Monday, June 15, 2009


Just a couple weeks ago I had the chance to catch a very popular New York band, The Postelles at Santos Party House. The band's blend of surf rock meets motown really had me into their set and the crowd was just going crazy. They are a fantastic band with catchy hooks, cleaver lyrics and a ton of fun. As the summer begins, The Postelles will provide the soundtrack to your adventures in the nice weather. As the band readies their major label debut, I had the opportunity to speak with guitarist David Dargah. We discussed the band's new record, working with Albert Hammond Jr of The Strokes and the bands influences. Check out my interview with David below..

1) How is the recording for the full length shaping up?
It's been a really great experience. We've had more studio time then we've ever had so we can really perfect everything to be exactly how we imagined it.

2) What is it like to have someone such as Albert Hammond Jr wanting to work with you and lend a hand to your music?
Working with Albert was amazing. Growing up The Strokes were one of our favorite bands and so it was really cool to work with one of your idols.

3) What has your experience with Hammond taught you?
He showed us how a true professional works. We are still young and learning as we go on but he's been in one of the biggest bands around and he showed us that in the way he plays guitar to the way he records music.

4) As a young band coming from NYC with much attention, how do you respond to the hype and critics?
I think you have to just let it happen. If you get too caught up in it you'll go crazy. We're really thrilled that we've been getting an exciting response and can't wait for everyone to hear our album.

5) Playing festivals like Lollapalooza and Bonnaroo and this summers All Points West. What is the experience like getting on such a big stage and playing to so many faces in front of you?Playing at a festival is an amazing feeling because everyone there is in a great mindset. They are all happy and checking out a bunch of bands so peoples ears are really open to checking out a new band. We definitely can feed off of a great crowd like that. The bigger the audience the more inspiring it is for you as an artist because you realize your music is effecting more people.

6) Your sound is very unique and retro. Explain the direction and style behind your songwriting process?
I think our sound comes as a result of the music all the band members really love. We don't really try to specifically write songs to sound retro it just happens naturally. We love the Motown era of music as well as NYC Rock like The Velvet Underground and Ramones.

7) What are your biggest influences on you music?
Sam Cooke, The Temptations, The Beatles, The Clash are definitely some of the biggest.

8) Where would you like your music to take you?
Hopefully around the world, twice.

The Postelles Live at Santos Party House 6/4/09

Special thanks to David, Darren Baber and EMI for everything!