Friday, September 29, 2017

The xx on 'Kimmel'

Watch The xx perform "Dangerous" and "Say Something Loving" on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Lisa Loeb on 'Conan'

Watch Lisa Loeb perform "Lullaby Girl" on Conan.

Thursday, September 28, 2017


The Horrors V

With each album, The Horrors find a way to gradually reinvent themselves but stay true to the common core of who they are as a band. The English rockers return with V, their fifth record and their best since 2011’s Skying. The band find groovy undertones will flirting with industrial and new wave on a record that not only hears them mature over time but show they are here to stay.

LCD SoundsystemAmerican Dream

This was a record that should be loathed considering the news that James Murphy and co. staged their infamous 2011 to sell tickets but the truth of the matter is, their “comeback” record is fantastic. It is a ton of fun to listen to and the band find their footing in the years they were away on what is the best LCD Soundsystem album.

The National Sleep Well Beast

The National have become such a massive phenomenon that they no longer stay near each other like they once did in Brooklyn. Singer Matt Berninger has moved to the West Coast and the rest of the band is scattered across the New York tri-state area but after their frontman almost went through a divorce, they gathered in Upstate New York to record one of their most progressive records to date. What makes Sleep Well Beast a National record, aside from the obvious that the band did it, is that it keeps the dark undertones they are known for, however, they push things beyond what anyone expected as they dabble with samples, additional percussion, electronica, and even some industrial sounds to create a chaotic but hypnotizing album. It certainly is the most interesting record in their catalogue but also the hardest to digest.

Wolves in the Throne Room Thrice Woven

The comeback record from one of the most brutal bands of the 21st century does not disappoint. If you want your ears to bleed and heart to pound, this is the record.

Metz Strange Place

The Canadian garage punks return with more thrashing rhythms and chords that just make you want to go out and break something.

Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark – The Punishment of Luxury

The new wave icons return with new material that will be enough to delight their fanbase but they fail to capitalize on trying to make any progress in keeping with 2017. While that is not a bad thing, it would have been nice to hear OMD push themselves a bit more.

The Black KidsRookie

After a decade apart, the once indie it band is back with their sophomore album. As they try to win back old fans they manage to show off that they are a new band that still knows how to have fun with the basic elements of rock and roll.

Gary Numan - Savage (Songs from a Broken World)

Given the state of the world, it was the perfect time for Gary Numan to come around with new music. Numan has crafted a concept album centered on the blending of Western and Eastern cultures in a post-apocalyptic world that has become a desert as a result of global warming. Given the way things are going, he might have made a soundtrack to what might come.

Godspeed! You Black Emperor - Luciferian Towers

The Canadian experimental ensemble returns with more demonic and dark prowess to scare the shit out of you.

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard with Mild High ClubSketches of Brunswick East

The hardest working band of the year has released their third and final album of 2017 and this time get some help from fellow Australian’s Mild High Club. Their latest is a love letter to the town they grew up in and is easily the most accessible album for non fans of the band and showcases that King Gizzard can do other things aside from amazing weird shit.

Death From AboveOutrage! Is Now

Death From Above have officially dropped 1979 from their moniker and are back with their third record. While Outrage! Is Now has the rawness of previous efforts it fails to back a punch like its predecessors.

Tori Amos Native Invader

The chamber pop princess returns with a record based off of the cycle of life and death and sticks to the infamous script that has gotten her acclaim and devotion over the years.

Living Colour Shade

On their first album in nearly a decade, the Brooklyn metal funk icons return. Living Colour are a national treasure – an underrated one at that and are total unique to the American experiment and experience. They have the best rhythm section in music with one of the greatest living guitarists and singers. Shade, a record about being black in America in 2017 is not only poignant but mandatory listening.

Ted Leo The Hanged Man

The indie icon is back and this time is on a solo mission to show off that he can do all of it on his own. Spoiler alert! He does.

Pains of Being Pure at HeartThe Echo of Pleasure

Four albums in, the New York City darlings are back and continue to make solid indie pop that not only fits into a Michael Cera movie but the soundtrack to your life.

Neil FinnOut of Silence

The former Split Enz and Crowded House singer returns with a brand new solo record that shows like a fine wine, he gets better with age.

Foo Fighters Concrete and Gold

The Foo Fighters were expected to take a longer hiatus than two years when they said they needed a long time off. When the announcement that Concrete and Gold was coming, fans were thrilled but also stunned. The record, which weighs heavily on Dave Grohl’s love of The Beatles, feels rushed at points but also hears them doing things that are unexpected like harmonizing, letting some of the music breathe and not competing with one another. Yet, all of this should make for a fascinating Foo Fighters record but in some areas some of the songs sound flat and rushed while others sound lush and evocative.

