Wednesday, November 22, 2023

2023 The Albums: Honorable Mentions


In keeping with our Thanksgiving weekend tradition, we are coming out of hiatus to post our year-end music lists for the year. Here is the first of three lists dedicated to our favorites of the calendar. 

Instead of presenting everything over the course of three weeks as we did last year, we are going to just get them all out now over the course of this weekend. 

Here is our first list -- Honorable Mentions -- records, in no particular order, that were good but not strong enough to crack our top 10. 

James Blake - "Playing Robots Into Heaven"

Nems - "Rise of the Silverback"
Maxo - "Even God Has a Sense of Humor"
Crosswires - "Yesterday in Mourning"
Nuovo Testimento - "Love Lines"

The Chemical Brothers - "For that Beautiful Feeling"