Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Movie of the Month-Cinema Paradiso

It is so hard for me to pin point a favorite film of all time, but when I think of the idea over and over again, Cinema Paradiso comes to mind every time. The classic Italian film from Director Guiesseppe Tornatore, tells the coming of age story of Toto, a young boy growing up in war torn Sicily. Told in flashback as a grown Toto goes back home for the first time in decades as a hot shot filmmaker, we encounter Toto's past as a child. As a young child Toto's father is shipped off to fight the war, he finds guidance through films and a father figure in the town's local film projectionist, Alfredo. Both Alfredo and Toto would learn from each other about life and love inside the movie theater. Cinema Paradiso is one of the greatest achievements in film making and a crowd pleasing delight. Winner of Best Foreign Language Oscar in 1989, Cinema Paradiso was an instant hit and the film that is credited for reviving Italy's struggling film industry at the time. In 2003 Tornatori released the extended directors cut that clocks in over three hours, in this new cut entitled Nuovo Cinema Paradiso, Tornatori explores a long lost love of Toto's and what could have been. Both versions applauded the world over, Cinema Paradiso is film that will have you crying, laughing and smiling all at once.