Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Movie of the Month - Wall Street

This month marks the official release of the long awaited Wall Street sequel, Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps. It took Oliver Stone over 20 years and Shia Labeouf to do this sequel. Though I hear it is pretty good and fun, it lacks what the original had. Now I cannot comment on part 2, I can comment on the original. The film, which stars a young Charlie Sheen as this good ol' boy from the suburbs that gets his feet wet at a Wall Street trading firm goes under the wing of investor and capitalist, Gordon Gecko (Michael Douglas in one of his most iconic roles). Gecko takes the young Sheen around New York and shows him the high life, it was the 80's which means it was a lot of padded bra's, things called CD players, cocaine and big ass cell phones (the Zach Morris kind). As Gecko becomes jaded by the Patrick Bateman lifestyle, he begins to see Gecko as a villain and looks to separate himself from the big time money maker. Though I will not spoil the end for those that have not seen it, Wall Street is an epic film and easily Stone's best and the director did not have to sensationalize a thing, it is as real and raw as it gets in that line of work. Though the film was made over 20 years ago, it still echo's the same sentiments and things that have gone on today. Just open any newspaper, oh I am sorry newspapers are things of the past too, I meant a webpage or app (sorry) and you will see how what happened in Wall Street effects us all.