Saturday, March 21, 2009

Quick News

The untimely passing of Jeff Buckley over a decade ago still lingers in the music world. His voice, passion and lyrics will always remain with us. With the celebration of the 15th anniversary of Grace, Buckleys final and most famous record, Columbia records announced it will release Grace Around the World. The new release will be a CD/DVD retrospect of Buckley live performances, unseen backstage footage and more. Grace Around the World hits stores on June 2.

Another posthumous releases, before his death Heath Ledger had directed a video for Modest Mouse. The song "King Rat," a B-Side to We Were All Dead Before the Ship Even Sank, was requested by Ledger to direct a video for the band. The video which also features animation from Terry Gilliam who was in the middle of directing Ledger in his final role in The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus. This was not the only thing Ledger had directed, right before his death he made a short film to the music of his idol Nick Drake. The video for "King Rat," will be out sometime this year.

In more posthumous releases Nirvana's back catalogue will be out and remastered on vinyl this year. The band's infamous Nevermind along with their final live recording of MTV's Unplugged in November of 1993 will also be released.