Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Quick News

Against Me! Front man Tom Gabel took to twitter to announce that the band are currently recording their next album.

Johnny Rotten or John Lydon as he likes to be refereed to when he is not in Sex Pistols, has confirmed the title of Public Image Ltd.'s forthcoming ninth album, the album This is PiL will be out next year.

New Order are pushing back the release of their EP, Lost Sirens to March instead of next month. The band sans-Peter Hook announced they will be playing Australia in the New Year.

After having much success coming back with last years, History of Modern record, Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark will begin work on their forthcoming album, English Electric next month. OMD plan to have the album out next year.

After over a decade, Black Star aka Talib Kweli and Mos Def or Yasiin Bey as he is known now, will return with Black Star Aretha. A record inspired by and a tribute to Aretha Franklin, the album will be out sometime next year.

What could be the greatest "WHAT THE FUCK!?" moment in modern music - Feist and Mastodon are teaming up to do a 7" split together for Record Store Day. The 7" will hear each artist cover a song from the other. Simply stunning and simply amazing!

This past weekend, Mike Skinner retired The Streets and performed his last show under the hip-hop moniker. Skinner is now working on a project called The Dot with former Music singer Rob Harvey who guested on Streets last record, Computers and Blues.

In a massive undertaking that has taken Discord Records years to do, Fugazi are set to release their entire live back catalogue. Nearly every show the band did from their conception in 1987 to their end in 2002 has been documented and recorded in one format or another has now been remastered. The live catalogue for the band, who never really stopped touring until they called in quits is now available on Discord site. In 2009 we interviewed Fugazi co-singer and guitarist and Discord founder, Ian Mackaye, listen to that interview HERE.

Buzz beauty Lana Del Rey has titled her forthcoming debut, Born 2 Die. The album will be out in January.

Jonquil are set to release their third album, Point of Gold on March 5. Take a look at the tracklisting below:
01. Swells
02. Getaway
03. It's My Part
04. Point Of Go (Part 1)
05. Point Of Go (Part 2)
06. Run
07. This Innocent
08. Real Cold
09. Mexico
10. History Of Headaches
11. Psammead

Bob Dylan Tribute Cover & Tracklisting

On January 24, Amnesty will celebrate their 50 years of fighting injustice around the world with an eclectic group of musicians all singing to the tune of Bob Dylan. Amnesty has put together over 70 artists that will pay tribute to Dylan for Chimes of Freedom. Take a look at the cover above and the massive tracklisting for the four-CD set.

Disc 1
01. Raphael Saadiq – Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat
02. Patti Smith – Drifter’s Escape
03. Rise Against – Ballad of Hollis Brown
04. Tom Morello The Nightwatchman – Blind Willie McTell
05. Pete Townshend – Corrina, Corrina
06. Bettye LaVette – Most of the Time
07. Charlie Winston – This Wheel’s On Fire
08. Diana Krall – Simple Twist of Fate
09. Brett Dennen – You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere
10. Mariachi El Bronx – Love Sick
11. Ziggy Marley – Blowin’ in the Wind
12. The Gaslight Anthem – Changing of the Guards
13. Silversun Pickups – Not Dark Yet
14. My Morning Jacket – You’re A Big Girl Now
15. The Airborne Toxic Event – Boots of Spanish Leather
16. Sting – Girl from the North Country
17. Mark Knopfler – Restless Farewell

Disc 2
01. Queens Of The Stone Age – Outlaw Blues
02. Lenny Kravitz – Rainy Day Woman # 12 & 35
03. Steve Earle & Lucia Micarelli – One More Cup of Coffee (Valley Below)
04. Blake Mills – Heart Of Mine
05. Miley Cyrus – You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go
06. Billy Bragg – Lay Down Your Weary Tune
07. Elvis Costello – License to Kill
08. Angelique Kidjo – Lay, Lady, Lay
09. Natasha Bedingfield – Ring Them Bells
10. Jackson Browne – Love Minus Zero/No Limit
11. Joan Baez – Seven Curses (Live)
12. The Belle Brigade – No Time To Think
13. Sugarland – Tonight I’ll Be Staying Here With You (Live)
14. Jack’s Mannequin – Mr. Tambourine Man
15. Oren Lavie – 4th Time Around
16. Sussan Deyhim – All I Really Want To Do
17. Adele – Make You Feel My Love (Recorded Live at WXPN)

Disc 3
01. K’NAAN – With God On Our Side
02. Ximena Sariñana – I Want You
03. Neil Finn with Pajama Club – She Belongs to Me
04. Bryan Ferry – Bob Dylan’s Dream
05. Zee Avi – Tomorrow Is A Long Time
06. Carly Simon – Just Like a Woman
07. Flogging Molly – The Times They Are A-Changin’
08. Fistful Of Mercy – Buckets Of Rain
09. Joe Perry – Man Of Peace
10. Bad Religion – It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue
11. My Chemical Romance – Desolation Row (Live)
12. RedOne featuring Nabil Khayat – Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door
13. Paul Rodgers & Nils Lofgren – Abandoned Love
14. Darren Criss featuring Chuck Criss and Freelance Whales – New Morning
15. Cage the Elephant – The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll
16. Band of Skulls – It Ain’t Me, Babe
17. Sinéad O’Connor – Property of Jesus
18. Ed Roland and The Sweet Tea Project – Shelter From The Storm
19. Ke$ha – Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right
20. Kronos Quartet – Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right

Disc 4
01. Maroon 5 – I Shall Be Released
02. Carolina Chocolate Drops – Political World
03. Seal & Jeff Beck – Like A Rolling Stone
04. Taj Mahal – Bob Dylan’s 115th Dream
05. Dierks Bentley – Senor (Tales of Yankee Power) (Live)
06. Mick Hucknall – One Of Us Must Know (Sooner Or Later)
07. Thea Gilmore – I’ll Remember You
08. State Radio – John Brown
09. Dave Matthews Band – All Along the Watchtower (Live)
10. Michael Franti – Subterranean Homesick Blues
11. We Are Augustines – Mama, You Been On My Mind
12. Lucinda Williams – Tryin’ To Get To Heaven
13. Kris Kristofferson – Quinn The Eskimo (The Mighty Quinn)
14. Eric Burdon – Gotta Serve Somebody
15. Evan Rachel Wood – I’d Have You Anytime
16. Marianne Faithfull – Baby Let Me Follow You Down (Live)
17. Pete Seeger – Forever Young
18. Bob Dylan – Chimes Of Freedom


Morrissey was on Conan last night to perform "People are the Same Everywhere." Take a look at the legend in action!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

RIP Don Devito

For anyone who listens to good music, you have Don Devito to thank.

