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Free Pussy Riot

Maria Alyokhina, 24, Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, 22, and Yekaterina Samutsevich, 29, are members of the Russian band Pussy Riot. The band, which takes inspiration from riot grrl punk bands like Bikini Kill, are all-female groups that counter sexism, misogyny and reprehension of ideas. After a performance in February at a Moscow cathedral, the members of Pussy Riot were jailed after they asked The Virgin Mary to “Thrown Putin Out,” Putin, of course being Russia’s controversial President and former Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin. After their performance asking The Virgin Mary for assistance, the band were arrested and charged with "hooliganism motivated by religious hatred or hostility.” The members could face up to seven years in jail if convicted.

On Monday July 30, 2012, the three women stood trial and have gained support from members outside the court chanting, “Girls, we are with you.” However, opposition has demanded harsh punishment for the ladies. Tolokonnikova said in court, "Our motives were exclusively political." In a statement by Alyokhina, she said, "I thought the church loved all its children, but it seems the church loves only those children who love Putin."

Pussy Riot formed in 2011 and is taking their creative liberties to speak out against Putin and his government. The band has staged guerrilla-like surprise concerts in Red Square prior to their now infamous concert at a Moscow Cathedral.

The band have pled their innocence and now Amnesty and Change.org have began a petition to raise awareness and voices to get the members of the band free and released. To take action and sign the petition, click HERE.
Watch the incident of the band performing in the Moscow cathedral below:

Avett Brothers Cover & Tracklisting

The Avett Brothers will release their new record, The Carpenter on September 11. Take a look at the cover above and the tracklisting below:

01. The Once And Future Carpenter
02. Live And Die
03. Winter In My Heart
04. Pretty Girl From Michigan
05. I Never Knew You
06. February Seven
07. Through My Prayers
08. Down With The Shine
09. A Fathers First Spring
10. Geraldine
11. Paul Newman Vs. The Demons
12. Life

Monday, July 30, 2012

Mumford & Sons Cover & Tracklisting

On September 25, Mumford & Sons will release their sophomore release, Babel. The record, which is one of the most anticipated of the year, will contain 12 songs. Take a look at the cover above and the tracklisting below:

"Whispers in the Dark"
"I Will Wait"
"Holland Road"
"Ghosts That We Knew"
"Lover of the Light
"Lovers' Eyes"
"Hopeless Wanderer"
"Broken Crown"
"Below My Feet"
"Not With Haste"

Quick News

During a concert over the weekend in Paris, Ministry frontman, Al Jourgensen collapsed on stage and was taken to a nearby hospital. A statement on the band's Facebook page read: July 27, 2012 PARIS 9:05 pm Ministry Front man Al Jourgensen collapsed on-stage during the live Ministry performance and was rushed to hospital via ambulance where he was examined by numerous physicians and diagnosed to have had a full-system collapse due to extreme dehydration and heat exhaustion intensified by the lack of ventilation on stage at the venue. Doctors confirm via blood tests conducted that Jourgensen's alcohol blood levels were well below normal and no narcotics were found in his system. As a result, Ministry has cancelled today's appearance at the L'Etaples France Rock en Stock Festival in order to allow Mr. Jourgensen a few days rest to recuperate and receive additional medical attention in Switzerland. Jourgensen fully intends to complete the remaining shows on the Ministry DeFiBriLlaTouR European leg. Jourgensen extends his most sincere apologies to his devoted Parisian fans who displayed so much love, respect and concern for him before and after the Ministry show. Says Jourgensen: "I will make it up to you, somehow. I love Paris, I love the Parisian people. I'm so sorry ...but, shit happens and the shit hit the fan for me last night."

Blabbermouth.net reported that at a Q&A in Mexico City, Metallica discussed the follow-up to Death Magnetic. Drummer Lars Ulrich said, ""We're not going to start recording, we're going to start writing."Singer James Hetfeild added, "We don't know what's inspiring us right now. I've been itching to write for a long time, all of us have, so there's lots of ideas."After hearing this, fans are well aware not to get too excited for this process could take a years, as it sounds the band are in no rush to release anything.

Down will release a new EP, Down IV Part I - The Purple EP, in September. Take a look at the tracklisting below:
1. Levitation
2. Witchtripper
3. Open Coffins
4. The Curse Is A Lie
5. This Work Is Timeless
6. Misfortune Teller