The Killers Wonderful Wonderful

There was a time when The Killers were one of America’s most exciting and creative bands. That time has come and gone and over the years, it feels as if the Vegas glam rockers are now just making records for the sake of making them which should never be the case for any band to make music. Wonderful Wonderful not only sounds evident of that theory but is easily forgettable.

Ringo Starr Give More Love

While no one asked for a new Ringo record, it isn’t going to stop the iconic drummer. However, what shines on Ringo’s record everyone but him as Paul McCartney, Joe Walsh, Dave Stewart, Gary Nicholson, all play on the record and elevate his sound.

Prophets of Rage

20 years ago, the concept of ¾ of Rage Against the Machine teaming up with Chuck D and B-Real would have been something to love. However, the world doesn’t need this version of Rage, they need RATM. Chuck D’s booming bass vocals can’t keep up with the raw power of what the Rage musicians have in store for him and B-Real, while his flows match, isn’t the lyricist that D or De La Rocha are, therefore the whole record and project sounds disjointed and disorganized.

Glen Hansard Announces New Album

One of the first albums to arrives next year will come from Irish musician Glen Hansard.
In January, the Oscar winner will release his third solo album, Between Two Shores. 

Listen to Our Irish Mixtape Featuring Glen Hansard 

Take a look at the cover, above, and the tracklisting, below, and hear the first single, "Time Will Be The Healer."

Roll On Slow
Why Woman
Wheels on Fire
Wreckless Heart
Movin’ On
Setting Forth
Lucky Man
One of Us Will Lose
Heart’s Not In It
Time Will Be The Healer

Tyler, The Creator & Guests on 'Fallon'

Watch Tyler, The Creator bring out Kali Uchis and get backed by The Roots as they play "See You Again" on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Gord Downie Announces Solo Album

Tragically Hip frontman Gord Downie, who is suffering from terminal brain cancer, will be releasing his solo debut, Introduce Yourself, next month.

The record, produced by Broken Social Scene's Kevin Drew, features 23 songs which are all about special people in Downie's life and were all recorded in one take. 

Take a look at the cover, above, and the tracklisting, below:

1. First Person
2. Wolf's Home
3. Bedtime
4. Introduce Yerself
5. Coco Chanel No. 5
6. Ricky Please
7. Safe Is Dead
8. Spoon
9. A Natural
10. Faith Faith
11. My First Girlfriend
12. Yer Ashore
13. Love Over Money
14. You Me And The B's
15. Snowflake
16. A Better End
17. Nancy
18. Thinking About Us
19. The Road
20. You Are The Bird
21. The Lake
22. Far Away And Blurred
23. The North

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Royal Blood Cover The Knack on BBC Radio 1

BBC's Radio 1 Lounge continues to be both fascinating and exciting and this go around they had Royal Blood cover The Knack's classic, "My Sharona." Take a look.

Chance the Rapper on 'Colbert'

Watch Chance the Rapper perform a brand new untitled song on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. The Chicago rapper also sat down and spoke with the host, take a look.

Grizzly Bear on 'Kimmel'

Watch Grizzly Bear perform "Losing All Sense” and “Cut-Out" on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Monday, September 25, 2017

Noel Gallagher Announces Third Solo Record

Just a month after his brother Liam releases his solo debut, former Oasis guitarist and songwriter, Noel Gallagher will release his third record with his High Flying Birds in November. The record, Who Built the Moon? is said to be a psychedelic rock record and will feature Paul Weller and Johnny Marr. 

Listen to Our Essential Noel Gallagher Playlist on Spotify

Take a look at the cover, above, and the tracklisting, below, and watch the album trailer. 

01 Fort Knox
02 Holy Mountain
03 Keep On Reaching
04 It's A Beautiful World
05 She Taught Me How To Fly
06 Be Careful What You Wish For
07 Black & White Sunshine
08 Interlude (Wednesday Part 1)
09 If Love Is The Law
10 The Man Who Built The Moon
11 End Credits (Wednesday Part 2)

Quick News

Soul singer Charles Bradley passed away over the weekend at 68. The singer, who found fame later in life, was said to be surrounded by loved ones in New York City when he passed. Earlier this month, he cancelled the remainder of his 2017 tour after it was announced that cancer returned to his body following a bout with stomach cancer last year, which he had beat. Our thoughts are with his family and friends.

