Monday, March 5, 2007

Coldplay-Stepping into the Studio

In the next few weeks, Coldplay will be ready to record a follow up to their last record 2005's X&Y and entering their studio for the first time with legendary producer Brian Eno, known for his work with U2-Achtung Baby, The Killers-Sam's Town and Enos own solo ambient musical ventures. Coldplay, who just got off a small South American tour, are poised to create a song that front man Chris Martin says we should hear "before we die." Martin jokingly said at a press conferance this past weekend "I can't tell you about it[the song], but it's basically genius." The British rockers are always known for experimenting and reinventing themselves on each record, their stellar debut Parachutes, to the multiple Grammy award winning and critically acclaimed A Rush of Blood to the Head to the bands "rock" record X&Y. Martin explained that "I think for a long time people felt like we were a band in black-and-white, and now we feel like because we have this incredible job, now we can do whatever we like and try all kinds of new things."The band is just trying to get themselves excited about working with Eno and going into the studio. The five musical masterminds working on this album I am sure will not fail at achieving what they set out to do.