Over the weekend, Jay Electronica tweeted the entire tracklisting to his new record, Act II: Patient of Nobility. No word as to when the record will be released, be take a look at what he has on it:
01 Real Magic [ft. Ronald Regan]
02 New Illuminati [ft. Kanye West]
03 Patents of Nobility
04 Life on Mars (@FatBellyBella)
05 Bonnie & Clyde guest starring Serge Gainsbourg
06 Dinner at Tiffanys (The Shiny Suit Theory) [ft. Charlotte Gainsbourg, Jay-Z & The-Dream]
07 Memories & Merlot
08 Better in Tune with the Infinite [ft. Latonya Givens]
09 A Letter to Falon
10 Road to Perdition [ft. Jay-Z]
11 Welcome to Knightsbridge [ft. Sean Diddy Combs]
12 Rough Love [ft. Kanye West]
13 Run & Hide guest starring The Bullitts
14 Nights of the Roundtable (first draft skeleton)
15 10,000 Lotus Petals

Muse released the cover to their forthcoming, sixth record, The 2nd Law. The colorful cover, which are the fibers found within the brain that transmit information, create an inspiring image. Take a look:

Ellie Goulding will release her new record, Halcyon, in October. Take a look at the cover below:

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Last week the news broke that Swedish dream-rock, psychedelic juggernauts, The Soundtrack of Our Lives were breaking up this fall. The band, who released their seventh record, Throw it to the Universe, earlier this year are calling it quits after near 17 years together. The band, which gained international acclaim after the release of their brilliant 2002 record, Behind the Music, went on to tour the world and become one of rock's favorite bands. From their magical and inspiring live shows to their epic releases, The Soundtrack of Our Lives will be missed. Right before anyone knew they were breaking up, we spoke with the bands bombastic singer, Ebbot Lundberg about the bands longevity, their new record and Sweden's music scene. Again, we had no idea the band were splitting, but as you will see, he dropped some major hints. Take a look.

You recently released your new record, Throw it to the Universe, after all this time and this being your seventh record, where do you find inspiration for your songs?

 The inspiration is simply what is now.

The title, Throw it to the Universe, is pretty bold. Does it reflect how you want the music out to the world?

It is the purpose of this record and everything we´ve done in the past.

Communion was such a massive album for you, a double-record! After making that album, was the idea to go back-to-basics for Throw it to the Universe?

It was to fulfill the idea of our presence as a group.And now it´s finally done.

Seven albums in, you show no signs of stopping, yet, with all the touring and recording, is this still exciting for you?

This is the signal of entering a period of recordings to end.To undo repetition. Very exciting and promotionally thrilling for us.

So many people make up this band, does ego, philosophy and arrogance ever interfere with making a record?

Ego does basically interfere with everything in this so called life. But it is a necessity to experience the wish to complete the time that has been given for this entity. Arrogance may be one of the great obstacles but as we move on  - it is all about overcoming the fear of what is within. And the philosophy is to make the narcissist become a narciss. Which is the basic meaning of the term "walking on water". A way to find balance so to speak. As a group of paranoid and self-involved entertainers.

Sweden has become the new musical Mecca with so many artists like Robyn, The Sounds, The Hives, the reunited Refused and yourselves along with so many others are huge internationally. Are your proud to see Sweden on the musical map?

I would rather see bands like Caviare Days, The Oholics, Långfinger and Silverbullit represent the so called Scandinavian music scene on this planet. Though I think Refused did a good job in the past along with my old band Union Carbide Productions.

After all these years what is your favorite memory being in The Soundtrack of Our Lives?

 Playing in Egypt and Mongolia for people who did not have any kind of reference to anything.

When the band formed in 1995, did you think that in 2012 you would still be making music?

Yes. That was the idea and the timeline. In 2013 we are no longer working as a group.

You have said before that there has to be a certain amount of mysticism in music or it does not work. Do you feel many artists these days lack that?

Well I have to say it depends what apparatus running this world is spreading for the moment. Mysticism is a way of feeling things by intuition. And bands who are in that sphere are far more interesting than wagon jumpers looking for temporary fame and fortune. It´s been a shallow soundwave indeed ruling this world for the last decades but there´s also been a lot of interesting things going on under the surface currently. Good thing do always last. Like the year of 1966 for instance, and 2012 of course, and real mystic oriented artists knows that. Even in death, like Steven Jobs and Arthur Lee for instance.

From Noel and Liam Gallagher to Little Steven Van Zandt to critics around the world, this band has been praised by so many. How do you respond to the acclaim?

By making this new album. And to introduce these people to new exotic stages of reality distortion.

Gaslight Anthem on Fallon!

 It was a big week for Gaslight Anthem - their new record, Handwritten, was released and went to #1 on iTunes charts! Take a look as the band capped off a big week on Fallon!

Quick News

In our previous post, we mentioned that Frank Turner performed at the Olympic's Opening Ceremony hand selected by director, Danny Boyle. Turner, who performed in front of 200,000 people inside the arena, not to mention the millions watching around the world, had this to say about the experience, “Being asked to play the Opening Ceremony was something I never imagined was going to happen in my wildest most feverish dreams; but the fact that Danny Boyle asked me personally, as a fan, convinced me to do it. It's a pretty terrifying prospect, but I'm secretly pretty happy to be part of it, it's a once-in-a-lifetime thing.”