The Darkness have announced that they will release their new album, Pinewood Smile, next month.

El-P of Run the Jewels was asked to score the trailer for the upcoming Blade Runner 2049 and took to Instagram this weekend to announce that his music was rejected. He did share a snippet and was happy he was at once in consideration for the role.

Robyn has taken to Instagram to tease that she is working on some new music after the success of 2010's Body Talk series.

Noel Gallagher is selling off loads of vintage Oasis gear and equipment. If you got the cash, take a look at Reverb for what he is selling.

U-God of Wu-Tang Clan has announced that he will release his memoir, RAW: My Journey Into the Wu-Tang Clan, which will follow his days as a child in Staten Island to joining one of the most influential groups of all time.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

The Fantastic Mr. Negrito: How A Grammy Won’t Define Him and Why It’s The Best Time To Be An Artist

Photo by Bridgette Aikens

“Everyday I wake up and it’s like, it’s my birthday,” Xavier Amin Dphrepaulezz told me as we sat down to speak inside a pub on 57th street in Manhattan earlier this month.

Dphrepaulezz, better known by the stage name, Fantastic Negrito, is a walking, talking inspirational machine. I spent almost two hours with him and in that time he had me in tears, stunned, and motivated but that is not even scratching the surface of one of the most interesting and talented human beings walking the Earth today.

The 48-year-old’s story doesn’t begin in the traditional sense like the rest of us. He was one of 15 kids to his parents, number 8 in fact, and had to fight for everything. He grew up in Massachusetts in a strict Muslim household; by the time he was a teenager, his family moved to Oakland where his life flipped over and around.

“I was in very W.A.S.Py New England and I went to the hood,” he said of his move. “It was great. It was like taking a bath in fresh water.”

While he says he respects both his New England and Oakland roots, the move to the West Coast was what would later define him. He would see the early days of hip-hop and punk in the streets as well as the crack epidemic.

“It was a motherfucker back then, I am surprised it didn’t kill me,” he said.

After being inspired to learn that one of his favorite artists, Prince, was self-taught, he picked up a guitar and began to teach himself. He also taught himself as many instruments as he could. By the early 90s, he moved to Los Angeles and linked up with a former manager of his hero and began recording under the name “Xavier.” By 1996, he released his debut, The X-Factor, which went nowhere and was later dropped by his label. 

He sold all of his gear and everything he had and moved back to Oakland and in 2000, his life changed forever.

He was involved in a near fatal car accident that left him in a coma for three weeks and extensive surgery had to be done to his right hand. He was left without any tendons in that limb and had to start over. There were also months of physical therapy needed in order for him to learn how to use his legs again.

All of his doctors told him he would never play guitar again.

“Things are what they are and we deal with it,” he said. “You can quit, you can give it all up but you are never over. It is never over.”

As he went through rehabilitation, relearning everything from walking, using his arms and getting around, he became a farmer in his city. He raised chickens, grew vegetables, and weed for money.  As he went through his simple life, he had a son, which sparked a creative energy in him that had not been unleashed in many years.

“I rediscovered Delta Blues,” he said. “It was better than any drug in the world. I was overdosing on Skip James, Robert Johnson, and it was so gangster and punk to me – one man, one guitar, his experience – how American is that?!”

From hearing his new heroes, Fantastic Negrito was conceived.  

“I tasted victory and tasted defeat,” he expressed. “I wanted to make music in the spirit of that music – rawness, realness.”

After many years away from playing, he picked up an old acoustic guitar that he did not sell before he left L.A. and despite what his doctors and all the experts said, he retaught himself guitar listening to his new heroes from the 1920s and began creating a new persona and sound that would not only define his next path of life but is the sound of a country divided and looking for healing.

Once he got comfortable, he began busking in train stations in Oakland and started making a bit of money.

“Some nights I would take home $1, some days I took home $700,” he claimed. “You go to a train station at 5 p.m., you find out real quick if you are good or not.”

After realizing that he could get some people to stop and listen to him during their rush hour as they left Oakland or San Francisco, he felt he was building a humble audience. He then went to New York City and busked some there, and eventually to other cities in the country with the same philosophy that if people could stop in their tracks and listen to him, even just for a moment, he knew he had something.

His “wherever there is people is where I want to be” philosophy began working.

Eventually, he retreated to a room in his house that he has dubbed the “90 percent room” because “90 percent of what I do in there sucks.”