The name may not hit you straight away like some of the artists he helped build the careers of, artists like Bruce Springsteen, Aerosmith, Billy Joel, James Taylor, Janis Joplin, The Byrds, Simon and Garfunkel, the list goes on. Yet, Don Devito was just as important to the music industry as George Martin was important to The Beatles. After a 16-year battle with Prostate Cancer, Devito passed away this Friday at age 72.

Don DeVito spent his career at Columbia Records from starting off like everyone else, at the bottom, as a trainee at CBS Records - which later became Columbia - and went on to become one of the label's most influential executives and producers. His most important contribution to the history of rock and roll would be manning the decks for Bob Dylan for his album, Blood on the Tracks, which is considered to be one of the greatest albums ever made.

As a life-long New Yorker, Don Devito’s proudest moment would come during his cities darkest hour. In the wake of September 11 attacks, Devito produced The Concert for New York City, which included David Bowie, the Who, Elton John, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton, Billy Joel, Jay-Z and others.

In 2007 he retired from the business but still kept a major influence in the industry.

Don Devito is survived by his wife Carolyn and his two children, Marissa and James.


Getting some help from The Roots, the legendary Jimmy Cliff took to Jimmy Fallon last night to perform his classic "The Harder They Come" and "World Upside Down." Take a look!

Saturday, November 26, 2011


For a band to have a song called "New York City Moves to the Sound of Los Angeles," it is a bold accusation and title for a song but if you are band like Funeral Party, you are one of the few bands that can have a song titled that way and live up to it. For the east-LA five piece, Funeral Party are a rambunctious cornucopia of sound that are inspired by the music culture they have grown up on. They are part Red Hot Chili Peppers, part NWA, part Incubus, part Jane's Addiction, part Deftones but all their own. Funeral Party, who released their fantastic debut, The Golden Age of Nowhere earlier this year after much delay from labels, Funeral Party bring a raucous party and are only ready for more. A young band with much to say, Funeral Party are here to get you moving and bring you back to a time when rock and roll was dangerous. I spoke with singer Chad Elliot about the bands beginnings, build-ups and bold accusations about moving my city to the sound of his. Take a look at my interview with Chad below:

The name of the band is very morbid but the music you make is very upbeat, did you want to have a contrast like this when people heard your name then heard you music?

We didn’t really think about it like that, but we eventually noticed that contrast exists. The songs are energetic; they’re not really so upbeat once you’ve deconstructed the lyrics. We formed this band as a way of escaping our burned-out town, a place where death looms immanent, so Funeral Party was the perfect name.

The sound and style of this band is very much like LA, does the city hold a major influence on your music?

It does, but not necessarily directly. We’re from a suburb of Los Angeles, so we are outsiders in some ways. LA’s influence is filtered through that otherness.

Everyone in the band has grown up together and you have all known each other for years. Who started the conversation for all of you to form a band?

James Torres, our guitarist, but I had always wanted to be in a band. Music was banned from my life early on, due to my parents’ religious beliefs. My first exposure to rock music was seeing a Stooges video, so from that moment, I wanted to do music. The fact that is was contraband in my home only made me gravitate to it more.

Over here in New Jersey, Long Island and DC many bands started off playing basements. When you were starting out, you did a ton of gigs in backyards. Is this a popular thing for rising bands to do on West Coast?

It’s hot in California and there aren’t really basements, so backyards and warehouses, tow yards, abandoned houses – these are the logical DIY venues, but yes, backyard parties are sort of a rite of passage. Even Van Halen first caught traction in Southern California playing backyard parties. Even when bands weren’t popular, people were throwing backyard parties where DJs performed. There was a moment in 2005-2006 when bands and DJs were playing the same parties; it seemed to be unique to our neighborhood, but those parties were really great. It’s what we imagine NYC in 1980 to have been like, when Punk and Hip-Hop were part of the same art scene, except it was the Los Angeles, suburban incarnation, so I imagine it was more urgent because the cops were always on their way, and you had to make every moment count.

Like many American bands you have become massively popular in the UK before breaking big here in the US. Why is this?

It’s only speculation, but maybe because the music channels in UK still play music. It could be because people in UK still enjoy listening to the radio – but this is only a guess.

Your live shows are pretty incredible; you put 100% of yourselves into every gig. Does it get exhausting after a while?

Somehow it’s more exhausting not to do shows.

After many delays, your debut, “Golden Age of Nowhere” was finally released. What caused the delays? Do you feel any vindication now that it is out?

Who knows what caused the delays? Schedules change. Vindication? That’s a loaded term. Let’s please say, we are very excited that Golden Age of Knowhere has been released.

What was it like recording your debut?

Completely different than what what we’d always romanticized it to be, but a fulfilling experience just the same. We learned a lot, and we still have a lot more we want to try.

After the record was released, you were on Letterman and Kimmel, what were those experiences like?

Each were amazing experiences. Playing Letterman isn’t really something we expected to do when we formed the band; it just wasn’t part of our reality. We’re glad we had that opportunity. Kimmel was particularly exciting because all of our hometown came out of the woodwork and took the El Capitan Theatre (where the show is filmed) over. At one point, Jimmy asked if there was anyone in the audience who wasn’t from Whittier. If we’re fortunate enough to play Letterman again, maybe we’ll bring our hometown friends to NYC.

BURNING QUESTION: Does NYC move to the sound of LA?

It has every time we’ve played there.

2011 The Albums - Honorable Mentions

Now we begin, as we have done every Thanksgiving weekend for the last five years, the first of three year-end installments to congratulate, praise and look at the best albums of the year. Here is the first list, our HONORABLE MENTIONS category, a handful of records that did not crack our Top 10 but worthy of note. Next week we will bring our coveted, LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN award. Stay tuned for that but in the meantime, here are 2011's honorable album mentions. As always it is broken up into a quick list and then with explanations.

2011 Honorable Mentions (In No Particular Order) Short Form:

- The Horrors - Skying
- Glasvegas - /// EUPHORIC HEARTBREAK \\\
- Friendly Fires - Pala
- The Decemberists - The King is Dead
- Beady Eye - Different Gear, Still Speeding
- Chapel Club - Palace

Now with Explanations:

The Horrors - Skying
The British cold-wave / goth inspired band returned this year with album number three. Over the course of the bands five years together, they have managed to evolve in all the right ways. From their interesting debut, Strangehouse to 2009's Primary Colours, they were all stepping stones to lead up to Skying. The Horrors best and most beautiful work to date. An album inspired by everything great about 80's British music engulfed in a flair that only The Horrors can bring.
Key Tracks: Still Life, Ocean's Burning

Glasvegas - ///EUPHORIC HEARTBREAK \\\
The Scottish band returns with a new drummer, one from Sweden in fact and producer Flood and gives a record of the tragedies of love. Inspired by Phil Spector's "Wall of Sound," Flood and the band added their own noise-rock flair to it and create a layered and lush record that will bring tears to your eyes. James Allen went from writing about his life and youth to his days as a rockstar and loosing the love of his life. Glasvegas' sound has gotten bigger and this record swells with emotion.
Key Tracks: Stronger Than Dirt (Homosexuality Part 2), Euphoria, Take My Hand

Friendly Fires - Pala
The British band returned with an album of island beats, electronic hooks and the years most colorful album. Pala is a record that sounds like New Order met up with Lee "Scratch" Perry and threw the years best party. What a ton of fun to listen to, Pala will have you moving and shaking for hours.
Key Tracks: Live Those Days Tonight, Blue Cassette.

The Decemberists - The King is Dead
America's indie darlings returned this year with one of their finest albums of their long career. Colin Meloy and crew bring their literary lyrical sensibilities and add some joy to their serious music for a record of twangy / skiff-rock inspired music. The King is Dead is a record to celebrate life to and feel very much alive.
Key Tracks: Don't Carry it All, January Hymn

Beady Eye - Different Gear, Still Speeding
In the year that both Gallagher brothers release their post-Oasis solo albums, Liam brings the remaining members of Oasis to Beady Eye and the band go balls-to-the-wall full throttle on their debut. Taking inspiration from all areas of Britrock, Beady Eye stand tall and proud on their own. Different Gear, Still Speeding is the most appropriate title for this album, take the rock and roll fortitude Oasis had, crank it to 11 and enjoy.
Key Tracks: Kill for a Dream, Wigwam

Chapel Club - Palace
One of our favorite debuts of the year, Chapel Club take their dark and moody British sound to the masses and do it right. Singer Lewis Bowman's introspective narrative coupled with the band's dreary and intricate sound, at the pace they are going, Chapel Club have a long and prosperous career ahead of them - Palace is proof of this.
Key Tracks: Surfacing, O Maybe I

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


As we draw an end to the month, it is that time to display our monthly playlist. Take a look at the full list here then get most of it on Spotify.

- Givers - "Up, Up, Up"
- Radiohead - "Staircase"
- Coheed and Cambria - "Devil in Jersey City"
- Frank Turner - "Eulogy"
- Arctic Monkeys - "She's Thunderstorms"
- Morning After Girls - "Alone"
- Black Keys - "Have Love Will Travel"
- Raekwon - "Butter Knives"
- Tupac - "Letter to my Unborn Child"
- Yazoo - "Don't Go"
- The Damned - "I Fall"
- Von Pea - "The Yorker"
- The Cure - "Homesick"
- The Wombats - "Our Perfect Disease"
- The White Stripes - "Hello Operator"
- Zomby - "Strange Fruit"
- The Gift - "Made for You"
- Xylos - "Mission"
- The Hold Steady - "Barfruit Blues"
- Horrible Crowes - "Last Rites"
- Red Hot Chili Peppers - "The Adventures of Rainedance Maggie"
- Tears for Fears - "Ideas for Opiates"
- Bon Iver - "Calgary"
- Happy Mondays - "Hallelujah"

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BJORK on Jools Holland!

On the same show as RHCP and Noel Gallagher, Bjork dazzled everyone when she brought her Biophilia project to Jools and played "Crystalline." View it here!

Noel Gallagher on Jools Holland

Noel Gallaghers High Flying Birds wowed Jools Holland last night with a magnificent version of "AKA..What a Life." Take a look.

Red Hot Chili Peppers on Jools Holland!

The Chili Peppers returned to Later...with Jools Holland to perform "Monarchy of Roses," take a look!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Quick News

Before Sunrise and Before Sunset actress and Two Days in Paris Director, Julie Delpy will direct the Joe Strummer film, The Right Profile. The film will focus on The Clash frontman's exile from public life after a publicity stunt for Strummer turned into a reclusive reality and his fight to get back into the spotlight until his death in 2002.

GZA of Wu-Tang Clan will address Harvard University at the University's Black Men's Forum where GZA will discuss his life in and outside of Wu and his lyrics. The speech takes place on December 1.

Inspirational Carpets will release their first single in 16 years, the song "You're So Good To Me" will be released next month and the Carpets will release a new album next year.

The Vaccines are already working on the follow-up to their breakout debut, What Did You Expect from The Vaccines? The band hopes to have the record out next year.

Editors bassist Russell Leetch has given an update on the band's planning of their new album. Taking to the band's website, Russell explains that the band will begin recording their fourth album early next year and are wrapping up the writing process to the album now. The band plan to record the album in LA and London.

Regina Spektor will release her new album, What We Saw from the Cheep Seats in May.

Sad news to report, after over a decade together, New Jersey post-punkers Thursday are going on indefinite hiatus after their current tour. The band, who just released their latest record, No Devolucion this past spring. In 2009 we spoke with guitarist Steve Pedulla in 2009, take a look at that interview HERE.

LISTEN to Smith & Burrows

As we mentioned last month, Editors front man Tom Smith and former Razorlight drummer Andy Burrows are Smith and Burrows. The duo will release their Christmas themed debut, Funny Looking Angels next week BUT you can hear it here before it hits stores!

This is a worthwhile listen for this holiday season, modern Holiday songs for our times.

Smith & Burrows 'Funny Looking Angels' album by PIAS Entertainment

Paul Weller Cover & Track Listing

The Modfather, Paul Weller will release his new studio album, Sonik Kicks on March 26 in UK and the following day in the US. Appearing on the album is Blur's Graham Coxon and longtime Weller friend, Noel Gallagher. Take a look at the cover above and the tracklisting below:

1. “Green”
2. “The Attic”
3. “Kling I Klang”
4. “Sleep Of The Serene”
5. “By The Waters”
6. “That Dangerous Age”
7. “Study In Blue”
8. “Dragonfly”
9. “When Your Garden’s Overgrown”
10. “Around The Lake”
11. “Twilight”
12. “Drifters”
13. “Paperchase”
14. “Be Happy Children”

M83 on FALLON!

France's M83 performed on Fallon last night in support of their brilliant new album, Hurry Up, We're Dreaming! Take a look at the band perform one of our favorite tracks off the album, "Midnight City."

Leonard Cohen Cover & Tracklisting

Iconic poet, musician and singer Leonard Cohen will release his new album, Old Ideas on January 31 via Columbia records. Take a look at the cover above and the track listing below:

01 Going Home
02 Amen
03 Show Me the Place
04 The Darkness
05 Anyhow
06 Crazy to Love You
07 Come Healing
08 Banjo
09 Lullaby
10 Different Sides

Monday, November 21, 2011


Mastodon attacked Terminal 5 in New York City this past weekend. Take a look at correspondent RICH D SMOOV's pictures of the event and watch a little clip reel we put together of the show.

Video edited by THE CREATURE

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Quick News

The wait is over, Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band return this summer! 2012 will be a big year for Bruce and the band as they will release a new album and hit the road with a world tour that see's them in Europe this summer (headlining Isle of Wight Festival and Hyde Park Calling) and then over to the US. This is the first tour since Clarence Clemons passed away this past July. Listen to Officially A Podcast with our October interview with E-Street guitarist, Nils Lofgren HERE.

Slayer are currently in the studio working on a new album. It will be the band's follow-up to 2009's World Painted Blood.

Manchester Orchestra have parted ways with Columbia Records, the band's last record with the label was this past year's Simple Math.

Depeche Mode fans around the world, rejoice...Vince Clarke and Martin Gore are making music together again. Clarke, a founding member of Depeche Mode left the band in 1981 to form Yazoo and Erasure, now, 30 years later, he and Gore are making music together. United under the name VCMG, the duo will release their debut at some point in 2012, in the meantime, next month they will release their first single "Spook."

AIR Cover & Track Listing

On February 7, French duo AIR will return with their new album of original material that is based off a very classic piece of cinema history. AIR will release, Le Voyage Dans La Lune (A Trip To The Moon), based on the classic silent film by revered French director Georges Méliès, which was made famous for a whole new genertaion when Smashing Pumpkins paid homage to it for "Tonight, Tonight" video. A Trip to the Moon was released in 1902, this legendary 14-minute film is widely considered one of the most important works in film history. Last year, AIR were approached to compose an original modern soundtrack, the film with the new soundtrack debuted at Cannes on May 11, 2011.

Inspired by their work on the film, AIR composed a full album based on the films story. Take a look at the cover above and the track listing below:

1. Astronomic Club

2. Seven Stars

3. Retour sur terre

4. Parade

5. Moon Fever

6. Sonic Armada

7. Who Am I Know?

8. Décollage

9. Cosmic Trip

10. Homme lune

11. Lava

Sunday, November 20, 2011


With every stage and every set of eyes Yelle has performed in front of this year, she has connected with her audience and made a new fan each and every time. Just ask anyone that saw her at the Gobi tent at Coachella this year, they will confirm these opening remarks. Interesting enough, for the French artist known as Yelle, she has managed to make a name for herself and her band without even singing a lick of anything in English. This is an interesting feat in it itself simply because, many foreign acts are forced to sing or chose to sing in English to gain much more attention, for Yelle it is all about their homeland pride. In an exclusive interview (not conducted in French) we spoke to Yelle as she and her band embarked on a headlining tour of the US clubs in support of their latest album, the dance-tacular Safari Disco Club. Take a look at our interview with Yelle below.

Your latest album, “Safari Disco Club,” where does the title come from?

It basically comes from the song Safari Disco Club. When the album was done and we were looking for a title, we just picked up the song title that was the most inspiring , including visually… Safari + Disco gives a lot of ideas!!!

How was the experience making “Safari Disco Club?”

We had actually all the time we wanted to focus on it as we only do music now, and no deadlines because we also now have our own label (Recreation Center). We first rented a house in the countryside of Brittany, in France (our far west!) to start writing the album. Then we spent a lot of time in our home studio… with sometimes a lot of inspiration, creating 3 songs in a week, and sometimes nothing for 2 months! Ideas always come from nowhere, while driving, whistling, or just having a word or two in mind, a punchline, a beat in the laptop, a weird sound that we absolutely want to use (for example that can sound in Safari Disco Club) and then we build things around, like a snow ball, finishing in the studio! We basically wanted to release single songs, as soon as the song would have been done, not so much thinking of an album format. But we are finally very happy and proud of the result: our album is made of singles yet is totally cohesive as a whole! It has to be strong!

The album cover is very playful and fun, who came up with the idea for Yelle’s outfit?

Jean-François Perrier (GrandMarnier) had this in mind for a long time. He is the mastermind. He shared it with Jean-Paul Lespagnard, our Belgian designer friend, and the magic happened! Jean-Paul is really good with double-taste things, and the album is made of this all way long… so the safari/disco thing was perfect for him!

How did the band originate?

GrandMarnier was making loops on his laptop 6 years ago and he guested me to sing on it. When we decided to play live, we guested Tanguy Destable (Tepr) to play the keys and at the same time we finished the first album. After 3 years of touring "Pop Up", then a year in the studio making Safari Disco Club, we are a real trio now!