Another selection from Boyle was Alex Trimble of Two Door Cinema Club, who sang solo at the Opening Ceremony. Trimble, bursting with excitement released this statement, "I remember getting a call from my manager one morning while I was on tour in America. It woke me up and I was half asleep and hungover - he told me that Danny wanted me to come and perform a song at the Olympics. I listened and then went back to sleep. When I woke up again I actually thought the call had been a dream. My manager called back and after a lot of convincing that it was, in fact, a real genuine offer, I obviously said yes." “I'm really proud of the performance. I have so much respect for the team that put it all together. Danny always made time to sit with me one on one and go through things and see how everything was going and with Rick we worked one on one too. In the studio, on the phone, it just felt so personal. Not like something that's gone out worldwide! I'm sure it'll take a few months for the reality to fully sink in."

Director Robert Rodriguez has confirmed that Lady Gaga will appear in his new film, Machete Kills, the sequel to the Grindhouse-esque Machete. Gaga will play La Chameleon, no word on exactly what her character does.

The former bassist of NYHC band, The Cro-Mags, Harley Flanagan, spoke to New York Natives this week to defend himself and give his side of the story from that now infamous CBGB's Festival stabbing that occurred at Webster Hall earlier this month. Flanagan, who allegedly stabbed two members of the current Cro-Mags lineup. Flanagan said, "When I saw that door get pulled shut, I was literally fighting for my life. I was afraid these guys were going to kick me half to death, roll me down the back steps, and that no one would see it... and there would be no witnesses and that would be that... And all I could think about was getting home safe to my kids... I wanted to save my life, to protect myself, and these guys were trying to do me in." We spoke to Sick of It All's Lou Koller in OFFICIALLY A PODCAST, who was also at the event and witnessed what happened, here is what he had to say.

Circa Survive will release their new album, Violent Waves, next moth. The total DIY record will be released on August 28. Take a look at the tracklisting below:
01. Birth of the Economic Hit Man
02. Sharp Practice
03. Suitcase
04. The Lottery
05. My Only Friend
06. Phantasmagoria
07. Think of Me When They Sound 
08. Brother Song
09. Bird Sounds
10. Blood From a Stone
11. I'll Find a Way

The Killers will release their new record, Battle Born, this fall. Take a look at the cover below:


 Like Arctic Monkeys, Frank Turner was hand selected by Danny Boyle to perform at the Olympic Opening Ceremonies. Take a look at just surfaced (finally) video of Turner performing his hit, "I Still Believe."

Friday, July 27, 2012


 Danny Boyle hand selected Arctic Monkeys to perform at the Olympics Opening Ceremony as they played "I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor" and The Beatles "Come Together."

Frank Turner Documentary Trailer

Frank Tuner released the trailer for his documentary, I Still Believe (The Road to Wembley), take a look!

Also, take a look at our January interview with Turner HERE.

Live Review - Conor Oberst / First Aid Kit @ Fairfield Theater

Conor Oberst / First Aid Kit
*By Shawn Grindle

The doors opened to Fairfield Theatre Company’s Stage One as the massive black front from a horrific line of thunder storms hit the Connecticut coastline. Patrons were literally blown inside of the doorway only to be later blown away by First Aid Kit and Conor Oberst.

The night for us was literally and figuratively a perfect storm. The room is really just a black box theatre holding maybe 150 people soaking wet, which many were.  After some delay due to the weather dressed in shimmering gypsy dresses First Aid Kit walked onto the small stage nonchalantly.  Joking this was their first time playing in Fairfield they launched into "New Years Eve" off their new record (which is fantastic) and then onto other recent songs like "The Lions Roar," "Blue," "Emmylou," "King of the World" and older staples "Waltz for Richard" and "You’re Not Coming Home Tonight." They even threw in a Rolling Stones Cover of "Play With Fire," that they did for the BBC on this the Stones 50th Anniversary Year.  For those there only to see Conor it I am sure it was a treat to see these two “magical creatures” as Conor would go on to call them. After their set there was a definite lust for more from the girls from Stockholm and we would not be disappointed.

Wearing a slim blue suit an unbuttoned white shirt and long hair Conor sat center stage and began his set with a passionate version of "The Big Picture" and quickly segued into "Arienette." It was something quite special to be sitting feet from Conor as he sat in a chair trying to contain the energy he put into every song. His passion and angst often resulted in his legs stomping and swinging under his seat in reference to the lyrics he was sometimes whispering and sometimes screaming into the small Stage One space.

First Aid Kit joined him on stage for several songs  most notably for me was "Classic Cars" and "Lua." If First Aid Kit were not so amazing on their own Conor would be amis not to take them with him everywhere. He joked that they had lived in his back yard for about a month and said several times how great they were. You could tell they were humbled to share the stage with him but he was equally so taken by their talent.