When he emerged from the room in 2014, he self-released an EP, which got some attention in the music world and eventually he was invited to perform on NPR in 2015 where his new life would flip around. By the end of that year, he won the “Tiny Desk Concert” series and then it was time for him to present the country the record they didn’t think they needed but absolutely did. 

The Last Days of Oakland was released on June 3, 2016 and Fantastic Negrito proved he wasn’t just a fluke or a guy with an interesting backstory. He was the real deal. The album is about the change that has happened in his city through gentrification and the people who have called it home for generations.

The record brought on critical acclaim as well as a call from one of his heroes.

Chris Cornell came calling after he found the Oakland singer on YouTube and was blown away by his talents just before the album came out. The Soundgarden singer asked Negrito to open for him on his solo tours of Europe and America around the time of the record’s release.

Following Cornell’s “Higher Truth” tours, the former Audioslave frontman asked Negrito to open for Temple of the Dog on their very first U.S. tour later that fall, a stop which included New York’s MadisonSquare Garden.

“He was like a big brother to me,” Negrito remembers. “When I won the Grammy, he was more excited than I was… I called him ‘Christmas Cornell’ -- whenever he called, there was good news. He changed my career.”

On the morning of May 18, 2017, when Negrito woke up, he saw the news that his friend and mentor had committed suicide. He said they had emailed a few days before Cornell’s passing and said his friend “didn’t sound right.” Even though it was text over email, Negrito knew Cornell well enough to know something was off but never predicted what would happen next.

“He believed in me,” Negrito said. “He predicted all of this would happen [to me].”

 As Negrito, who is currently on tour with Sturgill Simpson, can add Grammy winner to the prefix of his name after winning the trophy for “Best Contemporary Blues Album” earlier this year, says he does not want to be defined by the award.

While he calls it “a great honor” and “amazing,” he says he does not want it to stifle who he is as an artist. “I don’t want it to define you or restrict you,” he added. “I love that it is a big deal for other people.”

“I want to make music that connects with people,” he says. “We have to put out the truth.”

He says his music is for all and “as artists we are the last line of defense. Politicians want to divide people. Musicians, we want to unite the people. There is no room for hate – fuck that.”

He says that “we are all a family in this country” and being a black musician in Trump’s America makes him want to push the envelope further and is “more compelled to make records.”

In November, Fantastic Negrito will return to the “90 percent room” to begin working on new music.

“It is the best time to be an artist and one of the most important [times],” he claimed.

This is the story of a man who had no A&R, no major label, and corporate machine backing who reinvented himself in his 40s after being told he is lucky to be alive. The story of Fantastic Negrito isn’t just the story of one man; it is the story of the American spirit and what we can all do when we really put our head to something.

“You’re story ain’t over, even when you think it is over, it ain’t,” he closed.

Live Review: Interpol at Forest Hills Stadium

After touring Europe for the summer celebrating the 15th anniversary of their landmark debut, Interpol turned on the bright lights for a hometown show of sorts in Queens, New York.

As fans packed into the historic Forest Hills Tennis Stadium Saturday night, the slick indie rockers from the Lower East Side were in high spirits to play the record that not only launched their career but also show that New York City still had something to say in the music world following the attacks on 9/11. The night before they performed a much more intimate setting and familiar one at that as they sold-out Bowery Ballroom in a last minute warm-up show marking the occasion the first official time the band performed Turned on the Bright Lights in full in the city.

Saturday was bigger, broader, and much more of a spectacle as it was the largest venue the band have headlined in nearly a decade after they were topped billing at Madison Square Garden following the release of Our Love to Admire. As the years went on, the band went through lineup changes as bassist Carlos D. famously left in 2010 and the had a handful of sub par records before really returning to form with 2014's El Pintor. Yet, Saturday night wasn't about their future or how they "returned" it was about celebrating their past.

As they walked on stage nearly a half hour than when they were estimated to hit the stage, Interpol strutted in their signature black suits, and performed in front of a backdrop that resembled the one on the cover to Turn on the Bright Lights. As they started with "untitled" and then brought it all the way through from start to finish with "Leif Erikson," the fans inside, now, like the band and music, older and wiser, were reliving a special part of their lives and what this record means to the cannon of New York City rock and roll. Everyone in attendance chanted back every word and held their attention this special occasion as they focused on the show, though expected at a concert is something rare to see in 2017.

"This song was always clumped into the Turn on the Bright Lights songs, so we are gonna play it," a bearded Paul Banks said as soon as they finished playing their infamous debut and jumped into "Specialist," a B-side written during the sessions of the record in Connecticut 15 years ago.