Being an electronic based French pop band coming to the US, how has it been playing shows here?

AND with French lyrics too!

Playing here is always a blast. We love the US so much. People, spirit, landscapes, energy, everything fit us really well (ok, maybe not the size of the food ahah!). And the crowd is so into it! It's impressive how much we can share love and energy with you guys, so direct! Boom!

Is there a language barrier or is music truly the universal language?

Not at all! And it's very funny because it reminds us when we were teenagers, yelling English lyrics that we didn't understand at all, we call it "singing yoghurt" in France! It's all about energy, and people can feel what the lyrics are about anyway, they match the music. Magical!

France has had such an impact on music the past few years with yourselves, Phoenix, Justice, Busy P’s Ed Banger Records, Tahiti 80 and of course Daft Punk. Is France where music’s biggest scene is now?

It's hard to say. I don't really feel comfortable with the idea of a "French scene". You know, we come from Brittany, in a small city called Saint-Brieuc, it's like being from anywhere else in the world, there is no "touch", no "network" there. Everybody has the same network now, internet! There is no barrier anymore, so many cool bands from everywhere… The biggest scene is the world! Ok, I sound a bit hippie right now but I believe it!

Who are some of your biggest inspirations?

I would say Kate Bush and Dave Gahan. So WOW. But i wouldn't say they are inspirations, because actually everything can inspire me. They are icons for me, icons of modern pop.

Is France and the town you come from an inspiration to your music?

Well, my friends, my family, what i live is inspiration. So France and my town too. But I can't explain it that much, it's just about moods. We don't have any song about "galette saucisse" (sausage crepe, typical food from Saint-Brieuc!). ahah!

Do you ever plan to record in English?

We don't know how to write in English in a clever/creative way yet… It's easy to play with French words, but I don't want to sing "basic English" just because I am not fluent. But I don't say no, we'll see… I am thinking about covering classic American Country songs actually :)

You have been touring the world for years now, what has been your favorite place?

Wow, choosing a place is very complicated. We love so many countries… if I had to pick up a "crush", I would say Chile maybe.

You recently played Coachella and the crowd seemed to respond in such positive ways. What was that experience like for you?

That was the second time for us at Coachella (we played there in 2008), so we were even more excited! We had some technical problems that frustrated us a bit but the crowd was SO crazy! That was insane!!! We loved it so much, incredible experience.

LISTEN! Early Radiohead Demos!

Before they were Radiohead they were On a Friday, the name of the early band came from the day of the week that they rehearsed and practiced in Oxford. Uploaded earlier this month, two demo's from On a Friday have been leaked to Youtube. As the user klootme points out, these demo's were made before guitar virtuoso Johnny Greenwood joined the band.

Take a listen to two songs from 1986 called "Everybody Knows" and "Girl (in the Purple Dress)."

5 Albums for 5 Years

As we picked our "5 Artists for 5 Years" list last week, we conclude the series with five albums that have shaped us and amazed us not just on their arrival, but all these years later. In the five years we have run this site, here are the five most influential records that have come out since our birth.

Boys and Girls in America by The Hold Steady

Though we picked this band as our most influential in our series last week, this record, released in 2006, brought them to our attention. I have written about how much this record means to me on a personal level for The Spectator in UK last fall and it's stories of escaping suburbia and moving on with your life still hold true as I live in the big city. Boys and Girls in America is one of the important rock and roll records ever made, because with every song and every chorus and every story that is being told you can relate to it - because you lived it.

In Rainbows by Radiohead

In the fall of 2007, Radiohead changed the music world (again) when they declared that fans could pay whatever they wanted for their new record, In Rainbows. While most thought it was too good to be true, turns out it was a fact and it turns out that In Rainbows is one of the best albums this band has ever released. Whether the record cost you a penny or a grand, whatever price you paid was worth it. In Rainbows heard Radiohead still dabble in the ambient and unknown sounds they had been cultivating since the release of Kid A but transformed them into brilliant pop songs, well, pop for Radiohead.

Neon Bible by Arcade Fire

When Arcade Fire released Funeral in 2005, many including myself were curious to see if the constant dance-breakdowns and curious lyrics would be the norm for this Canadian outfit. Yet, when they released Neon Bible in 2007 they shocked everyone with such a dark record that take a serious look at religion, politics, pop-culture and raises an eyebrow at what we hold high as a society. One of the most introspective and clever albums released in the last decade, Neon Bible is something we can hold in high regard.

Graduation by Kanye West

In his third and final mark of education themed albums, Kanye West graduated to the big leagues as a living legend with Graduation. As he established himself with his first two albums as a rapper with so much to say, Graduation took him to new heights as he went to bash his idol, Jay-Z on "Big Brother," worked with people like Chris Martin for "Homecoming" and proved that though hip-hop is what is most popular in America it can still be done in a way that will push he genre forward. Graduation is a record that we picked as a League of Their Own in 2007 and still holds true as this is West's best album from start to finish.

Body Talk by Robyn

The final installment in a trilogy of records from the Body Talk series, last year Swedish singer Robyn fired back as one of the greatest living pop stars on the planet. Working with people like Diplo, Snoop Dogg, Royksaap, Robyn finds a way to blur the line between pop and indie all under phenomenal dance beats. Body Talk is the best pop record of the last decade and only raises Robyn's profile and anticipation as to what she will do next.

Grazie! Gracias! Merci! Thanks!

We have had the honor of speaking to a countless number of great acts through our five years and through those years we have built relationships and bonds with many of them. To continue our celebration of our five years as a site, we wanted to share some of the kind words some of our favorite people have shared with us about us.

“One of the most fun-loving and forward-thinking blogs in the world, and run by one of the nicest guys in the business. Thank you Sal and Officially a Yuppie for getting in there so early with your support. Hopefully see you again real soon." Love from Chapel Club

"Five years, stuck on my eyes... Best thing I've seen on the internet since the panda that sneezes.” - Matthew Whitehouse, The Heartbreaks

"Sal and his peeps at are doing an amazing job of covering fresh, creative music and the entire NYC scene! They're not too hip for the room, but definitely have hip taste." - Doug Wimbish, Living Colour

“I read every week. Sal has his finger on the pulse of both commercial and independent music and entertainment. His blog has something for everyone and his interviews are always insightful. Plus, Sal's a great dude!” – Elliot Jacobson

“Thanks for these great questions” – Mary Foresberg Weiland

“So, does this make me a Yuppie now?!” – Mickey Leigh, Joey Ramone’s brother

“Thank you for the interview. I really appreciate the interest in my project. Be well” –Ben Kenney of Incubus

“It was good speaking with you. All the best.” Ian Mackaye

“No Crap Questions” – Rab Allen, Glasvegas

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WIN! RARE Mumford & Sons Gig Poster!

