glasgow.. Did the change of cities change your music and influence?
Adam: I have no idea. I'm sure it must have but we shall never know for sure! I think that being able to play a lot in Glasgow at good, small venues certainly helped us. And we've found some great bands that have influenced us as a band. But I'm sure we would sound very similar to what we do now wherever we grew up.

There is so much variation in your music. Describe your songwriting process.
: I usually start with a wee chord progression then keep playing it and playing it for as long as it takes me to get a few other parts and a skeleton of a song. Then I take that into rehearsal rooms and play it then everyone starts to write their own parts to it and decide exactly how the song should go. That’s how it’s been done so far.

With all of these variations in your sound, who are some of your biggest influences?
: I can't speak for anyone else but the bands I would consider an influence aren't very varied. I only really like a particular kind of music which is really frustrating! Rock music with thought, gloom and intensity is for me!

What was the recording of your debut, "These Four Walls" like?
Adam: We did it in about 8 days in a farmhouse just outside London. It was us 4 and jolyon who was recording us. We stayed at the place we recorded. So it was pretty much wake up, record live in a room, eat pizza, drink some then practice until the wee small hours.

Your album has been out for just a short time and everyone is praising it. How do you respond to all the acclaim?
Adam: I'm not sure. Its very strange reading reviews of your music. If its a good one i think i usually just say to myself "oh, that’s nice." then forget about it as quickly as the bad ones. We've sort of learnt not to make too much of reviews or to get worked up about them or think that because we've got a couple of good reviews we are going to be the next U2.

There is an interesting story behind how you got signed to FatCat your label. Explain the story.
: I'm not sure what you've heard! It sounds like you've heard a story involving dragons and wizards. It was pretty simple and straightforward. Fatcat emailed us saying they've been listening to us and asked what were our plans. I think they had heard us through frightened rabbit telling them about us or just fatcat clicking on our myspace profile. It was a label we were fond of and we knew we had to take the opportunity.

Right now with bands such as yours, Coldplay, Bloc Party and Glasvegas, to name a few, coming out of the UK. Do you feel we are seeing a third British invasion?
Adam: Nope.

Speaking of Glasvegas and of course yourselves, it seems Scotland is making a big impact in music now with The Fratellis, Franz Ferdinand, Bell and Sebastian and many others hitting it big from there. How do you feel about Scottish bands holding the spotlight now and what is going on back home that is striking such a nerve?
Adam: I have no idea how I feel. I suppose Scotland does pretty well for itself considering its population. To be honest we are just another band from Scotland that has got pretty lucky and we have just taken our opportunities when they have come our way. There are quite a lot of bands I would consider similar to us and could do well but it just so happens we've been able to release an album in a lot of places and we've got press people working for us. There’s loads of shite bands as well though!

Are there any other bands from Scotland we need to be on the look out for here in the US?
Adam: Yes! dupec, endor, lyons, john b mckenna, over the wall, sebastian dangerfield, copy haho, jesus h. foxx and many more.

With all the attention on you now, do you feel any pressure to live up to expectations?
Adam: Absolutely none. I feel very much like I'm in a band to try make me happy. And as long as it is making me happy and I'm getting out of it what I want (no real job, traveling, drinking and playing fun music with my friends) then that’s fine. I certainly don't feel any sense of expectation because trying to please other people is not why I'm in a band!

Burning Question: Who Promised you Jetpacks?
Adam: Yer maw ya wee gadgy.

Video for "Quiet Little Voices" (Above)/ Video for "Roll Up Your Sleeves" (Below)

Special thanks to Adam and Caroline Borolla for the interview!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Kid Cudi on Letterman

Just before joining Jay-Z at Jigga's 9/11 charity concert at Madison Square Garden. Hip-hop's latest sensation, Kid Cudi was joined by indie rockers Ratatat to perform the track "Pursuit of Happiness" on Letterman. Take a look!

Quick News

The Boss will be honored by The Bosses...Bruce Springsteen will be honored at this years Kennedy Center Honors along with Robert De Nero and Mel Brooks. That is one night I do not want to miss, the Kennedy Center Honors airs in December on CBS.

Nine Inch Nails played their final live gig ever Thursday night in LA. The legendary industrial band was joined by a variety of guests from Dave Navarro, Gary Numan and Dillinger Escape Plan. Trent Reznor reassured the crowd they will still be making music, just will not be touring. Take a look at my review of one of the final NYC NIN concerts HERE.

Them Crooked Vultures, the ultimate super group featuring Dave Grohl, Led Zeppelin's Jon Paul Jones and Queens of the Stone Age front man Josh Homme will release their debut Never Deserved The Future on October 23.

In what will prove to be a very weird audience, but one hell of a show, SoCal goth punkers AFI are touring the US this fall with UK hardcore hero's Gallows. Take a look for when this tour comes to you!

