Thursday, July 3, 2008

Underated Classic-Beastie Boys "Paul's Boutique"

Summer in New York City usually means less clothing, packed city streets and blaring beats coming from every corner. No album in the history of New York music has captured all of this like the Beastie Boys sophomore effort Paul's Boutique. Ditching the rap / rock sound they pioneered with Rick Rubin and teaming with The Dust Brothers to create one of the most intricate and complex hip hop records of all time. The multi-layered and heavy sampled Paul's Boutique pioneering and ushering in a new era to the young genre in 1988. Upon its arrival it failed to match the hype and commercial success of their debut Licenced to Ill, but the Brooklyn trio proved this record would stand out and stand the test of time. Rolling Stone called the record "The Pet Sounds / Dark Side of the Moon of hip-hop," showing the boys toying around with jazz, funk, rock and traditional beats. Only boasting two singles "Shake Your Rump," and "Hey ladies," Capitol Records pulled the plug on promotion of the album. Yet, years later it is a record that has paved the way for bands and groups to create hybrids of sounds and sonically fuse them together. Listen to Paul's Boutique and you will hear what influences everyone from Kanye West to NERD to Justin Timberlake. It is an essential summer record and an essential record to rediscover for any music fan.