This past April we gave away tickets to a special and intimate Mumford and Son's gig in Tribeca for an taping. Now, if you were not one of the lucky ones to get in, we want you to get a piece of Mumford memorabilia and history.

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Great Soundtracks - Great Expectations

For a modern interpretation of a Dickens classic, director Alfonso Cuaron took to modern music for his 1998 film Great Expectations. Though the film's reactions were mixed, what Cuaron used to enhance his version of the story was simply brilliant. Though Cuaron could have easily used a score for this film, he chose to go with music of the time, Britpop, ambient and post-grunge. Taking B-Sides from artists like Pulp and Chris Cornell and using them in memorable scenes between the films two main characters helped paint the picture even bolder.

The soundtrack which features original music from Tori Amos and Duncan Sheik it also used classed songs from Iggy Pop, Grateful Dead and album tracks from Scott Weiland, Poe and Mono that served as a fantastic mix to the story telling and even on it's own, the soundtrack to Great Expectations is a perfect time capsule to what was being played in 1998. Even with the classic songs on the album, it showed how strong the influence people like The Dead and Iggy had on the bands of that era. It plays like a great compilation and one of the few soundtracks where it stands taller than the actual film.

Grouplove on Letterman!

Grouplove spread their fun lovin' sound on Letterman's show last night, watch them perform "Colours" off their debut, Never Trust a Happy Song.

Friday, November 18, 2011

BONUS Radiohead Remixes!

Last month Radiohead released the King of Limbs remix album entitled TKOL RMX 1234, above you can listen to three bonus cuts that did not make the final cut. Jamie xx does "Bloom," Nathan Fake reworks "Morning Mr. Magpie," and Anstam remixes "Separator."

John Fogerty on Letterman

The legendary John Fogerty was on Letterman last night and performed the classic's "Green River" and "Fortunate Son." Take a look!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

New Order Cover & Track Listing

Speaking to Slicing Up Eyeballs, Peter Hook gave info on a forthcoming New Order EP. The EP entitled, Lost Sirens will be out next month and will feature 8 songs that were leftover from the band's last record, Waiting for the Siren's Call.

Hook says this will "bring closure" to New Order, or his version of New Order that is. The band are currently on the road without Hooky after a much publicized and much controversial dispute in the press. Take a look at the cover to Lost Sirens above and the track listing below:

1. “Stay With You”
2. “Sugarcane”
3. “Recoil”
4. “Californian Grass (Doomy)”
5. “Hellbent”
6. “Shake It Up”
7. “I’ve Got A Feeling”
8. “I Told You So”

Lykke Li on Letterman

Lykke Li performed "Silent my Song" on Letterman last night. Take a look!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Quick Spins

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds
In the 1997 Oasis song, "Magic Pie," Noel Gallagher declared "But I'll have my way. In my own time. I'll have my say. My star will shine" Well, Mr Gallagher, your time to shine has come. Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds has finally releasedtheir long awaited and much hyped debut, arriving just five months after hisbrother and former band mates in Oasis, now Beady Eye, released their debut, Noel has his rebuttal. Noel, who has always been the songwriting backbone of his former band, stands tall and stands proud on his own and it comes to no surprise to anyone who is a fan of this man.The songs, which all have their own Oasis flair to them are extremely lush and layered and brings some of Noel's best work in years. Reuniting with former Oasis producer, D. Sardy, Noel proves his longevity on his own and this is a must listen to any fan of rock and roll. With the Oasis split and the two brothers parting ways, it proves that Liam maybe the Rock star but it is Noel who is the true musician."

Florence and the MachineCeremonials
There are certain records that arrive on high expectations, mainly because their debut was so good; you just have high hopes for the follow-up. Albums like (What’s the Story) Morning Glory, Nevermind, Led Zeppelin II, Evil Empire, Low End Theory, Closer – the list goes on but these are records that defy the “Sophomore Slump,” of follow-up records. We can now say without hesitation that Ceremonials can be added tothat list. Wales’ Florence and the Machine second album not only stands on it’s own as a brilliant record, it blows their debut out of the water. Ceremonials is an epic, lush, layered, well produced sonic sounding album. Adding symphonic arrangements and Florence Welch’s massive voice raising to the points of an opera singer, Ceremonials is a testimonial to heartbreak, loss and the after-life, it is also a must listen to anyone who appreciates great music.

Childish Gambino Camp
Hip-Hop has had a lackluster year, it really has and it needs a big pick-me-up, so when TV star Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino, who has built his reputation as a rapper the old fashion way by doing show after show, his long awaited debut, Camp is finally here and is one of the years best hip-hop albums. Poking fun at pop culture, his own celebrity and delivering it with such a raw intensity, Gambino’s raw appeal almost makes him out to be a hardcore singer rather than a rapper but as real and raw as it gets. His cadence and flow as an emcee is something to admire and something to keep an eye on, his career as a musician is taking off and before you know it, it will be Gambino that eclipses Glover.

David Lynch Crazy Clown Time
David Lynch like Donald Glover is more known for his work in on-screen entertainment rather than music. Lynch, who has achieved his acclaim as a cult film director now dabbles in music with help from Karen O., Lynch of course creates something we will find hard to understand but does a decent job at it. Lynch, who has always contributed to his film soundtracks now breaks out on his own. Of course it is a bit strange sounding…but would you expect anything else?

Dry the River Weights and Measures EP
The London band that we have been constantly talking about the last few months arrive with another EP of Earthy tones and sounds and make us hunger for a full length so badly.

