Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Quick News

Add Santogold to the list of artists changing their name during the high point of their career. Unfortunately, the breakout artist of 2008 is not doing it to be creative, she is doing it because she has to. Santogold will now forever be known at Santigold, similar, but no cigar. Santi comes from her actual name, Santi White. So why the change? Apparently there is another Santogold in the universe who does not like the artist using his name, because he too is in the entertainment industry and has filed a law suit against the Brooklyn singer.

The White Stripes will be the band to close out Conan O'Brien's last night on Late Night with Conan O'Brien before he makes the big move to LA to replace Jay Leno on the Tonight Show. Jimmy Fallon is taking over for Conan in the spring. Conan's last night with the White Stripes is Feb 20.

As mentioned a few months back that Australian mega-trio Wolfmother had split up. Well front man and main member Andrew Stockdale has regrouped the band with an additional guitarist, a new bassist and drummer. No word yet on whether Rick Rubin, who was supposed to produce Wolfmother's new record will helm this project. Wolfmother have select dates all spring and summer in Australia.

Just a few days ago I reported Green Day have announced some details about their new album. They have officially released the album cover to 21st Century Breakdown, take a look below: