Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Quick News

The Grammy's I must say are really stepping up their game this year so they can lock in viewers, with confirmed performers Coldplay, U2, Paul McCartney and the first live US telecast in 9 years, Radiohead! With the idols of Coldplay performing the same night, I wonder what Chris Martin and Co., will pull out of their bag of tricks to really stand out.

ATTENTION UK FANS!! GALLOWS WANTS YOU! Yes, that is correct, Frank Carter and the boys are creating short films for the bands forthcoming disc Grey Britain. Turner said in a press statement "We wanted to make something big and bold," explains Frank Carter. "I wrote a script for every song on the record, but we decided to cut it down to six videos. Each video will run into the one before and then one after, and will also all play together as a kind of mini-film." For more info head on over HERE

Depeche Mode have released the tracklisting to their forthcoming album, Sounds of the Universe. Take a look here:

01 In Chains

02 Hole to Feed

03 Wrong

04 Fragile Tension

05 Little Soul

06 Sympathy

07 Peace

08 Come Back

09 Spacewalker

10 Perfect

11 Miles Away / The Truth Is

12 Jezebel

13 Corrupt

Mastodon have released the cover and track listing to their latest record, Crack the Skye. The album originally slated for February was pushed to March. Check out the cover and track listing below:

01 Oblivion

02 Divinations

03 Quintessence

04 The Czar:
(I) Usurper

(II) Escape

(III) Martyr

(IV) Spiral

05 Ghost of Karelia

06 Crack the Skye

07 The Last Baron

Monday, January 26, 2009

Live Review-The Killers @ MSG

Las Vegas' favorite Mormon glam rockers took the stage to a sold out New York City audience Sunday night and did what they did best, brought the decadence of their home town across the US to island of Manhattan. This was the second time I have seen The Killers in concert, I was extremely sceptical seeing the quartet since the last time I saw them back in 2006, the week their poorly received Sam's Town was released, they were disappointing. In 2006 I witnessed them at the Theater at MSG, a small venue that holds about 2,000, playing for only 55 minutes, charging an arm and a leg for tickets and no opener, not only did I not get my monies worth, they really were sub par at best. Sunday night proved otherwise, in fact what it did prove is that this band was made to be in big arena's and stadiums and playing to tens of thousands of people. Opening with "Spaceman," off the band's latest Day and Age, the crowd was energized and dazzled with a light show that would rival Killers idols U2 and a mosaic of lights and images flashing on the screen behind them. Brandon Flowers and Co., backed by a few stage musicians really knew how to rock and roll the crowd. Playing of course a majority of songs from Day and Age, they squeezed in the hits from Sam's Town, which after a few years of touring those songs they finally hit the nail on the head with those jams. The biggest applause would come from the songs off Hot Fuss, the bands best received debut. The highlight of the evening came from the bands cover of Joy Division's "Shadow play," off the Control soundtrack. With images of the film and Ian Curtis behind them, the band has no problem paying respects to the bands that laid the foundation for them. After 90 minutes, they closed with just one of those songs that every human being needs to hear live, at least once in their lifetime, "When We Were Young." With pyro, strobes and good ol' fashion glam rock and roll, the Killers slaughtered New York and are laying a path of destruction from city to city.
Opening for The Killers were French band M83. A band that has been getting much attention, I had to arrived early to catch, I am pleased I did. The band's debut Saturdays = Youth, has been a critical success and with the hype surrounding the band, I was curious to see how it would all project to such a large place like Madison Square Garden. The Franco electro rockers are a cross between Portishead and Depeche Mode. Very ambient, yet danceable electronica, and pulling out all the stops on a crazy light show that would confuse those who would mistaken them for headliners.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Check out what I have been listening to....

Coldplay - "Glass of Water"
U2 - "Get on Your Boots"
Blue Knives - "Always Yours"
Ryan Adams - "So Alive"
Jeff Buckley - "Grace"
Bruce Springsteen - "The Wrestler"
Scott Weiland - "Missing Cleavland"
Jay-Z feat Santogold - "Brooklyn (Go Hard)"
NASA feat Kanye West, Santogold and Lykke Li - "Gifted"
Thursday - "Resuscitation of a Dead Man"
The Gaslight Anthem - "Great Expectation"

Thursday, January 22, 2009

New Coldplay Video!

