Tuesday, September 1, 2009


She is incredibly sexy, sassy and talented. She is one of the UK's fastest rising stars. She is Little Boots. She is the most talked about British dance pop artist to break out from her home land, breaking the mold of most women in the genre, Victoria Hesketh aka Little Boots in ready to kick down the doors of every club around the world and take it by storm. For her debut she recruited one of the biggest heavy hitters in the genre, electro legend Joe Goddard of Hot Chip to lend a hand making beats and producing some tracks. As her debut, Hands, is finally set to release in the US this month, I had the opportunity to talk to Victoria as we discussed her beginnings, recording Hands and what America will have to offer her. Take a look at my interview with Little Boots below...

Where does the name Little Boots come from?
It was a nick name from my friend because I have small feet.

You once competed on Pop Idol and eliminated before judges were able to see you. Is there anything you would like to say to them now?
Not really, I'm glad I didn't get through with hindsight.

You grew up with music around you your whole life, was it always a dream and aspiration to be a musician?
Yes, I never wanted to do anything else, I have been singing since I was 2 and playing piano since I was 5.

Your sound is very unique and just so much fun. Who are some of your influences?
Kate Bush, Elton John, Giorgio Moroder, The Bee Gees, Gary Numan, The Human League, Donna Summer.

There seems to be a surge in female fronted electro acts these days. From Lady GaGa to Peaches to Ladyhawke, how do you feel you stand out?
I don't really think about what anyone else is doing. I just focus on my own thing and being myself.

What was it like working with members of Hot Chip for your debut?
Joe is great, incredibly talented and very original and lots of fun.

You first achieved national acclaim in the UK by fronting the band Dead Disco. How did you manage to shift from a band to playing solo?
I left the band as it wasn't working; now I prefer having creative control and being more spontaneous.

The reviews for your debut have been overwhelmingly positive across the board. How do you respond to such high praise?
I'm very flattered and grateful that so many people have good things to say about the album.

You were one of the first acts signed to resurrect the legendary Elektra Records. Do you feel any pressure and / or pride being selected to reboot the label?
I don't really feel any pressure. I just think it’s a very exciting project with some great people so should be really fun.

Do you think it is still a big deal for a British artist to make it in America?
I think its difficult to say what will work and what doesn't in America from Britain, so it's always a big deal when someone does, if slightly unpredictable.

Is there anything you would like to say to America or anything you would like to say to your audience here?
Thank you for all your support so far, I can't wait to come on tour in the states in September.

Little Boots on Jools Holland performimg "Meddle" (Above) and "Remedy" (Below)