We were treated to three new songs last night. One a rock lullaby that Conor prefaced as being very “sentimental” to which he apologized for. The song took us on a journey through a boy’s life from birth to adulthood. Throughout with images of growing up the singer expelled advice to the child from a distant father. “You are your mother’s child and she had you for a while, and now you are grown you are making it on your own, and now that you are grown may you never feel this along.” Another was a mid tempo ballad lamenting the loss of a  “Camelot” where we saw the rise and fall of someone from Hyannis Port to Stockholm a shays lounge in a therapist office and beyond.  I was taken with them all immediately and cannot wait to hear more on a future album?

All in all the night was amazing, Classic Cars with First Aid Kit left chills on the room and Lua was nothing short of magic. After Conor closed the show with Lime Tree he bowed a few times and then exited through the black curtain, everyone left many silently out into the dark night where puddles and leafs had gathered in the parking lot from the passing storms.  My date for the night Josslyn said to me “It was a religious experience. I'm pretty sure it will top all other events this week. I'm not joking.” Oh, those other events she was talking about? We’re getting married in 7 days. Touché Conor, Touché.

*Shawn Grindle is a corresponding writer for Officially A Yuppie. He is based in Connecticut and we wish him congratulations on his wedding!

Rick Ross on Kimmel!

Rick Ross performed "Touch 'N Go" and "So Sophisticated" on Kimmel Thursday night. Take a look!

No Doubt on Fallon!

Watch No Doubt make their TV return on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon!

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Live Review - The Gaslight Anthem @ Webster Hall

As hard working music bloggers in the city that never sleeps, your choices are endless - even on a Tuesday night. I never get personal in doing live reviews or reviews of any kind, but when my choices on a random Tuesday were to see The Killers in a private setting or the record release of The Gaslight Anthem, my pick was clear. Sorry Brandon Flowers, Brian Fallon is in town.

The blue collar New Jersey band were back in New York celebrating the release of their latest record, Handwritten, an album that at this point in time is the strongest contender of "Album of the Year," and the bands finest work since their 2008 sophomore breakthrough, The '59 Sound. Since the release of '59 Sound, Gaslight have developed a devoted following that even put them on stage at Radio City in 2010 and has them packing out every venue they play in. Fans, critics, curious ears keep coming out because the bands hard charging, passionate rock and roll and raucous live shows make them the hottest ticket in any town they play in.

As the house lights dimmed just passed 9p.m., and a haunting blue light caressed the stage, the members of The Gaslight Anthem and touring guitarist Ian Perkins came on stage not like it was time to celebrate their new record, but to go to the office, they were there to do work, put on a show and give the paying customers what they wanted - everything they have. Opening with the somber, "Mae," off the new record it set an interesting mood across the sea of humanity staring in and holding onto every word Brian Fallon sang. It was then into the "The '59 Sound,""45," and "Old White Lincoln," where the band really began giving their one-two punch to the audience. While the band stormed through a set of fan favorites, new tracks, deep cuts and covers that included a blues version of Dave Matthews Band's, "Crash Into Me," and Fake Problems' "Songs for Teenagers," they did it all with the humility of a band that has half their success. "The way we look at it, we're four kids from New Jersey. We're in a band, we quit our jobs and did not go back, and you guys liked it. It means a lot," said Fallon halfway through their set. Fallon, who then would explain his love for Webster Hall and how in 2009, it was a big deal for the band to sell out the venue, and the fact they were back celebrating their new album release meant more to him and his band than any record sold that day. It is this charm, charisma, and passion that fans from all around the world go mad for them, they are regular Joe's that got lucky and sustained their luck with talent and heart. Bottom line, these are real guys making real music and in a day and age where colored wigs, meat dresses, nipple slips, candy bras and manufactured groups from reality programs make up most of pop culture, The Gaslight Anthem are a breath of fresh air.

In the band's two-hour long set that saw them have the whole venue sing "Happy Birthday" to a lucky fan named Laura and had opener and Loved Ones singer, Dave Hause come out and sing "American Slang," and pits breaking out for "Great Expectations,""The Patient Ferris Wheel," "Blue Jeans and White T-Shirts," and the epic closer of the night, "The Backseat," it was a party that could have happened on a weekend, but it was just a random Tuesday in New York.