Coldplay have released the first and only single from the band's successful Prospekts March EP which was released last November. Here is "Life in Technicolor ii" which features the band as marionette's, where can I get one?

Quick News

It has been a long while since we have herd from Karen O and the boys of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. However this past week they dropped the news that their latest record It's Blitz will be released in late March. This will be the band's first record since 2006's Gold Lion.

There is something fishy going on with the original bar band The Faces featuring Rod Stewart and Ron Wood who supposedly have finished writing and rehearsing their latest record in decades. On top of doing this they supposedly have filled the slot of the late Ronnie Lane and recruited legendary Red Hot Chili Pepper's bassist Flea to lay down the bass line for not just the record but the bands full tour of Europe and North America. This was confirmed by Ron Wood just earlier this week, it did not seem that crazy since the band was apparently on vacation together writing and recording in the Caribbean. Also it did not seem that crazy that Flea would join up considering that RHCP is on indefinite hiatus and he filled in for Janes Addiction on their first reunion tour in 1996. However, a spokesperson for Rod Stewart has told Rolling Stone "There’s no plans for a Faces reunion tour this year." So why did Wood just last month comment to Rolling Stone by saying the rehearsals were as if "It was like no time has passed by." It is either going to be a big surprise or just never going to happen at this point....

Philly punkers The Loved Ones are readying an EP full of covers and some original tracks. The EP entitled Distractions will be out next month.

One band that I absolutely love and needs to get more attention are Sweden's The Soundtrack of Our Lives, the band announced the title and details of their latest epic record. The album entitled Communion will be a double album of 24 songs and is the first new material from the band since 2004's Origins Vol 1. Origins Vol 2 was released in 2006 in Europe only as a B-Sides album.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It's Official!!!

"On this day, we gather because we have chosen hope over fear, unity of purpose over conflict and discord" - President Barack Obama

Monday, January 19, 2009

Rock N Roll Hall of Shame?

It has been almost two weeks since the honorees of the 2009 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame have been announced. The honorees for this years ceremony are; Jeff Beck, Little Anthony & the Imperials, Metallica, Run-D.M.C., Bobby Womack, Wanda Jackson, Bill Black, DJ Fontana, and Spooner Oldham. Congratulations to this years honorees, yet the one thing I have been trying to wrap my head around these past few weeks, especially with the recent passing of guitarist Ron Asheton, is there no love for Iggy and the Stooges?

The Stooges have been eligible for induction since 1994! 1994! The year that Kurt Cobain passed, NAFTA went into effect, Clinton was in the middle of his first term, Brazil beat Italy in the World Cup (tear), all of this 15 years ago. Every year since, the Stooges have been up for eligibility and are constantly overlooked. The only rule for consideration is 25 years has to be passed since their debut recording, not formation of the band. Fair enough, the Stooges indeed have the years on them, but what is the hold up?

For those that do not know The Stooges from Ann Arbor, Michigan laid the foundation to the early roots of punk, American metal and thrash. The band was formed in 1967 after witnessing fellow Michigan natives MC5 perform live on stage. Stooges front man the infamous Iggy Pop would create an aura to the bands music with his crazy live antics. Antics that would later end up making him an icon. From running around nude on stage, rolling around in broken glass, to shaving his eyebrows before gigs to cutting himself on stage with drumsticks to smothering his bare chest with raw meat and peanut butter (I think I found the reason for the modern Salmonella outbreak) to his most famous stunt of all...the stage dive. While the band struggled commercially, they lived in infamy. The Stooges split in 1974 and Pop enjoyed a successful solo career built out of his friendship with David Bowie. Stooges bassist Mike Watt would for the famous DIY band The Minutemen. The band would reform in 2003 and release the record The Weirdness in 2007. The Stooges reunion would only be short lived after the recent passing of Ron Asheton earlier this month.

This is just a small bio of a band would change the shape and face of music to come back in their hay day. It is not like the Hall has forgotten about the Stooges, then again how can you? Last year they were on hand to perform for fellow Michigan native and inductee Madonna. Yet we see this year first time nominees Metallica (Congrats) and second time inductee Jeff Beck (first time with The Yardbirds) into the hall. We even see a legendary Hip-Hop group in Run DMC, yet the Rock and Roll Hall of fame has given punk a hard time for quite sometime. Only three major punk bands have been inducted into the Hall; The Ramones (2002), The Clash (2003), Sex Pistols (2006) with singer Johnny Rotten famously calling the Hall "a piss stain." Are the punks getting left out due to the need for TV ratings or see if their music still matters (of course it still matters!). So I ask again, where are The Stooges and when will they get their night to shine?

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Airborne Toxic Event Live on Letterman

Fresh new LA band The Airborne Toxic Event perform their rising singing "Sometime Around Midnight," on Letterman this past Friday. Check it out, I predict big things for this band.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

U2 Cover and Tracklisting!!!

Here is the cover to the latest U2 album No Line on the Horizon. The album title comes from the view from Bono's home in Ireland, when the sun and sea meet it creates no line over the horizon at a certain point of the day. The cover was designed by Japanese photographer and artist Hiroshi Sugimoto.
Here is the track listing for No Line on the Horizon below:
1. No Line On The Horizon
2. Magnificent
3. Moment of Surrender
4. Unknown Caller
5. I’ll Go Crazy If I Don’t Go Crazy Tonight
6. Get On Your Boots
7. Stand Up Comedy
8. Fez – Being Born
9. White As Snow
10. Breathe
11. Cedars Of Lebanon

Thursday, January 15, 2009


It is advertising and art all in one! This year the Grammys are setting a corse to get viewers locked into the February ceramony by putting some of today's most influential stars prints with the names of the songs that have inspired them. Take a look below at Coldplay and Thom Yorke. I want these prints!! More images featuring Lil' Wayne, Kanye and Stevie Wonder are to come. Click on Images to Enlarge

Album Updates!

I posted my whats to come of records in 2009 just last week...now, of course, more details are emerging about some of 2009's most anticipated releases.

Depeche Mode have set a date and title to their new album. The record Sounds of the Universe will hit UK and Europe shelves April 20 (day after my Birthday, nice little gift) then the US the following day.

The Prodigy have released the track listing to their latest record Invaders Must Die, take a look below:
'Invaders Must Die'
'Take Me To The Hospital'
'Warrior's Dance'
'Run With The Wolves'
'Omen Reprise'
'World's On Fire'
'Stand Up'

The Decemberists has also set a date and title for their new record. The 17 song album Hazards of Love will be out March 24 (UK/Europe) then the following date Stateside. The track listing is as follows:
‘The Hazards of Love 1 (The Prettiest Whistles Won’t Wrestle the Thistles Undone)’
‘A Bower Scene’
‘Won’t Want for Love (Margaret in the Taiga)’
‘The Hazards of Love 2 (Wager All)’
‘The Queen’s Approach’
‘Isn’t it a Lovely Night?’
‘The Wanting Comes in Waves / Repaid’
‘An Interlude‘
‘The Rake’s Song’
‘The Abduction of Margaret’
‘The Queen’s Rebuke / The Crossing’
‘Annan Water’
‘Margaret in Captivity’
‘The Hazards of Love 3 (Revenge!)’
‘The Wanting Comes in Waves (Reprise)’
‘The Hazards of Love 4 (The Drowned)’

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Quick News

After seeing Ryan Adams open for Oasis at MSG last month, I could not get over how amazing of a performer he was and really began to admire his music even more. It turns out, Adams is "quitting" the music biz. Adams blogged on his website "but this is the time for me to step back now, to reel it in and i wish everyone peace and happiness." Apparently though he has hundreds to thousands of unreleased tracks he did with The Cardinals and solo, so he can release a record anytime he wants for a very long time without even going into a studio.

Gallows have announced the title of their new album, the record Grey Briton is one of the most anticipated of the year and will be out in the spring.

U2 will premiere their latest single "Get on Your Boots," at this years Brit Awards in the UK. However, rumor has is the single will hit radio airwaves by this weekend.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Golden Dog!!

Clean sweep at the Golden Globes last night!!! Congratulations to the entire cast of crew of the best film of the year Slumdog Millionaire! Also, special note to Danny Boyle you deserve it all!! Speaking of deserving awards, to the late Heath Ledger....the most bittersweet of all.....

I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall last night with 3 out of my 5 favorite directors of all time in one place; Martin Scorsese, Steven Spielberg and Danny Boyle.

