Sunday, March 1, 2009

Underated Classic - Led Zeppelin III

What happens when the loudest band on Earth decides to take it easy and discard the thunder that had made them so famous? In 1970 Led Zeppelin, one of the bands credited for being one of the first "metal," or "loud rock," bands stripped down their sound for their third record. After a successful run touring America, Zeppelin vocalist Robert Plant and guitarist Jimmy Page would retreat to a small cottage in Wales with no running water and electricity to unwind, write and get inspired. Inspired they were, with no modern technology available to them at the time and the duo would rework acoustics and their sound all together. After rehearsing and writing the songs, Page and Plant would go back to England to meet bassist John Paul Jones and drummer John Bonham to record and finish out the record in a run down mansion. Creating a different feel all together and abandoning conventional studios, Jimmy Page would produce the most diverse Zeppelin album ever. Boasting only one single "Immigrant Song," the heaviest song on the record would open the album, yet the sum would receive mixed reviews the world over from critics and fans. The press for the album would be so bad, Page would not do interviews for over a year. With critics and fans aside, Led Zeppelin III would stand the test of time and studied as the most diverse and daring records of the 1970's.