After a brief break, the five-piece came back on stage and went into "Not Even Jail," "Slow Hands," "Lights" and the fantastic "All the Rage Back Home." Banks looked at his watch and the band seemed ready to play another song but due to a strict 10 p.m. curfew, they were cut short. Allegedly songs like "Evil" and "The Heinrich Maneuver" were slated to be played but had to be axed due to time. It seems as if they shot themselves in the foot going on stage later than expected, however, for everything in attendance it wasn't about greatest hits or a regular Interpol gig, it was celebrating a record that helped define a city in crisis.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Wu-Tang Clan Are Firing Back With New LP

The much anticipated new Wu-Tang Clan album, The Saga Continues, will arrive next month. 

Now, the iconic Staten Island hip-hop group has released the cover, tracklisting, and guest list of the new record. 

Take a look at the cover, above, and the tracklisting, below, and hear the new single. "Lesson Learned." 

“The Saga Continues Intro” f. RZA
“Lesson Learn’d” f. Inspectah Deck & Redman
“Fast and Furious” f. Hue Hef & Raekwon
“Famous Fighters (Skit)”
“If Time Is Money (Fly Navigation)” f. Method Man
“Frozen” f. Method Man, Killah Priest & Chris Rivers
“Berto and the Fiend (Skit) f. Ghostface Killah
“Pearl Harbor” f. Ghostface Killah, Method Man, RZA & Sean Price
“People Say” f. Redman and Wu-Tang Clan.
“Family (Skit)”
“Why Why Why” f. RZA & Swnkah
“G’d Up” f. Method Man, R-Mean & Mzee Jones
“If What You Say Is Tru” f. Wu-Tang Clan and Streetlife
“Saga (Skit)” f. RZA
“Hood Go Bang!” f. Redman & Method Man
“My Only One” f. Ghostface Killah, Cappadonna & Steven Latorre
“The Saga Continues (Outro)” f. RZA

Billie Joe Armstrong on 'Fallon'

Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong appeared solo on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Friday and performed his band's hit, "Ordinary World." Take a look.

Paloma Faith Details New Album

In November, Paloma Faith will release her new album, The Architect. 

In a press release, she said of the record: “‘The Architect’ is a social observation record. I was adamant that I wouldn’t write about love. I wanted to look outside of myself. I’m coming at politics from the perspective of the common man or woman, observing why people are suffering. Each song on the record is about a different pocket of the socio-political world that I’ve been delving into. I wanted to write something more modern. On previous albums I’ve been more concerned with the past, but now I’m looking forward because of motherhood and wanting to change things for a better future. It’s a marriage of old and new.”

Take a look at the cover, above, and the tracklisting, below:

1. Evolution ft. Samuel L. Jackson
2. The Architect
3. Guilty
4. Crybaby
5. I’ll Be Gentle ft. John Legend
6. Politics of Hope ft. Owen Jones
7. Kings and Queens
8. Surrender
9. Warrior
10. Til I’m Done
11. Lost and Lonely
12. Still Around
13. Pawns ft. Baby N’Sola, Janelle Martin & Naomi Miller
14. WW3
15. Love Me As I Am

Friday, September 22, 2017

The Killers on 'Colbert'

Watch The Killers perform "The Man" on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Depeche Mode Release David Bowie Cover

Depeche Mode celebrated the 40th anniversary of David Bowie's "Heroes," a song they have been frequently doing on their current tour, and now officially released a version of it. Take a look.

JAY-Z Does His Linkin Park Mashup For BBC1

JAY-Z appeared in the BBC Radio 1 Lounge and performed “Family Feud,” did a quick interview as well as his Linkin Park mashup of "Numb / Encore." Take a look.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

VINTAGE CLIP: Marilyn Manson on 'Jon Stewart Show' in 1995

As Marilyn Manson gears up for the release of his new album, Heaven Upside Down, take a look at his first TV performance on MTV's The Jon Stewart Show in 1995 where he performed "Lunchbox."

Squeeze Detail New Album

Next month, iconic new wave band Squeeze will release their new album, The Knowledge. 

“It is such a pleasure to say that in 2017 we have delivered our best ever record. Playing back the album I can feel the love we still have as songwriters, and for each other. It’s been some journey, and I hope it goes on for many years to come,” singer Chris Difford said in a press release. 

