Thursday, December 28, 2006

2007 Albums To Look Out For

So 2006 has come and gone and as we approach the new year, here are some of the most anticipated albums coming out in '07 to look out for.

The Good, The Bad, The Queen - Self Titled Debut
The ultimate super group arranged by musical genius Damion Alburn (Blur, Gorillaz) is an ambient, English rock band featuring bassist Paul Simonon of The Clash, Verve/ Gorillaz guitarist Simon Tong (aka Noodle from Gorrilaz), and legendary Nigerian drummer Tony Allen. For me this is the most anticipated record to come out next year and in a very long time, I simply cannot wait to hear what these guys can do for a full length. Not to mention the whole album is being produced by Danger Mouse. Happy New Year it truly is. You can preview tracks at the bands website . The album hits state-side Jan. 22.

Bloc Party- A Night in the City
England's new wave, elctro-rock and my 2005 obsession fire back with their sophomore album, a follow up to 2005's critically acclaimed Silent Alarm. Seven of the new tracks have already leaked on-line, they are unpolished demos and if that is any indication of how the rest of the record will be, Bloc Party will reach new heights and even more acclaim. The lead off single, "The Prayer" is available for download on iTunes and on 45" (yes, they still put out 45' records). The album is slated for a Feb 12 release.

The Shins- Still Untitled
Natalie Portman told the world to take a listen "because this band will change your life, I swear," in the film Garden State. For most people it really did, for others it was some obscure band that will never go anywhere (and those are the people that really have no business talking about music anyway), the West Coast band is slated to release their third album in the forthcomming year and after previewing some of the tracks myself, it is some of the darkest and heaviest sounding music The Shins have done. Album is slated for an Jan 30 release.

Velvet Revolver- Liberated
Ok lets look at the list:
Cut up demiem-check
Old school faded GNR T-shirt-check
Bottle of Jack-Check
Mullet-Look for someone else

White trash makes its way back into the ears and hearts of the supergroups core fans. I wouldnt expect anything diffrent from the GNR thrash rock and Scott Weilands perfect rock vocals. Fans of 2004's Contraband, like myself, will really enjoy the sophmore effort from the 1990's favorite sons. The album is rumored to be produced by The Neptunes and long time STP producer Brendon O'Brien. Look for it early summer.

Scott Wieland-Still Untitled
Former STP frontman, and current Velvit Revolver frontman follows up his 1998 solo debut 12 Bar Blues with a sophmore effort 10 years, many visits to rehab, a new band, new girlfriend in the making. I absolutly loved 12 Bar Blues, the Bowie influenced record proved Wieland to be more than a singer but an artist. Like his current bands effort the album is also rumored to be produced by The Neptunes and Brendon O'Brien. Look for it Late Fall.

Portishead- Still Untitled
The Kings and Queen of ambiant electro are excited and hard at work to release their third record, probably because it took over a decade for the English band to deminish its hiatus to return to making the seductive, sexy and moody music. Look for it this summer.

Duran Duran-Untitled
The follow up to 2004's Astronaut finds the legendary Austrialian band back in the studio with first time producer Timbaland. Simon LeBon and Co. are hoping Timba can work the magic he brought to resurrecting Nelly Furtando's carreer and the number one spots he provided for Justin Timberlake. Should be one of 2007's most interesting releases.

Other records to keep an eye out for in 2007:
Bright Eyes -Cassadega- Spring
Arcade Fire- Neon Bible-Spring
Nine Inch Nails- Summer
Radiohead- Summer