Joker - The Vision
The English dubstep / grime artist who has been making a name for himself since 2008 finally releases his debut, The Vision via Hyperdub records. Joker takes dubstep into a much more darker and deeper place than most members of the genre have. In the young and quick growing genre, Joker proves he is no laughing matter and his vision for The Vision will only be the beginning.

The Decemberists Long Live the King EP
The second release from The Decemberists this year and it is the perfect companion to their brilliant, The King is Dead album. Colin Meloy and crew come back with their narrative style to keep fans smiling and close out a memorable year for the band. Long Live the King closes the story the band created with the LP and closes the books on 2011.

Los Campesinos! - Hello Sadness
The Welsh multi-member band returns with a follow-up to last years well received Romance is Boring. The band bring forth the same energy and flair they have in the past and for fans this is just a treat. Nothing really new on this but certainly one to enjoy.

Nils Lofgren Old School
Springsteen’s guitarist goes solo again for a record that has been a few years in the making. Old School shows Nils’ songwriting chops but of course we enjoy it thanks to his brilliant guitar licks. Listen to our interview with Nils on Episode 3 of Officially A Podcast HERE.

Totally Enormous Extinct DinosaursTrouble
UK producer Orlando Higginbottom aka Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs has been creating mixtapes and remixes for years and now has enough material to create his own material and fun dance album. Trouble is how TEED will make his mark on his own territory and own terms.

The Golden Awesome Autumn
This New Zeland art-rock took CMJ by storm last month and are ready for more attention. The bands debut, Autumn blends psychedelic rock and pop and melts it with something you can dance to. The Golden Awesome are a shining new artist from down under and will only burn brighter.

Tim Fite Cover & Track Listing

Beat makter and taste maker Tim Fite will release his new album, Ain't Ain't Ain't via Anti-records on March 6. Take a look at the cover above and the track listing below

1. Hold Me All Night – 3:10
2. Girard – 3:38
3. Bunnies – 3:32
4. Joyriding – 3:17
5. Telephone Booth – 4:19
6. We Are All Teenagers – 3:34
7. Because I Was Scared – 3:46
8. Tiger Shopping – 2:54
9. My Brother Sings – 1:47
10. Bully – 3:17
11. Talking To The Air – 2:51
12. Goodbye – 6:35
13. Ain’t Ain’t Ain’t – 2:22

Quick News

With new singer Wade MacNeil, Gallows will release their new EP, Death is Birth next month. This is the first new material the band has since original singer Frank Carter left over the summer to start his new band, Pure Love.

Electronic outfit Graffiti6 will release their debut, Colours on January 24 via EMI. Take a look at the track listing below:
Stone In My Heart
Annie You Save Me
Stare Into the Sun
This Man Free
Calm The Storm
Goodbye Geoffrey Drake
Never Look Back
Stop Mary
Lay Me Down
Over You

Dr. Dog will release their new album, Be the Void on February 7 via Anti-records, take a look at the track listing below:
That Old Black Hole
These Days
How Long Must I Wait
Get Away
Do The Trick
Heavy Light
Big Girl
Over Here, Over There
Warrior Man
Turning The Century

Zack De La Rocha's Poem for Occupy Wall Street

The reclusive front man for Rage Against the Machine and One Day as a Lion, Zack De La Rocha, has released a poem in support of the Occupy Wall Street and Occupy movements taking place around the globe. In a press statement, Zack says: “This poem is dedicated to the Occupy movement whose courage is changing the world. Stay Strong. We are winning.” 

The beginning spills through city veins Into the arteries And under powers poison clouds
We move like the shadows
Through the alley ways
Through nightmares bought and sold as dreams
Through barren factories
Through boarded schools
Through rotting fields
Through the burning doors of the past
Through imaginations exploding
To break the curfews in our minds
Our actions awaken dreams of actions multiplied
A restless fury
Once buried like burning embers
Left alone to smolder
But together stacked under the walls of a dying order
All sparks are counted
Calloused hands raised in silence
Over the bonfire of hope unincorporated
It's flame restores tomorrows meaning
Across the graveyards of hollow promises
As gold dipped vultures pick at what is left of our denial
And the youngest among us
Stare at us stoned like eyes determined
And say
Death for us may come early
Cause dignity has no price
At the corner of now and nowhere
Anywhere Everywhere Tomorrow is calling
Tomorrow is calling
 Do not be afraid

Joan Jett & Foo Fighters on Letterman

Joan Jett and Foo Fighters took rock and roll to Letterman to perform Jett's classic "Bad Reputation."

Live Review - Noel Gallagher @ Beacon Theater

In the summer of 2009, backstage before headlining V-Festival in France, Oasis broke up. In a bitter fight between the band’s two brothers, Liam and Noel Gallagher, Noel left the band and quit. Though, this has happened before, this time he meant it. The brothers have not spoken to each other since but they have scolded each other in the press and listened to each other’s music and bashed it. Two years after the bitter Oasis split, Liam Gallagher, along with the remaining members of Oasis formed Beady Eye. The band released their debut in June, Different Gear, Still Speeding to roaring approval and sold-out every show they played around the world. Beady Eye took the roaring balls-to-the-wall approach to their style of rock and roll and proved Liam can manage on his own. Now, months later, Noel has his say.

In the much hyped debut of Oasis’ former songwriter and creator, Noel Gallagher released his solo debut, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds and the album proves one thing – Liam is the rock star, but Noel is the musician. Noel’s debut is crafted of beautiful layers and brilliant lyrics; in fact, it is some of his best work in years. The two brothers are now the Romulus and Remiss of rock and roll and we all know how that story ended.

