Saturday, August 1, 2009

Underrated Classic - Metallica "Reload"

After last month's pick for Underrated Classic, it is only fitting that I make the follow up and just as overlooked, Reload by the metal militia Metallica. What was to be a double album originally, Load was split up into two albums with Reload coming a year and a half after its predecessor. The album reached monumental success selling over 4 million copies in the US alone. Yet, the flack continued from fans and critics towards the band to their new approach and style to their sound and look. Fans and critics were still not impressed by their metal hero's new direction. Reload had found Metallica still using their new blue's style influence to their signature metal sound but also incorporated chamber orchestral work and guest vocals from Marianne Faithfull on the first single "The Memory Remains." What was a gift to fans and another surprise was on the sequel to Load, they managed to make a sequel to the song "Unforgiven," from their mega successful Black album from the early 90's. "The Unforgiven II" was a major success and made casual fans curious into the new direction the band was heading. While the reception was back and forth, Reload still remains one of the most overlooked albums in the Metallica catalogue, a worthwhile listen and album to go back to.