The Gaslight Anthem 7/24/12 Webster Hall Setlist:
The '59 Sound 
Old White Lincoln 
Casanova, Baby! 
I'da Called You Woody, Joe 
Angry Johnny and the Radio 
Here Comes My Man 
Film Noir 
Mulholland Drive 
The Diamond Church Street Choir 
The Navesink Banks 
Here's Looking at You, Kid 
Too Much Blood 

Songs for Teenagers 
Great Expectations 
Señor and the Queen 
The Patient Ferris Wheel 
Wherefore Art Thou, Elvis? 
Blue Jeans & White T-Shirts 
American Slang 
The Backseat 

LIVE PIX - Aerosmith @ Izod Center

 Aerosmith landed at New Jersey's Izod Center on Tuesday night for a sold-out gig that included special guest, DMC from Run DMC coming out for "Walk This Way." Our correspondents Mimi Martone and Karen Rossi were on hand to capture the action! Take a look! 

Quick News

He grew up as Calvin Broadus, then was Snoop Doggy Dog, then Snoop Dogg, now, he will be known as Snoop Lion. That is right, Snoop Lion. The legendary rapper and entertainer is crafting his first reggae album under the name Snoop Lion. The record titled, Reincarnated, will feature production by Diplo, Major Lazer and will be out later this year.

Snow Patrol's Gary Lightbody has filmed a cameo role for the next season of HBO's blockbuster, Game of Thrones. No word on what the singers character does or what he will do, but looking forward to seeing him on the show.

Legendary rapper, KRS-One will release his new album, The BDP, later this year.

Depeche Mode have confirmed that they will wrap work on their new album later this year and will have it out in early 2013.

Crystal Castles have confirmed that their new album, still untitled, will be out at the end of September.

Legendary Madchester group, The Happy Mondays are plotting their first new album with their original line-up in 20 years. The band confirmed their news to NME, no word as to when the record will be released.

Sad news to report, after 17 years together, Swedish band, The Soundtrack of our Lives are breaking up. The band, who released their latest record, Throw it to the Universe, earlier this year, confirmed the news that they will be doing a farewell tour in Europe this September. Singer Ebbot Lundberg told NME, “My idea when we started this band was that we were gonna peak around 2012. Which suddenly is pretty soon!” This weekend we will be featuring one of the FINAL interviews with TSOOL, which was done before their big breakup announcement. Stay tuned!

On October 23, Bat for Lashes will release her new album, The Haunted Man. Take a look at the cover  below:

Beach House on Fallon!

Watch Beach House on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon!

Nas on Kimmel!

Nas ripped it on Kimmel last night performing "Nasty" and "The Don" off his brilliant, Life is Good record.

The xx on Conan!

Watch The xx perform their new single, "Angels" on Conan!

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The Head & The Heart on Kimmel!

The Head & The Heart were on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Monday night and performed, "Ghosts" and "Down in the Valley," off their self-titled debut record. Take a look!

Monday, July 23, 2012


It is rare we push for an album, but something this good needs to be heard! 

Live Review - Beach House @ Rumsey Playfield, Central Park

Any artist performing in the outdoors during the summer is not the center of attention, the weather is. For Baltimore's Beach House, the ambient / dream-pop band who on Monday night, sold-out Rumsey Playfield inside New York's Central Park, their glowing set was marred only by the center of attention - Mother Nature. As fans flocked to Central Park in the disgusting New York City humidity,  staying dry was not going to be an option, instead, it would only add to the bands textured and atmospheric music.

Arriving on stage at 8p.m. sharp, Beach House took everyone's attention off the weather and turned it right onto their colorful light show and as the sun was setting, and the lights getting brighter, the ambiance around the audience was something to celebrate. It was perfect summer music, being played in a great venue, yet, a half hour into their set, lightning would cut across the sky and the rain began. At first, it was refreshing and cooled off the crowd who were packing in closer and closer to the stage, and made for a romantic evening for the couples huddling under their umbrellas, but as the night progressed, it would just keep coming down in droves. Singer Victoria Legrand told the crowd, "We are not going to let the storm win. Pardon my French, but - Fuck the rain!" With that declaration, the bands colorful light show and playing a majority of songs off their latest record Bloom and throwing in favorites from Teen Dream and a few from their previous material - Devotion and their self-titled debut, Beach House had the audience hooked.

By 9p.m., Beach House kept thanking the crowd for enduring the weather and closed their main set. After a brief wait in the wings, they came back for their encore and while some began leaving, die hard fans and fans who realized they were already soaked to the bone, stuck around for the final moments of summer night that could have been so much worse, but was something to experience.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

EXCLUSIVE! Two Wounded Birds INTV!

What if The Beach Boys had a darker tone and edge to them? What if The Beach Boys formed in England instead of California? What if some surf rock bands took their light tones and threw in a few touches of grey to their music? All of these "what if" factors equal one of the most talked about new bands in England - Two Wounded Birds. Forming in 2010 and taking inspiration from The Beach Boys, surf rock and 80's British cold wave bands like Echo and the Bunnymen, The Cure and others, Two Wounded Birds make for some of the most interesting concepts and music out there today. We recently spoke with singer Johnny Danger, guitarist Joe Stevens and bassist Ally Blackgrove. Needless to say, the band already have the look, buzz and attitude of band that has been doing this for years. Take a look at our interview with Two Wounded Birds below:

After forming in 2008 in your native England, it took a few years for you to get a buzz here in America. Do you consider yourself a buzz band?

