Monday, February 1, 2010

Underrated Classic - Jimmy Eat World "Clarity"

Often boasted as one of the best and most forgotten records of the late 90's, Arizona's Jimmy Eat World may have broke big in 2001 with their record Bleed American. However, it was the band's third record, Clarity that is the diamond in the rough and shined a light on the band upon its release in 1999. The praise the band received did not help initial album sales and forced major label Capitol Records to drop the band completely after being looked at as a commercial failure. Yet, with no major label backing, Jimmy Eat World pressed on and self financed everything they had to get to the status Bleed American garnered them. Clarity proves to be a turning point within the band as well as it showcased Jim Adkins for the first time as lead vocalist instead of original singer Tom Linton. Adkins would then become the face and the "Jimmy" of the group as they propelled to super stardom. Clarity, which featured the song "Lucky Denver Mint," would go on to achieve cult status, even having the band in 2009 go on the road to support the 10th anniversary of the record and playing it in full across clubs around the country.