Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Quick Spins

The Drums
The long awaited arrival of The Drums is finally here! Cool is an understatement as to how slick this band and record is. One of my favorite debuts of the year, The Drums drum up sexy surf pop and mix it with garage and a bit of electro in some area’s. The Drums have created a record so fresh and exciting, you will want to blast this any time of day and grab your surf board and head into the ocean. This maybe the record to get us summer lovers through the long winter months!

The WalkmenLisbon
If Bob Dylan in his early years had a backing band like The National, it would have sounded like The Walkmen. The jangled vocals of Hamilton Leithauser and the stark sound of the dapper band make them a band to watch and look out for. Lisbon is a very good debut from this acclaimed New York City outfit. The Walkmen may just become your new favorite band.

KT TunstillTiger Suit
The folk rocker proves she is just more than a one hit wonder on Tiger Suit, the sophomore follow up to her massive 2006 debut. Tunstill gets angry and holds nothing back on Tiger Suit, songs like “Glamour Puss,” “Fade Like a Shadow,” and (Still A) Weirdo” displays a different side of Tunstill that some fans are used to. However, others like myself, the causual listener will take it in and enjoy it.

Blood Red ShoesFire Like This
The young raging UK garage duo get all grown up on their sophomore release. Fire Like This sees Blood Red Shoes tone down the feedback anddistortion and take an interesting mature tone. Still working on a minimal musical backing with just drums, guitars and vocals, Blood Red Shoes show off that there is more to this band than just noise and fun and that they can indeed get serious. Nothing terrible about this record, but will take some fans by surprise. Take a look at my interview with Blood Red Shoes HERE.

The Porland indie favorites return with their fourth album and they have never sounded better. Mines is a sonic trip through the unknown, consisting of sounds that range from lo-fi to psychedelica to just plain old rock and roll. Menonema are pushing things forward and Mines is the record that may send them over the edge and into success.

StarsThe Five Ghosts
A beautiful record filled with heartbreak, heartache and backed by a beat. Stars, a band made up of members of Broken Social Scene return with The Five Ghosts, a record that may just be their best yet as well. It is a record that will leave you will a heavy feeling in your stomach but will also have you throwing your arms in the air and forgetting all of your troubles. Inspired by the passing of loved ones and hard times, The Five Ghosts will set your soul on fire.

The Strange Death of Liberal EnglandDrown Your Heart Again
The Portsmith, UK band with the very long (but cleaver) name deliver a record of twanging guitars, pounding drums and thumping bass. This is one hell of an album and if you are in the US and get a chance to listen to it, you will understand why they are so huge back home in their native England. TSDOLE are a band that are going place and Drown Your Heart Again is the ship that will carry them to their destination.
Take a look at my interview with the band HERE.

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltson Let it Sway
15 tracks of pure indie rock / pop bliss. The boys in Boris Yeltson know how to have fun, make some noise and keep a party moving and still have fans wanting more. The third full length from these guys is going to set them to new heights, maybe even a tour of the Kremlin.

Michael Franti and SpearheadThe Sound of Sunshine
The socially conscious singer and his backing band return with a joyful album of catchy hooks and songs of mother nature and the world that carries us. Nothing new on this album as far as Franti and his music goes, but if you are a fan, it is worth having in your collection.

DelukaYou are the Night
Mellow electro from the UK punks, You are the Night is much like Hot Chip’s latest, One Life Stand in the vein that is a great record to end off your night with and take you right in.

Eli “Paperboy” ReedCome and Get It
Boston born and Brooklyn representing soul singer, Eli Reed is back with a record that sounds like an Eli Reed record. Catchy hooks, fun choruses but there seems to be something missing. Not as fresh of a record from Reed that I was hoping for, but I am sure these songs will kill it live.

Semi Precious WeaponsWe Love You
This band is a ton of fun and I totally love their style and basis that they could care less what you think of them. However, my issue with Justin Tratnor and the boys of Semi Precious Weapons is that on We Love You they are serving up most of the same songs on You Love You! We want NEW BOYS! Granted these songs are polished and by polished they are still filthy as hell but now just cleaner in production sound. I am hoping that as soon as they get off the massive world tour with Lady Gaga that they will get back into making new songs. Take a look at our interview with Justin from SPW HERE.

Les Savy FavRoot for Ruin
I don’t get this band at all. Sure they have a fun, non-stop adrenaline filled live show but they can reproduce it on disc. Root for Ruin is what they seem to be doing.

Lady GagaThe Fame Remixes
Really? A remix album filled with the same songs from the only record and a half you have put out?! Not for nothing, its not even a good remix record, just because some DJ sped up a song or added a bassline doesn’t make it a good remix or releasable. Hurry up and make the new album and stop squeezing every cent from your fans.