Ally Blackgrove: A buzz band latches on to a trend, we never want to be a band that does that

Hailing from a seaside town, it seems like the beach and ocean have played a key role in your music. Do you think Two Wounded Birds would have been able to form anywhere else?

Joe Stevens: Slough.

Surf-rock or beach inspired rock seemed to really swell in 2010 and has taken to indie rock very well, with bands like The Soft Pack, Male Bonding, The Drums, Tennis, Surfer Blood and many others. How does Two Wounded Birds separate themselves from the pack?

Ally Blackgrove: I don’t think any of those bands are surf bands and I don’t think we sound like any of them.

You toured with The Drums when you were first starting out, what was that experience like? Could we ever see you both tour here together in the US?

Ally Blackgrove: Touring with the drums was great. Who knows...

There have been many English surf-rock or seaside inspired bands to come from the UK, aside from yourselves there is The Heartbreaks, The Vaccines, Male Bonding, Doll and the Kicks and many others. Do you feel that this is the new indie trend in UK? Is there camaraderie among you and these bands since you all come from similar backgrounds?

Johnny Danger: I’m not sure if any of these bands sound like us. When people say surf-rock it sounds empty. night patrol is a surf song and its a great song song but when I hear surf now I just think of shit bands, I cant even think of the bands. because a band is from the seaside it doesn’t mean they are a surf band.

It’s a small facet of our sound and its something we’re into but its a small part of our sound, I don’t know why people are so desperate to cage us, I don’t know why they cant just consider it as a rock and roll band. at a time we were writing happy songs, the music press annoys me, they fucking have a go at you for being a particular way so you cant win either way.

You have been compared to The Beach Boys, how do you find the comparison? Are you flattered or do things like this not affect you?

Johnny Danger: Brian Wilson is a genius. they’re an amazing band, hes the king of melody.

Aside from the seaside, what is Two Wounded Birds’ biggest inspiration

Johnny Danger: Death.

How much fun are you having playing in this band?

Joe Stevens: None whatsoever. We’re doing this for the money.

The band has a great look and attitude that is part punk, mod and garage. Is the style of a band just as important as its sound?

Johnny Danger: Mod has nothing to do with us. I’m not sure what Mod means to Americans, but we’re a rock and roll band and we like to write songs.

What has been the best thing about Two Wounded Birds thus far?

Ally Blackgrove: Nothing but the motherfucking pussy. 

Saturday, July 21, 2012


Bill Reese hosts episode 9 of OFFICIALLY A PODCAST. In this episode Officially A Yuppie owner, Salvatore Bono speaks with Lou Koller of legendary NYHC band Sick of it All!

In this interview Koller talks about the CBGB's stabbing between former Cro-Mags bassist Harley Flanagan and current band members, the rise and fall of NYHC, the longevity of Sick of it All, and linking up with Refused for their New York reunion show.

Take a listen / download! 

Episode 9 by Officially A Podcast


It's that time of the month...relax, it's just a playlist. Listen to our 27 track July playlist on Spotify!


Quick News

July 2012 has officially been declared "Guided By Voices Month" in Dayton, Ohio. The Mayor of Dayton Gary Leitzell, announced that Guided By Voices' influence and long standing as a band have made them cultural icons to Ohio. Leitzell said in a statement that GBV, "Established themselves as one of the most influential bands to ever come out of Dayton, Ohio."

As Danny Boyle puts the finishing touches on next week's Olympic opening ceremony in London, Boyle, who tapped Underworld to score the ceremony will release the music of their score on iTunes on July 28.

After replacing Stuart Calble in 2005, Javier Wayler has left Stereophonics. 'Phonics front man, Kelly Jones said in a statement via the band's Facebook page, "We wanted to let you know Javier and the band will no longer be working together. The band enjoyed playing with Javier over the last 8 years and his company was enjoyed by everyone in the Stereophonics family."

Speaking to Rolling Stone, Bloc Party front man Kele Okereke said that the making of the new Bloc Party record, Four, was "Quite visceral and confrontational." He said much of the record was inspired by last summers London riots and the band have "reclaimed" a lo-fi sounding recording process.

Long Island hardcore heroes Vision of Disorder will release their comeback album, The Cursed Remained Cursed in September. Take a look at the tracklisting below:
1. Loveless
2. Set to Fail
3. Blood Red Sun
4. Hard Times
5. Annihilator
6. Skullz Out (Rot In Pieces)
7. The Enemy
8. The Seventh Circle
9. New Order of Ages
10. Be Up On It
11. Heart And Soul

Graffiti6 on Letterman

 Watch Graffiti6 perform "Stare into the Sun" on Letterman from Thursday night!