Special Congratulations to Mickey Rourke for an outstanding performance in The Wrestler, Bruce Springsteen for his song for the film. Plus Colin Farrel and Kate Winslet for finally winning something, it has been too long.

My picks for the 10 Best Films of 2008 will be done right before the Oscars, stay tuned!!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Live Pix Glasvegas @ Bowery

Here are some pictures of Glasvegas at Bowery Ballroom from Tuesday Night. Photos were taken by Matt Foror. For more photo's of the event become a fan of "With This I Think Im Officially A Yuppie" on Facebook HERE

The Knux on Kimmel

The Knux made their network TV debut this past fall on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Check them out as they play "Bang Bang."

Whats Coming in 2009!

Here is a look at the road ahead, some of the most anticipated releases of the year! The first four months of official release dates are broken down, others coming out with no street date are listed below.

Bruce Springsteen - Working on a Dream
The quick follow up to 2007's Magic, Bruce and Co. recorded the album while on the road supporting Magic, the record is full of hope and looking for a turning point in American history and America's standing in the World with newly elected President Barack Obama. The album comes out just in time before the band's big Super Bowl Half Time show.

Franz Ferdinand - Tonight! Franz Ferdinand!
The well dressed and dapper Scandinavian rockers return with their third album. The band will be using the same formula of catchy hooks and cleaver lyrics. This will be a fun record to listen to.

Mastodon - Crack the Skye
The metal monsters are set to return with their follow up to 2006's acclaimed Blood Mountain. The album, produced by Brendan O'Brien, is set to make the hair on the back of your neck tingle.

Thursday - Common Existence
The New Jersey heroes return with their fifth record and will surly be one of the most anticipated albums of the early year.

U2 - No Line on the Horizon
CANT WAIT! CANT WAIT! CANT WAIT!!! Can you tell I am just a little excited! My favorite living band is putting out their 12th album and for them the sky is the limit.

Prodigy - Invaders Must Die
The original line up of the electro punkers are back, the last outing from the band came in 2004 with Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned and just had producer Liam Howlett behind the project. Now everyone including front man Keith Flint are back, the album also features special guests Does it Offend You, Yeah? and Dave Ghrol.

Does it Offend You Yeah? - Still Untitled
The quick follow up to last years You Have No Idea What You are Getting Yourself Into has these electro punkers ready to give their fans more.

Depeche Mode - Still Untitled
The band has been keeping mum about the recording to the follow up of 2005's brilliant Playing the Angel. Yet guitarist and songwriter Martin Gore has called the album "spiritual." I am anticipating this very much.

Dave Matthews Band - Still Untitled
The band's first album since 2005's Stand Up and the first without multi instrumentalist Leri Moore, Matthews has rallied up a number of musicians to fill Moore's place.

Also in 2009:
As Tall As Lions - You Cant Take it With You
Patent Pending
Lupe Fiasco - LUPE.N.D.
Dr Dre - Detox
The Klaxons
Our Lady Peace
The Editors

Green Day
Beastie Boys
Arctic Monkeys
Jay-Z - The Blueprint III

The Wrestler

The Rebirth of a legend! Rourke is excellent!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Glasvegas Live on Letterman

Glasvegas made their American TV debut on Late Show with David Letterman Monday night. Take a look as they play "Geraldine." The band's debut is officially out in the US, I named it one of the best albums of 2008, take a listen and get the record!

