Sunday, May 17, 2009

Our Lady Peace Tracklisting

Our Lady Peace have revealed the track listing to their forthcoming album Burn, Burn! The album is the band's first since 2005's Healthy in Paranoid Times. Burn, Burn! is slated to hit stores July 21 and the first single "All You Did Was Save My Life," will be out May 25 and you can hear it now on the band run website Here is the track listing to Burn, Burn!

1.) "All You Did Was Save My Life"
2.) "Dreamland"
3.) "Monkey Brains"
4.) "Never Get Over You"
5.) "Escape Artist"
6.) "Refuge"
7.) "The Right Stuff"
8.) "Paper Moon"
9.) "Signs Of Life"
10.) "White Flags"