Saturday, February 21, 2009

Live Review - Paper and Sand @ Crash Mansion

An open bar in these tough times is very hard to come by, especially in New York City. Yet, when you couple an open bar with a solid band's album release, it becomes a full out party of thirsty 20-somethings and curious ears. New York based Paper and Sand, a band I featured last April in my Rising Artist's section (Click Here To Read The Article!), officially released their sophomore album Thick as Thieves. Last night at the Crash Mansion, the band debuted new songs to a packed audience and left them in awe. Wil Farr, former Fireflies guitarist and now Paper and Sand front man, has emerged from the shadows of his last band in being a backing vocalist and guitarist for an art rock band, now rip roars center stage as the leader of a post grunge act. Farr, displayed what he can do in the lime light and showed this was more than just a side project before the split of the Fireflies, this is his new passion. His playing and singing backed by his band mates just created a audio punch to the crowd with how loud and tight they were playing. The bands new songs sound like a cross between an aggressive Kings of Leon meets The Raconteurs. Good old fashion loud rock and roll. As the band preps to hit the road in support of their latest endeavour, I suggest you check them out. It is a party you do not want to miss!