Take a look at the cover, above, and the tracklisting, below:

  1. Innocence In Paradise
  2. Patchouli
  3. A&E
  4. Every Story
  5. Rough Ride
  6. Departure Lounge
  7. Final Score
  8. Please Be Upstanding
  9. The Ones
  10. Albatross
  11. Elmers End
  12. Two Forks

Miguel on 'Colbert'

Watch Miguel perform "Skywalker" and "Come Through and Chill" on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Foo Fighters Do 'Carpool Karaoke'

Foo Fighters were the special guests on The Late Late Show last night and did host's James Corden's famous Carpool Karaoke segment. Take a look.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Rudimental on 'Fallon'

One of the best live bands around, Rudimental, appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon with their friend, James Arthur, to perform their hit, "Sun Comes Up."

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Great Soundtrack: 'Where the Wild Things Are'

In 2009, Spike Jonze brought everyone's favorite childhood story to life with Where The Wild Things Are and Yeah Yeah Yeahs frontwoman Karen O. gave it a beat. The soundtrack to the acclaimed film heard the New York singer go solo for the first time with a backing group called the Kids. The music, like the film, was filled with childlike innocence and wonderment as well as curiosity and intrigue. It was a departure for the singer and a whole new adventure.

While the music gained attention and showed that Karen O. could do it alone, she called on comrades like her bandmates Brian Chase and Nick Zinner and former touring guitarist Imaad Wasif, Deerhunter's Bradford Cox, Liars' Aaron Hemphill, The Dead Weather and Queens of the Stone Age's Dean Fertita, and Jack Lawrence from The Raconteurs to contribute.The soundtrack's lead single, "All is Love," struck a chord with audiences around the world and helped propel the curiosity that this was something special to accompany the dynamic film.

Recommended Reading: 'The Sun & The Moon & The Rolling Stones'

Of all the books written on the Rolling Stones, none have looked at the band so introspectively than Rich Cohen's account of the band in their heyday from 1968 to 1972 in The Sun & The Moon & The Rolling Stones. Cohen, who is a writer for Vanity Fair and co-creator of HBO's brilliant but cancelled Vinyl, went on the road with the band and into the recording studio as they recorded Beggars Banquet and Exile on Main Street. In his book, which arrived in paperback in May, Cohen accounts the highs, the lows, bitching, the fights, the excess, and of course the sex, drugs, and rock and roll.

The Sun & The Moon & The Rolling Stones is such a definitive look at the era that shaped the band and the group that they would become. Packed with insights like how Mick Jagger dealt with fame and how the band responded to their growing acclaim as well as how they were masters of their craft. The book is one of a kind from a band whose reputation will never be seen again.

Quick News


On Friday, during a Facebook Live Q&A, Bjork announced that her new album will be called Utopia. She said it will be out "soon" but speculation says it is coming in November. No official announcement of a release date has been made.

Andrew W.K. has announced that his yet-to-be-titled new album will come in March. I'm going for the sound of pure, unadulterated power; every emotion, every thought, every experience, every sensation, every fear, every joy, every clarity, every confusion, every up, every down... all extruded and concentrated into one thick syrup of super life-force feeling, and then psychically amplified by the celebratory spirit of glorious partying," the singer said in a press release.

Sigur Ros have given an update to their new album. “We’ve completed a few songs… they’re kind of all over the place [in terms of mood],” drummer Orri Páll Dýrason told The List. “‘Kveikur’ was dark, and these are a little bit more happy, I think… I guess it’s just the headspace we’re in. We’ve been writing these songs over a long period of time, almost two years, and the emotions are very different, kind of all over the place. Whereas’ Kveikur’ was written in really short bursts, this one has taken a longer time. We’ll see what happens when we get together for the next writing session, but maybe the world needs something happy? Maybe we all need some positive things?”

Sigur Ros are also curating their own festival in Iceland later this year and the festival's website may have accidentally revealed that My Blood Valentine will release music next year.  According to the festival's site, frontman Kevin Shields, who is performing at the festival, wrote in his bio: "working on material for a new My Bloody Valentine album to be released in 2018." My Bloody Valentine have not confirmed nor denied the news.

Live Pix: Inquisition at Gramercy Theater

Last Wednesday Inquisition performed inside their largest venue to date in New York City at Gramercy Theater with special guests Mutilation Rights, Volahn, and Uada

Our very own RICH D SMOOV was there to capture the action. Take a look!

To see more pictures of the event, LIKE us on FACEBOOK
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Morrissey Details New Album

Morrissey will release his new album, Low in High School, in November. Now, the former Smiths singer, who recently joined Twitter, has revealed the album details. 

Take a look at the cover, above, and the tracklisting, below, and hear the first single, "Spent the Day in Bed."

