Sunday, May 3, 2009

Underated Classic - Weezer "Green"

The essential fun in the sun band with the essential comeback. The band that helped usher in "nerd rock," LA's Weezer were one of the biggest bands of the 90's with just two records under their belt, the band's debut, also known as Blue and their sophomore Pinkerton, Weezer were destined for big things. After constant touring the band went on hiatus, as singer Rivers Cuomo went to Harvard and bassist Matt Sharp left the band to go and work on his side project The Rentals, the changes had everyone guessing what will they release next or will they release anything again? In spring of 2001, Weezer would give us Green. Known for the band standing on the bright green backdrop, a triumphant return to power pop punk rock and roll. Firing back with the big hit "Hash Pipe," that had MTV's head spinning with censuring the word "hash." The song brought the California quartet, now featuring Mikey Welsh on bass back on top. Produced by legendary Car's front man Rick Ocasek, the record would find continued success with the single "Island in the Sun." It was a Renaissance for the band, yet with many highs come many lows as the newest member, Mikey Welsh would leave the band for mental health reasons. The record was an across the board success and one of the best of that year, yet seems to be one of the band's most forgotten. As summer approaches, break out the Green record from Weezer and let it take you to a happy time in the sun.