Saturday, December 20, 2008

Quick News

Portishead have announced that fans will not have to wait another 11 years for their next record (thank God). The band spoke to the BBC about the follow up to one of the best albums of the year, Third...check out what they had to say HERE

In other new album news, The National will head back into the studio in April to work on the follow up to their most successful album to date, Boxer. The record will probably be out at some point late next year or early 2010.

Thursday have released the track listing to their latest record, Common Existence. The album is due out in February and check out the track listing below...
'Resuscitation of A Dead Man'
'Last Call'
'As He Climbed The Dark Mountain'
'Friends In the Armed Forces'
'Beyond the Visible Spectrum'
'Time's Arrow'
'Unintended Long Term Effects'
'Circuits Of Fever' 'Subway Funeral'
'Love Has Led Us Astray'
'You Were The Cancer'