Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Earlier this year I named La Roux as one of my "Rising Artists," to keep an eye out on and I only hope you took my advice. The British singer is on the fast track to super stardom and is making heads turn one single at a time. Within the past month she has been featured in almost every music magazine world wide and as her major label debut is set to finally hit State side next month, the electro queen will have you begging for more. With elaborate stage shows, cleaver lyrics and catchy beats, La Roux will have you hitting repeat over and over again. I had the opportunity to speak with the woman behind the moniker, Elly Jackson as we discussed her influences, a strong rise in female music and her new found acclaim. Take a look at my interview with the spunky Elly aka La Roux below....

1) Your sound is very unique and just so much fun. Who are some of
your influences?

Michael Jackson, Prince, David Bowie, Tears For Fears, Yazoo, Depeche Mode

2) There seems to be a surge in female fronted electro acts these days. From Lady GaGa to Little Boots to Ladyhawke, how do you feel you stand out?

Hasn't there always been a lot of female electro artists? It's just now its become a standard
press tactic to lump them all together and call it a scene. It's for other people to say how much we stand out but I'm happy that we're leaders not followers

3) As a new artist how does it feel to have your single "Bulletproof" shoot to the top of the UK charts?

Vindicated! In For The Kill was no 2 for 4 weeks straight and after Michael Jackson died we had an anxious weekend waiting for the chart but once we heard it was like, oh...great...is that it?!! Plus now all of our singles have to make no 1 or I'll be massively upset (joke)

4) It has been revealed that your first interest in music was folk music. How did you manage to shift sounds and tastes that are as different as night and day?

Ben and myself had been writing on the acoustic guitar and we were both, independently of each other, getting a bit bored with it. Its very difficult to come up with something new and fresh on the acoustic. One day i was at home listening to Speak And Spell by Depeche Mode and the following day I played New Life to Ben and said "this is what i want us to sound like!". It was like a eureka moment and Ben said, great! that's my favourite type of music and we spent the next few weeks exploring a new way of working, we ditched the guitars for synths and haven't looked back since

5) Your music is a throwback to the sound of the 80's. This seems to be a popular trend among musicians these days. Why do you think this is?

It's a great era for music! Better than the 90s and 00s. Massively so. So I guess that's why.

6) Who were some of your influences from the 1980's and beyond?

see answer 1

7) What is it like to be nominated for the prestigious Mercury Prize this year? What are some of the emotions you are feeling?

I think Florence or the Horrors will win. I'm looking fwd to the show but not expecting to win hence my emotions are in check!

8) Your style and fashion is a great compliment to your sound. Describe your fashion and how it plays a role in your music.

Oh that's another question for people like you to answer!

9) The reviews of your debut have been pretty high. How do you respond to such high praise?

With a doff of my cap

10) Do you think it is still a big deal for a British artist to make it in America?

It's still a very big deal because America is such a big place and its so rare for a UK act to do it these days. It's a long old job trying to crack it....

11) Is there anything you would like to say to America or anything you would like to say to your audience here?

Have you been to the Thom Thom Club?

12) With acts such as yourself, Glasvegas, Bloc Party and The Editors to name a few. Do you feel we are on the brink of another British invasion in music?

If so its a very polite invasion. hello America, would you mind awfully if we came and sold a few downloads to your children? You would? oh ok

Special thanks to Elly and Tony Beard for the interview!

Video for "Bulletproof" (Above) / La Roux performing "I'm Not Your Toy" at iTunes festival (Below)