01 My Love, I’d Do Anything for You
02 I Wish You Lonely
03 Jacky’s Only Happy When She’s Up on the Stage
04 Home Is a Question Mark
05 Spent the Day in Bed
06 I Bury the Living
07 In Your Lap
08 The Girl from Tel-Aviv Who Wouldn’t Kneel
09 All the Young People Must Fall in Love
10 When You Open Up Your Legs
11 Who Will Protect Us From the Police?
12 Israel

Sunday, September 17, 2017


Here is a playlist of our 27-song random musical musings for the month on Spotify! Enjoy!

Friday, September 15, 2017

Foo Fighters Share Animated Documentary About 'Concrete and Gold'

Foo Fighters new album, Concrete and Gold, arrived today and the band have shared an animated documentary about the making of the album. Take a look!

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Quick News

Sad news to report, Husker Du drummer and co-founder Grant Hart passed away at 56, according to the band's social media accounts and Bob Mould's Facebook page. While the cause of death is unknown, Hart was battling cancer. Our thoughts are with his family, friends, and band.

The Damned will record their 11th album next month with producer Tony Visconti, it will be their first in over a decade and will be released sometime next years.

Speaking to BBC, Blondie said that they approached Noel Gallagher to write a song for them. “That one’s a shocker for a lot of people,” drummer Clem Burke said. "I approached Noel Gallagher for a song a couple of years back and the first thing he said was, ‘I’ll trade you for ‘Hanging on the Telephone” and I said, ‘Guess what? We didn’t write that one.'”

Four Tet's new album, New Energy, will arrive at the end of the month and the beat maker has released the tracklisting. Take a look:
01. Alap
02. Two Thousand And Seventeen
03. LA Trance
04. Tremper
05. Lush
06. Scientists
07. Falls 2
08. You Are Loved
09. SW9 9SL
10. 10 Midi
11. Memories
12. Daughter
13. Gentle Soul
14. Planet

Kendrick Lamar spoke to Billboard magazine and revealed that his breakthrough album, 2013's Good Kid, M.A.A.D. City, has multiple versions aside from what was released. “We did good kid about three, four times before the world got to it,” he said. “New songs, new everything. I wanted to tell that story, but I had to execute it. My whole thing is about execution. The songs can be great, the hooks can be great, but if it’s not executed well, then it’s not a great album.” No word if those versions will ever see the light of day.

Portugal. The Man on 'Ellen'

Watch Portugal. The Man perform "Feel It Still" on Ellen.

Action Bronson Eats Pizza with Seth Meyers

Action Bronson, who has a new cookbook out called Fuck, That's Delicious, and a new record, Blue Chips 7,000, was on Late Night with Seth Meyers and brought him baked ziti pizza from his favorite spot in Queens. Take a look.

King Krule Reveals the Secret of 'The Ooze'

After announcing his new album would be called The Ooze last week, King Krule has now detailed the record which arrives next month. 

Take a look at the cover, above, and the tracklisting, below, and hear the new single, "Dum Surfer." 

01 Biscuit Town
02 The Locomotive
03 Dum Surfer
04 Slush Puppy
05 Bermondsey Bosom (Left)
06 Logos
07 Sublunary
08 Lonely Blue
09 Cadet Limbo
10 Emergency Blimp
11 Czech One
12 (A Slide in) New Drugs
13 Vidual
14 Bermondsey Bosom (Right)
15 Half Man Half Shark
16 The Cadet Leaps
17 The Ooz
18 Midnight 01 (Deep Sea Diver)
19 La Lune

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Announce New Album

In January, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club will release their new album, Wrong Creatures. 

Take a look at the cover, above, and the tracklisting, below, and hear the first single, "Little Thing Gone Wild."

King of Bones
Ninth Configuration
Question of Faith
Calling Them All Away
Little Thing Gone Wild
Circus Bazooko
Carried From The Start
All Rise

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

London Grammar Cover Prince for BBC Radio 1

London Grammar were the latest band to perform at the BBC Radio 1 Lounge where they covered Prince's "Purple Rain." Take a look!

Live Review: Arcade Fire at Madison Square Garden

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Seven years ago, Arcade Fire played two back-to-back sold-out concerts at Madison Square Garden, at the time, it was the crowning achievement for an indie band who were appealing to the masses in a city that embraced them and their unique style from day one. Now, returning to The World's Most Famous Arena, they are a different band but still full of surprises and energy.

The "Infinite Content Tour" kicked-off last week and quickly made its way to New York City where leader Win Butler claimed to the audience Tuesday night, "of all the shows on this tour, this was the place we were excited to play the most."

