Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Rising Artist- Playdoe

Hailing from South Africa, the funky duo known as Playdoe is making the world shake one song at a time. Self described as "NEOLECTRO AFROBOTIC ETHNOTECHNO MAMAS BOYS," Playdoe are a hybrid of beats, poetry and creativity all rolled into one. The duo are looking to make light and have fun from a country more famous for its brutal political history than music. Playdoe are a cross between NERD meets Spank Rock, bringing their party to Europe many times in the last year was where the duo found recognition and acclaim. Being given the opportunity to play with the likes of Buzzcocks, Dizzee Rascal and many other, Playdoe are bound to break the mold of music and emerge from openers to headliners. Having just released and EP and working on a full length, keep these guys in mind as the year will get a little more hip when they come out in full force.