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CBGB's Fest Highlight Video

br />
 Watch our highlight reel of CBGB's Festival in Times Square that took place earlier this month, featuring The Hold Steady, Duff McKagen's Loaded, Superchunk & more.



Hot Chip jammed with The Roots on Fallon last night!! Take a look!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

LIVE PIX - Big Daddy Kane in Queens

After the apocalyptic storm hit and passed New York City yesterday, corresponding photographer Leigh Allen caught Big Daddy Kane in Queensbridge Park in Queens on Wednesday. Take a look at some pictures.


Sweden's REFUSED made their American TV debut on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon last night and performed "New Noise" and "The Shape of Punk to Come." Take a look! 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Blaqk Audio Cover & Tracklisting

On September 11, the long awaited sophomore release from AFI's Davy Havok & Jade Puget side project, Blaqk Audio, will finally be released. Take a look at the cover to Bright Black Heaven, above and the tracklisting, below: 

01. Cold War
02. Fade To White
03. Faith Healer
04. Deconstructing Gods
05. Everybody’s Friends
06. Let’s Be Honest
07. With Your Arms Around You
08. Bliss
09. Bon Voyeurs
10. The Witness
11. Say Red
12. Ill-Lit Ships


Odd Future mapped out their releases for the remainder of 2012. The collective hip-hop outfits multiple side projects - Domino Genius will release his solo effort, No Idols on Aug.1, then MellowHype, the duo of Left Brain and Hodgy Beats, will release Numbers on October 2, and Tyler, The Creator's follow-up to last years Goblin—Wolf, will be released sometime this fall.

Madonna, who was supposed to make her first tour trip to Australia in 20 years cancelled all of her dates down under for undisclosed reasons. Live Nation confirmed that the legendary singers current MDNA tour will wrap in South America in December.

Patti Smith will appear on Flea's solo EP. The EP called, Helen Burn's, is a charity piece of work that Flea is doing where 100% of all the proceeds and profits will go to the Silverlake Conservatory of Music. Helen Burn's is a pay-what-you want style purchase, however, for $75 you can get a signed copy and a piece of bass string from Flea.

Iron Maiden's Steve Harris will release his solo debut, British Lion. The heavy metal bassist and chief Maiden songwriter will put out his album in September. Take a look at the tracklisting below:
'This Is My God'
'Lost Worlds'
'Karma Killer'
'Us Against The World'
'The Chosen Ones'
'A World Without Heaven'
'Eyes Of The Young'
'These Are The Hands'
'The Lesson'

Elbow will release a B-Sides compilation, Dead in the Boot, next month. Take a look at the tracklisting below:
'Whisper Grass'
'Lucky With Disease'
'Lay Down Your Cross'
'The Long War Shuffle'
'Every Bit The Little Girl'
'Love Blown Down'
'None One'
'Buffalo Ghosts'
'Waving From Windows'
'Gentle As'

In October, Matt and Kim will release their new album, Lightning. Take a look at the tracklisting below:

1.  Let’s Go
2.  Now
3.  It’s Alright
4.  Not That Bad
5.  Overexposed
6.  I Said
7.  Tonight
8.  I Wonder
9.  Much Too Late
10. 10 Dollars I Found

Flying Lotus Cover & Tracklisting

On October 1 in the UK and the following day for the rest of the world, Flying Lotus will release his new record, Until the Quiet Comes. Take a look at the magnificent cover above and the tracklisting below:

01 All In
02 Getting There [ft. Niki Randa]
03 Until the Colours Come
04 Heave(n)
05 Tiny Tortures
06 All the Secrets
07 Sultans Request
08 Putty Boy Strut
09 See Thru to U [ft. Erykah Badu]
10 Until the Quiet Comes
11 DMT Song [ft. Thundercat]
12 The Nightcaller
13 Only if You Wanna
14 Electric Candyman [ft. Thom Yorke]
15 Hunger [ft. Niki Randa]
16 Phantasm [ft. Laura Darlington]
17 me Yesterday//Corded
18 Dream to Me

Best Coast on Fallon

Watch Best Coast bring the summer vibes to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon!

JEFF the Brotherhood on Letterman

Watch JEFF the Brotherhood on Letterman!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


NasLife Is Good
Last summer Jay-Z & Kanye West released Watch the Throne, as two of the hottest emcee’s in hip-hop, it was safe to say the “Throne” was theirs, however, thanks to Nas’ latest, it is time for Jay & ‘Ye rewatch the throne as QB’s finest comes out swinging and proves to be a strong contender. In one of the greatest comeback albums of all time and one of the best hip-hop records of the year and of his career, Nas hits on every verse and track for the first time since his 90’s prime. Mixing styles heard today in most contemporary artists in the genre, his own blend of lyrical power and a return to form that made him a household name two decades ago, Nas spits on everything from social issues, his public break-up with Kelis (even showing off her wedding dress on the front cover), being a father, battling record labels and most of all, showing and proving he still has got it. With some help from Large Professor, Rick Ross, Swizz Beats, Miguel, Mary J. Blige and the late Amy Winehouse, Life is Good is a record that needs to be heard.

