Tuesday, September 29, 2009

EXCLUSIVE! Portugal The Man INTV!

Upon going to Lollapalooza this past August, their was a buzz around a particular band from Wasilla, Alaska that kept growing and growing as the festival went on. The band was Portugal The Man, a group from Alaska via Portland, Oregon who's music is beautiful chaos and whose live shows are loud, fast and intense. The band's latest The Satanic Satanist received rave reviews across the board and even some critics calling it one of the years best. I had the opportunity to speak with Portugal The Man singer John Baldwin Gourley over the phone and what started off as an interview, ended up in a conversation between two music nerds. Take a listen to my interview with John below as we discussed everything from the band's career, Wasilla, their influences and even the Oasis breakup...

Video for "Do You" Below:

Special thanks to John Baldwin Gourley and Julie Arkenstone for the interview. Extra special thanks to Jenna Campagnia for her editing skills, The Creature and Manny Valdivia for their technical work.