Thursday, June 25, 2009


With deep sadness I am reporting that Michael Jackson, The King of Pop has died of Cardiac Arrest. According to reports, Jackson was not breathing when emergency rescue was called to his Los Angeles home. Jackson was then rushed to UCLA Medical Center and attempts to resuscitate the singer failed, Michael Jackson was 50 years old. Jackson is survived by his three children and a plethora of music and legacy that rivals the legends that have gone on before him.

Jackson was in LA rehearsing for his 50 date run at London's O2 Arena set to begin with 10 shows this July. The concert's entitled "This Is It!" were originally postponed due to "massive and technically complex” according to concert promoter AEG Live. The 50 dates sold out in record time and were going to be Michael's final European dates with the possibility of a New York City, Vegas and LA run.

I hope Jackson finds the peace and solace that he was searching for while he was with us. With his later years in life being plagued by financial troubles, tabloid hell and controversy. Whatever had gone on in Jackson's personal life was his own business and we exploited it to see a train wreck happen in front of us for entertainment and curiosity. What Michael gave us was undeniable talent and brilliant music. I will never forget that the first CD I ever owned (not album) was his 1991 release, Dangerous. Dangerous featured the singles "Black or White," and "Remember the Time," with its mysterious cover and controversial videos, Dangerous was an instant classic. Michael gave us the moonwalk, the most iconic music videos and of course Thriller, both the amazing video and record. A Universal star, a true artist, Jackson will be missed.