Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Quick News / Newsletter

Take a look at these two awesome album covers for records arriving next month! First is Jay-Z's cover for the highly anticipated Blueprint 3 and then is Muse's psychedelic cover for their new one The Resistance.

Members of The Verve and Goldfrapp are teaming up to form a new super group. Guitarist Nick McCabe and bassist Simon Tong of The Verve along with violinist Davide Rossi of Goldfrapp and session drummer Mig Schillace will form the new band The Black Ships. The group formed when The Verve were in session recording last year's Forth. This does not mean The Verve have broken up again, these members are pursuing other endeavours in the meantime. At the moment their are no recording and touring plans, but they are working on something!

ATTENTION!!! The blog will be taking a break starting tomorrow as I fly out to Chicago to cover Lollapalooza!! However! Never Fear! Expect a ton of updates on the 11th, as I promise to deliver (like last year) the web's most extensive review of the great festival with photos and hopefully some sound bites from musicians. Also, stay tuned in the coming week's ahead as I have some special things planned with England's La Roux, Australia's The Grates and England's hottest little rising star Little Boots! The next month will deliver some great things to the site!