As hyped as Noel’s solo debut was, so was his sold-out small US tour. Taking the stage at 9pm in the second of two sold-out gigs at the Beacon Theater, Noel went to work. Opening with the Oasis B-Side “(It’s Good) to be Free,” a fitting opening and clear jab at his former job, he then went into the deep Oasis track “Mucky Fingers,” Noel grabbed the crowds attention straight away. Switching guitars the way George Clooney switches girlfriends, Noel sonically battered the audience with his opening numbers that eventually went into his new solo work with “Everybody’s On the Run,” and “Dream On.” It would take a few songs before he finally addressed the crowd and his banter to the audience was thanks in part to a young girl in the audience who asked for a guitar pick, Noel obliged and walked over to the tween and handed her a pick. “There is a lot of T-shirt buying in that kid!” Noel joked. As he continued onto his solo work, Noel and his High Flying Birds sounded perfect and backed by a simple yet effective light show, they were delivering everything fans hoped. The highlight of the main set would come when Noel grabbed an acoustic guitar and backed by his pianist and former Oasis touring member, Mike Rowe and performed a very alternative version of his breakthrough hit “Wonderwall,” while the crowd sang and cheered along, it was then into an acoustic and stripped down version of “Supersonic” that really had everyone at their feet. While the set altered between his solo materials, Oasis B-sides, deep cuts and hits, Noel was in top form. An hour and fifteen minutes later, the first set, which seemed to go by like a blur was done.

“Thank you for having me, this venue is beautiful, fuck Madison Square Gardens, this is a great place!” Noel said as he returned to the stage for an amazing three song encore that was full of Oasis tunes. Closing with “Don’t Look Back in Anger” and the crowd ripping the seat cushions off the chairs and chanting along like it was a European soccer (football) match, Noel smiled from ear to ear. His time has come and he realizes he has made songs that have changed people’s lives and realized he knows how to make the perfect pop-rock song no matter what band he is in and with all the drama that his previous outfit had, he cannot look back in anger, it built who he is now.

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds Set List
Beacon Theater 11/15/11 - Night 2

(It's Good) To Be Free
Mucky Fingers
Everybody's on the Run
Dream On
If I Had a Gun...
The Good Rebel
The Death of You and Me
Freaky Teeth
(I Wanna Live in a Dream in My) Record Machine
AKA... What a Life!
Talk Tonight
Soldier Boys and Jesus Freaks
AKA... Broken Arrow
Half The World Away
(Stranded On) The Wrong Beach


Little By Little
The Importance of Being Idle
Don't Look Back In Anger

Childish Gambino on Conan!

On the day his album, Camp was released, Childish Gambino took to Conan to celebrate and perform "Heartbeat." Take a look.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Live Review - Fucked Up / Titus Andronicus @ Le Poisson Rouge

New York City Gets Fucked Up
By Bill Reese*

If the rumors are true and Damian Abraham is planning to leave Fucked Up at the end of 2011, then last night’s performance “in the round” at Le Poisson Rouge in Manhattan will go down as one of the band’s legendary performances. The Toronto-based 6-piece—accompanied by a String Quartet—ripped through David Comes to Life, their four-act, 18-song, 78-minute rock opera like a runaway train.

As leader of the band, Abraham is less of a frontman and more of a mascot. He didn’t make it through his first song without ripping off a black T-shirt and completing the rest of the set topless, as is his custom. His vocals are gravelly, punishing, at times sounding as though he pained with every lyric. That said, the crowd were more than willing to assist this great white bear of a man, as he pushed the mic into the face of any fan he spotted singing along. He wasted no opportunity to share the mic and he spared no raised hand from a big sweaty high-five.

The stage at LPR was centered on the floor, offering everyone in attendance an up-close view, but Abraham took it a step further. He climbed up to the raised terrace lounge and sang with the VIP section. Later he sang “Remember My Name” from atop the bar like something out of a demented Coyote Ugly. He slam-danced with fans at the front of the stage and sang along with crowdsurfers, arm-in-arm, as if they were members of the band. Thing is, everybody was a member of Fucked Up, whether they realized it or not.

While Damian Abraham is a spectacle in-and-of himself, the triple-guitar, bass and drum combo of Fucked Up delivered an absolutely blistering set. Billy Joe Armstrong ain’t got shit on Fucked Up. This is the best riff-writing machine in Punk, hands down, and if asked they’d take on any Heavy Metal challengers as well. Their riffs are built like German sports cars, fast, sleek, surprisingly elegant. David Comes to Life has more hooks than a tackle shop, especially in the anthemic “Turn the Season,” the scream-along “Under My Nose,” and the fiery “Serve Me Right.”

By the beginning of Act IV of the 4-act opus, Abraham was running out of steam, but not spirit. A young Daryl Palumbo could jump around just as much and yell just as loud as Abraham, but he didn’t also have to lug around a solid 250—maybe even 300 pounds with him. It was exhausting just watching the lead singer stumble across the finish line as the band wrapped up David Comes to Life, with Abraham holding the mic aloft with one arm as the string quartet played them out. In case that wasn’t enough, the band came back out for a 3-song encore or previous work.

If Fucked Up had a thin, whiny singer, or a moniker that didn’t automatically disqualify them from any radio airplay, they would be the biggest band in Canada and would be one of the most popular bands in the United States. They don’t have either and we are all better off for it. Damian Abraham may be on his way to a well-deserved retirement or hiatus, but the brainchilds behind Fucked Up: guitarists Mike Haliechuk, Josh Zucker and Ben Cook; bassist Sandy Miranda; and drummer Jonah Falco, aren’t done yet. They’re amazingly intelligent songwriters and flawless musicians. If there was any doubt that David Comes to Life isn’t this reporter’s album of the year, those doubts are as torn to shreds as the Fucked Up singer’s vocal cords.

Oh yeah, and NJ hardcore heroes Titus Andronicus opened the show, playing a few new songs that may very well appear on the follow up to last year’s epic The Monitor. Singer/guitarist Patrick Stickles credited Fucked Up for teaching them that it was okay to write 7-minute punk epics. The new tracks sounded like a more-refined version of tunes from their debut An Airing of Grievances and were generally devoid of references to the American Civil War or any other major theme. One tune, a song Stickles dedicated to the band’s label—who he suggested would be happy to hear a 3-minute song for a change—was particularly catchy, showing signs that Stickles fellow New Jerseian Bruce Springsteen is rubbing off on the frontman a bit. Another new track, “Food Fight,” tackled Stickles’ self-described eating disorder, and went from being a frolicky Clash-esque riff to a distorted late-era Nirvana dirge towards the end. It was the band’s third show with new guitarist Liam Betson, who replaced the effervescent Amy Klein.

*Bill Reese is a contributing writer to Officially A Yuppie. He is also the Host of our podcast, Officially A Podcast.