One of my favorite bands I saw at Lollapalooza, Los Campesinos! have released a new track "The Sea is a Good Place to Think of the Future" as a free download on their website, http://www.loscampesinos.com/ . Grab it and fall in love with this band!

Chris Cornell on Conan

In a touching moment, Chris Cornell pays tribute to the victims of 9/11 on the Tonight Show playing one of the greatest songs ever written...."Imagine"

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Pet Shop Boys on Fallon

They maybe old....BUT they still got it! Pet Shop Boys closed out Jimmy Fallon's week on Friday. Take a look at what the 80's masters did to the new late night program.

This Is It!

The King of Pop's death has everyone cashing in...even Hollywood. AEG, the company that was backing MJ's final London Concerts at the O2 Arena sold the rights to Sony Pictures in a very big blockbuster deal to showcase the taping of Michael Jackson's final rehearsals at the Staples Center in preparation for his London run. This Is It arrives in theaters next month.

Shadows Fall on Fallon

The heavy rockers Shadows Fall ripped through 30 Rock last week and brought more excitement to Jimmy Fallon's show all season. Take a look at the clip above!

Getting Back!

After the break up and break downs of the Sex Pistols, in the late 70's, front man John Lydon (aka Johnny Rotten) formed the more experimental punk band Public Image Ltd. The had a heavy influence on the post punk scene of the 80's but split in 1992. After a 17 year absence, Lydon is getting the band back together for a Christmas tour of the UK! No word yet if this will culminate in a full world tour later on or a studio record, but Lydon did the same type of tour with the Sex Pistols in 2007.

Another influential punk band seems to be getting back on the horizon! Iggy and the Stooges will reunite with original guitarist James Williamson to tour and perform the band's debut Raw Power. Just earlier this year long time Stooges guitarist Ron Asheton passed away and it seemed whatever would have gone on with the band died with him. Now, after much consideration from Iggy Pop and the boys, the original line up of the craziest stage band ever will be getting back! Check back here as more info comes in!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Now This Is Marketing...

HBO has used Depeche Mode's "Corrupt" to promo the True Blood Season Finale...Take a look at this delicious clip!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Fan / Friend / Follow the Blog

Follow and fan or friend, whatever, the blog on Facebook and Twitter social network (disease) you belong to...


New Album Covers

Take a look at the new album covers for two of the fall's most anticipated releases. First is Editor's sleeve for In This Light and on This Evening and on the bottom is the solo effort from Strokes front man Julian Casalbancas' Phrazes for the Young.

Quick News

LCD Soundsystem's James Murphy told England's Mojo magazine that he is "Making the album of the decade, but its a bit late." Referring to the recording of the band's latest album, which is slated to come out early next year, Murphy told Mojo "I'm working on a song called 'Why Do You Hate Music?'. Everyone seems to hate music right now, even people who make music." The band's last record was 2007's The Sound of Silver.

Damon Albarn has recruited The Horrors to guest on the upcoming Gorillaz record. After hearing The Horror's latest album, Primary Colours, Albarn insisted the band be on his animated band's latest composition, which will be out sometime next year.

Mastodon have been recruited to record the soundtrack and score to the upcoming Josh Brolin film Jonah Hex.

Originally called Codeine Breakfast Club, but the side project of Fratellis front man Jon Fratteli has changed it's name. The Codeine Velvet Club is set to make their live debut in Glasgow and London this fall. For more info and video's of the band head over to their website HERE.

This good news is almost too good to be true, but it is a fact. JACK WHITE IS WORKING WITH KEITH RICHARDS! Richards who wants The Rolling Stones to do another album, has told Rolling Stone that “I enjoy working with Jack,” Richards says. “We’ve done a couple of tracks.” Richards also eluded that White may even produce the legendary bands new album...fingers crossed.

So who is the mysterious band Them Crooked Vultures who have been attacking the web with mysterious clips and announcing secret shows, such as a post-Lollapalooza after party and opening for Arctic Monkeys? Well, it is the super group to end all super groups, The Crooked Vultures are Led Zeppelin's John Paul Jones, Dave Ghrol and Queens of the Stone Age's Josh Homme! The band recently announced a small fall tour of the US (No New York stop..yet..). For more pieces of the puzzle take a look at the band's website HERE.

Imogen Heap on Letterman

Imogen Heap stunned Letterman last week on The Late Show..Take a look!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


She is incredibly sexy, sassy and talented. She is one of the UK's fastest rising stars. She is Little Boots. She is the most talked about British dance pop artist to break out from her home land, breaking the mold of most women in the genre, Victoria Hesketh aka Little Boots in ready to kick down the doors of every club around the world and take it by storm. For her debut she recruited one of the biggest heavy hitters in the genre, electro legend Joe Goddard of Hot Chip to lend a hand making beats and producing some tracks. As her debut, Hands, is finally set to release in the US this month, I had the opportunity to talk to Victoria as we discussed her beginnings, recording Hands and what America will have to offer her. Take a look at my interview with Little Boots below...

