Thursday, June 18, 2009

Quick News

Santigold will be heading into the studio come August with Pharrell Williams to create the follow up to her amazing debut. Pharrell will not be the only producer behind the deck, Spank Rock will be lending a few hands like they did for her first record.

Kings of Leon have finally taken their own country by storm and are now going to be starting their own record label. The label will be in conjunction with a small LA based company called Bug Music, the first band signed to the band's label is a Tennessee act called The Features.

Jon Fratelli, lead singer and guitarist for Scottish trio The Fratelli's is starting a side project from his namesake with a burlesque dancer. Yep, a burlesque dancer! Fratelli is working with burlesque performer Lou Hickey for their collaboration called Codeine Breakfast Club. Fratelli got to know Hickey because he sings and dances at the club Fratelli's wife Chelsea Dagger (Who the song is named after) dances at in Scotland.

They did it last year and are doing it again, Bloc Party will launch a surprise single, "One More Chance," on August 10. The Jacknife Lee produced track has never before been released.