Just as the clock struck 9 p.m., the disco balls were lowered from the venues iconic ceiling and a de-facto boxing ring was illuminated in the center of the place as a nameless face introduced the band who walked out of one corner of the arena as if they were ready to battle in a prizefight. On their way to the ring / stage, they high-fived fans, smiled, and looked determine to give everyone inside the night of their lives.

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Opening with one of their new singles, "Everything Now," the nine-piece Canadian ensemble threw a dance party for the ages with their thrift store special effects. As they roamed around stage and the drum riser rotated so everyone in the place got a clear point of view, they jumped right into "Signs of Life" and "Rebellion (Lies)," "Here Comes the Night Time," as they appealed to older fans.

As the band barnstormed through their massive collection, Butler took time out to pay respects by those affected by Hurricane Harvey in Houston. "My brother and I grew up in Houston and they are going through a tough time right now because of the hurricane," he said, then addressing how the band could not be at the Hand in Hand Benefit which featured stars like Stevie Wonder, Oprah, Cher, and George Clooney, he asked for everyone to donate to cause and help those affected by Irma and Harvey before they jumped into "The Suburbs."

As he and his wife, Regine Chassange, traded lead singer duties through the night, they and their ensemble kept the energy high and brought some of the middle of the road tunes from their latest record, Everything Now, to life but made them pack a punch. Songs like "Electric Blue," "Infinite Content," "Creature Comfort," sounded brilliant in a massive arena, which has become the M.O. for a band that has cut their teeth on the road and their free-for-all live shows.

Easily, the highlight of the night was when they saved the best for last -- inviting the prestigious Preservation Hall Jazz Band from New Orleans on stage to join them for an unforgettable version of "Wake Up" with a bit of Ben E. King's timeless masterpiece, "Stand By Me," thrown in. 

At points in the night, Chassange would leave the stage on occasion and dance in the crowd while multi-instrumentalist Will Butler would run around banging a drum or saluting fans. Backup dancers would arrive and dance in Caribbean attire on stage in the crowd and everyone played triple duty working the room and their instruments. At times it was sensory overload but that is the everything now they were talking about.

Opening the show was Preservation Hall, who are making a rare outside of NoLa tour, and while they played to a small amount of people inside The Garden, they sounded as perfect as they do in their tiny Bourbon Street room. If you have ever seen Preservation Hall, you know the band gets very intimate and personal during the shows, on Tuesday night, it was all about the music and the chops they got and proving they are not just the best band in The Big Easy, but the best band in any city they play in.

Also opening was hip-hop pioneer and icon, Grandmaster Flash, who suffered a series of technical difficulties during the first part of his set cutting his time very short. But the Grandmaster being the legend he is, used his time wisely and worked the room playing a series of songs in tribute to the musicians we lost like David Bowie, Prince, Whitney Houston, Rick James, and Michael Jackson.


Patti Smith on 'Fallon'

Watch Patti Smith perform her classic, "People Have the Power," on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Living Colour on 'Seth Meyers'

Watch Living Colour perform "Come On" and "Wall" on Late Night with Seth Meyers.

Prophets of Rage on 'Fallon'

Watch Prophets of Rage perform "Living on the 110" on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Monday, September 11, 2017

The National on 'CBS This Morning'

Watch The National perform a series of songs off their new record, Sleep Well Beast, on CBS This Morning. 

Marilyn Manson Finally Gives Update On New LP

Marilyn Manson was supposed to release his new album, which was originally titled SAY10, in February, then, he pushed the record back and over the summer announced a new title. 

Now, Manson will release Heaven Upside Down, next month. 

In a forthcoming interview with Consequence of Sound, he dished on some of the inspirations behind the album like Rihanna
"Strangely enough, one of the records that influenced this album strongly, and it can’t be taken literally, is Rihanna, her last record. That one song, ‘Love On The Brain’, it really hit me because I saw her perform it and she just… meant it. And I think that’s maybe what rappers like about me. They see it as being sincere and real, and I think that's a part of rap culture, as it was a part of punk rock and real rock or whatever you wanna call anything. You can tell when something is being forced and trying to be something it isn’t. It’s not about how many tattoos you have or if you say fuck enough in a song, it’s in the way you say it. It’s the way you live your life," he said in the interview.

Take a look at the cover, above, and the tracklisting, below, and hear the lead single, "We Know Where You Fucking Live."

Revelation #12
Tattooed In Reverse
We Know Where You Fucking Live
Blood Honey
Heaven Upside Down
Threats of Romance