Saturday, January 3, 2009

Movie of the Month - Gone Baby Gone

Simply the most overlooked film of 2007. As we gear up for this year's Award season, here is one film that was low balled, under appreciated and looked over last year. The film is Gone Baby Gone, the directorial debut from Ben Affleck, it stars his younger brother Casey, Amy Ryan, Morgan Freeman and Ed Harris in an explosive film from the author of Mystic River. The story takes place in Dorchester, Mass aka Southie Boston, when a young girl is abducted from her neglectful mother, two investigators are hired to uncover the truth behind the girls disappearance. Drugs, corruption, kidnap and murder ensue in the mystery to find this girl and what actually happened to her. It plays out like a story ripped from the headlines of an Inside Edition new package, but has you at the edge of your seat the whole time. Featuring one of the most explosive, thought provoking and eye opening endings, Gone Baby Gone leaves you hanging in the balance as if you were judge, jury and executioner. A must see film and a fine effort from first time director Ben Affleck, I hope to see more of him behind the camera giving us entertaining and thrilling stories such as this.