Saturday, May 26, 2007

Buy Now!!!!!!

Buy Now!!!!!!
The Bravery-The Sun and The Moon
Funeral For a Friend-Tales Don't Tell Themselves

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Bjork ReMixed

The great minds of Spank Rock have remixed Bjorks "Earth Intruders" and its awesome...should the player not open click here to listen:

Monday, May 21, 2007

Human Giant 24/7

This past weekend, to much surprise MTV actually had musical guests that were...well really good! The sketch comedy show "Human Giant," took over the MTV airwaves for 24 hours Friday into Saturday and had some great bands come on and play. Artists included Mastodon, Morningwood, Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, Albert Hammond Jr., The National and Tapes N Tapes. Check out all the performances here:

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Indy Watch

So a cast has been locked in, and rumor has it Sean Connery will play a small role in the fourth installment of Indiana Jones, yet the biggest news is...THEY WILL START FILMING IN JUNE!! Between June 28-July 7, the set of Indiana Jones will take over the streets of New Haven, CT and will be filming a car chase sequence. Who is excited.....

Quick News

Depeche Mode Front man Dave Gahan has confirmed he will be releasing his sophomore solo disc, a follow-up to 2003's Paper Monsters. The album is expected to be in stores by the fall.

After collaborating with Jay-Z, on the only track really worth listening from HOV's last record, Coldplay's Chris Martin will be jammin with Kanye West on West's upcoming Graduation disc. Martin has co-written and will sing on two songs, including the title track. Cant wait to hear this experiment.

The Smashing Pumpkins, well just 1/2 of the Pumpkins with two new players filling in for James Iha and D'Arcy, will be hitting the road this summer. After a bad week of gear being stolen, and forcing to push the release date of their latest disc, Billy Corgan and Co. will hit the road for festivals as well as week long theater dates across the U.S. The lead off single, "Tarantula," from the new record Zeitgeist will be hitting radio airwaves next week, while the album comes to stores July 10.

Modest Mouse Live on Letterman

Modest Mouse perform "Dashboard," on "Late Show with David Letterman," a few weeks ago.

100th Post

This is my 100th Post....thanks for reading and giving feedback.

NPR Where its at

Below are links to free concerts MP3's...yes FREE FULL CONCERTS from National Public Radio.

Check these out:

The Good, The Bad and The Queen- Live in DC (March 07)

The Arcade Fire- Live in New York (Feb 07)

Iron and Wine, Calexico- Live in DC

There are much more at

Friday, May 11, 2007

Quick News

Pink Floyd has come together again...ok maybe not, just really wishful thinking. All four living members of the band paid tribute to late member Syd Barrett, who passed away last year. Everyone of the existing members David Gilmore, drummer Nick Mason and keyboard player Rick Wright took the stage together. While Rodger Waters decided to play solo and refused to join his former band mates...kind of odd to say the least. Damon Albarn, Chrissie Hynde and Robyn Hitchcock also performed at the tribute show which took play May 10 in London.

Also on the same night in London, guitar aficionado and tour-de-force Prince was brutally attacked on stage by a female fan. She jumped on stage while he was performing and tackled the Purple One himself down to the ground. She was quickly detained.

In non-music or whats going on in London news...NBC has officially pulled the plug on my favorite TV show on basic cable, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. After months of speculation, they have yanked the Aaron Sorkin show from its network. Yet, for the Studio 60 fans out there, the show is coming to DVD this summer as well as the remaining episodes set to air May 24.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Live Review- The Bravery at Hard Rock

