Sunday, April 13, 2008

Live Review-Hot Chip @ Terminal 5

In my next lifetime I am coming back as a nerd from London and starting a electro-band and touring the world. After last night's concert at Terminal 5, these five men from across the pond who look like a 21st century Devo, know how to get a party started. Terminal 5 turned into its predecessor, NYC hot spot Exit last night for a fist pumping, ass shaking, foot moving good time. Hot Chip took the stage to not only put on a concert, but command and compel the crowd into what they were doing. Playing songs mainly from their latest Made in the Dark, the tracks became much more tangible and explosive with the band doing live remixes and jam renditions of their work. Starting off the show with "Shake a Fist," they had each member switch off between percussion to keyboards to guitar, while the crowd danced in awe. There was literally not a person standing still all night, it was in fact virtually impossible to do so. Hot Chip delivered a set of global anthems and at certain points while I was in the crowd, I thought I was at a rave rather than a concert. For the closing of their first set, they ended with their single "Ready for the Floor," rocking and remixing for an intrepid ending. While the band is huge in Europe, it has only been the last year or so where they have began to make a impact of music here. This was the biggest show the band has ever done in New York, and I know for a fact, it will only get bigger and better.