Monday, February 9, 2009

Quick News

A source very close to Muse has confirmed the band is looking to release their latest disc in September. No word on a title or what it will sound like, but in November bassist Chris Wolstenholme told fans, via the bands website; "It is more important for us to make the best album we have made to date." Really looking forward to this one.

In related news, Green Day has confirmed that May will be when they release their latest album. The record entitled 21st Century Breakdown, will be the follow up to the bands 2004 mega successful American Idiot. The epic, 21st Century Breakdown will feature three acts, the acts entitled ''Heroes And Cons'', ''Charlatans And Saints'' and ''Horseshoes And Hand grenades.''

In early April, The Hold Steady will release their first ever live album and DVD. The combo entitled Positive Rage, features behind the scenes footage of the band's first tour in England as well as footage of the band going back to their roots in Minneapolis. The documentary was shot while the band was on the road supporting 2006's Boys and Girls in America. The live album portion is from a concert fall 2007 concert in Chicago. Take a look at the cover below: