Monday, March 16, 2009

Bloc Party Remix Tracklisting

Bloc Party are going to beef up their last record, last years Intimacy, with a remix album. This of course does not sound foreign to a band who are constantly having their material remixed as well as remixing music for other artists. Bloc Party did a similar effort after the release of their debut, Silent Alarm back in 2005 by later releasing Silent Alarm Remixed. Here is the track listing for Intimacy Remixed done by the DJ's changing the sound around.

'Ares' (Villains)
'Mercury' (Hervé Is In Disarray)
'Halo' (We Have Band Dub)
'Biko' (Mogwai)
'Trojan Horse' (John B)
'Signs' (Armand Van Helden)
'One Month Off' (Filthy Dukes)
'Zephyrus' (Phase One)
'Talons' (Phones RIP)
'Better Than Heaven' (No Age)
'Ion Square' (Banjo or Freakout)
'Letter To My Son' (Gold Panda)
'Your Visits Are Getting Shorter' (Double D)