Saturday, May 5, 2007

Quick News

CORRECTION: Sacha Baron Cohen, Borat-Ali G-Bruno himself, has NOT been tapped to play Freddie Mercury in the upcoming Queen Bio-film.

Another reunion in '07 might be underway...After recently stating that Gorrillaz will release an instrumental only film soundtrack and have no future plans after, Damon Albarn is considering rejoining his former band mates in Blur. The idea of a reunion had come about with the upcoming release of member Graham Coxon's autobiography and while doing press tours promoting the book, he mentioned the idea. However it all falls onto the lap of Albarn at this point. In related news...Recently Blur Drummer Dave Rowntree was defeated in a London election.

Electro New Wave 80's band New Order (the guys that originally did "Blue Monday"), have broken up....anyone that herd their last recording is probably not surprised.