They looked like five guys that just stepped out of a GQ magazine, rather than an issue of Rolling Stone, but the SoHo/Bowery natives known to the world at The Bravery, took the stage last night at New York's Hard Rock Cafe and turned it into Studio 54. Opening with "Fearless," The Bravery had to be just that- considering they were the headlining act for Rolling Stone Magazines 40th Birthday bash sponsored by Heineken, Hanes, Helio, Stoli and these Russian chicks giving out free massages. Yet, with the heavy corporate audience and an invite only party, The Bravery didn't seem to give a shit who was listening or knew any of the lyrics as long as everyone was dancing...and dancing they were. The Bravery stomped through tracks off their acclaimed self-titled debut, and then began to break out new tracks from their forthcoming record The Sun and The Moon, and I might add the new songs sound really good. This being the 4th of secret shows in NYC this week for the band and they didn't show no signs of stopping. The highlight of the evening came when their break out single "An Honest Mistake" was played, the corporate audience seemed to lose any professional inhibitions they may have had and went loose. All in all a great show and a great night, The Bravery are doing a small headlining tour till July then they link up with Incubus and hit the road with my favorite SoCal rockers. Whoever they are playing with, go and don't forget your dancing shoes.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Movie of the Month- "A Very Long Engagement"

The dynamic French duo of Audrey Tautou (Amelie, Da Vinci Code) and Director Jean-Pierre Jeunet (Amelie, Alien Resurrection) team up again for 2004's World War I, part romance, part war, part mystery and even part comedy A Very Long Engagement. With the month of May being synonymous for weddings, this was the perfect fit to observe for the movie of the month. This film tells the story of a young woman, Mathilde, who is on a quest to find her fiancee after rumors have reached her sleepy French town that he has died while fighting the war and that he body is missing. Mathilde refuses to believe her fiancee is long gone and goes on a quest all over France to find him. Now I know you maybe thinking, this is a cheesy epic love story that we have seen time and time again...NO it most certainly is not. The film opens on the beaches of worn torn France and a dismembered Jesus Christ is hanging off a Crucifix and immediately you are locked in and sucked into the grueling trench war fare of the first Great War. Unlike many war-love stories, A Very Long Engagement shows more of the brutalities of war, with soldiers stealing items off of dead bodies in order to survive the trenches, as well as men self mutilating themselves to they can get back home, it also explores how the French government treated their soldiers as if they were disposable chess pawns. The film also looks at the brutalities of those not fighting the war, but have loved ones in the battle fields, much like Mathilde. With the great acting of Tautou and the creative and visionary directing of Jeunet (one of the best directors in the business today), this is a film not to be overlooked. The cinematography is flawless and at points you will feel as if you are watching a moving painting rather than a motion picture, and only a director like Jeunet can provide a beautiful ending while outlining and telling the horrors of war.

Listen to new FFAF

Want to listen to the new Funeral For A Friend album Tales Don't Tell Themselves before its release? Head on over to their myspace page and check it out...

Jarvis Cocker Live on Letterman

Jarvis Cocker performs "Dont Let Him Waste Your Time," a song he orginally wrote for Nancy Sinatra, that appears on his latest entitled, Jarvis. This is a great version from the Letterman, just taped a few weeks ago.

Live Review - The Arcade Fire at United Palace

Upon getting off the A train at 175th street last night, I stuck out like a sore thumb in Washington Heights, but then I saw the parade of fellow yuppies walking to what will be one of New York City's great new concert meccas-The United Palace Theater. A theater that was constructed in the 30's and is now used for Baptist sermons and Evangelicals, its Gothic architecture and ambiance was brought straight to hell with hundreds of concert goers that were greeted with a marquee that stated "Rev. Ike Welcomes You." Just before the Canadian 10 piece took the stage neon lights and the logo of their latest effort Neon Bible appeared against the back curtain and old Televisions that looked reminiscent of TV's from Terry Gilliam's "Brazil" aligned the perimeter of the stage. The Televisions turned on unexpectedly and had a screaming evangelical woman chanting and preaching to the audience, once the crowd was lost in confusion, The Arcade Fire walked on and had the crowd at their feet. Opening with "Black Mirror," and pulling and pushing the crowd in ways no one had expected, you could also never expect or tell that this is one of the first shows singer Win Butler has performed after having major throat surgery. I have never seen a band of musicians such as this, with each member switching off instruments and/or playing multiple instruments at once, and having the best time doing it. The Arcade Fire stormed through a series of tracks from Neon Bible before getting into older songs from their debut, Funeral. But their was something about the performance, aside from the musicianship, stage presents and audience reaction, it was all about the band. They looked and played as if this is going to be the last performance of their career and made sure the paying customers got their monies worth, and we sure did. After witnessing one of the greatest concert performances I have ever seen, I can understand why they are David Bowie's favorite band and why U2 and many other well respected bands are handpicking The Arcade Fire as opening acts. The accolades this band has garnished are well deserved and they are band not to be overlooked.