Live Review-Glasvegas @ Bowery Ballroom

I have seen the future of music, their name is Glasvegas! I have become obsessed with this band since I discovered them back in June. Their music has struck me in ways with such little music of theirs available. Having no patience to wait for Itunes or the January US release, I imported the CD from the UK in September as well as A Snowflake Fell (and it Felt Like a Kiss), the band's holiday EP. I had the opportunity to get the bands first American interview back in October and seeing the band's success grow in front of my eyes has been like watching a child develop. Critically acclaimed the world over, the Glasgow foursome are looking to make their mark in America. Only playing the States briefly in October, they are on another small headlining tour to support the physical US release of their self titled debut.
Tuesday night was the bands album release showcase at New York's Bowery Ballroom, a historic venue that holds about 500 people. The sold out crowd was interested to see the hype behind the band and to see what they can do live. I was very apprehensive about seeing Glasvegas live, considering their music is so layered, textured, epic and swelling I was unsure how it would resonate live. Opening with "Flowers and Football Tops," Glasvegas right away showed what they were made of. Singer James Allen did not say much to the crowd, instead he let the music do the talking. Guitarist Rab Allen and bassist Paul Donoghue dashed around the stage as if they were in a punk band rather than a neo-new wave band. Drummer Caroline McKayas is the most unique drummer I have ever witnessed. She stands up and plays with just a floor Tom-Tom, Crash Symbol, Snare and Tambourine, she made a big beat with a small percussion set. With only one full length and a holiday EP behind them, Glasvegas would only play for 50 minutes but their small set would be memorable. Backed by a lighting design that would rival most stadium rock bands, blinding the audience in such a tiny place, it set an ambiance that would fit the bands music. Very dark lighting and strobes would be used to set to the tone of what they were trying to drive home to the New York crowd. They knew how to move the audience with crowd favorites such as "Geraldine," "Go Square Go," and "Daddy's Gone," the dark emotional songs would uplift the spirit of the attendees to new levels. In the end, what an amazing live band, what an amazing band. From sound to lighting to stage presents it proved that Glasvegas are ready to get out of the clubs and into the arena's.

For my interview with Glasvegas click HERE

RIP Ron Asheton

One of the most influential and underrated guitar players in history, Stooges guitarist Ron Asheton was found dead this past week at his home in Michigan. The cause of death is still unknown, yet Asheton's legecy will live forever.

The Gaslight Anthem on Conan

New Jersey Punkers The Gaslight Anthem hit up Late Night with Conan O'Brien recently and rocked out to the bands latest "The 59 Sound." Check out the clip above!

Saturday, January 3, 2009


As 2008 came to a close I began to reflect on all of the albums I listened to, concerts and festivals I went to and bands I discovered. One band in particular Leeds, UK via New York City band Your Vegas was one that stuck out in my mind. I was introduced to them at this summers Lollapalooza festival in Chicago and saw them tear the place apart. Hundreds of kids jumping up and down and seriously getting into their set. I was not only entranced by their music and performance, but I knew as soon as I got back home to New York I had to get their album. The band's debut A Town and Two Cities has taken this small band to some big places. I had the opportunity to interview bassist Jon Langford, we spoke about the bands music, their connection to America, and being on the road with Duran Duran and The Bravery. Read my interview below:

1) You are originally from the UK and now New York based. After living and working on both sides, do you think they types of music on both sides of the pond differ?
Jon Langford: I think they used to but nowadays, because of modern technology and the close relationship the UK and the US have in a cultural sense, the pond has been bridged so to speak. It's not like in the old days when certain types of music was found in pockets. Like in Liverpool, during the late 50's kids there would get music that sailors brought in to the docks with them from the US that you couldn't get anywhere else in the country.

2) Does living in NYC have a new effect on your music?
JL: Living in NYC is inspiring. I think it would inspire artists of any type. I don't think it significantly changed our style though because that's taken from our influences.

3) Does living in the changing America have a new effect on your music?
JL: It's an exciting time to be living in America. It was an amazing experience to be living here when Obama got in and it was great to be a part of such an historical moment.

4) It is hard to avoid the fact that the big British sound is making itself known again the world over. Did you come to America, to get away from that so you would not be just another band from the UK?
JL: For us coming to America seemed like a natural thing. It just happened and we rolled with it. It didn't seem like a big deal.

5) Escape seems to be a recurring theme in the bands song lyrics and band name. What is it that Your Vegas is escaping from?
JL: Everyone has things that they want to escape from. It may be the mundane routines of everyday life. It may be a job you're stuck in that you hate. Music has always offered this escape for both the listener and the creator.

6) You just got off the road with Duran Duran. Was playing in front of their crowds a challenge or different than playing in front of your usual audience?
JL: Well we toured with Duran Duran back in the Spring so we knew what to expect this time. Last time we toured with them Coyle had a broken foot so he was rooted to the spot. This time he was free to run around the stage, which made a huge difference.

7) Did you pick up any tricks of the trade from Duran Duran while on the road?
JL: They are all amazing musicians so it was great for us to watch them every night. I loved watching the rhythm section. John Taylor and Roger Taylor are two of the all time greats. But then I'm a bassist so I would watch them.