Gaslight AnthemHandwritten 
Firing on all cylinders like Ayrton Senna, Gaslight Anthem brings the fury and power on their new record. New Jersey’s hometown heroes return with their fourth album and take a much more mature approach to the sound that has gained them international attention. For Handwritten, The Gaslight Anthem went to Nashville to write and record and while there, they took inspiration from Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Pearl Jam and the music Nashville has to offer. Still sticking to the roots of Bruce Springsteen and Bouncing Souls, Brian Fallon and the boys add onto what they have cultivated and show progression in all the right ways and craft one of the best of the year and one of the best of their career. Handwritten is a simply stunning rock and roll record.

Frank OceanChannel Orange 
The Odd Future crooner finally releases his long awaited solo debut and shows it was worth the wait. Frank Ocean has had a lot riding on Channel Orange, not only was he one of the breakout stars of Odd Futures mass collective, he was also tapped by Kanye and Jay-Z to appear on Watch the Throne then became someone the fashion world looked to for inspiration then took a daring step to come out of the closet. Channel Orange proves he not only can live up to the hype and fame, but can also exceed expectations with his fine R&B style.

Jimmy CliffRebirth 
Much like Rick Rubin and Johnny Cash, Jimmy Cliff links up with Rancid’s Tim Armstrong to give homage to the artists that came after him and rejoin the mainstream. In his first album in nearly a decade, reggae superstar Jimmy Cliff opens up a new chapter and fanbase in his long career that has taken him from Jamaica to around the world. Rebirth is Cliff doing what he does best, being himself and pouring his heart and soul into his world and craft.

BaronessYellow and Green 
The chomping metalheads return with a new record that might be one the finest metal and loud rock records of the year. Much like Mastodon, Baroness take cues from metal’s past and progress in a fashion all their own and make no apologies for it, Yellow and Green is a reign of raucous riffs, pounding rhythms and in your face loud rock.

Twin ShadowConfess 
George Lewis, Jr. aka Twin Shadow returns with Confess and showcases his ability to be a one man TV on the Radio. Confess, the sophomore release from Lewis brings new wave, indie and electronica together and defies the sophomore slump only to be far superior than his 2010 debut, Forget.

Dylan Fox and the WaveMove on Instinct EP
The California garage band returns with a much more crisper and cleaner produced EP but still manage to hold onto the great grit and DIY enthusiasm of their past releases.

The Drowning MenAll of the Unknown 
The Drowning Men return with their new record, All of the Unknown and showcase their intense passion for music and sound again. All of the Unknown picks up where their last record, Beheading of a Songbird left off and brings together M83 style dance rhythms, the brooding appeal of The National and filters it through with a furious combination that bands like Manchester Orchestra and Archers of Loaf have mastered over the years. This is a record not to sleep on.

Dirty Projectors Swing Lo Magellan 
The Brooklyn indie favs return with album number two and bring forth interesting and intricate sounds, catchy hooks and clever, passionate lyrics. Swing Lo Magellan hears Dirty Projectors build on the acclaim they began three years ago and give fans a reason to smile.

Get Cape. Wear Cape. FlyMaps 
The sophomore release from one of Britain’s most adored singer / songwriters, Sam Duckworth aka Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly., picks up where his self-titled debut left off. More of the same passionate songs about England, growing up and the childlike innocence that brings us back to nostalgia.

Mission of BurmaUnsound 
The legendary DIY outfit returns with Unsound and as it only adds to more music to their catalogue, it does not add a new chapter to their garage sound.

Prodigy of Mobb Deep H.N.I.C. 3 
In his first release from jail for gun possession, one of Mobb Deep’s most distinctive voices comes back with the third installment to his H.N.I.C. series and while production is up to par, his lyrics on the other hand, do not. Not adding or capitalizing on what he should, Prodigy falls flat and trying to stay current with artists like Wiz Khalifa, T.I., and Esther, he only brings the record into more of a forced commercial hip-hop record.

Marina and the DiamondsElectra Heart 
While Marina and the Diamonds did not take off in the U.S. the way they did in the rest of the world, Electra Heart will not help her case in America. Her follow-up to 2010’s The Family Jewels, is not only a desperate attempt to sound shocking and relevant like some of her contemporaries Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry, it only showcases her lack of wanting to say anything interesting at all even more. With production that sounds too similar to The Family Jewels, it just sounds like a forced radio friendly record that will not help her build and capitalize on her career.