SetList: May 7, 2007 - The United Palace, New York, NY
Black Mirror, No Cars Go, Neighborhood #2 (Laika), Haiti, Black Wave/Bad Vibration, Neon Bible, Windowsill, The Well And The Lighthouse, Ocean Of Noise, Keep The Car Running, (Antichrist Television Blues), Neighbourhood #3 (Power Out), Rebellion (Lies)
Encore: Neighbourhood #1 (Tunnels), Intervention

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Its that time again...

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Bjork- Volta
Spiderman 3- Soundtrack
Radiohead-Com Lag

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Saturday, May 5, 2007

Quick News

CORRECTION: Sacha Baron Cohen, Borat-Ali G-Bruno himself, has NOT been tapped to play Freddie Mercury in the upcoming Queen Bio-film.

Another reunion in '07 might be underway...After recently stating that Gorrillaz will release an instrumental only film soundtrack and have no future plans after, Damon Albarn is considering rejoining his former band mates in Blur. The idea of a reunion had come about with the upcoming release of member Graham Coxon's autobiography and while doing press tours promoting the book, he mentioned the idea. However it all falls onto the lap of Albarn at this point. In related news...Recently Blur Drummer Dave Rowntree was defeated in a London election.

Electro New Wave 80's band New Order (the guys that originally did "Blue Monday"), have broken up....anyone that herd their last recording is probably not surprised.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

New Beastie Boys Art and Tracklisting

The Brooklyn legends will be dropping their latest INSTRUMENTAL ONLY record on June 1 entitled The Mix Up. The last time they did a full instrumental was the seminal '90's sampled The In-Sound From Way Out. They also released the track listings as well:
1. B For My Name
2. 14th St. Break
3. Suco De Tangerina
4. The Gala Event
5. Electric Worm
6. Freaky Hijiki
7. Off The Grid
8. The Rat Cage
9. The Melee
10. Dramastically Different
11. The Cousin Of Death
12. The Kangaroo Rat

I still think the original title Thick as Beyonces Thighs would have been better, but I guess the Boys didn't want to offend anyone.

Underrated Classic - Pearl Jam "Yield"

Prior to last years acclaimed self titled release, and the Record of the Year--I might add, Pearl Jam had released two compilations, two studio albums and hundreds of authorized live bootlegs in the course of a decade and yet still no one, aside from fans, seemed to care. Yet in 1998, all ears where on the Seattle five-pieces fifth record Yield. Yield, showed the band at their best, opening with the punk inspired "Brain of J," and closing with the somber and delightful "All those Yesterdays," Yield was a full on decrescendo, yet still showed no signs of stopping the legendary grunge Kings. To much of Pearl Jam's respect they still are the only surviving and successful grunge band that has not broken up and formed a super group and are quickly becoming this generations Grateful Dead. Yet, Yield was the record that would prove and test the bands fate. While releasing three successful back-to-back early records (Ten, Vs., and Vitology), their fourth release No Code, a stripped down folk record seemed to show the band at thier weakest and people began to wonder is this it for Vedder and Co.? Yield was the make or break album, it would boast the band three successful radio singles ("Given to Fly," "Wishlist," and "Do The Evolution") and got them back on the road, opening the tour in Hawaii in '98 and closing almost two years later. I will always have a bias for Yield, prior to this recording I had always really enjoyed Pearl Jam as a band, but for some reason this record put them over the top for me and I discovered a new found respect for the group. It is an album full of great hooks, lyrics and the album art itself is just worth the price of purchase. For those that have heard Yield, know what I am talking about, it was the last solid release prior to last years return to rock Self-Titled release. Yield proved a turning point in closing one chapter in the bands ongoing history and beginning anew.

The Fratellis Live on Letterman

This years best new artist, Scotland's very own The Fratellis perform their hit single "Flathead," from last weeks "Late Show."