8) You also toured with The Bravery a few times this year. What kind of releationship gets conjured up while being on the road for so long?
JL: Those guys are great. We toured with them for months. We had a blast with them. Whenever we're on the road with other bands we love hanging out and making friends with them. Every band we've ever toured with is in our top friends on myspace and you know when someone's in your top friends on myspace it means that you will be best friends forever.

Thanks so much to Jon and Your Vegas. Best of luck in the New Year!

In My Head

Your Vegas video for "In My Head" (Above) / Your Vegas cover The Beatles "Blackbird" (Below)

Rising Artist-Age of Rockets

A small band from New York City looking to make a big splash, The Age of Rockets is a hybrid of modern alternative and classic rock all rolled into one fantastic band. Featuring former FireFlies member Andrew Futral and songstress Bess Rodgers, as well as Saul Simon Macwilliams on drums, the Age of Rockets are looking to blast off into 2009. They are serious musicians who do not often take themselves too seriously and by doing so they may come off as goofy, yet it makes them all the more enjoyable to listen to. Think the Dresden Dolls meets Sufjan Stevens, The Age of Rockets are band that must be listened to. Their latest record Hannah is available on iTunes now and I suggest you pick it up and remember that you herd them here first!

Movie of the Month - Gone Baby Gone

Simply the most overlooked film of 2007. As we gear up for this year's Award season, here is one film that was low balled, under appreciated and looked over last year. The film is Gone Baby Gone, the directorial debut from Ben Affleck, it stars his younger brother Casey, Amy Ryan, Morgan Freeman and Ed Harris in an explosive film from the author of Mystic River. The story takes place in Dorchester, Mass aka Southie Boston, when a young girl is abducted from her neglectful mother, two investigators are hired to uncover the truth behind the girls disappearance. Drugs, corruption, kidnap and murder ensue in the mystery to find this girl and what actually happened to her. It plays out like a story ripped from the headlines of an Inside Edition new package, but has you at the edge of your seat the whole time. Featuring one of the most explosive, thought provoking and eye opening endings, Gone Baby Gone leaves you hanging in the balance as if you were judge, jury and executioner. A must see film and a fine effort from first time director Ben Affleck, I hope to see more of him behind the camera giving us entertaining and thrilling stories such as this.

Underrated Classic-The Verve "Urban Hymns"

If you are reading this over in the UK, you must be thinking to yourself, "this blogger is just mad, how can he call Urban Hymns Underrated?!" Well, in the United States this magnificent piece of music is. The third record from The Verve, shot to acclaim in the US after its release in the fall of 1997 with the smash single "Bittersweet Symphony." The song gained the band much attention after it was used in the film Cruel Intentions, then in a NIKE commercial which led to the band suing NIKE for using the song, which then led to the band being sued by The Rolling Stones for using the orchestral piece that drives the song without permission. Lawsuits, poor band relationships and a life on the road tore The Verve apart. One of the bands that where on the forefront of the second British Invasion of the mid-90's, the band is a collection of jam, psychedelic, and adult rock. Many musicians like Chris Martin, Liam Gallagher would call "Bittersweet Symphony" one of the greatest songs ever written. Yet the song's title would only foreshadow events to come. In an age when America was grieving the death of grunge, the passing of Jeff Buckley and Kurt Cobain, Verve singer Richard Ashcroft would step into the spotlight as one of the best songwriters and voices in the business. Urban Hymns is his bands opus, a swelling record that drives you in and pulls you to places you may not have expected to go before. It is a timeless records with some fantastic songs, tracks like "Sonnet," "The Drugs Don't Work," and "Rolling People," display the talent and power of this band. The band would see another successful song from the record on the US charts with "Lucky Man," but it came when it was all too late. The Verve had called it quits and left us with the legacy that is Urban Hymns. Critics never really know how to classify the Verve, are they a one hit wonder? Where they just too good for the time they were in? It would be a debate that would have gone on forever until 10 years after Urban Hymns was released. The Verve reunited, toured the UK and came to America and Canada (I was lucky enough to have first row at their very last show in the US) and released Forth. One of the best records of last year, I am so proud and happy to have the Verve back, and would like for you now to experience the power and beauty of Urban Hymns and see it is much more than one fine pop song.