Where does the name Little Boots come from?
It was a nick name from my friend because I have small feet.

You once competed on Pop Idol and eliminated before judges were able to see you. Is there anything you would like to say to them now?
Not really, I'm glad I didn't get through with hindsight.

You grew up with music around you your whole life, was it always a dream and aspiration to be a musician?
Yes, I never wanted to do anything else, I have been singing since I was 2 and playing piano since I was 5.

Your sound is very unique and just so much fun. Who are some of your influences?
Kate Bush, Elton John, Giorgio Moroder, The Bee Gees, Gary Numan, The Human League, Donna Summer.

There seems to be a surge in female fronted electro acts these days. From Lady GaGa to Peaches to Ladyhawke, how do you feel you stand out?
I don't really think about what anyone else is doing. I just focus on my own thing and being myself.

What was it like working with members of Hot Chip for your debut?
Joe is great, incredibly talented and very original and lots of fun.

You first achieved national acclaim in the UK by fronting the band Dead Disco. How did you manage to shift from a band to playing solo?
I left the band as it wasn't working; now I prefer having creative control and being more spontaneous.

The reviews for your debut have been overwhelmingly positive across the board. How do you respond to such high praise?
I'm very flattered and grateful that so many people have good things to say about the album.

You were one of the first acts signed to resurrect the legendary Elektra Records. Do you feel any pressure and / or pride being selected to reboot the label?
I don't really feel any pressure. I just think it’s a very exciting project with some great people so should be really fun.

Do you think it is still a big deal for a British artist to make it in America?
I think its difficult to say what will work and what doesn't in America from Britain, so it's always a big deal when someone does, if slightly unpredictable.

Is there anything you would like to say to America or anything you would like to say to your audience here?
Thank you for all your support so far, I can't wait to come on tour in the states in September.

Little Boots on Jools Holland performimg "Meddle" (Above) and "Remedy" (Below)

Jet on Letterman

Aussie rockers Jet flew into a great performance of "She's a Genius" from their latest record Shaka Rock. Take a look at the band on Letterman just a couple weeks ago.

Movie of the Month - 25th Hour

This September marks the eight anniversary of the 9/11 attacks and I could not think of a better film to showcase than the 2002 film, 25th Hour. Directed by the master, Spike Lee, it is the first film to have been shot near or around ground zero after the collapse of the World Trade Center that faitful day. Featuring an all cast of Edward Norton, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Rosario Dawson, Brian Cox, Anna Paquin, and Barry Pepper. 25th Hour tells the story of Monty (Norton) a high end drug dealer who has one last day of freedom before a heavy prison sentence. With Monty trying to reconcile old wounds and living it up with his friends one last night, and the fresh echo's of his home city demolished, Monty tries to do his best before getting locked up. An incredibly powerful and moving film that will leave you stunned and breathless in its final moments. Backed by an amazing and eclectic soundtrack that features Grandmaster Melle Mel, Big Daddy Kane, Craig Mack and Bruce Springsteen, 25th Hour is one film to re watch, be introduced to or be inspired by again.

Underated Classic - STP "Tiny Music...""

In every aspect of a rock and roll cliche, Stone Temple Pilots have lived and endured it. Sex, drugs (and way to many of them) and rock and roll came full circle with the band's 1996 release Tiny Music...Songs from the Vatican Gift Shop. The record, recorded between October 1995 and January '96 was a short process with the band entering the studio with Brendan O'Brien to create a psychedelic meets glam meets punk album full of fuzzy guitars, trippy hooks and incoherent lyrics. However, Tiny Music is in its own right a overlooked classic and great record. Entering the charts at #4, Stone Temple Pilots were ready to fly out of the grunge faze that had gotten them both great reception and heavy ridicule and become a band all their own. Tiny Music was the record that was going to take the band there. With mix reviews from critics, fans, radio and MTV seemed to take to the record with heavy rotation of the album's three singles "Bing Bang Baby," "Trippin on a Hole with a Paper Heart," and "Lady Picture Show." What seemed to curb the utmost success of the album was singer Scott Weiland's heavy drug use. The band had to cancel most of the tour due to Weiland's drug busts and court order to go to rehab. As Weiland completed his court ordered rehab, within months of getting out he checked himself back into a treatment facility, and thus sidelining the band in early 1997. Through this, Tiny Music would eventually lead to the band breaking up and going on hiatus for a few years. During the hiatus it would see Weiland do a solo record, 12 Bar Blues and the remaining members of STP forming the group Talk Show. STP would return in 1999 with No. 4, the record that made them world superstars, however Tiny Music was the original stepping stone to a long and winding journey.